Friday, 31 January 2020

Part 4 & 5 : Krazzy for you

"OK So What is going on?" Riddhima looked over at the statue holding up her aarti

"I mean you know everything…but last night was amazing! I actually danced and that to with a boy…I mean seriously is he the one or am I going to be disappointed?" come on yaar you can tell me…. Aleast give me some sort of sign?

"Riddhima beta!" Oh Baa…I have not seen you in ages… she so cute every time I come here she here …when she had that Astma attack and I helped her she adores me more…

"Namesta Ba!" ok now she not related to her and you always touch her feet…she like Nani so I repeat her the same way…Ok! Jeez…

"Beta I am so happy…my Ammy is back home!" Oh right she talks about him all the time…how he studying away and she feels like no one in her house loves her like him as they always working….

"That is nice Ba!" come on look at the time…you have to get the bus to work.

"So Ba tell me how you feeling now?…did those medicines work?" I cant believe I actually helped a patient I mean I not good with all that stuff …I like the lab more..

"Beta thanks to you I am feelin better and Ammy is looking after me as well…I showed him the drugs and he was happy…" Oh right good I was scared they might not work..

"So how is you're mother and Nani?" what shall I tell you everyone after me to get settled? I have a major crush on the guy at work…not sure what I am feeling and matarani is no help she sitting there giving me no sign what so were? And I top of that I spent car fund on a dress and beauty palour…I have lost the plot I'm telling you!!

"They fine I was just asking matarani to look after mumma and hope my brother passes his exams…Ok Ba im getting late" Mumma going to call and if I am late she call Mamaji and he start again.

"Hey Beta! Wait!" oh Ba seriously im getting late I miss the bus.

"Ba the bus!" ok now she grabbed my arm…man I don't have time for this?

"Come on I drop you off…" Huh ok now what she playing at? I mean she never?

"Ammy Beta!" OH NO SHE SETTING ME UP? Ok he tall from behind and he praying …

"Ba I going to be late and…" she not listening to me great there someone behind me.


"Ammy remember that girl I told you about…this is her Riddhima!" OMG MATARANI THIS IS A SIGN…… JAI MATA DI!!


"Ba you sure I can drop you off home!" Omg really I can get a later bus…as I don't know what I will do… him I trust as for myself I can't … Yeah I don't trust u either…

"No Ammy beta I need to talk to the pandit about something important!" OK SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING AND WHY SHE SMILING LIKE THAT???  …..I feel like the some sort of act happening…

"Shall we?" Huh oh uh….NO! but I have no choice? He looking at me? I think this sari is a little to much! But Nani placed it on the bed so I ….OK? now …no she would never? Would she?

"Riddhima are you ok?" huh oh I think I'm acting like Mrs Marple?

"Yeah I think mumma will call me soon!"  LIAR!! Shut up! OMG CHECK OUT THE CAR.

"It's a gift from my father when I got my mbbs!" Wow nice motor…I could never get anything like this.


"So do you drive?" OK now why are you looking at me like that …those eyes?

"Yeah but I don't have a car…but one day I will have one!" Once I save up all the money I blew…

"I have a feeling you will!" huh oh? OK NOW STOP IT WITH THE SMILE


"I know this place near the hospital!" I AM GOING TO CRY!! Shut up this is great you have him to you're self and no CHURALI IN SITE?

"Hey last night was great you're a great dancer…" OK now I'm blushing I hope he does not notice…dame he noticed oh great.

"I can't dance seriously you just being nice…" I cant believe you let me put my feet on you're feet so we could we dance…I did that once when I was little with my father.

"Are you ok?" Oh these tears….uh.

"The last time I danced was with my father I was just….I am sorry I uh…" OH OMG this is lame?…im tearful in front of him.

"It's ok! I miss my mother some times.." Oh right ….

"Look here's that place!" oh ok….

"I need the ladies….excuse me!"  Oh man girl you need a game plan.


"I think I have this bet in the bag Atul! Tell Anjali to have the money read as Ammy never loses a bet! The Geek has fallen for my charms can't get over BA know's her as well I was so shocked.......hmmm you know we at the caf near the hospital…no she no where near me but in the bathroom….you know chick! Haha…. Ok by the end of the week she's be all over me…just as we planned" OMG NOOOOOOOOOOOO THE PIG!!  RIGHT CALM!! TWO CAN PLAY THIS GAME…..BUDDY U ARE SO GOING DOWN!!

~~Part 5~~~

"Excuse me! Could you please pass on this message to the gentleman over there?"  THE TWO-FACE UFF

"Yes Madam…"  OK You are not going to cry but walk out …..and take the shortcut to work and think about what this is all about…I swear I should have guest he was in the same as them… OK Know I am crying and …. I hate my life!! *sniff sniff*

"Hey Riddhima anything wrong?" Huh no just found out that the man I was in love with just wants to prove he a stud magnet… dame I was even dreaming about having 3 no 6 kids together…  Im such a TIT!!

" Sapna! I'm fine ….i have to go I catch you later mumma going to call!"  stop crying you fool and run to the lab quick….


"No Mumma nothing is wrong!" why can she always sense everything? She you're mother stupid!! She knows you better then anyone!

"How's Guttu? Has he gone to school?…. Oh ok tell him those Nike trainers he wanted I get them soon… I missing you guys a lot!" OK know im crying…where is a tissue when you need one? …Cheers? OMG ITS HIM!!

"Seriously Mumma im just missing you guys that all…lately I feel like everyone's out to get what they can from me!"  I HOPE HE HEARD THAT!! OK don't look at him just keep playing with the telephone cord.

"Huh I know!! mumma I blame you're genes for that and papa's too…Ok I have to go! Nani told me to get you to call her…Ok love you!…. bye!" Mumma I seriously miss you…. I only have Nani and you really…. Even Ba's not even mine anymore…she was great…

"Riddhima are you Ok?" HUH Like you care you jerk

"There are five important reports which  need the following test doing…if you can do those this morning…I work on the cancer patients test!…" Time to ensure you know who the boss is around here and don't act like u care! Because we both know what you care about…. AND Don't GIVE me that dimple smile!!… why the heck im I smiling back?

"Sure Chief! What ever you say!" AWW Don't chief me bucko? When I am done with you…. dame it why is he giving me that look and why is he walking over… Where the exit? When u need one? LOOK Stay make I am warning you…heck where a knife when u need one?

"You need a Hug!" NOOOOOOOOO I DO NOT! OMG there is no escape and ….I CANT BREATHE!! Is this a hug or a WWF HOLD? ….man I am melting in his arms…I could die here!! WTF WOMAN HE IS EMEMY OF THE STATE!!

"This will make you feel better!" HUH OK now I am crying again! DAME IT WOMAN!! YOU ARE A WEAK.

"You left me all alone at the caf and …" Thank god he has release me!! OK Don't grip my shoulders so HARD! What are you doing?

"NEVER LEAVE ME AGAIN! RIDDHIMA!" Huh ….ok what the heck was that? Oh GOD he huggin me tighter then before…. Crushing every breath in my body!!

"When we go some where together we leave together you got it…I was goin mad looking for you!" Yeah right you jerk!! OK ridz stick to the game plan!

"I remembered something I had to do in the office and…" OK WHY AM I JUSTFING MYSELF TO THIS CREEP.

"Can you please let me go!"  HE IS SEXY MAD!! Any opportunity he wants to touch me!! I am goin to have a seven showers to get rid on the GUCCI smell! ….Shut up its lovely…

"Oh I'm sorry! I huh got carried away!" YOU TELL ME YOU BANDAR…ok now stop pretending like you care…Aww made look how cute he is scratching his head!! WHY ME MATARANI?

"Riddhima!" OH GREAT VICKEY!! I am surrounded my jerks today…

"Hi Vickey!" Ok you can use this?

"About yesterday….i uh…"  Yeah to Twat you scared me to death

"It's Ok Vickey…. I mean you had a little to much to drink and…"

"Good Vickey I am glad you are here!" HUH?  HE'S GOING MACHO!!  OK WHY does he look even more sexy!! Ok I give up I am a weak and pathetic woman! I admit it

"Uh Armaan I am sorry I was rude to you and Riddhima last night and …" Ok don't make him sweat you making him look small over powering him with ur presence

"Vickey its ok! It was the alcohol there was a lot of it at the party… Anyway I don't hold grudges… So I lets just forget it!" OK WHAT HAPPEN TO THE PLAN!! U just though up to get Vicky…. Forget it man! He useless I need to think of bigger and better!!

"You can forget it Riddhima I can't …If you insult a guest in my house its like insulting me!… I will not stand for it….from now on you come near Riddhima and if I see you looking at her in that sick way…you have me to deal with! Have I made myself clear!!" OMG WHO the hell do you think u are? If you think that will impress me then you are gravely mistaken ….if I had not heard ur little bet I would have been impressed….. but how do I know Vicky in on this plan with YOU!   WOW I am turning into Mrs Maple? Trust no one!!

"Armaan! Vicky will not do it again…" U Bandar are all alike!!

"Riddhima he better not… no one insult a woman in my presence!" OH SHUT UP!!


"Dr Riddhima! You really need to share your workload with Dr Armaan!" Dr Kirti on top of the worse day of my life I don't need you lecturing me.

"I Agree!" Great Mamaji is on my case?

"Dr Riddhima I want you to start giving him complex cases…we need to utilize him in the hospital…" OK thing that man will utilize is him blackbook list and money he wins on betting on innocent people like me!!

"Yes Sir! I have started to give him some complex cases…" I want to go home I don't think I can take anymore today… all day I have put up with him breathing down my neck and stealing glances like I have not noticed…

"Good! Next week we going to Camp and you will both be going!" WHAT NO!! OK know I know this whole day no one has given me a break!

"But Sir? The lab it would be better if Armaan went!" I have to get out of this…I have the churali party and co there as well.

"I need you both there…!" MAN I Don't DO CAMPS late time I was sick…me an nature not a good idea!!

"Yes Sir!" Nani will help me get out of this like last time.


"Man its good to be home!" Where Nani I need to sort out this Camp thing.  BA?

"So its settled! I have checked the kundalis both are a perfect match! Krishna I wanted you granddaughter to be my Ammy's wife! I have been dreaming of this day when I first saw her at the mandir! As I knew she was the one!!…."

"Ba don't worry! Padma and I will speak to Shanshank and I call Lonvala and speak to Shanti… But we need to ask the children as well!"

"Ammy told me yes this afternoon! You should have seen them at the Mandir they looked like Ram and Sita!"

"Ok Padma and I will ask Riddhima"

"Good I better get going so much to do! Riddhima beta?" HUH!


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