Saturday, 18 January 2020

Last Chapter - Soul meets soul ARSH ss

Its been two years now...since armaan and shilpa got together...they were what u called perfect...couple made in heaven...yes they still fought like kids but thts the beauty of their relation...even their fighting would make u say "oh my god...they r so in love"

About carter...armaan had very well taken care of him...he was forced to leave the city forever...armaan stepped back from spoiling his career only cause his lady love told him to do so...

Life couldnt b anything but perfect for the two of them...they were in a bliss...feeling complete around each other...when they kissed or hugged...the sparks went flying around...they forgot the whole world when they were was just them n their growing love for each other...

Armaan's family were against this relation at first...but armaan couldnt care less...his family was never there for him n now wanted to steal his girl away from him? NO! NEVER! he couldnt let that happen...He n Shilpa together showed his family how much they had been ignoring him n depriving him of his family love...after about 6-7 months his family gave in...they accepted shilpa whole-heartedly

Shilpa wanted to work in the cafe...she liked it...armaan allowed her only at times...he had brought her cafe and opened 3-4 more branches of it...her boss had now become her employee...n her boss was very happy about it...handling all the work was taking a tol on her...but now since shilpa and armaan were handling...she was happy n contented...under shilpa...the cafe reached heights of success...and it was one of the best cafes of the city...

Shilpa's mom quit her job n rested at home...she was happy seeing her daughter with a perfect guy...she saw her daughter go through all the happiness she couldnt n was very glad n happy about it. Shilpa's sister now studied in a very prestigious school...the same were armaan's frnd christian was the president...She was doing great in all the fields n was the most popular n respected girl of the school.

Anjali found her love in atul n they have been dating for 6 months rahul had proposed muskaan n they were going to get married 3months after the graduation ceremony...

Life was perfect...everything was perfect

Today is the graduation ceremony of the seikha high...all were in the auditorium...excited n waiting to get graduated

The principal stepped on the stage in front of the mike...the whole auditorium was filled with silence

P:" My dear students...i cannot tell u how happy i am...seeing u ppl graduate...oh am very very happy afterall the naughtiest batch of all is graduating...i dont have to worry anymore about facing the silly pranks everyday (everyone chuckled)...As you leave today n enter a new phase in ur life...i would like to wish u all the very best...u guys are my fav batch and wil always remain so...go n show the world out there tht ur seikha high students! the bestest of best! (everyone cheered) i would like "Miss. Shilpa Malhotra" to come up on stage n say a few words"

Shilpa looked at armaan before going on top who gave her a small nod n reassuring smile...she smiled back n confidently took up the mike

S:"Respected Teachers n Yes how can i forget my friends here...Finally the day has arrived...thy day we all were waiting for...the day we enter our new lifes n move a step towards our goal...but before starting a new life..i would like to thank all my mates here for making this journey a wonderful one. To all the guys n girls i have punished or sorry ya...couldnt help it was my job(everyone smiled)...My best friends Anjali And Muskaan...u guys r the best...always there with me through thick n thin...supporting me n never letting me down...thank u guys for trusting me wholly n accepting me the way i am (anjali n muskaan gave her a million doller smile)...Apart from them all the others who have been with me supporting me n trusting me. Thank you everyone. N now for the most important person in my life..."Armaan"(he looked in her eyes)..I have always fought with u n many at times misbehaved...but u never left me..never treated me wrong...instead u stayed with me n gave me strength...u have made my life worth living n the moments i spent with u are the ones i will cherish all my life cause they were the most beautiful ones...Thank you is too short of a word to express my gratitude towards you for being there n never complaining...I love you armaan(wolf whistles n cheers) n will always do so...Having said that i now declare "SEIKHA HIGH 2012 BATCH GRADUATED!!!!" "

She threw her graduation cap n smiled...her eyes then locked with armaan's...she could see pure love in his eyes.
Everyone cheered n threw their caps high up...laughing n celebrating their graduation..

Shilpa stepped down n was congratulated by her frnds n teachers...she was recieving n giving wishes to everyone...just then she heard her name on the mike

Armaan had taken her place on stage n now was looking at her...something in his eyes told her ..he was up for something big

A:Shilpa...not fair...u confessed ur love towards me infront of the whole school n did not give me a choice of doing the same...Shilpa..these two years was a bliss...with u by my side i felt complete n undefeated...i love u shilpa n i would love it if u stay by my side for the whole of my life...(he stepped down the stage n went towards her n bent on his knee)...u have always asked me what is tht one thing i would love to change about u...i always told u i will tell u when the right time comes...n today is the right time...the only thing i wanna change about u, Shilpa, is ur last name..(the girls awed n shilpa was shocked).."Shilpa Malhotra..will u give me the happiness of having u by my side for the whole of my life...of growing old with u n having little shilpa's n armaan's with u...i want u n only u..for now n forever...Will u fulfill my wish n allow me to change ur last name to Mallik...will u Marry me Shilpa??""

Everyone turned their gaz towards shilpa who was shocked beyond words..she never expected was too gud to be true but was she ready for this? She looked in his eyes n saw true love n hope in them..N then her eyes searched for her mother who encouragingly nodded at her with tears of happiness in her eyes...she looked towards her friends who gave her a thumbs up...she looked at armaan again n saw him looking at her could she say no when she dreams of being with him everyday??..she nodded her head n whispered "yes"...everyone cheered for the couple in love n armaan got up n hugged her tight...then lifting her up he twirled her still hugging her...

When they broke their hug..they were surrounded by their frnds congratulating them...

N that was life...they got married in a year n had twins aftr 2 years of their marriage...their life was going perfect

till date when shilpa looked in armaans eyes she could describe the feeling only in one way "My soul met his...Soul meets Soul"

They were soulmates n they found each other...when will u find urs?

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