Tuesday, 28 January 2020

OS : Love

I heard the rain drops splatter across the surface of my window. Smiling, I sat up on my bed, and walking towards my window, I opened it wide, letting the wild wind, scented with the perfume of fresh mud and grass, caress my face.

I shut my eyes, and just like a scene from a lame Bollywood flick, spread my arms wide out, letting the drops of rain fall on my face. My smile wouldn't leave my face. I had never enjoyed rains  as much before, had never really paid heed to that happiness you got when you felt that fresh, wet breeze tickle your senses.

All this, was because of one person, that one person, around whom my life now revolved. Because of that one feeling,which would turn your world upside down, make your head spin, give you that rush, make you go on a high, make you weak in the knees. All this, was because I was in love.

At that thought, I inhaled a deep breath, and opened my eyes, smiling widely, so widely that my face hurt. The laughter lines, as they call it. Sighing loudly, feeling content, I stood there, looking outside at the turbulent winds, which pared the turbulence in my mind and heart. It was that turbulence, which enveloped me, making me feel at peace and calm. Weird much?

If anyone saw me right now, they would definitely call me crazy. It was 4 am in the night, but sleep evaded me. And I had never been so happy to be awake, because trust me, I wasn't ones to give up on my sleep for all the treasure in the world!

I wasn't this crazy usually though. I was a normal, girl-next-door kind of girl. I had my family, who I loved to bits. I had my friends, who I adored. I had dreams, aspirations, ambitions, which I hoped I would be able to fulfill one day. But now, I had this one person, that special someone, who I had been waiting for ever since I had read Cinderella, ever since I had first seen DDLJ.

Oh, and in case you hadn't noticed that already, I'm a die-hard romantic at heart, too!

But c'mon, everyone of us have that romantic hidden somewhere. And that romantic comes out only when you meet that person,  'The One' as they call it, when you fall in love.

Love, if you look at it, is a pretty simple word. Just 4 letters, one syllable of sound. And yet an entire ocean of feelings, with immeasurable depth. It is a time when rains surely make you feel blissful. It is a time when nothing beside love songs appeal to you. A time when every color brightens your day, where you feel like looking perfect all the time, when every time your phone rings, you wish its him, when flowers suddenly seem like the best gift in the world. It is a time when sleepless nights became an everyday routine. When you feel a breeze passing through your hair every time he looks at you, even on the driest of days. It is a time where you picture yourself in a romantic movie, with you being the damsel in distress and he being your knight in shining armor. It is a time where nothing beside you and him is right. It is a time when the world just consists of the two of you, and no one else. It is a place where you feel safe, where you feel needed, where you feel at home, and where you feel you belong. It is a place of countless thoughts, a place where you feel like smiling, singing and dancing for absolutely no reason. A place where you can be yourself. A place which has only endless dreams. Love itself, maybe, was a dream; a beautiful dream, from which you would never like to wake up.

As these feelings played with my mind and heart, I pictured his smile, his dimples, his perfectly chiseled jaw, his adorable face. I  closed my eyes, to get his picture out of my mind. I had taken to this new game, of challenging myself - how long could I go without thinking about him. But there he was again, as soon as I closed my eyes. His eyes, his gorgeous blue eyes, which had been the ones to make me fall for him in the first place. I always drowned in them, his blue eyes were more like oceans to me.

And okay, his eyes weren't really blue, he wore lenses, but that too, because of me, since he knew I loved blue eyes. And blue eyes had never looked more beautiful to me. The very first time he'd worn them, just to surprise me, I had, in a very embarrassing moment, told him I would be drowning in his eyes every time, not that I didn't before, but now it fit, since his eyes reminded me of the oceans' blue waters. He had then laughed and teased me, and had told me not to worry; he would be my lifeguard whenever that happened. What had followed, was his demonstration of how he would save me - he had kissed me crazy.

I opened my eyes, knowing I had lost the challenge yet again. But I didn't mind. I loved thinking about him every second of everyday. I loved the feeling of being in love with him.

I heard my phone buzz, telling me I had a new message. I didn't need to guess who it was. And sure enough, it was a text from him, at 5 am in the morning.

Basket, are you awake? I can't sleep! :(
Need to talk to you! You can probably put me to sleep with your boring talks of clothes, shoes and shopping! I would gladly listen to you describe your wardrobe right now! Wake up!


Grinning, I happily plopped myself on the bed, cuddled up inside my comforter, and hit the call button.

"I love you, Armaan!" I mumbled happily, as soon as he picked up.


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