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Chapter twelve : 25 With 18

            NUMBER ONE THING I WILL NEVER BE WHEN I GROW UP IS A LAWYER. Ridhima and her aunt Sheena had been listening to Armaan's Three Lawyers for hours. Detail after detail. Each one of them had Ridhima tell her story at least fifteen times. And each time they would ask for more and more details on stuff that really did not matter to Ridhima.
            Apparently the lawyers all wanted to try as hard as they could to keep the news out of the papers. And so far it was working. They had paid off the three reporters with a good sum of money, well Armaan paid them off. And now the lawyers were going over details and details of lines and comments of what Ridhima was to say, act, and feel to keep the story from moving all the way to court.

            "Listen Ridhima, we have gotten the News from going out, but soon enough people are going to find out, and you must deny the fact that you had or every had any relationship with Armaan Khanna until you graduate high school. And when you do graduate high school you must continue to deny the fact that you had any relationship with Armaan Khanna during the time you were his student." The lawyer with the kooky glasses said. Ridhima had for gotten his name but he was the one getting most on her nerves. He had already told her this about a million times in the past six hours that the lawyers had been in her home.
            What made this worse was her aunt was trying to be just as careful, maybe care fuller then the lawyers because she would just ask more and more questions back about what to do if someone asked this or that.
            One of the lawyers cell phone rang and gave that phone to Ridhima say "It's for you" Sheena was so busy talking with the kooky glasses lawyer to have noticed Ridhima take the phone and go to her room. 
            "Hello?" Ridhima said having a feeling it would be Armaan on the other end
            "You getting tired of the bloody lawyers?" It was him. Ridhima smiled hearing his voice.
            "I got tired of them the first five minutes they were in my home." She said as she got down lying on her bed stomach first.
            "I used to have to deal with seven of them every day when I was running the company, now you know why I felt that world" Armaan said. He was still in his dining room with four of his lawyers while the other three were at Ridhima's home. He just could not remember how he had dealt with seven lawyers every day for three years when he was running his business empire. At the moment he could barely said four of them in his home.
            It wasn't like Armaan hated lawyers, in fact all of his lawyers were his good friends for years now, but the fact remained a fact. The study of law was just not for Armaan, the subject bored him and his friends really bored him when talking about the subject. But when it came to his lawyers and not dealing with the law, then they were pretty swell guys to hang with at a bar or out at a good restraint.
            "I feel really sorry for you" Ridhima said in a giggly voice. Having to deal with three lawyers was a pain and Armaan having to deal with seven sounded unbearable.
            "you know, you never told me how you felt about me." Armaan said remembering his own confessions of feeling towards Ridhima, while she had not said the same.
            "I like you" She said teasing him.
            "Just like me?" Armaan said erringly.
            "Maybe more than like you…"Ridhima said pushing Armaan's buttons a little. He teased her so much when she had been in his library, now it was her turn to irritate him. It was weird how come she could be talking to him. So much was happening so fast and still he seemed to be able to keep her calm, happy. Armaan was able to make Ridhima love life and take it on, he changed her for the better and she loved every moment of it.
            "Maybe…?" Armaan asked playing along with her game
            "I do love…you" Ridhima said shyly over the phone with a smile on her lips. Her heart beat fast say those words. She had never told a man before that she loved them but she said it to Armaan. It was as if she was telling him in to a deep part inside of her where he had the control to destroy her and yet bring her to life. 
            "I love you too" Armaan said as his four lawyers in the room stop shuffling with papers and books and looked at him with the expression of 'oh my god' written all over their faces.
            Armaan gave them a gazing stare to go back to work, as just as fast as their shocked expression came they went back to work.
            "I want to see you" Armaan said over the phone. Ridhima turned from her stomach to her back lying on the bed. So many times had she heard to other girls in her school talk about how exciting it felt just talking to their boyfriends over the phone, she now felt that feeling. Armaan was hers. She had the right to steal him away from other women. She had the right to be jealous, he had the right to be with him. 
            "It's probably going to be a while before you can see me" Ridhima said, wishing to see Armaan also.
            "I'll figure something out" By saying that Armaan turned his phone off. No good bye nothing, he wanted Ridhima to be on to look out for him. He wanted to tease her in to worry to wonder about him. When he would come, he wanted her to wait.
            Ridhima got out of bed to put the phone away in the living room when her aunt spoke to her "Ridhima, the lawyers are going to take me to the office to get some work done, and you are still going to school tomorrow so don't think you can sleep in" Sheena said as she grabbed her purse which was sitting on the kitchen counter.
            "I will be back late tonight you don't wait up for me for dinner." Sheena gave Ridhima a quick kiss on the cheek and then said "Do not open the door for any one you do not know, understand?"
            "Yes I understand" Ridhima said rolling her eyes as she led every one out the door of the house. As soon as they were gone, Ridhima let out a sigh of relief. It felt good to be alone for a bit. "Alone at last" Ridhima said as she took a seat on the couch turning on the old classy color TV.
            Ridhima had not realized when she had fallen asleep with the TV on but when she woke up early in the evening around seven thirty the TV was off. She looked around to see the house in darkness. She stood up to go towards her room when from behind someone grabbed her mouth to prevent her from screaming and grabbed her around the front of her stomach.
            Ridhima at first tired to scream with the hand in front of her mouth but then relaxed when she remembered that touch around her stomach. It was Armaan, but how had he gotten in the house without getting being seen? 
            As soon as Armaan felt Ridhima's young little body relax he let go of his hand over her mouth but kept his hold strong with the other hand around her stomach. He kissed the back of her neck moving away her medium length hair to the side of her shoulder.
            "How did you get in?" Ridhima said as she breathed in heavily. Ridhima's breath always seemed to quicken whenever Armaan was so close. "I picked the lock"
            "How were you not seen?" She then asked in a whisper as one of Armaan's hands moved down from her shoulder to her hands.
            "practice, I used to do it all the time before to avoid the reporters" he mumbled back.
            "I want to see your room" Armaan said whispering a breath in Ridhima's ear, bringing shivers all around her.
            "Why not" Armaan said teasingly as he moved in front of her, holding her around the waist, moving one figure over Ridhima's lips. He leaned in close to her as if to kiss her but held back.
            "because I know you too well" Ridhima said whispering back wanting him lips to come over hers'.
            "And what do you know about me so well?" He asked kissing her at the side of her mouth but not kissing her lips. He was teasing her bad. He was telling her that he would not kiss her till she took him to her room.
            "you will try to seduce me in my bed" She said as she felt his lips drag down to her chin and neck. She wondered how she was still standing at the moment. she could feel the need in her. She felt it more than anything.
            Armaan took one of his hands and moved it to her inner thigh he kept his hand there for a moment as he felt her legs shake a little, he grinned, "you want me" He said as he moved up to her mouth and finally kissed her. "Tell me you don't want me and I'll stop" he said over her lips.
            "Don't stop" Ridhima mumbled with her lips over his.
            "Then tell me you want me." Armaan said demanding it from her.
            "I want you" She said at last. They were the words Armaan had been dying to hear.
            "Where's your room." He asked breaking away the kiss. Ridhima took Armaan's hand and pulled him along with her to her room. She was sure it was right. She loved him and he loved her back. It did not matter if it is supposed to last or not. The moment was it. It was here. It felt right and she felt ready.
            When in Ridhima's room Armaan walked in and she closed the door locking it. They were together locked in the room. She felt weird. She wasn't sure what it would be like or what he would do. She did not know if it would hurt or not. But she wanted it.
            Armaan did not immediately start his pray. He walked around in the small room. Looking at some old family pictures. Where was one with Ridhima as a little girl with a lady next to her smiling, she had Ridhima's green eyes and he knew she was Ridhima's mother. He then looked over at the other wall. It was a typical room. Posters of bands, pictures of friends. He then eyed the bed. The room was dark; the only thing that lit the room was the moon shining through the window.
            Armaan walked up to Ridhima who was leaning against the door and pulled her with him. "You sure?"
Ridhima nodded a yes. And he pulled her down to the bed. He had he lie down first as he came on top of her.
            "don't be afraid" Armaan said kissing down on her right cheek. Truth was Armaan could tell Ridhima a million comforting words but none would ride away her fear.
            Losing this one thing to him would mean she could never get it back. His presence seemed to overpower her small room. He his frame and body were so large while she was a small little girl. He was so much more experienced, while she had none. He was twenty five, she was eighteen. Twenty five with eighteen. 
            He wanted her to remember the night. He wanted it to be slow for her, for her to remember every touch of his. Before with other women Armaan would always move quickly to have them and kick them out. But with Ridhima it was different. He wanted her and he wanted to keep her.
        . This moment wasn't to be of words just feelings. Ridhima took her hands and placed in on Armaan's chest. She gently moved them down to his stomach which was hard as stone. "your so strong" she whispered as she bend down and kissed his stomach and slowly moving up wards to his neck. She kissed his there.
            While his skin was hard and strong, her stomach and skin was soft and gentle. As Armaan took things slow Ridhima was starting to get restless. "Stop" She whispered. His slow kisses moving up wards from her stomach was placing so much need.
            "No" He whispered back. He was not going to stop. Not anymore. He was too engrossed for her to leave.
            He then rid away rest of the barrier of clothes. He took her till she cried for him to stop. And even then he did not stop. 
            Ridhima felt as if she was going to die. The emptiness she fell filled inside of her till she felt like something ripped inside her. The both took a deep breath together as if feeling the air for the first time.
            "Wow" Ridhima said as she felt Armaan's arm come around her, holding her around her waist and resting the other on her bare thigh.
            "Wow indeed" Armaan said with a smile as he kissed Ridhima at her neck letting her rest to sleep.


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