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Part 1 : Being Together

A combine school fest was going to conduct and all the schools connected with GM Foundation gather with their students. Although there were so many games, skits, debates and other things were going on but few plays specially made considering an elder age group. Kids were asked to practice their role as it was assigned a day before.

Armaan and Riddhima were also from different schools studying in class 5th and they were allotted a play with the role of husband wife, although it was a small play considering the students so they just need to deliver few lines together. Since, Armaan don’t know the girl and vice-versa but they were asked by teachers to perform so they did.

They meet with other friends and students for rehearsal, Armaan move towards Riddhima as teacher told he had to perform with her.

“Hi, I’m Ammy, what’s your name?” he asked forwarding his hand.

“Umm, I’m Ridzi” she replied and shook hand.

They spend some good time together rehearsing with each other for the play. Suddenly Riddhima felt down and Armaan helped her to get up when his eyes noticed something and he smiled.

“Ammy, I fell down and you are smiling” Riddhima was getting sad.

“Sorry I just noticed something” Armaan murmured.

“I can’t hear you” she said looking at him.

“Arey, I was about to help you, Sorry I didn’t saw you falling, you ok na?” he asked and Riddhima smiled.

“Hmm, I’m okay, lets get back to rehearsal else M’am will scold us” Riddhima whisper and they giggled.

Soon everything was prepared and the play starts, they were showing something on dowry system and few other topics, when Armaan and Riddhima were getting married in play, audience were watching that cute kids playing everything very perfectly and were in aww.

“Now you became my wife Ridzi” Armaan murmured in her ears and she smiles looking at him.

“Really?” she asked enthusiastically.

“Ha, and we’ll live together from now on” Armaan smiled and they hold each others hands while others were doing the play.

After that fest, Armaan and Riddhima become friends but before they could talk much or could decide anything to meet afterwards they were taken away by their respective parents and all things came to an end.

After 10 years,

Armaan was studying Business Management in London and his parents and sister stays back in India with his beloved Dadi, Armaan loved his Dadi a lot and can go to any extent for her happiness.

Riddhima grown up into a cute chirrupy girl, loved endlessly in her family by her parents and her brother. She was studying MBA in topmost college of Mumbai as she was a bright student so no one had any problem while joining. She was in her last year and happily enjoying her studies with friends.

Armaan gets up in morning and after getting ready he left in his car, planning to pick up Rahul from his relatives house as Rahul went there for weekend, they both share same apartment in London, since both were from India so mingled up quite rapidly.

“Rahul, can’t you just come out soon” Armaan groaned on the phone.

“Chillax Ammy just coming down, Ok Aunty I’m leaving for college, see you all next week, Armaan is waiting for me down” Rahul informed them and ran out at the same time Armaan cut the call.

Rahul sit inside the car and controlled his breath when Armaan smirked and zoomed off his car.

“So, how was your weekend?” Armaan smirked knowing very well what he was going to start.

“You know what, you are very lucky to have no relatives here mann, why they are hell bend for my marriage so soon and that too here, I really don’t want to marry here” Rahul started.

“Any special reason?” Armaan look at him.

“As if you will be unaware if I ever have any special reason, C’mon Ammy, I just don’t feel a heart connection here” Rahul said and Armaan shook his head.

“Anyways, for now lets get back to studies and you know what I have another blunder news for you” Rahul said in a way which compel Armaan to look back at him.

“What was that?” he halted his car in parking area coming out of it.

“I’m going to India” Rahul said and Armaan look at him.

He started laughing after giving him a serious look “Rahul, why you even try to fool me, you know that your last year was about to start and you can’t leave college like that”

“Armaan, my Dad needs me, he was not well and they didn’t even informed me. And for your knowledge, I can easily get transferred to top college of India in my last year”

“Hey Rahul, what happened to Uncle, is he alright?” Armaan asked being concerned about him.

“Yeah! As he used to say but I know he was not okay for sure” Rahul sighed and Armaan talked him to deviate his mind.

If Rahul had to go then he can’t stop him forcefully as he has duties being a son but he’ll surely gonna miss him as he was one there with him everytime. They pranked with each other, did a lot of studies and masti.

Armaan and Rahul were busy asking about documentation for Rahul’s transfer.

They came back and Rahul sadly left to his room, Armaan knew it was not good to leave in between but yeah he was a bright student and can do better things with his family at his back.

Armaan was indulged in his thoughts when he get a call from his Dad, he talked with him for sometime and again remembering something he tell him few details and cut the call.

Armaan dialed Rahul’s dad number and talk with him, gathering few information he transfer it to his Dad. Since they both live in Mumbai so easily get contact of each other. Rest of the things were handled by Billy Mallik as he was topmost businessman of the town.

Rahul was searching for some documents when Armaan and asked him to take the phone.

“Kaun hai?” rahul asked raising his brows up.

“Khud hi puch le” Armaan said and left the room.

Rahul took the phone and talked for few minutes, he came back after disconnecting the call and hugged Ammy in a brotherly hug.

“Thanks Ammy” Rahul said and Armaan look at him.

“We have to start our classes from tomorrow” ARmaan said and he nodded.

So everything was arranged in India by Billy as he don’t want Rahul to leave his final year because of family problems, they had a bright future and for that they need to complete their studies first.

Riddhima topped in final year and whole family celebrated for that.

“Ridzi, what do want today? You can ask for anything” Atul, elder brother asked her.

She smiled sheepishly and said “Any thing bhai?”

“Yesss” Shashank smile on their bonding.

“Ok, so can I get my Bhabhi soon” Riddhima said abruptly making him choke out and he start coughing.

“Riddhima” Padma look at her.

“What Mom, I just asked for a Bhabhi and you know what I chose one” she scrutinize Atul’s face and said.

Atul was much more tensed by now, he can’t do that.

“Dad, see I got a picture also, she is sweet na” Riddhima showed a picture to her Mom and Dad.

They look at her while Atul was not showing any interest. Shashank tried to confirm it from Riddhima and she blinked assuring him.

“So, this is the girl you want him to get married” Shashank asked.

Riddhima: YES


“What the hell, just decide one” Padma said.

“Actually Dad, I like someone so can’t get married to any other girl” ATUL said in one go.

“Ohoo,, Riddhima just drop this idea, Shubh don’t want to marry Anjali let him go” Shashank said and next moment Atul snapped back the picture.

It was indeed Anjali in the picture “How come you guys,,,,,” he stopped.

“Wo kya hai na bhai, I’m your sister and I have my own ways to get information about you” he said and hugged her brother.

“So, are we taking marriage proposal to the Mallik’s” Padma asked and Shashank nodded in certainty.

“Thanku so much Ridzi” Atul said.

“Atleast, I compel you to accept that infront of Dad” Riddhima smiled.

“Okay, now I’ll have to check upon you in my own ways” Atul said.

“As far as I know it will be of no use for now” Riddhima shrugged off her shoulder and they retired happily for the night.

Atul informed Anjali about what Riddhima did and they were ready for this aalinace. Anjali was happy as family won’t create a hurdle they both knew, but they wanted to settle down in life first.

“Bhai, can I also talk to my future Bhabhi” Riddhima stood on the door grinning ear to ear making Atul startle.

“Ridzi, you just scared me” he said and pass phone to her.

Soon, the girls become friendly and Atul felt left out and retire to sleep. Riddhima and Anjali develop a different bond within a short span. Soon they bid bye to each other and slept, Riddhima took her number from Atul’s phone.

Next day, she was leaving for her last exam and after that she had to go for an interview to Delhi, so she wasn’t able to follow her parents to Mallik’s. All she knew that their parents would handle the things.

Riddhima left and Atul Anjali’s wedding got fixed getting approved from everyone. Atul was about to receive a call when his eyes get fixed on Anjali who was happily smiling with his Mom.

Shashank and Billy get mingle with each other as family were having same nature.

“Bhai Atul, ham sabne to pasand kar liya lekin, ARmaan ko v batana padega” Billy said and he nodded.

He knew how much concern Anjali was for her brother and they both share a bond like he shared with Riddhima. Since, Anjali bind up with Riddhima shortly he also have to do that and with happy heart he look at Billy.

Billy called Armaan and after taking about something he handed the phone to Atul.

“Hello, Hi Armaan, I’m Atul” he said.

“Do you really wanna marry my sister?” Armaan asked.

Atul look at the phone and said “Yes, why,,,,,, is t,,,,”

“Are you sure, you can handle her for life time” Armaan was serious.

“Yes, I’m sure about this” the confidence in his voice make ARmaan smile at other side of phone.

“Soch lena pahle se, it’s not easy to handle her tantrums so smoothly JIJU” Armaan said and laughed.

Armaan emphasized on the word making him smile “God! You just scared me out” Atul replied.

“No, no not like that,,,, I’m really started missing all and now it’s her wedding so I’ll try to wind up things here pretty soon” Armaan said and they bid bye.

“So ladies, get start with shopping you don’t have much time” Billy said.

“Yeah Dad, let Riddhima come first” Anjali said.

“Bhai Shashank I really wanna meet your daughter pretty soon, Anjali speaks a lot about her” Billy said.

“To mai andar aa jau” Riddhima was standing there on entrance.

She was wearing a simple yet beautiful suit with red dupatta holding few packets, she was quite conscious before coming inside. Ananya stopped looking at her, she was so beautiful with minimum makeup, in simple attire, her hairs were flying due to wind and she automatically moved towards her.

“Riddhima” Padma called her name.

Ananya went to her and she just touched her feet, she blessed Riddhima keeping her hand on her head and holding her hand bring inside.

“Hey Riddhima” Anjali come to her.

“Bhabhii” she hugged her and Anjali blushed hard on the word Bhabhi. She handed over few gifts which he bought for her.

“Namste Uncle, Dadiji ”, she took Billy’s and Dadi’s blessings.

“Shashank, tumahri beti to bahut sundar hai” Dadi said.

“ha Dadi, mujh pe jo gai hai” Sahshank replied and Padma look at him in disbelief while others start laughing.

Soon the environment changed and it seems to be a happy family enjoying their time with each other.

“But Riddhima, how come you end up here, you were having an intervie na?” Shashank asked.

“Dad, that interview got postponed so I just ran here as I can’t resist myself back from meeting my only Bhabhi” Riddhima said and they smiled “And after coming here I really envy u all as u might have spend a good time here without me with this sweet family”

“Wo to hai” Atul said.

“Bhai, you are not suppose to say that” she said and Atul rolled his eyes.

“Dadi, do you really want Bhabhi to marry him, I doubt” Riddhima asked looking towards Dadi.

“Don’t you dare to aggravate Dadi” Atul knew very well why she was saying so.

“Kyu beta, koi gadbad hai kya?” Dadi asked.

“Dadi, jab ye apni behan ko itna bolte hain to Bhabhi ko ko kitna bolenge” Riddhima said.

“How come you both end up with similar mentality” Atul said.

“Whom?” She asked.

“Armaan and you, right?” Billy said.

“Yes, he was aggravating me against Anjali and now she is also trying the same” Atul said and she rolled her eyes.

“Because they do care for you” Ananya said and they smiled.

Riddhima don’t know much about Armaan, just as he is Anjali’s brother. Since, she didn’t met him so can’t even depict anything.

“Bhai jo v ho, lekin asli maza to Riddhima k aane k baad hi aaya hai, she really make us feel alive after Armaan left” Billy said and Riddhima look at Atul with a smirk.

“Dekha Bhai, now that’s the proof” Riddhima said and Atul folded her hands infront of her while others giggle.

“Anyways, since we are planning everything pretty fast as we don’t wanna miss Anjali so much, so ladies start your shopping by tomorrow” Shasahank said and they nodded.

Soon the Gupta’s left and Anjali was so ecstatic about her wedding, she assumed there will be no problem but their family become so much comfortable with each was not even she dreamed off.

“Hey Riddhima, you guys reached?” Anjali called her.

“Ha, we just reached, kya baat hai Bhabhi you start caring like Bhabhi so soon, I was really missing my partner in home, thank God you are coming” Riddhima smiled happily and Atul rubbed her hairs.

“You guys are going to sleep?” she asked.

“Nope, making your husband to do oiling in my hairs as I love my hairs and he do love me for bringing his marriage talk and you infront of Mom Dad” Riddhima chuckled and Anjali smiled profusely.

“Great, I miss Armaan for doing all these stuffs” Anjali said.

“Don’t you meet your brother often?” Riddhima finally blurred out what she wanted to ask.

“Nope, it’s not like that, actually he was studying in London and finished his MBA, may be coming soon for the wedding” Anjali explained and she nodded.

“Don’t you think you should talk to me also” Atul said from behind.

“NOPE” Riddhima said then giggle and ask Anjali to call him and left his room.

“So, are you happy?” Atul asked as soon as he received the call.

“So much, I love you” she said and he smiled.

Next day, shopping start and Riddhima was happily shopping for his brother’s wedding as functions were about to start next week. They had a lot to do, Billy and Shanshank were busy in other preparations while Padma and Ananya were shopping for marriage rituals. Girls were taking time for selecting dresses and other useful stuffs, Riddhima solely take care of Anjali’s beauty tips and send her parlour which end up doing her facial also as Anjali was admant to make her more glowing.

“Phewww, gosh I can’t belive it’s ur marriage and how we manage to prepare everything on time” Riddhima said and he chuckled.

Being a groom he didn’t have to work much but yeah he still helped Shashank and Billy in arrangements.

“We are going to their house for haldi tomorrow” Padma said setting herself on the couch.

“OMG! I’m just loving it Bhai” Riddhima’s happiness was visible on her face.

“Good, now just go and sleep, you are just roaming around without even resting for a moment” Atul was worried for her.

“Ohhoo Bhai, I can rest afterwards, afterall it’s ur wedding” Riddhima said and he blushed a bit.

“OMG! Look at him” Padma said and they start laughing on his reaction.

“Rahul, we need to pack all these stuff mann” Armaan was getting frustrated as he wasn’t able to pack all things he shopped for home.

“Relax Armaan, let me see” Rahul came to help him and managed to set up everything properly.

They were moving back to India as their college finished, they were getting so many offers to join big MNCs there but Armaan knows very well that he needs to give some rest to Billy from office by handling their own business.

“Chalo, all these things are done, finally we are going back home” Rahul was so happy.

“And you have to be there with me as we will reach just on haldi time else Di will throw me out” Armaan said and Rahul laugh on his expressions.

Soon they left their apartment and move out for airport. They didn’t even think of selling their well settled apartment as it has so many memories and moreover they will visit whenever they feel like.

“I’m coming” Armaan murmured as the flight took off.

He didn’t informed anyone at home, he just wanted to surprise them by his sudden arrival. He convinced everyone that he’ll reach till sangeet but managed to reach at haldi ceremony.

Armaan landed and smiled broadly as he returned to his country after a long time and move forward.

“Armaan, pahle mere ghar chalte hain waha se fresh hoke nikalnege” Rahul suggested.

“Okay, fine with me” Armaan replied and they went to Rahul’s place.

He met his father and mother, they knew each other very well now. Armaan totally restrict them to inform Mom Dad about his arrival.

“Lekin beta, tumhe dekh k khush ho jayenge sab” Mr. Garewal said.

“Uncle, don’t worry kal ham pure shaan se jayenge” Armaan smiled and rahul knew what’s cooking in his head.

“Dad, rahne do aap, ham sone ja rahe hain, kal nikalte hain” Rahul retire to his room after sometime with ARmaan.

“Bata de ab puri planning” Rahul asked.

“Kuch nhi bas subah pahuchenge sabko surprise dene”Armaan smiled and soon they drift into sleep.

Next day, everyone was getting ready in hustle bustle and arranging everything properly.

“Mom, where is my haldi dress” Anjali called from her room.

“Gosh Anjali, be patient enough, kept it in your washroom just go and get ready” Ananya said.

“And Mom, don’t bring any jwellery” Anjali said.

“Why so?” he asked.

“Riddhima have some plans, I don’t know what” Anjali said entering inside the washroom.

“I think I should call Riddhima first, else she will again make noise” Ananya called Riddhima.

“Ji Aunty, ham bas thodi der me nikalne wale hain” Riddhima replied “Ji,,, kyu, kya hua? Ok don’t worry I’ll come” she talk to Ananya.

“What happened?” Shashank asked.

“I think I’ll have to go first, as I arranged something for Bhabhi, so I’ll have to be there. Anyways I have done everything, all the gifts and other things were kept in car, Mom just take care of the haldi you have apply, I’m leaving, see you there” Riddhima explained them and left.

“Meri behan hai ya Anjali ki, mere sath jana tha na usko” Atul murmured.

“Arey wo ye sab teri dulhan k liye hi kar rahi hai, stop sulking” Padma caressed his forehead and he smiled.

“Bhabhiiiiii” Riddhima came hurriedly holding a box and inside Anjali’s room.

“OMG! Riddhima, I can’t believe you came, thanku so much sweetheart, I really needed someone right now” Anjali said in excitement.

“Shall I call Bhai?” mischievous glint in her eyes makes Anjali go red.

“Stop teasing me, I just meant you okay” Anjali said “by the way, don’t you think you are looking so gorgeous today which will help me to get someone for you also”

“Stop finding anyone for me, I’ll get when the time come, just come and sit here quickly and yeah no opening of eyes until I said” Riddhima said making her sit on the table.

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