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Chapter ten :25 With 18

"I can't believe you told him!" Armaan was in his car driving Ridhima home. Despite the beating he had received in the morning Armaan was able to tuff it out throughout the day and late after school. There were times when he had the urge to just leave school in mid day but was able to restrain himself with the thought of Ridhima in his car after school.
"he already knew."Ridhima said as she looked out the window. The clouds had become really gray almost black looking but still no rain had fallen. She wished that rain would fall; it felt like rain hadn't dropped upon her town for years.

"how did he already know any way" Armaan said looking out at the road. He wasn't angry that Mark knew, but it was more frustrated at the thought of him knowing. Just the idea of it was weird and awkward to Armaan.
"He saw me run out of your house last night"
"And what was he doing outside of my house in the middle of the night?"
"He was sneaking out of his girlfriend's house after having sex with her" Ridhima said uncaringly. While Armaan was just thought of the idea as ridicules.
Each day Armaan had driven more and more slowly towards Ridhima's house to get to know her better. He found of little things like her favorite color was blue, or her favorite ice cream was blueberry cream pie. They were little things but meaningful none the less. Those little things were what attracted him to her in the first place. She was a simple person while he was a glamorous person. They both had come from two different worlds and both had something new to learn from the other.
"forget about Mark" Armaan finally said, tired of talking about a student who punched him. Even the other teachers during lunch had ask Armaan what had happened, and he had to pretend that he had tripped down three flights of stairs to make his face and story seem plausible.
"Tell me are you going to the town fair tonight" every year on the last night of summer and the first night of the winter fall, the town had a town fair with small games and such for the children. It was pretty dorky but even the elder teens came on that Friday night to just hang out with friends and family.
"I go every year, I have been going every year since I lived here" Ridhima said. For some reason she just wasn't in the mood of conversation. She still couldn't get that kiss out of her head. A big part of her wanted Armaan to kiss her again. but another big part of her was afraid to get carried away. Its wasn't just that but the thought of getting caught was terrifying also.
Over the last few weeks Ridhima had done some research on the matter of teacher student relationships. And getting caught in such a matter was not a pretty sight. If she had a relationship with Armaan after she graduated, it would not matter. But for long as she was a student in his classroom, he could not only be arrested but he could lose millions of dollars just fighting in court and millions of dollars to the school for in compensation.
"What's wrong Ridhima; you seem so out of it." Armaan asked. He had noticed the tiredness and uncaring in Ridhima's voice, but did not take it to heart till just now. She seemed really upset about something; he just did not know what.
"It's just' what are we?" Ridhima finally asked. She had the thought in the back of her mind for the longest time and finally got a chance to ask him. Lately Ridhima had gotten the courage to talk to Armaan on subjects that she would never speak to other about.
"I don't know what we are" Armaan said after a bit of a pause. He honestly did not know what he really was. Never in his life had he done this. Never in his life had he been a teacher to know.
"You kissed me, and yet we are nothing?" Ridhima asked. She had always dreamed of her first kiss to be with her first and last boyfriend, but with Armaan it was different. He was not her friend, nor was he a boyfriend. He was her teacher, who it seemed like was not only teaching her art but was also teaching her the matters of the heart.
"We are something! I just don't know what" Armaan said to show or tell Ridhima that she wasn't someone he was going to dump out on the lawn the next day. He wasn't like the man that he was reported to be on TV. Yes it was true that he had a hand full of girlfriends in the past and yes it was true that he had dumped a few of them too. But he always treated his women with respect. As for him dumping the women he dated, he had never dumped them because he was board of them but he dumped them for actual good reasons.
Armaan and reached Ridhima's home by the time when Ridhima angrily said "Well when you find out what we are, then come knocking on my door!" Ridhima slammed the car door shut as she walked to her front door with anger.
She did not want it. She did not want some fling with some man that just happened to be not only much older than her but also her teacher for bloody hell.
Armaan smiled as she left his car in anger. Never had she been angry with him before. Ever time Ridhima let out a new emotion in front of Armaan of which he had never seen, he always seem to fall deeper and deeper in to the trans of that woman sitting in his class room five days a week for forty five minutes a day.
The town fair, Armaan had to admit was like a fantasy land in a movie. There were little children running around playing, mothers chatting away with other mothers, the men talking amiably with each other on a verity of subjects not just business and math. And then there were the students. They seemed to have a whole different world indeed. Most of the high school students had pickup trucks in which girls and boys where huddled around talking or just drinking beer in soda cans labeled coke or Pepsi.
From a distance Armaan saw Ridhima, and at the same moment her glance met his, but she ignored it. She was still upset with him and he was being show that with great clarity.
"Mr. Khanna! I we weren't expecting you to show up." Mr. Bubbles the ice cream shop owner said as he walked up to Armaan with his friends tagging behind him. Although Mr. Bubbles was a rather older gentleman in his fifties, his friends were of verity of age, some in the twenties, thirties, forties, and even the sixties and seventies.
Armaan noticed the eager faces on the other men, knowing quite well that they just wanted to get acquainted with him because of his fame. What Armaan liked about the men though was the fact that they did not want to hurt him in any away. The other men did not want to take pictures of him and send it to people magazine, but they just wanted to meet a celebrity out of seer excitement.
"Well, I'm part of the town now, so I thought why not come" Armaan said shaking Mr. Bubble's hand to greet him.
"Mr. Khanna, meet my friends here, there well um old Bucky, and Jr. Bucky." Armaan noticed that the man in his seventies was the father of the man in his thirties. "And here is Rudy, you know Mark's father, I believe his one of your students, am I right?" Mr. Bubbles asked as he pointed to the man in his mid forties.
"Oh yes, Mark!  He is a student of mine" Just the thought of hearing the name Mark brought the wince of pain back in Armaan's body. When Armaan had gotten back from school today he had taken a long bath to relax himself from the pain and had to clean his face at least ten times in one hour to get the big blue bruise on his face to fade to a point where it could not be seen.
"And lastly there's Chump Goop, and Chump Goop Jr." The boy in his twenties and the man in his sixties. Armaan noticed that they town folks had a tendency to name their children after themselves.
The men talked among themselves amiably but it was more of the other men asking Armaan about his life, not so much of actually talking about different subjects of interest.
"Come on Ridhima, what more fun than to go see Mr. Khaana's home!" Jane the head cheerleading of Spring High School said pulling on Ridhima's hand toward the large home.
The town fair was coming to an end when Armaan had invited the whole town to come it his home to tour around. Many of the folks in town were excited at the thought as most and never seen the inside of the biggest mansion in their town. For years the people whom had bought the house were snotty rich folks who never had the intentions to remain in town for a long period of time.
"I just don't feel like going" Ridhima said really trying to avoid the house and Armaan as much as possible.
"Come on, you're the one who had said before how exciting it would be to see the inside of the house, what's wrong Ridhima?" Jane asked curious. Jane was a big blabber mouth and Ridhima could not afford to tell Jane about Armaan no matter how much of a friend she maybe to her.
"Okay lets go, but I'm not staying for long" Ridhima said, determined to be in and out of the house swiftly to avoid Armaan Khanna as much as possible.
When inside the house many of the people were awestruck at the ballroom. Even Jane was struck by the beauty of it while Ridhima just wanted to avoid it all together. It was the same room where she had kissed him. Indeed in the light the room was even more beautiful with its beautiful painted murals, but still she could not bear to think of such a feeling when she desired for that feeling again and again. 
So instead Ridhima headed away from the crow of the town to explore the rest of the house. She saw the large dining room, large enough to seat twenty four guests. There she noticed a few men chatting away at the beautiful room. Ridhima then moved to the kitchen. There were a few women admiring the fine dishes and china set.
The kitchen was bright and large, it was modern but classic all that the same time. Ridhima just wanted to find a quite place in the home so she turned to move across the dining hall to the music room. In the music room there was a grand piano in the dead center. No one was in this room as there wasn't much to see. The doors of the room were large and made of dark wood, just like all the other doors in the home were. She closed the door behind her and sat down at the piano.
Ridhima looked around the room and just like the ballroom it was beautifully painted with scenery of angles all around. She looked up to see a glass ceiling though the night see could not see the stars, so she knew that the sky was cloudy and gray like has been for the past few weeks.
Ridhima striked a key on the piano and the sound rung through the room. She did not know how to play, but she loved the sound of the piano. Although Ridhima had not seen the whole of the house yet, she knew that she would love this room the best.
As the sound of the first key disappeared, Ridhima hit another key on the piano and all of a sudden she heard a small cracking noise from her right side. She turned to look at the wall and she noticed that it was a door! It was a door built in with the wall, and that one piano key unlocked the door.
Ridhima stood up from the grand piano and walked to the door. She opened up the heavy door to see a circular library, all around were books and more books. There in the dead center was a small table with four big comfy looking chairs. And there in one of those comfy looking chairs sat Armaan, reading a book.
He looked up to see Ridhima at the door. "Come on in" He said with a smile. She came into the room unsure of herself but walked in anyway, shutting the heavy door behind her. She noticed that the heavy door was a book self in the hidden library, so if someone was so come into the room for the first time, they would never know how to get out of the circular library at all.
"this room is amazing" Ridhima said looking around at the books all around her.
"I know, I didn't even know it came with the house until I stumbled into it." Armaan said gesturing her to sit in the chair beside him.
"You know, after a lot of thinking, I figured out what we are" Armaan said closing the book which he was reading and set it out the table.
"And what are we?"
"We are dangerous lovers" Armaan said looking into Ridhima's eyes with a grin on his face. She felt uncomfortable looking and talking to him with strait eye contact but she did not break away from his gaze.
"we don't love each other tho" Ridhima said in a quiet voice.
"I love you, isn't that enough" When Armaan said 'I love you' Ridhima's heart stopped at the moment. she did not expect him to say so, but there he was sitting in front of her telling her that he loved her.
It was like a dream to her. The man sitting in front of her used to be in time magazines or people magazines all the time, he used to date really pretty models and here that same man was telling a simple regular girl that he loved her.
"you don't know me" Ridhima said
"love to me isn't about knowing a person, it's about being able to be with them and still want them even when they do everything or nothing you dislike." Armaan said in honesty. His own mother was proof of every word he spoke. He always hated his mother always praying into his life, but he always loved her. Even when she yelled at him for the wrong reasons, he still loved her. And in the same way just like it, Armaan loved  Ridhima for her. For her quietness, for her listening to him, for her just being alive. He loved her.
"I don't know what love is" Ridhima said, she had never experienced dating or being with other men to know what love should feel like, she did not know if what she felt could be love or just something else.
"Then let me show you what it is" Armaan said looking at her. He wanted to kiss her again in that room. The whole town was just a door away from them but still, no one could see them. He wanted to kiss her at the moment and he was determined to do so.
Ridhima knew he was about to kiss her, just by the way he was looking at her, she knew. The thought of it thrilled her with excitement. The idea of it thrilled her to steel kissed in a forbidden world with a hundred people just a door away to stop them.
She had a change to stop Armaan, but she was not going to, she wanted him to kiss her. To steel her kiss away. She wanted it with all her heart at the very moment.
Armaan leaned in to her ear, just as he had done the night before in that ballroom. This time he was teasing her. He knew she wanted a kiss from him. He was in the mood to tease her to get her to the point where she wanted more from him then just a kiss. "come here" He called in her ear as he grabbed her arm and with a little tug moved her from her chair to his lap.
"I like it when you're this close to me. Do you like it?" Armaan said breathing in the scent of her hair. Ridhima's hand trembled at his words and closeness. She grabbed a fist full of the front of his shirt to keep herself from becoming weak.
Armaan let out a little bit of a laugh as he moved his lips down to her neck "you really are a virgin when it comes to the matter of the heart." He said as he took one of his hands and placed it around her waist and the other around her neck. He leaned in to her and kissed her lips. There was something thrilling about kissing a woman who had never been kissed by another man. It felt good. It felt gentle and perfect.
Every inch of Ridhima's body screamed in need. Every time Armaan touched her with kisses she just wanted to go farther in him. To be closer to him, this time Armaan took the hand that was holding the back of Ridhima's waist and pressed hard at the side of her waist. He then slipped his hand under her shirt, moving his hand up and down her back.
As he moved his hand up wards he felt Ridhim'a bra strap clip. He grinned as he kissed her. Ridhima was too deep in to the passion of his kiss to think. She could feel his bare hands on her bare back; all of a sudden she felt the back of her bra strap free up from her back. She broke the kiss immediately.
"What are you doing?" Ridhima asked moving away from Armaan, she tried moving out of him lap but he held on to her tight.
"Showing you what love is" He said with a grin, giving her a quick peck on the lips of hers that looks swollen from his kisses.
 "I'm just not ready for that kind of love" Ridhima said pushing a little harder to get out of Armaan's lap.
"Okay, I understand, you say no and I will stop and that's a promise." Armaan said, moving his hand back to Ridhima's back and clipping the back of her bar back with his one hand.
"I better go" Ridhima said as she finally got out of Armaan's lap as he finally released her from his grip.
"Yeah, I guess you better go" He said as Ridhima found the book shelf from which she came from and felt back out to her friends and the other town folks.


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