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Chapter Seven : 25 With 18

            Armaan stopped the car in front of Ridhima's home, he did not expect her to say anything to him as she hadn't last time but instead of getting out of the car she did say something to him "Mr. Khanna, your expectations of women are different then the expectations of the men I have in mind. You think that if I show interest in you, then it will be one easy way to get me in your bed but the same is not for me. I do not need you nor do I want you in my life. In your world of celebrity, women may come knocking on your door with just a smile from your lips, but in my world it is not the same. What you are seeking is trouble. A girl like me looks for love, a man like you looks for lust. So please for my sake and your own, leave me alone."

            By saying that Ridhima got out of the car and slammed the car door shut. As she walked in her home she could not believe what she had just said to the man. In a weird kind of way it felt kind of nice. It was true that Armaan made every inch of her body lust for him, but he did not know her, he did not understand her and without that understanding there was no way in hell that she could ever fall for such a man.
            Armaan was dumb struck when Ridhima left the car. He actually liked the fact that Ridhima an eighteen year old girl from a small town told him off. What the hell was wrong with him? He actually liked the idea for Ridhima telling him off. She obviously wanted at guy who actually took the time to get to know her, and he could do that, all he had to do was make it clear to her that his intentions were noble. They were defiantly were not honorable but by god were his intentions noble.
            The Next day in school Ridhima was determined to not end up in Armaan's car, while Armaan was determined to show Ridhima that he was being noble in his act to pursuit her. During first period not once had Armaan looked at her, well at least he did not look at her when Ridhima was looking. He noticed little things about her, like how she would chew on the back of her pen cap, how she would always have her legs crossed, how she always had her hair tied or tucked behind her ear. He wondered what her hair would look like not pinned up.
            The day had gone by fast in Armaan's book, he was looking forward to the end of school. Today he was going to show Ridhima that he really did not mean ill will to her.
            Like every day Ridhima saw Armaan outside of school waiting for her. "Can I offer you a ride home?" Armaan said 
            "No thank you, I can walk" Ridhima said this time walking away before Armaan could do anything to stop her.
            "Okay cool" Was all Armaan said, Ridhima was purely surprised, he did not try to stop her he was going to let her go! But that would be too easy, in a few seconds Armaan was walking right beside Ridhima.
            "What are you doing" Ridhima said as she stopped walking and faced Armaan.
            "Walking with you"
            "No, you go in the car, I walk" Was all Ridhima said and walked away.
            "Fine then I'll go in the car." Armaan went in the car and as Ridhima walked he drove his car right beside her at the same speed she was walking with his window rolled down.
            Ridhima stopped walking again "What are you doing!" She said getting angry at the man.
            "I'm in the car, like you wanted me to be." Armaan said teasingly, he knew he was aggravating Ridhima like no other. He used to tease his baby sister in the same why before he had left home after high school.
            "Ridhima, this is stupid. Just get in the car and I will take you home. And I swear I won't look at you at all. I won't even talk to you unless you want me to." Armaan said honestly.
            "You swear and hope to die?" Ridhima asked. Armaan rolled his eyes and repeated "I swear and hope to die. Now will you get in the car?" Armaan asked and sure enough Ridhima got in the car and he looked straight at the road without saying a single word.
            The whole ride through Ridhima looked at Armaan to make sure he kept that promise. Sure enough he did. He got her home safely with not a single word out of him mouth and not once did he look at Ridhima, not even when she got out of the car towards her home.
            Armaan reached home, and looked around his empty house. There were still unopened boxes of this stuff all over the place, the furniture was already in place, and all he had to do was set it up. Every day so far he had been sleeping on the ballroom cold marble floor. It was his favorite room and for some reason he felt peaceful sleeping on the floor in that room.
            Armaan started to unpack some of his boxes of clothes, most of them happened to be five to ten thousand dollar suites which probably wouldn't come in handy all the much anymore.
            As Armaan started to open the third box of clothes his phone rang like always mom flashed on the caller id. Just like always Armaan picked up the phone. "What now mom?"
            "I was doing so research and…" Armaan cut his mom off before she could say any thing more.
            "Mom! Will you please stop with the research?" Armaan had never in his life met a mother like his. She loved him a lot but then embarrassed him with her ridicules concerns.
"Armaan, I just want the best for you that is all." Armaan's mother Helen said through the phone.
"Mom, I can take care of myself, you can you please stop with the worrying" Armaan said hanging up the phone before his mother could continue on. He could not remember the last time when he and his mother had a decent conversation which actually involved asking the health of the other. In a weird kind of way Armaan actually liked that about his mother, he never had to tell her when he was concerned about anything; she just always seemed to know.
The days came and passed in a way to Ridhima, Armaan started to feel like a regular person in her life. Every day after school he would be waiting and after a while he didn't even have to ask her to get in his car it was like a regular routine in her life.
She still never talked to him in his car, and nor did he look at her in any way. Armaan really wished she would talk to him but she never did. As for class it was normal as it should be. Armaan treated Ridhima just like he treated all his students. Some where even Ridhima was wanting to say something to Armaan just to hear him speak but she knew it would not be wise.
Armaan had made his feelings clear for her and so had Ridhima for him. He was interested, she was not. But some place inside, Ridhima liked the attention she had gotten from Armaan Khanna the guy that everyone wanted.
  Two weeks into the school year had passed and like every day Armaan was driving Ridhima home after school. They would always be the last two to leave the school at five thirty each day when Ridhima finally broke the ice.
"I really liked your class today" Ridhima said looking out at the window towards the gray sky. For two weeks the skies had been gray, but no rain had fallen. Ridhima loved the cold weather and each day she looked up, hoping for a drop of rain to fall to bring in the winter cold.
"Excuse me but are you talking to me" Armaan said sarcastically, he really liked that Ridhima actually talked to him but he just couldn't help himself from teasing her.
"If you don't want me to then…"
"No, no, Ridhima, please talk as much as you like, you don't know how I have been dying to hear your voice." Armaan said with a smile and with great honesty in his voice.
"You are going to ruin your life, Armaan" Ridhima said looking over at Armaan.
"it's a risk worth taking, if it get me a chance to get to know a woman like you" he had a urge to look over at Ridhima, just to see her face, to see her expression, but he did not dare turn. He continued to look at the road like he had promised before.
"I honestly can not tell what runs through your mind everyday" Ridhima said truly curious.
"Well its pretty simple every moring I think of ways to avoid my pesting mother's phone calls, I then drive to school, then I see you and think about you in my car as you are now, and then I think about driving you home, and then I think about what I could say to you that would show you that my intestions towards you are noble not hornerable but noble indeed."
After Armaan has said that Ridhima laughed so hard that she hadnt laughed like such in years. Tears streamed out of her eyes as she laughed continuesly, finially as she calmed down a little Armaan asked "What's so funny?"
"You are what is so funny" Ridhima said trying to catch her breath back and wipeing away her tears from laughter.
"how am I funny?"
"you say your intentions are noble but not honorable, in a way that is true, but I have never thought to hear the least honorable man towards a student say that his intentions are noble." Now that Ridhima said so even Armaan found he idea funny and started to laugh at the idea she gave a picture to see of.
The idea of an unhonorable man having intestions of that of a nobal man was absolutely ridiculasly funny. It was like thinking of the devil trying to protect a family with the expectations of nothing in return. 


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