Wednesday, 29 January 2020

part 2 : Krazzy for you

'Hi Riddhima!' AWWWWWW Easy tiger!! Sapna I need this arm to hold Armaan'.dame you have sharp nails

'Hi Rahool!'  NOOO that seat is for Armaan'Uff

'Hi Sapna!' Oh god she is going to faint at the way you are looking at her ' what is happening today.

'Hi!' OH that dimple smile just melts away' boy that a lot of food? Shhh he a strong strapping man he need energy' God you have a one track mind.

'Sapna uh Rahool this is Dr Armaan'. He going to be helping me in the lab!' you sound like a idiot ' and you sweating buckets' calm down and behave professional' I cant as '. He sitting opposite me and he looks so cute eating '.ok so why are you staring at his chest? Hmmm? '. Well he got three buttons open and 'OK stop!! I am going to throw up!!

'Riddhima I am having a party at my beach house this weekend'so Sapna, Armaan you will be there right!'

'Hey sure Rahool I be there 'in fact why don't we make it a double celebration'what you say girl!' OMG my darling I am in'

'Hey guys?' OH nooooo'. What is Anjali wearing so revealing' and Muskhan tooo!  How did Mamaji let them out the house? Anjali is wearing a hot pants and Mukhan tooo??  OH God they giving the I want you look at him?

'Guys this is Dr Armaan' he will be working with Riddhima!'  Thanks a lot Rahool. OMG what she doing she almost on top of him?

'Hi I am Anjali!' Riddhima look at him? He is checking her out! NOOOOOOO

'I'm Muskhan!' What is happening? Fizzy bear is picking up his half eaten sandwich and eating it in such a naughty manner' I am so going to knock her out.

'Hey guys?' I knew something was missing the feathered friend is here too.

'Atul Joshi?' HUH they know each other.

'Armaan!' Aweee how sweet Armaan is giving him a hug'. Lucky Atul!!*sigh*

'Hey you guys know each other?' Wow Muskhan you really are bright?? Duh

'Yeah Atul a good friend from my college days'. Man those where the day! We had fun hey Atul?'  omg he laugh so sweeeeeeeeettttt '. Now what is Anjali doing?

'Hey Atul?' OMG that's a voice?'. Atul is blushing?

'Hi Anjali!' Sapna what?'shh don't disturb me?  WHAT?

'Ridz' do you have Anita lab results?' Oh' that case you told me about.

'Yeah Sapna! Come on it not good new I found some inconsistence in the cells. I think we need to run some more test 'come I will show you the report!' They all look like they having fun'

'Hey are you going to the lab?' OMG he noticed?

'Yeah these an urgent file Sapna needs'' wow look at him smiling and coming over.  Even his walk is Sexy!! Oh Brother?

'Cool Chief! Count me in!' CHIEFF! Wohwoh'Ok now will you be my cowboy and hunt this red indian down?'. Stop blushing' and grinning' Omg he walking next to me.

'Sapna' do you understand?' Man I hate these reports' looks like she a little confused and he packing his stuff on the desk near me.

'I think we have to rule out cancer'so we going to need these test doing?' omg he walking over.

'Can I take a look Please?' here.. let me explain to Sapna'.OMG he touched my hand! I felt a shiver down my spine' look at him study the report.

'Sapna the white blood cell counts very low so we goin to need to understand what is causing the issue? So these test are required'Only they are you goin to understand what to give the patient drug wise'' OK now what is that look?

'Ok Riddhima I tell the patient we need more test' can you get the results by the end of the day?' Ok he moving closer?

'Sure if you can give me the samples before 11:00am 'as they need time to run tests!' OK he walking away to his desk?'.

'Sure Ridz thanks!'

'She need that?' huh oh ok don't smile at me like that it effects me!!

'I mean you reassuring her!' OK smile back but look professional.

'You find we have to reassure the staff around here'. Part of the job! We are after all the department with the clues!' Ok now why he smiling like that.

'Yeah that what I think too' Pathology is like being detectives.. as nothing can be ruled out and everything need to be investigated' Yeah you got it!

'You know when dada bought me my first chemistry set I was so into it!' I loved it!' WOW you are sharing childhood stories.

'I think I got into it because 'it intrigued me and I had a good chemistry teacher' Mrs Chandini got me into it!' but for some reason she had a think for some Ram army guy and left? 'all he did was sing to her? Ek ladki ko deha to aise laga?

'Hmm the sparks of chemistry hey!' oMG there some sparks going to here I'm telling you boy!

'OK Chief what do you want me to do today?' I can seriously think of somethings!! Yeah will there not work related dumbo!!

'Ok we have two pile' these are the incoming reports and these are the complete' the testing area is there with the microscopes and all the testing kits' so hygiene is a must'as you know why!' So I have separated some of the work loads' here your cases'' Ok you giving him the easy stuff right' Yeah totally' in fact I can do all the work he can sit there looking sexy' and get paid for it?

'Hi Riddhima?' OK I bet if I turn around Anjali the churali is there!!

'Anjali!' Hello I am over here why you looking at him? Uff!!

'Yesterdays reports!' Oh I right! Where the parrot?

'Right here you go!' OK now go away!! Why you looking at him as if you going to eat him?

'Hey Armaan' I am looking forward to the beach party on Friday!'  What she going to be there' Yep and you need an action plan!!

'Ah Right' yeah it will be good seen some of my old friends and with you all there!' See he not interested and let him get on with his work.

'Cool I see you later Rid-HIMA!' Uff go away.. leave us alone!!

'Riddhima can you look at this please!' I love how he says my name'Let me just reach for this sterile liquid on the top shelf'Dame why does that Bandar Vicky come with the supplies and put them away so high' OMG I am going to fall?

'Careful!' OMG you caught me'Dame I am blushing' you so strong and buff!

'Are you OK?' NO! '.don't put me down!  NOOOO'omg I just brushed my whole body against his?

'Hi Riddhima!' OK who is it now' let go of him Riddhima' oh yeah

'I have the supplies you asked for cupcake!' OMG VICKY Now is not the time?

'How's the new guy?' Vicky calm down!! Have you been sniffing the meds again? Stop looking at him as your going to knock him out!

'Armaan meet Vicky!' he our delivery boy every Monday 10am he Should be here!' Late as usual' and don't give me the sob story again.

'Sorry Riddhima darling!' DARLING? Ok what is going on?

'Vicky?' I don't need this now'. He goin to think we together? Which we are not you Bandar.

'How is Meena?' See that touch a nerve'

'I dumped her' Now that I am available' what you saying?' OH brother? No as always!!

'Vicky meri bhai' I don't date guys I work with!' But I break the rule for Him over there with he head down working' OK!

'You saying that now but I know you want some Vicky lovin!' I am goin to throw up!'. NO! NO! 'where the heck do I sign.

'Riddhima can I get you're opinion please!'  Honey bun I am coming' Vicky shoo off!!

'What's up!' Omg those eyes'Dil Dooba Dil Dooba Arman Aankhon Mein Yeh Dil Dooba'hai

'Can you please check this ' I don't think I have either done the test right or'' Ok let me have a look' you smell so good!!

'Hmmm hand on a minute here'.' The lens is blurry?'. let me just get the correct scope'

'Have a look now!' '.see poor baby was looking through the wrong lens'

'Thanks ' for a second I thought it was pizza!'  hehe Armaan funny'. Ok stop over laugh you looking stupid'..


'God Sapna I cant take it!' this is killing me the past week as been torture being in the same room as him' getting hot flashes and tongue ties'.

'Hey what you doing about the beach party?' That is freaking me out as well.

'I don't know I think I have to see the Queen and seek her guidance'' It goin to cost me and she going to so kick my butt ' when I see her.

'OMG you got an appointment?' Yeah I had to pull a fast one.

'I was lucky someone cancel and I begged to be seen!' But I have a feeling my saving for the car will be blown away'

'Hey Rahool asked me 4 times if I am coming!' Wow girl from nodding did you speak to the guy?

'What you say?' hmmm I need nani help here tooo

'I could speak so I nodded!' Oh brother ' one year and still no progress. We have landed on the moon and she still as shy as ever

'Sapna? You goin to have to speak to the guy!' actually I feel tongue tied with Armaan too'

'I open my mouth and nothing!' Yeah story of my life tooo.

'Ok so if I come with you to see the Queen you think she help me out!' Everyone seeks her guidance in that department'

'Yeah I know all the big stars seek her help' she like the guru in the business when it comes to looking good!'  I need all the help I can get Anjali and Muskhan have there outfits ready already and they going to the parlour this evening' I bet they look amazing and I look like plain Jane'

'I have an outfit and her secretary told me to bring it along'so lets see!' I have to dash'and pick it up'

'Ok Sapna I see you at Shaanaz Bibi beauty parlour in the morning ' 10am sharp if we are late 'she will not see us'.' I have to pick up my outfit'


'J for Joking' You goin to a beach party' where there are half naked people and you want to wear that?' OH god Bi don't '.

'The desperate people I turn into beautiful swans and '. Nana you book this Doctor?'  come on Nana' sort it out.

'Please Bi look at them'' Ok were not that bad.

'They need you're help!' Great we reduced to this pity.

'Doc you like this boy?' OMG YES!!

'We both like these boys!'

'OK S for Stop'. But you will both do whatever I say!' Yeah no problem'OK why she clapping her hands'..Omg who are these people.

'Clean them both up ' I want the full treatment' facial and waxing'  Gina hair'Make them look beautiful' I want blood and sweat!' OMG NOOOOO not waxing?

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