Thursday, 30 January 2020

part 3 : Krazzy for you

'Please be gentle!' omg the wax is hot  Jai sherwale mata diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

'Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!' Sapna don't scream so loud? I know it hurts

'That will be 30000 rupees doctor!' OMG NANA does she want my kidney im sure on the black market she get double price' Dame I have to pay Sapna as well she giving me im a little short expression'. There goes the Ridz Car trust fund!!

'But Bi clothes?' Oh Ridz what have you said!'

'T for Trust' you don't trust me doctor?' No really as we both been in hell for 3 hours getting our hair, facial and body wax ' Plus we standing in bathrobes and you're asking for money! What do you think?

'I do Bi it's just you told me that my outfit will not do!' In fact you ripped it to shreds and I have nothing to wear!

'OK! Nana' take them to Heaven!' What OMG NO! I AM GOING TO DIE!!

'Wow Ridz' there nothing but hangers of clothes!' I KNOW HEAVEN' and many of these designer stuff has not hit the high street'. OMG look at that Sari!!

'HMmmmm'.. Nana nothing has inspired me!!'this is a party on the beach and we talking hot sexy men' yet these two are as appealing as ???  face it the paris have no appeal!' OMG I will not walk around half naked' NO CHANCE IN HELL and this black mini skirt looks trashy.

'Bi' why not try elegant'.and not too sexy'these poor girls are middle class they do not know sexy!' Nana I like the way you think' by the way he called you low life scrum bag and 'shut up! I want an outfit!!

'Hmmm'. Girls get out the foreign collection!' OMG have we not just gone through mini skirts and tanks tops? OMG that long figure hugging dark red dress in just stunning'

'No that dress will not do you justice! Believe me! ' you want to look like a marry me first and touch me on the wedding night outfit!' NOOOOOO!! I want a have me all night dress!! YOU CHEAP S*** !!

'Here we go!' wow ok I think this will work!

'Riddhima you look stunning!' hmmmm I know its comfortable and I look dame hot this long white flora chiffon dress in stunning and my assets look great'.

'Sapna like the light blue dress she has given you!' in fact Bi is a genus'. We don't look like cheap harlem's and in fact we look stunning 'and blow the guys away'

'Madam the bill!' WHAT THE %$'&!!  There goes the whole car budget!!  BI I better get Armaan at the end of the evening'. OMG were going to be late? Party was for 6pm and we been here all day and its 6:30pm?


'Wow Ridz' this is so cool!' Wow Armaan's beach pad is beautiful'the low dim lights and the music playing' omg who are all these people? the place is full of half naked people i think we over dressed?

'Riddhima! Sapna you guys made it!' OMG HE IS Just wearing his shorts and open sleeveless shirt? FAINT!!! '.HEY CHECK IT out !! HE IS CHECKING YOU OUT!!'.  OMG HE Grinning and that smile? FAINT!

'Sorry we're late Armaan!' hmmm he just took hold on your arm! Stop looking at his bear chest woman jeez? I just want to touch it!! A little

'Its ok! Would you like a drink?' OMG! Yeah im on fire! My god woman he you junior in the Lab! Show some professionalism!

'Non alcoholic please for Sapna and myself!' wow that smile I have never seen that before?

'Wow I though like your sisters you be knocking yourself out too!' WHAT?

'No Anjali and Muskhan are my Mamaji daughters' I am just a middle class woman who is looking after her mother and younger brother with Mamaji assistance!' OMG TALK ABOUT TELLING HIM EVERYTHING!! He total going to leave you know! Well this is something I want to see!' as then I know what he really like??

'Oh I though you all sisters and stuff' You know I thought the 3 of you girls are stunningly beautiful and I guessed looks run in you're family!' he called me BEAUTIFUL!! And the other churails as will!!

'Hi Sapna!' OMG Amit!

'Amit what you doing here?' Wow he so digs her and she has no idea??

'Armaan and I went to high school together!' Sapna looks relax with him here as she the only guy she talks too and her parents have for years tried to get them fixed up but she refuses and she has this thing for Rahal' who at the moment is loving Muskhan dirty dancing at the moment??

'Amit you know Sapna?' yeah Armaan long story! Where is Anjali?

'Yeah Armaan' we are best friends!' Wow Amit you being brave today love the arm around Sapna touch'and she smiling too' OK WHAT THE HECK is GOING ON HERE??? I will ask her later!

'Riddhima would you like to dance!' OMG!!

'Armaan! Riddhima can't dance!' Great Anjali the WITCH is Here!! But she is right! Yeah its all her fault in the first place! When ever a guy was interested she but in! OMG remember Akash how you broke his foot stepping on his toes!

'Anjali is right I can't dance'why do you dance with her!' OMG WHY DID YOU SAY THAT!?! I need some air!' OMG he taking her to dance floor I cannot watch' and Sapna is leaving me too'looks like outside on the desk as always!

'Hey gorgeous!' Huh omg who let you in?

'Vicky?!' I am in no mood.. and don't look at me like that! Its creeping me out.

'Darling you are Hot tonight dame!' yeah like Armaan noticed and I blew all the car money to watch him dance non stop with all the girls in the past three hours!

'Hey I know what you want!' OMG what are you doing? OMG Vicky you're drunk'step back!'Riddhima you moving closer to the swimming pool!  I know he's dunk?

'Vicky stop it!' Riddhima the pool and you can't swim.

'Hey Vicky!' thank god Armaan.

'Mate why don't you go inside for another drink!' yeah good idea!

'No! And who the hell do you think you are? Do you really think I will watch you make moves on my girl!' WHAT??? Armaan not true!!

'Vicky I am NOT nor never was you're girl!' don't touch me creep!

'Hey! Vicky! You heard Riddhima'so let go inside yaar !' Yeah Armaan take him away'. Riddhima the floors wet your going to slippp

'AGHHHH!' '''

'Gotch ya!' Omg that was close'.Omg he holding my waist and 'looking at you funny' he's holding you hand and leading you away from the swimming pool

'Are you ok?!' I was scare for a sec as I can't swim and'

'I am ok! Thanks you'Armaan!' Omg where are you taking me?

'don't you just love the beach?!' omg what a view! Let me take off these high heels and feel the sand between my toes...

'It's not the only thing that is breathtaking!' Oh my' im blushing but he moving closer' omg those lips' ok I think I am going to have a heart attack as my hearts never beaten so fast'.Omg what he going..

'You're eyelash! Make a wish!' oh right'phew!

'Wishes never come true! Why don't you make a wish?!' I stopped wishing along time ago

'One should never stop wishing! Here close you're eyes!' omg what you doing? Why have you cover my eyes? I can feel his breath on my neck.

'Make a wish!' Ok never whisper so sexly to a woman as the sunsetting as she will just die a thousand deaths' Dumbo make a wish! '' I wish he get what he wants!

'Ok open your eyes and blow gentle on my hand!' OMG stop WHISPERING'and look how close you are? 'im sweating! Relax'keep cool and collected and blow gentle on his hand'be a little sexy'.ok girl.

'What did you wish for?' hmm what should I tell you?

'You get anything you wanted'as I told you I don't believe in these things!' Ok he is looking me impressed ok let just walk away coolly.

'Hey I never met anyone like you!' hmmm and honey you will not'omg why are you taking off that shirt?? Do you have any idea what you are doing to me'OK so why you looking at him lustfully'.just move away from him slightly..

'Hey Armaan!' Why does she have appear like a bad penny'

'Hi Anjali'I be there in a second'.would you be an angel and get me a cold beer!' Wow she so going to be mad at you for ordering her about'look she giving you the look!!

'She so clingy..i hate women like that!' hmm looks like you're not interested in her? Maybe he is interested in you 'hey

'It's getting late'I should be going!' HEY WHAT YOU DOING? I have to play this thing my way'if I'm too earger he will loose interest'this time I am going to play thing this with my rules'head first and then heart'just like Bi advised remember.  GREAT THE GUYS REMOTELY INTERESTED AND YOU BACKING OFF?!!

'Hey Riddhima how about a dance?' I cant dance.

'I cant dance I have two left feet 'I do not want to hurt you!' seriously that a bad move

'Hmm I think I take that chance!' No I will not do it! Hey'what you doing? Let go of me it's a bad move'.

'Ok now listen to be closely'just look in my eyes and follow my lead!' omg no Armaan 'Please release me as you're half naked and my legs are giving way and second'.OK don't pull me so close'

'Armaan please let me go! I can't dance!' Ok now why you smiling like that.

'You're wish remember! I want to dance!' Oh boy? He is serious and holding me tightly'Omg he so muscular and make SRK look weak'my hearts has never beaten so fast'

'Look into my eyes!' I would forever'.


'Riddhima beta! Get up you get late for work!' Hmmm Nani

'Oh Nani im so happy!' I danced with Armaan hang on was it a dream?

'I never heard you come in as Anjali and Muskhan walked in drunk'Padma was not pleased!'  I know she called me!

'Armaan had a beach party'I was over at Sapna's for a bit afterwards'I called Mamaji and explained I was sleeping over at hers'.I came in this morning!!' Nani I danced for the first time with Armaan and then he moved closer to kiss me but Muskhan interrupted us!'.but you know what I was kind of glad'as I was in heaven.

'I know beta I never have to worry about you but Padma and Shanshank are worried about Anjali and Muskhan!' Yeah well they spoiled them so I guess they have to sort them out.

'Nani I will not be having breakfast'Im going to shower and going to the mandir!' I have loads to discuss with Matarani'

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