Sunday, 19 January 2020

Os : Love can Heal Anything

Girl pov 
I was sitting on the couch doing my office work in the laptop when
The front door opened, and My little princess stormed past me and down the hall. She was six . Her hair are brown , an even light, was twisted into a messy bun; Armaan had done her hair for school this morning while I was at the office.
“Amira?” I called as she slammed her bedroom door. The fact that anjali teaches at the school and amira, anvi attend makes my life easier, anvi is anjali and atul daughter and amira cousin and also her best friend...
“Leave me alone!” she cried out. I stood up,. Armaan came out of our bedroom with his shirt off and tight black jeans hanging low on his hips.
“Kya hua meri Princess ko ?” Armaan asked.
I shrugged. Our little amira looked as sweet as her mom, but she had her father’s attitude. It was a combination that made our lives very interesting.

Armaan laughed a little as Amira yelled out, “I can hear you!” She was six and already a tornado.
“I’ll talk to her,” armaan said as he walked back into the bedroom. Armaan returned with a black T-shirt in his hands. Watching as he pulled the shirt over his head, I had a flashback of the boy I met during my first week of college.
When he knocked on Amira’s door, she huffed and complained, but he went inside anyway. As he closed the door behind him, I walked over to the door and pressed my ear to the wood.
“What’s going on with you, little one?” Armaan’s voice echoed through her room. Amira was a fighter, but she adored Armaan , and I loved the way they were together. He was such a patient and fun father to her.
Anvi is being a brat,” ’amira huffed. I imagined amira was pacing around the room, pushing her brown hair back from her forehead like her father.
“Is she? How so?” There was sarcasm in Armaan’s voice, but I doubted Amira would catch on.
“She just is. I don’t want to be her friend anymore.” Amira said...
“Well, baby, she’s family. You’re stuck with her.” Armaan was probably smiling, enjoying the dramatic world of a six-year-old.
“Can’t I have a new family dada ?” Amira ask
“No.” Armaan chuckled, and I covered my mouth to laugh quietly.
“I wanted a new family for a long time when I was younger, but it doesn’t work like that. You should try and be happy with the one that you have. If you had a new family, you would get a new mommy and daddy and—” armaan is explaining her but she stop him
“No!” Amira seemed to hate that idea so much that she didn’t let him finish.
“See?” Armaan said. “You have to learn to accept Avni and the way she can be a brat sometimes, the way that Mommy accepted Daddy being a brat sometimes.”
“You’re a brat, too?” her little voice questioned.
My heart swelled. Hell yes, he is, I wanted to say.
“Hell yes, I am,” he said for me. I rolled my eyes and reminded myself to warn him about cussing in front of her. He doesn’t do it nearly as much as before, but still.
Amira went into a story about how avni said they aren’t best friends anymore, and Armaan , being the incredible father that he is, listened and commented on every line. By the time they were finished, I had fallen in love with my brooding boy all over again.
I was leaning against the wall when he came out of her bedroom and closed the door behind him. Armaan smiled when he saw me.
“Life in first grade is tough,” armaan laughed, and I wrapped my arms around his waist.
“You’re so good with her.” I leaned into him,
He turned me and kissed me, hard.
At same time Riaan come out of his room..
Dada ap free hogye ? : riaan ask armaan
Yes baby dadda free hain..: armaan said picking up riaan in his arms ..
Fir ap mujhe aj apni book ki story sunao na jo apne likhi hai ... riaan said to his father
I adore how our both kids love his father so much ... riaan is 4 years old and look exactly like his father same blue eyes and dimple ....
Ok or apko kisne bola apke dada ne story likhi hai.. Armaan ask...
Dadaa I know ap writter ho ap bhut sari books likhte ho or mere pass apki book hai ... riaan said grinning..
How about you read that book yourself when you became big boy : armaan ask ?
No mujhe abhi suni hai apki story.. riaan demand..
Okay thk hai how about after ice cream: armaan ask?
I know armaan don’t want to tell this story to our kids they will know one day when they become adults but right now .. armaan don’t want his dark life effect his kids
Armaan then walk out of the house with our both kids and i again sit on the couch and get lost in the past ...
It’s my first day of college my family live in Delhi and I come here in Mumbai to do my masters.. i know life in Mumbai is different and am so exited for the my fist day...
I enter in the class and found it empty then a boy enter in the class ..
Hey am atul and you are .. boy ask me
Hey am riddhima .. I answer
After 10 mins class started feeling and then a boy enter in the class he is wearing black jeans and white tshirt his body is inked with tattoos... our eyes met .. his eyes is deep blue and cold emotionless ...
he then diverted his gaze , but then he come and sit next to me ...
He didn’t speak to me I found it weird.. but being friendly in nature I blurted out "hi am riddhima “ but he didn’t answer back so i again started looking towards the white board ...
And I regret my decision of trying to talk to him .. he is so rude..
Then our professor come and start the lecture..
And on the first day he give us the assignment and that to a group assignment in which i have to work with the atul and that rude boy...
I stand up to go with atul when he called me
Riddhima i like to do my work alone so i will do the assignment he said ...
Listen I don’t know what is your problem and I don’t want your charity and one more thing if you want to do your work we can divide it and in last we will combine .. i also give him answer in attitude
Ye samjhta kya hai khud ko i ask myself..
Armaan main bata donga tumhe evening me .. atul said
Ohh his name is armaan and atul knows him how can a sweet polite boy know this ruthless person .. Riddhima again think..
Ya whatever.. Armaan said and then leave the class ..
Tum jante ho isko. Riddhima ask atul ..
Yes kind of armaan ki step sister meri girlfriend hai Anjali malik .. atul tell me
And he is son of this college owner Atul again throw bomb on me ..
What he is son of balwinder malik..
Atul nod ..
Like this time pass armaan never try to talk to me I always feel attracted to him when ever i look in his eyes i found vulnerable soul.. I don’t know why i want to talk to him .. but he is always surrounded by the girls and boys they all are brats he like to bully other children they always like to do party ..
And here i found myself so different from others, i have only one friend atul ya anjali too but we meet on weekends only..
My roommate is muskan.. she is nice girl but she is also part of armaan group and she always stay out of our room ..
One day after college riddhima come back to her room she open the door and enter in room she then pull her top over her head and throw it on her bed without looking and another second her eyes get big because armaan is sitting on her bed and her top is in his hand ..
Riddhima hide her body with her hands and turn then she pick her another t- shirt wear it fastly..
Riddhima heartbeats is so fast and she look towards armaan..
For the first time she found armaan is smiling and his beautiful dimple making him more hot but then riddhima get realisation..
What the hell is you doing here.. Riddhima ask..
It’s my friend room and am waiting for her here .. Armaan said..
But your friend is not leaving here alone.. riddhima ask him..
Look meri galti nhi hai, mujhe thoda na pata tha tum room me ate hi kapde utarne lag jaogi .. Armaan said..
Riddhima feel embarrassed ..
Tum mere bed par bethe ho.. riddhima said..
Ohh or ye noval tumhara hai .. armaan ask..
Tumse matlab.. Riddhima said trying to snatch noval and top from his hand..
Ohh it’s rude.. Armaan said..
Rude seriously riddhima ask ..
Riddhima again try to snatch but this time armaan pull and riddhima fall on armaan..
Their lips are inch away and both looks in each other eyes ..
At same time room door again open and muskan enter in with a guy ..
What’s going on... both yell
Riddhima stand up from armaan and armaan also sit on the bed..
Ohh my god are you guys muskan ask ..
No aisa kuch nhi hai jaisa tum soch rhi ho main slip hogyi thi bas riddhima said glaring armaan ..
But armaan found this all so funny that he try to hide his smile...
Hey riddhima we all are going in the party tum bhi chalo na muskan said..
Nhi mujhe assignment karna hai Riddhima said ..
Tum chodo na isko yhan ye kya karegi vhan aker armaan said looking towards muskan..
But muskan still looking towards riddhima with hopeful eyes...
Ok but i have to come back home early.. riddhima said..
Don’t worry armaan or rahul will drop you anyway meet rahul my boyfriend...
Hey Riddhima said..
Hello beautiful rahul greet riddhima but armaan glare him..
Riddhima found it weird..
Guys go we have to get ready muskan said pushing both the boys ..
But you know you can get ready in front of me I don’t mind rahul said near muskan lips..
I also don’t mind armaan said winking at riddhima..
shut up and get lost from here muskan said closing the door on their face
Muskan give smile to riddhima , riddhima smile back but her mind is still in shock the rude armaan malik is talking to me not talking only he is flirting with me Riddhima thought ....
Riddhima goes in the party with muskan..
Riddhima is wearing black lace dress which is showing her curves her hairs open and perfectly curl ...
Armaan eyes travel on her body then he again become the ruthless man and get lost in the crowd leaving Riddhima and muskan with rahul on the gate
Riddhima enter in the room with muskan there are so many college students everyone is drinking and playing games there...some are making out ...
Riddhima is feeling nervous so she start regretting her decision of coming here..
Hey come riddhima meet my friends...muskan said dragging riddhima to hall where armaan gang is sitting..
Riddhima feel so uncomfortable when she found armaan is sitting on the couch and a girl on his lap .. then next second armaan is kissing that girl Riddhima blood start boiling..
Riddhima feel jealous and start looking other side and armaan smirks...
So what your name that same girl ask riddhima..
Riddhima and you.. riddhima ask..
Am Shifali... shifali said..
Hey guys let’s play beer pong.. Shifali said..
They all stand up to play the game ...
Riddhima you also come .. shifali said..
No she is not coming... armaan answer..
No i want to play but i don’t know how to play.. Riddhima said..
Ohh it’s so easy we divide the team in 4 two two each side and then we fill the glasses with bear baki main tumhe batata hon so kon kis team me rahul ask..
Main or armaan ek team me or riddhima or sid ek team me .. Shifali said..
Ok so like armaan and Shifali jonsi glass me ball dalenge vo tumhe peena hai or jiss glass me tum log ball daloge vo ye log drink karenge .. or in the end jisne jada beers drink ki vo loser...
They start playing the game and with the each round riddhima is drinking more glass and that to for the first time she is drinking... alcohol...
And when game get finished Riddhima is drunk , she is giggling and stumbling on her feets.. sid is helping her in stand by putting his hand on her waist...
Armaan is also started losing his senses armaan look towards riddhima then he go and sit on the couch.. ignoring his feelings..
After some time armaan get some sense and he start looking for riddhima...
On other side sid and another guy is with riddhima they take her to a room ..
Sid hum khan ja rhe hain , muskan khan hai or tum tum do do kyun dikh rhe ho .. riddhima ask
Riddhima is not in her senses ..
Muskan uper vale room me hai hum vhin ja rhe hain ...
In room
Sid push riddhima on the bed and come on top of her ....
Are yaar phele iske kapre to nikal boy said ..
Sameer ruk na jaldi mat kar ise behosh hone de fir.. sid said..
At same time muskan knock the door..
Kon hai .. sameer ask..
Riddhima ko dekha tumne sameer .. muskaan ask ..
Mu.. Riddhima speak but sid put hand on her mouth...
Vo to hostel chali gyi .. sameer said ..
Ander kon hai door kyun band kiya tune muskan ask..
Yaar disturbs na kar or ja yhan se samjha kar .. sameer said ..
Same time in stairs armaan meet muskan..
Muski , vo teri friend khan hai.. armaan ask..
Main use hi dhund rhi thi sameer bol rha tha vo hostel chali gyi .. muskan said..
What vo to drunk thi or uske pass vehicle bhi nhi .. Armaan said and then he understood sameer is upto something..
Sameer khan hai .. Armaan ask..
Uper vale room me .. muskan said..
Armaan run towards the room and hear riddhima faint voice..
Armaan start knocking the door, but this time no one reply so armaan break the door and get shock
Riddhima is on the bed and her dress is up from her thighs and sid is trying to kiss..
Armaan Armaan... riddhima is calling for armaan ..
As door open sid look back and found armaan there ..and next second armaan pull sid and start beating him ...sameer try to stop armaan.. but armaan kick sameer and then again start punching sid..
Muskan and rahul also come there and other also come rahul pull armaan..
Armaan samjh mar jayega vo .. rahul said ..
Muskan then look towards riddhima .. Riddhima is laying on bed .. her condition is worst and most of the boys looking at her ..
Muskan cover riddhima with the blanket and try to wake her ..
Riddhima tum thk ho .. muskan ask..
Armaan.. Riddhima said ...
As armaan see muskan is covering riddhima and boy are still looking at her ..
What .. armaan yell ...
Then armaan remove his jacket and make riddhima wear that jacket and he pick riddhima up from the bed in his arms and start walking out of the room ..
Muskan,rahul come with me .. armaan said ..
Muskan and rahul follow armaan..
Armaan take riddhima to his house ..
Armaan house ..
Rahul meri pocket se key nikal.. armaan said..
Rahul open the door armaan take riddhima to his room and then make her lay down on the bed..
Then he get his shirt and put them on the bed..
Muskan tum iske clothes change kardo hum bhar bethe hain ...
Muskan nod ..
Armaan and rahul is sitting on the couch ..
Armaan tu thk hai .. rahul ask..
No main thk nhi hon main sid ko mar dena chata hon armaan said..
Mere bhai shant ho ja kyun gussa ho rha hai rahul speaks..
I don’t know man .. Armaan said..
Then muskan and rahul stay in armaan house ..for night they are sleeping in guest room and riddhima is sleeping in armaan room and armaan is sleeping on the couch in lobby..
Then armaan hear some voices ...
No no don’t plz no ..
Riddhima.. armaan said
Armaan come in room and found riddhima panting ..
Riddhima Riddhima hey its ok sab thk hai .. armaan hug riddhima and crease her back..
Armaan... Riddhima said..
Haan main yhin hon Riddhima tumhare pass..armaan said..
Riddhima put her head on armaan chest.. and fall asleep...
riddhima sleep get disturb she opens her eyes and then again close she feel pain in her head .. then riddhima again open her eyes and scan the room then she found armaan is sleeping with her on same bed or we can say she is sleeping above armaan.. riddhima put her hand on armaan face and then look towards his lips .. as riddhima touch his lips armaan open his eyes.. both look in each other eyes.. both get lost in each other armaan take turn and pinned her down...
Kya kar rhi thi .. armaan ask ..
Kuch nhi riddhima try not to look in his eyes...
Riddhima mujhse dur raho tabah ho jaogi armaan said..
Riddhima look in his eyes and then riddhima start getting flashback from night .. so riddhima get frightened and riddhima push armaan...
Main yhan kese or sid .. riddhima said..
Hey hey calm down sab thk hai armaan softened his tone and hug riddhima again..
This time riddhima also hug him back and then she start crying..
Vo vo he tried to .. riddhima try to speak..
But armaan stop her and then armaan tell her everything...
Thanks armaan thank you so much riddhima said ...
Armaan nod ..
par mere kapde or main yhan kese .. Riddhima ask..
Ohh vo kharab hogye the to muskan help you in changing and right now you are wearing my clothes..
Riddhima look down and found herself in only armaan T-shirt.. and she is sleeping with him like that..
Before riddhima can speak rahul and muskan enter armaan sense riddhima uncomfortableness so he pull blanket and on riddhima and then get up from the bed ..
Guys mujhe bhar jana hai to main ja rha hon tum jab tak chaho rhe sakte ho yhan ...
Armaan then get ready and leave the house without talking to riddhima..
Again after this day armaan start avoiding riddhima.. and this bother riddhima because riddhima start falling for him...
One day riddhima get courage so she directly go to armaan house...
Riddhima rings door bell ..
Armaan open the door and get shock..
Tum yhan armaan ask ..
ander asakti hon riddhima ask..
No you can go now armaan said..
But riddhima push armaan and enter in the room ..
What’s your problem chate kya ho mujhse.. Riddhima ask..
Maine kya kiya hai armaan ask ..
Kyun avoid kar rhe ho armaan.. riddhima ask..
Main kyun avoid karonga hum to friends bhi nhi hain armaan said...
Riddhima get hurt but then she again look in armaan eyes..
You know what you are right hum friends nhi hain but kya hai na mr armaan malik i love you ... I don’t know why but i just love you more then anything...
Armaan get shock he open his mouth but then again close it..
Don’t... ab ye mat bolna tum mujhse pyar nhi karte i know karte ho , tabhi tumne sid ko mara .. main tumhare room me soe thi tumhare sath tumne mujhe chua bhi nhi , or aisa nhi hai tum sharif ho isliye.... because i know your reputation I know you sleep with so many girls and shifali that whore i know about her also so don’t you dare to deny this ....
Riddhima aisa kuch nhi hai .. armaan said..
Armaan please I don’t know much about you i just know that i love you please armaan..
Riddhima please just go from here ... armaan said..
No am not going anywhere .. Riddhima said..
Okay I accept yes i love you but riddhima we don’t have future I don’t date , I don’t believe in marriage and I don’t deserve you am so fucked up please stay away from me ... armaan said...
I don’t care about future i just want you right now armaan am with you just tell me why you don’t believe in love...
Because mere mom dad ki love marriage hui thi or maine pyar nhi dekha apne dad ko sharab me duba hua dekha hai apne parents ko ladte hue dekha hai mera bachpan sab khatam hogya tha riddhima.. or ek din mere dad hum dono ko chod kar chalege ..
But tumhare dad to balwinder sir hain na riddhima said..
Haan hain one day he come back my mom send me here to live with him I don’t want him back in my life now he is married to anjali mom .. you know about that .. armaan said ..
Ya i know him armaan he is changed he even stop drinking... armaan your dad loves you and want you back in his life Riddhima said ..
But I don’t want him in my life .. my parents destroyed my life riddhima I can’t forget anything look at me am alone and so fucked up i started spending time with bad guys am alcoholic, sex addict and what not I don’t want to destroy your life...
Armaan if you don’t believe in love then why you read those romantic novels then why you always look at me like that .. I don’t care about your past .. i just know that i want you in my life baki sab time k sath pata lag jayega please armaan mujhe khud se dur mat karo please..
Armaan sigh and riddhima crash her lips on his
Riddhima have no idea what She’s doing, but She can’t stop. As her lips touch Armaan’s She feel his sharp intake of breath. Armaan’s mouth tastes just like Riddhima had imagined. She can taste the faint hint of mint on his tongue as he opens his mouth and kisses her. Really kisses riddhima . His warm tongue runs along Riddhima and riddhima entire body feels like it’s been ignited; She have never felt like this before. Armaan brings his hand to riddhima face, cupping Riddhima flushed cheeks, before both of his hands go to riddhima waist. Armaan pulls back a little and plants a small kiss on her lips.
Then armaan pull her and riddhima legs lock around armaan torso armaan take her towards his room without breaking the kiss..
Riddhima hairs cover armaan face and next second armaan drop her on the bed and pinned her down on bed..
Armaan start kissing her neck and then he start sucking her neck and riddhima moan his name ...
As riddhima moan hard armaan stop ...
I can’t Riddhima armaan said...
Please armaan i want you please Riddhima request...
Riddhima tum samjh nhi rhi ho humara koi future nhi hai please.... armaan try ..
But riddhima beg armaan to make love to her and armaan give in and make love to her .... and mark her soul ..
After that armaan riddhima started spending time together they go college together even armaan ask riddhima to shift with him to his house and leave hostel..
Riddhima start living with armaan they totally get change Riddhima brings best out of armaan... he started spending time with his dad and step mom .. he even stop drinking... Armaan is know loyal and one woman man but armaan past makes riddhima insecure especially Shifali riddhima know she is armaan first girlfriend and Shifali was just his friend or friend with benefit,... and armaan also get possessive about riddhima and start controlling her life in many things ...
But one day armaan didn’t come home and riddhima get message from
Shifali that armaan is with her so riddhima get insecure and without thinking about anything she go to the same place where they guys use to do party...
Riddhima enter in the house and found armaan is sitting on the couch and Shifali is sitting on his lap .. armaan back is towards riddhima ...
So you started dating armaan... Shifali ask..
What rahul ask as he is to shock...
No who said I don’t date.. armaan said..
You sure you don’t date because we all thought you are dating riddhima Shifali ask...
Riddhima no we are just friends armaan said..
Riddhima get shock of her life because that poor girl thought that armaan loves her.., she even give her most precious thing to him and here he is denying...
Tears roll down from riddhima eyes riddhima shattered when riddhima going to turn at same time muskan speak..
Riddhima hey you here what a surprise...
And muskan drag her to where everyone is sitting...
Riddhima get another shock because sid and sameer is also sitting there how could armaan do this to her ...
Look guys who is here riddhima... muskan said ..
everyone greet riddhima.., except armaan..
Riddhima look towards armaan and found his expression changed.. he is scared first time riddhima found armaan is scared of something...
Ohhh he may be scared that i will tell them the truth and his image will ruined is he ashamed of me riddhima think...
Hey riddhima we are sorry what happened last time we were drunk i hope you forgive us.. sid said..
Riddhima nod and sit down on the couch across from armaan...
Armaan is looking in riddhima eyes to find love but he found coldness.. no emotions...
And he even not shoved that whore bitch from his lap...
we were just going to play truth and dare are you in riddhima.. Shifali ask...
Ya sure why not riddhima said looking towards her and then armaan..
I dare you Shifali to make out with armaan.. sameer said ..
Shifali grin and turn towards armaan.. and she started kissing armaan..
Tears roll down from riddhima eyes which muskan notice and muskan put her hand on riddhima hand ...
Riddhima nod ..
Like this they play the game and then it’s Riddhima’s turn..
Truth or dare Riddhima.. Shifali ask ...
Dare riddhima said ...
I dare you to kiss sid shifali said ...
Riddhima eyes widened with shock but next second riddhima smirk and look towards armaan..
Armaan is stiffened and by riddhima face he got ..
Yeah sure .. riddhima said and she start walking towards sid ..
Sid is happy but he show blank face ..
Riddhima face is inch apart from sid face and before riddhima put her lips on sids someone pull her back...
No riddhima is not kissing anyone.. armaan said..
Why .. riddhima ask ..
Riddhima .. armaan said ..
Armaan i can kiss anyone tum kon hote ho mujhe rokne vale riddhima said..
Tum meri girlfriend ho riddhima.. armaan said looking in riddhima eyes...
Ohh really tumhari girlfriend fir to tum mere boyfriend hue to tum kiss kar sakte ho is whore ko but main nhi riddhima said
Excuse me Shifali said ..
You just shut your fucking mouth .. riddhima said to Shifali...
Shifali tried to speak but prefer to keep quiet ...
Ok am sorry mujhe use rokna chaiye tha armaan said..
Armaan just tell me one thing Riddhima ask..
What armaan ask..
Are you ashamed of me riddhima ask..
What no no riddhima armaan said..
Then why Riddhima ask..
Because I don’t like sharing my personal life with anyone armaan said..
Riddhima shake her head and try to walk away from armaan..
Okay am sorry riddhima.. I love you please don’t leave me... armaan said..
Riddhima stop and look towards armaan and then all the people who are in shock because armaan is saying sorry and then i love you this can’t be possible...
I was just going to our home am not going anywhere riddhima said...
What .. muskan exclaimed ...
Riddhima you and armaan live together muskan ask..
Yes we live together, yes i love her and yes am in relationship with riddhima.. armaan said ...
Main sapna dekh rhi hon kya muskan ask ...
I can’t believe this the armaan malik is in love rahul said excitedly and then hug armaan..
Muskan also hug riddhima...
Am sorry Riddhima armaan said again..
Riddhima just nod..
Anyway am going home Riddhima said ..
Are yaar thodi der ruk jao we have to celebrate this is second relationship in our group ... muskan said
Ok riddhima said riddhima again walk back and going to sit back on her previous place.. but armaan stop her and pull her towards him and make her sit on his lap but riddhima is so pissed off that riddhima give hard glare to armaan and then sit beside him on the couch...
Ohh we were playing game na so truth or dare Shifali.. riddhima ask..
Truth Shifali said...
Shifali kya ye sach hai ki tum ek whore ho riddhima ask ...
What how dare you riddhima.. Shifali ask..
No am just asking you know the way you was sitting on my boyfriend lap anyone think that you are whore .. riddhima said..
At this everyone laugh armaan also chuckle...
No am not Shifali said ..
Vese you know na it’s truth or dare game you have to tell truth...
Rahul and muskan laugh more ...
Riddhima don’t you think you are so naive or a fool who believes armaan, do you really think he loves you.. , may be he just want to play with you and that’s why he said he love you...
You bitch how dare you riddhima said and slap Shifali hard on her face..
Shifali also try to slap riddhima but riddhima grab her hand and twist it..
Don’t you dare ... and yes ek baat dhayan se suno aj k baad mere armaan se dur rhena , he loves me and i love him .. and your these games will not work here i know you plan this all .. you just called me here and show me what you want .. but let me make it clear to you i am not fool that i will believe you okay .. riddhima said and then push Shifali back ....
And then riddhima grab armaan hand and walk out the house...
Armaan is smiling like a fool but riddhima didn’t said anything..
What ..riddhima yell ..
Armaan shake his head and try to hug riddhima...
Armaan am so pissed off already please don’t .. riddhima said...
Riddhima i know am jerk or coward but I don’t want them to know about us especially sid and sameer..armaan said
Sid se yaad aya tum uske sath beth kese sakte ho riddhima ask..
Riddhima I swear main aj mila hon use usdin k baad or vo bhi Shifali ne bulaya tha usko maine to baat bhi nh ki usne maafi mangi .. armaan said..
Armaan whatever it is I think you was right we are different people we can’t live with each other.. Riddhima said..
Riddhima please don’t do this am sorry please armaan sits on his knees and start begging...
Armaan kya kar rhe ho Acha khade ho please ghar chalo abhi .. riddhima said ..
Armaan nod and they come back home
after that day armaan riddhima relationship get stronger and stronger.. like this 4 years pass Riddhima get job offer in Bangalore and armaan is working with big publisher house ...
But one day due to armaan insecurity and possessiveness.. riddhima armaan ko chod kar chali jati hai .. after that armaan again started drinking and but he didn’t hookup with girls ... armaan start wasting himself...
And riddhima is also missing him .. but she think armaan is better without her.. so riddhima also concentrate on her career and then one day riddhima get gift box and found book which was written by armaan.. riddhima is so shocked because in that book armaan write everything about his life , his sad childhood.. then his dark adulthood and then about riddhima how riddhima changed him .. how he get love in his life... and then what riddhima is for armaan...
That was the first copy and when riddhima finish reading that book riddhima has tears in her eyes ...
Riddhima also found a note in that book..
I know You don’t want to see my face but still can you just come and meet me for the last time please...
Armaan ....
Riddhima found the address of hotel and room no in the note so riddhima decide to meet him ...
Riddhima reach the hotel room where armaan is staying ..
Riddhima knock the door and armaan open the door .. he is all ready in formal suit .. and look so handsome ..
Hii ... riddhima said..
Hey come inside armaan said rubbing his neck..
Riddhima enter in the room..
Thanks for coming armaan said..
Riddhima nod ....
Book read ki tumne armaan ask..
Armaan you can’t do this to me , you always push me away from your life and then you come back .. I can’t live like this you firstly throw me out of your life then you write your book on me , your first book .. riddhima yell
Riddhima am sorry i know you already give me so much chances but can you please give me last chance please.. armaan ask..
Armaan.. please riddhima said..
Okay listen Riddhima am sorry for everything, I know i was the one who said that I don’t want to marry or have children .. but now am asking you ager tum aj mujhe maaf kar deti ho to main tum se shaadi karna chata hon..
I was wrong riddhima I always thought love is only found in books but your love heals me riddhima.. you brought best out of me ...
Then armaan bend on his knee
I’ve never known happiness like the way you’ve brought in my life… and I want to spend the rest of my life making you feel the same way. Will you marry me?
Riddhima start crying and nod
Armaan then put ring in her finger amd then pull riddhima in tight hug ...
Armaan pull riddhima in soulful kiss ..
They get married in presence of their family and friends.. everyone taunt armaan that how can he get married.. he never believed in marriage and now he is getting married to love of his life...
Armaan also become successful author ..
Flashback end
Mommy dekho didi ne mere clothes gande kardiye riaan said ..
Agye ap log go kids change your clothes riddhima said to riaan and Amira
Both kiss riddhima cheeks before going in there room ...
“How did we become the parents of two kids like that?” Riddhima asked armaan while shaking her head.
“No f.....g idea.” Armaan laughed and opened his arms for her.
“Come here.” armaan said Riddhima walk toward Armaan and leaned into his arms.
“It’s been a long road.” Riddhima sighed, and Armaan brought his hands to her shoulders and rubbed them.
Riddhima sank back, relaxing immediately. She turned to armaan , her green eyes still holding so much love for armaan after all these years.

Hey guys i hope you guys like this do share your views on this
Lots of love
Akanksha 💕

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