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Part 4 : Being Together

Armaan slowly held her hand and trace his knuckles on her bare arms, upto her shoulder and tracing her neckline he turn her around,,,,, Riddhima closed her eyes as his touch was doing something to her which was new. He slowly traced her cheek and rubbed his thumbs over her lips softly “How to hold myself back” he whisper almost on her lips making her open her eyes and he left after watching his effect on her with a mischievous smile.

"What was that" Riddhima murmured.

Riddhima was controlling her racing heartbeat to normalize it before Anjali comes back.

“Hey Riddhima chalein?” she asked and they move downwards.

Riddhima brings Anjali down with Ananya and Padma around her side, everyone’s gaze was struck over the stairs from where the bride was descending down with all it’s glory and vibes.

The beautiful starts in background making everyone lost,,,,

Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni saajan doli leke aauna
Ni vehra sajeya
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna mileya
Sajna mileya haan..
Wo ho…

Anjali sit beside Atul who nodded smiling to her, not getting words to describe how beautiful his would be wife was looking at that time….

Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya
Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni sajan doli leke auna
Ni mera sajna
Dholna ve, Dholna ve
Ranjhan Mahi dholna
Dholna ve, dholna ve
Heer jogni dholna
Dholna ve dholna
Tu mera naseeba dholna
Dholna ve dholna
Main jugni teri dholna..

Ananya and Billy stood holding their teary smile and Shashank Padma hugged them making them relax.

Jaavan na main bin shehnaiyan
Satrangi rubaiyaan
Sunaa ja tu harjaiyaa 
Shamiyaana sajavan
Doli leke main aavan
Aatishbazi karaake
Tenu leke main jaavan..

Armaan smile looking at his sister as she really deserves the best guy, however Atul was meeting every aspect in this situation.

Riddhima was sitting behind Anjali and Atul while Rahul poked Armaan looking at Riddhima, she was smiling and Armaan automatically smile looking at her face.

“Kya hai mujhe kyu dikha hai raha hai tu???” Armaan focused his gaze back at Rahul maintaining the straight posture.

“Ye wali smile dekhne k liye” Rahul winked at him and he smiled broadly involuntarily.

“Shadi pe dhyan de” Armaan glared him and he chuckled.

Soon the marriage rituals start and they were tied in a pious vows to be with each other. Billy and Ananya were so overwhelmed that finally Anjali got married to the person she knew was right for her, infact all of them believe that this family was best suited for any girl.

After marriage function it was time for Anjali’s vidai, everyone was emotional. Armaan was standing looking at her, although he always fought with her, but he was the one who also fought for her, Anjali hugged him and he don’t know what to do.

Holding her hands he look into her eyes “Bahut pareshan kar liya hame, ab Jiju ko karna aur apke sasural walo ko, I just wonder wo apko leke wapas na aa jaye hamare paas. Dad I’m not gonna handle this shock again ok” Armaan said and she laughed in between her tears knowing very well that he was tring to make her normal.

“So, Jiju aaj se pareshani aap sambhalo” He again said and Anjali hitted him playfully.

“Ji saaleshahab, aap fikar mat kariye” Atul replied and Anjali glared him in response making them chuckle.

Riddhima adore their bonding and smile, she can see the twinkling tears in his eyes which he hide perfectly from others. He was not cruel by heart, just sometimes his rudeness expressed infront of her only, unfortunately.

Soon they left for Gupta’s Mansion, everyone welcomed new Daughter-in-law of the house wholeheartedly and Riddhima was the happiest person there, so excited for her Bhabhi.

At evening they were having reception which was so grand and everyone congratulate new couple. Armaan with Rahul was welcoming guest when Gupta’s came, he met everyone with asmiling face. He hugged Anjali and welcome them inside, he didn’t saw Riddhima there thus tried to look for her.

“Teri najrein kisi ko dhoondh rahi hai kya?” Rahul teased him again out of his playful mind.

“Stop it Rahul, focus somewhere else” he said when suddenly his eyes fall on her.

She was coming inside holding a big bouquet for Atul and Anjali ofcourse, but her dress and that giant bouquet was troubling her.

Armaan look at Rahul who was talking and welcoming the guests, thus he moved towards her, her dupatta was flying in air which covered his face as soon as he reached near her.

“Umm Sorry” she said turning towards him as his face was hidden behind the duppatta and while trying to remove it she stumble holding the bouquet again.

“Wait” Armaan said and she froze on her spot hearing his voice.

He removed her duppatta from his face and put it on her hand, then holding the bouquet from another hand he murmured “You can set your duppatta”.

Riddhima came back to earth and nodded arranging it properly “Thanku, umm,,,, I can take those flowers” she forwarded her hand.

Armaan seems uninterested in her attempts and called a waiter “Take her to Anjali Di and hold this bouquet also place it wherever she ask” Armaan instructed him and turning towards Riddhima he whisper “You just try to handle your dress first” and left towards the car.

“What was wrong with this guy, hamesha kuch na kuch bol k chala jata hai” she murmured under her breath and follow the waiter.

Armaan stand near the car taking support of the window, binding his hands over his chest he look at her retreating figure, this girl was creating something new and different in him. Everytime he saw her results in his increasing heart beat, how she manage to look so beautiful effortlessly in every dress makes him surprise.

Soon, the function begin and everyone enjoy it to fullest,,,,, When suddenly Armaan announced a dance of Atul and Anjali making Riddhima smile in happiness, he do know how to make them feel special.

Next day Anjali was ready to go for pagphere. Riddhima was so happy to have her in their home, she showed her every corner of the house, their rooms kitchen, lawn everything. Anjali was so happy to get a companion like Riddhima with her.

“Mom, can I take Riddhima with me?” Anjali asked her in laws.

“Ha beta why not, but it’s your rasm” Padma said.

“Actually, everyone was missing her so much” Anjali pouted and they smiled nodding in yes.

“Actually I was also missing Uncle, Aunty, Dadi but this is rasm Bhabhi, aap hoke aaiye na” Riddhima smiled.

“I’m taking you with me, no argument and whatever I asked Mom, so just rely on coming ok” Anjali said and Riddhima chuckled how she was trying hard to copy a strict face, she giggled and kissed her cheek making them smile.

“Di, where are you” Armaan came with Rahul and she smile hugging him.

“Aao beta baitho” Shashank asked them to sit.

“Uncle apka ghar to bahut sundar hai” Rahul said and he smiled.

Riddhima bring water and sweets for them.

“Woww,,, what was that sweet dish Riddhima” Rahul pointed towards a bowl.

“Taste it, meri BHABHI ne banaya hai” Riddhima emphasized on the word Bhabhi and Armaan look at her who was smiling looking at Anjali.

“Really, kya baat hai Anjali” Atul came and pick up the bowl “Ummm, it’s tasty”

“Jiju that was for me” Rahul said.

“Wait mai aur leke aati hu” Riddhima shook her head going inside. Soon she came back with two bowls and handed them.

“Di, are you sure ye apne hi banaya hai?” Armaan asked.

“Armaan, enough” Anjali greeted her teeth and he smiled sheepishly.

Soon the gang left and Atul said he’ll pick them up at night.

Riddhima was happily welcomed in the home, Ananya was so used to of her that she missed her a lot as much as Anjali. Dadi left for village for some work over there with other relatives and Riddhima missed her.

Soon the girls were pampered by the Mallik’s and they were enjoying it. Riddhima feels a bit conscious whenever Armaan gazed her continuously.

They were sitting around on the couch when Armaan engrossed himself in laptop with Rahul but listening them also.

“So, Riddhima beta kya plan hai aage ka?” Billy asked.

“Not much Uncle, just have to give interview and start my job after MBA, I was trying a bit designing of few dresses during my MBA also while doing diploma in it, let’s see if I get any chance” Riddhima replied and Armaan smiled.

Then why go somewhere else, you can join our company, Mallik Empires is not so small I think. 

“Nhi Uncle, how could I work just like that” Riddhima said instantly.

“Arey, I’m not going to give any source for you, just try a bit” Billy said “Armaan we were hiring the officials na, when is the interview?”

“Tomorrow, working on that only” Armaan replied, he was inwardly feeling happy but didn’t expressed.

“Ok, then add her name also” Billy said.

“But she’ll have to qualify interview, I’m not going to entertain your source” Armaan said Riddhima look at him.

“I don’t want anything on source, I’ll give interview” Riddhima replied directly looking into his eyes and he was impressed by her.

“Rahul, add her name too” Armaan said and he nodded.

“Mom, where are you going?” Anjali asked.

“To prepare dinner beta, Atul will be coming soon” Ananaya said.

“To give her surprise” Riddhima smiled.

“What surprise?” Anjali asked.

“C’mon Bhabhi I can’t tell you” Riddhima said and Armaan smile on her cuteness.

“Armaan, I’m leaving, will meet you at office” Rahul left.

“Yeah, just bring the file with details of all candidates for interview” Armaan said and he nodded.

Soon Billy called Shashank to inform about Riddhima’s interview and he was happy.

Atul came and Anjali tried to know about the surprise but he make a question face asking “Which surprise?”

“Which Riddhima was talking about” Anjali said.

“And you believed her?” Atul was pretending as if nothing was there.

Riddhima shook her head and Armaan knew from her act that there was something.

After dinner Atul asked her to get ready as they have to leave for their honeymoon soon after the dinner.

“What?” ANjali was excited.

“YESS” Atul said and she happily hugged him.

“Get a room guys” Armaan uttered making them smile shyly.

“LETS GO” Atul Said and soon they left.

“Riddhima beta, aaj tum yahi ruk jao” Ananya said.

“Aunty mai kal interview k baad aa jaungi, pakka” Riddhima smiled.

“Achha theek hai, Armaan go and drop her” Ananya ordered him.

Armaan get up reluctantly and she said “It’s okay I can manage” 

“No ways, it’s completely dark outside, he’ll drop you beta”

They left, Armaan open the passenger gate and she swiftly shift inside while he took his seat.

“You are coming for interview?” Armaan wanted to make it clear.

“Yeah” she smiled.

Armaan leaned towards her and she stopped breathing for a moment, feeling him close to her, he slowly tied the seat belt and looking into her eyes he said “Breath Riddhima, I’m not going to eat you up”

She looks away slowly releasing her breath. Why this guy always left her breathless by his proximity, don’t he understand that it affects her.

Soon they reached at Gupta House and he left her there, Riddhima came out and before closing the door she smiled saying “Thanku”,,,,, Armaan nodded saying “See you tomorrow” and flew away.

Riddhima get ready for the interview and happily came out to call driver when Armaan’s car halt infront of her, churning voice of car stopped infront and she sacred away for a moment.

“Hello Uncle, Hello Aunty” Armaan greeted them sitting inside.

“Armaan aa jao beta, chai pi lo” Padma said.

“I’m done with it, thanku. Actually dad asked to pick up Riddhima upto office.

“Yeah sure, Riddhima beta go” they send Riddhima with him and she was praying in heart that he won’t create any problem”

“So, Miss Riddhima Gupta ready for interview?” He asked.

“Yeah”” Riddhima replied.

“Okay, then I’ll prepare to welcome you in my staff” Armaan said leaning down on her and opening the seat belt he make her look at the office.

Riddhima came down and went inside with Armaan. He came back to some different mood like totally workaholic.

“Ruchi, please show her the waiting room” Armaan asked on employee to do that and left towards his cabin. He was constantly looking at her when someone said meeting started.

One by one employees were getting inside. Armaan also came there and Riddhima look at him.

“Want something?” he asked.

“Nhi” she replied and he move inside the interview hall.

“Ab ise kyu jana hai, bas mera interview kharab na kare.

Soon Riddhima was called and she enter inside only to see Armaan busy in system doing something. His eyes were on system but his ears were focused to them. Interview goes well as Riddhima replied everything confidentially, Armaan smiled and Riddhima was distracted by him. She still manages to reply well, they were about to finish when Armaan asked “Do you really want to try in designing also Miss. Gupta?”

“Yes, If I get a chance I’ll surely do that with a team” Riddhima replied and Armaan nodded.

She came out and was waiting for the announcement when Armaan came out saying “Come with me”

“kaha?” she asked.

“You promised someone to be at Mallik Mansion, don’t give false promises to anyone” Armaan said and she remembered that Aunty might be waiting for.

“Oh! I completely forgot that, lets go” she rushed towards his car.

Armaan open the car from a distance and she almost ran into it. Armaan observed her eagerness and stopped.

“What? Get into the car Mr. Mallik” she said and Armaan was taken back by her commanding tone.

“Excuse me, you can’t order me and what was that Mr. Mallik, my name is Armaan as you know” Armaan said and she smiled.

“Actually if by chance I get this job then I can’t call your name everytime so I was just trying, sorry” Riddhima said looking away and he suppressed his smile.

Soon they reached home, Ananya was overwhelmed to see them coming together and wish to see them as a couple soon.

After lunch Armaan get a call and he look at Riddhima saying “Miss. Gupta wanna give us a treat?”

“For what?” she asked rolling her eyes.

“For getting job in Mallik Empires” Armaan said usually and Riddhima look at him in disbelieve.

“Really?” she become excited and hugged him in happiness “Thanku thanku so much” she again hugged Billy and Ananya.

Armaan stood like statue for a moment feeling her closeness warming his heart to some other extent, he tried to compose himself after her hug.

“Okay, now we’ll see how you work in office and Dad you are not going to give any special perks to her, she will be same like others” Armaan said and she nodded.

“I want that only” Riddhima replied.

After sometime Ananya asked him to drop Riddhima home and until Atul comes either Armaan or Billy will pick her up for office as her home falls in same route.

Riddhima was smiling sitting in the car while Armaan look at her glowing face.

“Stop being so over expressive Riddhima” Armaan said.

“I’m not being over expressive it’s just that you are not even a little bit expressive Mr.Mallik” Riddhima utter in her flow then bit her tongue.

“Really now” he stopped the car suddenly and leaned on her.

Riddhima stopped moving as his face was so close to her, she just tried to breathe slowly closing her eyes “Look at me”.

Riddhima slowly open her eyes and tried to look away as his eyes almost make her drowned into in “Look at me when I talk to you” he whisper on her lips just half centimeter away.

“You won’t be able to handle my expressive side Riddhima, as this much is making you shudder like anything” Armaan said and she closed her eyes again composing her heartbeat “I wonder why your heartbeat is so fast”.

Armaan take back his seat and start the car, slowly Riddhima open her eyes looking outside not even turning towards him. As soon as they home, Riddhima untied her seatbelt and flew away mumbling a thanku to him.

Armaan took his car away from there and stopped after a distance, he kept his head on steering and getting up he placed his one hand over his heart trying to register it’s speed.

“What’s wrong with it” he murmured.

Riddhima closed her door and stood there like statue remembering her moment with Armaan in car “Kya sach me mere dil ki dhadkane itni tej thi” she hold it trying to feel the reality and she was astonished that he was right.

Riddhima changed into comfortable clothes and hit back the bed. Her family members were happy on her job, Anjali and Atul were also happy for her. When she closed her eyes Armaan’s face came infront of her that too so close which make her jerk open her eyes.

“Gosh! Ye ladka to mujhe sone v nhi de raha hai, I just wish office me koi ulti seedhi harkatein na kare” Riddhima murmured and tried to get some sleep.

Next day Armaan came to pick her up for office, he met Shashank and Padma then left asking Riddhima to sit inside the car. How much he tried to control himself but he always end up doing something looking at her face.

“Excited?” Armaan pass a glare while driving the car.

“Un?? Yeah, kinda nervous also” she mumbled.

“It won’t be that tough” he smiled.

“You were the one saying Uncle that everything won’t be easy with me” she remembered and Armaan chuckled looking at her.

“What?? I’m not joking” she pouted.

“Stop that, You wanted to work and I’m going to give you task which you have to complete, it’s as simple as that” Armaan said and she nodded yet nervous a bit.

Soon, they reached office and Riddhima came out with Armaan, he looked back at her and walked infront of her. Riddhima move her gaze at him when he was close to her.

“Kya hu,,,,,” Riddhima tried to ask but was cut in the middle.

Armaan just hugged her lightly making her shocked like anything else, she tried to register what was exactly happening.

“Pay back time” Armaan whisper in her ear and came out of hug.

“Payback??” she was confused.

“Yesterday you were happy on getting job thus hugged me,,,, today I’m happy that you are going to join our company thus I hugged you” he smiled wearing his goggles and move towards the entrance while Riddhima ran towards him pushing the thought aside for later on.

Riddhima entered office and Armaan asked one employee to show her office and her cabin then allot some work for today. Soon everything started and Riddhima feels comfortable around. 

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