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Part 2 : Being Together

Yes M’am” she agreed.

After like 30 minutes,

“Hmm, so I think I’m done, wait wait wait, Aunty just come here” Riddhima saw Ananya near the door.

“Beautiful” Ananya just whisper making Anjali open her eyes slowly.

Riddhima make her ready in minimum make up as she have to apply haldi, but she make her wear beautiful floral jewelries which was giving a princess like look. She had done it perfectly, no other word than this.

“Thanku so much Riddhima” she hugged her and Riddhima smile.

“Ab meri Bhabhi ko special to lagna hai na” Riddhima said and she giggle on her comment.

“Bachho sab ready ho gaya hai lekin Riddhima I also need your help dear” Ananya took her out.

“Actually, Armaan will come till sangeet ceremony due to his exams and I need to get a file from his room, I don’t know where it was kept so please check it as guests were calling me for some work” and she told the details showing Armaan’s room.

“It’s okay Aunty, I’ll bring it” Riddhima enter in his room.

Riddhima feels a different sensation in her body when she enter in the room, it was a big well furnished room set according to the taste of person. Ananya make it clean as Armaan was about to come, she just searched in his side tables but didn’t find any then turning towards the cupboards she think before opening but since Ananya asked her so she opened it and searched shifting his clothes to a side. Finally she got the file and smile closing the cupboard when some stuffs fall down, Riddhima arranged them back and left the room.

“Aunty, ye rahi file” Riddhima came to her.

“Beta please pass it to Uncle” she requested.

“Yeah sure” she smiled and Ananya kissed her forehead.

Riddhima handed it Billy when he also asked her to give that file and a check to employee coming outside as he was all covered by some peoples.

“It’s okay Uncle, I’ll go” Riddhima smiled and move outside.

How come they trust her so much was sometimes a question which cover her mind but no doubt they were so nice peoples.

Shashank reached with everyone and saw Riddhima there.

“Beta aap bahar?” he asked.

“I have some work, aaplog andar chalo na please mai aati hu” She send them inside.

Soon a person came and Riddhima asked him “Are you from office to collect check?”

“Yes M’am, Billy Sir asked to take file and check from you” he replied and she handed over it to him.

“Thanku M’am” he left.

Riddhima was about to turn when she saw two person trying to look inside hiding behind the boundary wall, she become curious moving towards them.

“Excuse me, are you trying to come inside?” Riddhima tapped them from behind.

Armaan: Yes

Rahul: No

“I mean no we were just passing by” rahul said as his parents went inside.

“Listen, if you have any work then just directly go inside and talk and if you don’t have then leave from here, don’t even dare to look inside someone’s house like that” Riddhima said pointing her finger towards them.

“And who are you to tell me?” Armaan move forward being angry as this girl stopped them else they could have reached inside the room and surprised everybody with entry inside the home.

“You know what, I think I should know who are you, so let me just call police” She took out her phone.

“Abey kya kar raha hai entry ki jagah exit ho jayegi bhai” Rahul murmured and dragged him away “Sorry to disturb you miss, we are just leaving”.

Armaan glared her with anger and Riddhima was confused what gotten into his head, he was doing wrong and glaring her inspite of being sorry.

“Who is she?” Armaan asked.

“Mujhe kya pata tere ghar se, itne haq se hame kisne bhagaya” Rahul said Armaan just controlled his anger as he don’t want to spoil her sister’s function.

“Chaliye bhai sab log aa gaye, AB RASMEIN SHURU KARE?” Billy asked the ladies.

“Ji ha, chaliye” Ananya said.

“Lekin aap ye itna kuch kaha se leke aa gaye?” Billy asked looking towards the gifts which was brought by Rahul’s father.

“W,,,wo,,, thodi der me batate hain, chaliye bachhe intezar kar rahe hain” he took him to Anjali and Atul.

They were sitting beside each other and Atul was stealing glances of Anjali, she was looking so beautiful in that yellow dress with flowers.

Riddhima smiled looking at her brother and his would be wife as her mood was totally off by whatever happened outside.

Billy was about to apply haldi on Anjali when suddenly the songs start, they wonder who was that and look towards the entrance:

Maahi Ve Maahi Ve That' s The Way Maahi Ve

Some people throw flowers upwards and two person came in center while singing, first was Armaan.

Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve

Second came Rahul behind him, everybody was so shocked surprised with happiness looking at them.

Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve

“Armaan” Anjali said and ran towards him, she hugged his baby brother emotionally and turn towards “Rahul” . Both of them hold her and turn around.

Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye

Armaan make her dance with them, everyone was happy looking at the bond they share, Ananya slowly wiped her tears away looking at her son after so long. Only Riddhima was the person who stood all shocked as he was ‘Armaan Mallik’ Anjali Bhabhi’s brother and how badly she talked to him.

Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
That' s The Way Maahi Ve

Armaan met his parents and hugged Atul saying “JIJU” he met Shashank and Padma then look at the girl who scolded him few times back, his eyes changes colour and his expressions also make their way out. Rahul start dancing with Anjali and dragging different girls in center.

O Tere Aankhen Kali Kali
Tera Gora Gora Mukhdha Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Rangat Jaise Sona
Tu Chaand Ka Tukda Hai Re Maahi Ve
Tere Gaal Gulabi Rabba Rabba
Chal Sharabi Rabba Rabba
Dil Ki Kharabi Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

Riddhima avoid his piercing gaze as now she know very well who was the person and he ought to be angry as she behaved so, but leaving it on next day she just look towards Anjali who dragged her in center with herself. Riddhima also start dancing with her happily.

Barse Rangini Kaliyan Hai Mehki Bhini Bhini
Baje Mann Mein Halke Halke Shehnaiya Re
Jitne Hai Tare Aanchal Mein Aa Gaya Sare
Dil Ne Jaise Hi Li Angadayee Re..

Rahul came in between and danced around them holding Armaan, Atul and others.

Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rajke
Chal Bajke Oh Soniye
Dil Kit No Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

Ananya came near Anjali in center while singing and she smiled wiping her tears as her mother was getting emotional. Riddhima thought to make her easy thus tapped her from behind pointing towards herself making a pout which makes Ananya smile she hugged both of them. Armaan confusingly saw the girl who was pampered by his mother so lovingly.

Chanda Meri Chanda Tujhe Kaise Mein Yeh Samjhaoon
Mujhe Lagti Hai Tu Kitni Pyaari Re
Khusiyan Jitni Hai Sab Jitni Hai Sab Dhoondh Ke Laoon
Teri Doli Ke Sang Kar Do Sari Re
Tu Jo Aayee Sajhke Mehndi Rajke
Chal Bajke Oh Soniye
Dil Kit No Ka Khaye Dhajke Oh Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve..

Everybody joins in the song at last and happily danced around.

Tere Maathe Jhumar Damke
Tere Kannno Baali Chamke Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Tere Haatho Kangana Khanke
Tere Pairo Payal Chance Hai Re
Maahi Ve
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve Jind Maahi Ve Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Jind Maahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve

The moment song finished, Armaan and Rahul hold Anjali and clapped when few men bring a big pool like structure which could be comfortable for two person with lots of haldi and flowers in it. Anjali was confused at first but before she could understand Armaan and Rahul pick her up and throw her inside the pool on the count of 3.

Everyone look at her with shocked expression, it was Atul who laughed first and all started laughing, and Anjali was too shocked to react while Armaan winked at Rahul, they hold Atul and kept him in the same pool. 

“Now the ceremony starts” Armaan said and everyone was laughing around looking at bride and groom who were too surprised to react but soon they look at each other and start laughing.

They put haldi on each other with flowers as if playing holi and Armaan clicked their pictures.

Soon everything settled down and Anjali went to wash her Up while Atul also went in guest room to clean up himself.

“Sach me Armaan tumne to function ki raunak badha di” Shashank said and he smiled sitting down keeping his head on Dadi’s lap.

“Thanku Uncle”

Anjali almost ran down and sit beside Armaan and hit him playfully “Thanku k bachhe, what to you think you did ha?” 

“What, just enjoyed your haldi, what’s a big deal in this” Armaan swayed his hand in air saying so.

“Urghh,, leave it” she huffed around.

Soon Riddhima, Ananya and Padma came with coffee and snacks keeping it on table. Atul also joined them saying “By the way, as far as I know you were about to come on sangeet day”.

“Jiju, what does it mean, apko khushi nhi hui mujhse mil ke” Armaan asked.

“Nope, I didn’t meant that, khushi to hui but I was just asking casually” Atula smiled.

“Aap dono ko surprise jo dena tha” he smiled and they also smile on his talk.

“Riddhima beta, Thanku for the coffee, I was literally craving for the coffee made by you” Billy said and she smiled.

“Isliye to banaya” she replied and he hugged her sidewise.

Riddhima was avoiding any eye contact with Armaan and he was just watching that girl moving freely in his house that too with a perfect bonding with his family. All he knew about her now is that she was sister of Atul.

“Riddhima come here” Anjali hold her hand and she sit beside her “Thanku so much for the arrangements you did for me, love you” and she smiled.

“Guys, hame v yaad kar lo koi, ham khud itne din baad aaye hain, Aunty I want that besan k laddu tomorrow morning” Rahul said.

“Arey beta, kal kyu, aaj hi kha lo maine pahle se bana k rakhe hain” Ananya smiled and Anjali went to bring laddus.

“Woww,,, Armaan what happened?” Rahul asked.

“Nothing, just a bit headache, Dad I’ll go to sleep, will see you guys tomorrow” Armaan get up and went towards his room.

“He might having jetleg, anyways thanku for the laddu aunty, kal aake wapas khaunga” Rahul said getting up.

Ananya was in kitchen murmuring something when Riddhima came back to keep plates.

“Kya hua aunty, why are you so stressed?” she asked keeping her chin on her shoulder.

“Kuch nhi beta, ye Armaan v na thaka hua hai lekin bolega nhi, pagal hai bilkul” she poured warm milk for him and was about to go when Billy called her.

Ananya look towards Riddhima and said “Sorry beta, but please give it to Armaan, I think your uncle needs something” she pass the glass to her she nodded.

“How could I go to his room, he was already miffed with her and now,,,, God” Riddhima murmured moving towards his room.

She knocked his room twice but no response, she thought to move away but looking at the glass she sighed and enter inside turning the knob, no was there in room.

“Ye kaha gaya?” she wonder but thought keep glass there on side table and move.

She put the glass and was about to turn when washroom door open and a fresh smell of shower gel aroma spread in the room, she look upward in reflex and become rooted on her spot.

Armaan was standing there wearing a lower after taking shower, he didn’t put anything on his upper body as he came out rubbing his hairs, unaware of her presence.

“Tum” he said and Riddhima swiftly tried to move out when he hold her hand and drag her towards himself pinning her hands behind.

“What do you think you were doing in someone’s room?” Armaan said in a dangerously cold tone making her spine go cold. She remind how she asked him something like this outside the room.

“W,,wo, Aunty ne, milk,, for you” she utter in breaking voice as his hold was so tight.

Armaan look at her brimming eyes and soften his grip, actually he was not getting why he did that, why anger covered him up then suddenly looking at her eyes he forget everything.

“I’m sorry for what I did outside, ummm I didn’t meant to, actually I had no idea about u and just,,,, sorry. Aunty send that milk please have it” she was trying to leave when Armaan hold her hand again, turning her around she banged onto his hard rock chest, gasped hard by his move. 

Her hand one hand land on his chest which was all wet due to shower and coldness of his fingers were felt by her skin under her dress.

“So, you are going to be my sister’s sister-in-law” he was deadly close to her “Just pray I forget that incident soon coz I barely forgive those who blabber things without having second thought” Armaan almost whisper on her lips and she shudder under his hold.

She looks away and pushing him a bit side she look into his eyes, she was trembling but gather courage to say “See Mr. Armaan, I don’t have any intension to make things worse, I did a mistake and said sorry for that coz unknowingly anyone would do that. Now, its upto you to make grudges or happily enjoy your sister’s wedding” she left as soon as she finished and Armaan was looking at her retreating figure.

“Interesting, fark v padta hai bolna v aata hai, let’s see” Armaan smirked murmuring and pick up the glass of milk.

He lie down remembering his encounter with her, her dance with Anjali, how she tried to avoid eye contact with him, how he hold her so close to himself and his heart beat rised by this thought. He tried to shrug off the thought and soon went into the deep slumber.

Riddhima controlled her heart beat after coming out from his room and rushed downwards as if he will again hold her from behind.

“Easy baby, kaha baby kaha bhaag rahi ho?” Anjali hold her.

“Wo , I thought Mom Dad will be leaving” Riddhima said controlling her breath.

“Yeah, I wish tum ruk jati yaha pe” Anjali said.

“Don’t worry you’ll be joining me soon” Riddhima poked her cheeks and she smiled.

“Let’s go” Riddhima left towards the hall.

Soon Gupta’s went away and Mallik’s were happily waiting for their daughter’s wedding.

Next day Armaan get up before functions start he went to office informing Dad, since he had to start work so it will be good to see that, he took Rahul along with himself. Rahul was continuously blabbering about one or other thing, when he suddenly talked about Riddhima,

Armaan snapped back and greeted his teeth “No need to think about her, we have to work here, Dad prepared our office and we need work properly taking Mallik Empire’s to the height, as we decided so focus here” 

“Okay,,,, relax, we’ll do it” Rahul also failed to understand why he behaved like that.

“Uske baad di k mehandi k function me jana hai, shaam me sangeet hai so please make it quick” Armaan said and they get busy in work.

Riddhima was trying to forget her encounter with Armaan and focus more on the preparation of mehandi ceremony, since they had go back at Mallik Mansion for mehandi and sangeet thus she packed few things to avoid up-down.

“Mom, kab nikalna hai, Bhabhi ka call aa raha hai” Riddhima asked.

“Bas 10 minute me” she replied.

“Aaplog lunch kar k aayige shaam me, we’ll be there only” Padma explained Atul and Shashank.

Soon they reached Mallik mansion, Riddhima was praying she don’t had to see Armaan there, but slapped herself mentally for that thought, how’s that possible, it was his home, it was his sister’s marriage, he’ll be there.

Mehandi function was arranged in another side of big lawn of Mallik Mansion. Riddhima was relaxed as boys were not allowed in this function so she don’t have to face Armaan for now atleast.

Armaan came back from office and directly went to his room, he changed into comfortable clothes after taking the shower. Assuming that others will be busy in mehandi ceremony he went into the kitchen, but stopped at the door hearing some commotion.

Riddhima was pouring coldrinks for others and he swiftly back out as maid took the tray away and she again get busy in pouring out the coldrinks. Armaan observe her closely and get lost in her beauty, she was wearing a green suit with red dupatta, her hairs were perfectly done to aside leaving one side bare, she was with minimum make up and lipgloss was adoring her face. Armaan’s eyes struck there and he just wanted to touch her,,,,,, “Wohoo,,, control yourself Armaan, what are you thinking, get it off mann” Armaan slapped herself mentally.

Riddhima was done with the coldrinks and she turn to keep bottle inside the fridge when Armaan enters, he really need something to wet his dry throat which was getting worse due to his thought.

Riddhima thought it was servant so without turning she said “aap ye tray v leke jaiye, mai aati hu” she was taking something from fridge.

“Really?” he said and Riddhima stood straight being shocked.

She was holding the glass which skipped from her hand and she turned around slowly. Armaan was standing leaning his weight on the door support folding his hand on chest looking her with intense gaze.

“I,,,,I’m sorry, I thought,,,,,” she fumble but stop when Armaan move towards her.

Armaan stood close to her as she was moving backward without looking at him. Soon her body touched the kitchen slab and she came to an end, now no further movement. Armaan leaned a bit his hot breath was felt at her skin and she closed her eyes, Armaan look at her and mumble in her ears “How many time you’ll say that”.

Moving his hand towards her back he picked up a glass and gulped down, while Riddhima tilt her head up looking at his throat motion she again bend down her head, why he had to stand so close and drink, can’t he move away.

Armaan look at her and smirk as her heartbeat was so fast which was visible by raising and drowning of her chest, colour of her face collects all the blood vessels showing all red and he was blown away by her beauty.

“Umm, I need to go” she mumbled when he didn’t move away his gaze for a second.

“Why?” he asked leaning more close and she thought she will just faint off by the closeness when Armaan heard some footsteps and left her.

She almost ran away asking servant to bring those coldrinks and Armaan make himself busy in finding some snacks.

“Riddhima, enough of work, just sit here and apply mehandi on your hand” Anjali called her.

“But Bhabhi, I was going to gi,,,,,” Riddhima was cut off by Anjali as she ordered her to sit beside her.

Finally, she get some time to apply mehandi.

“Sach me Padma ji, Riddhima itni pyari hai ki kabhi kabhi lagta hai use yahi pe rok lu, kitna attachment ho gaya hai use” Ananya said.

“Sach bol rahi hain aap, usne to cheejein aise sambhalli hain jaise uska ghar ho” Padma said.

“Kyu? Kya ye uska ghar nhi hai?” Ananya asked looking at her and she become surprised.

Okay,,,, So, this was all about second part... Now, do like and comment your views 

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