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part 67: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Riddhima reached downstairs and stopped for some moment regaining her heart beat back, she was blushing hard remembering the moments she spend with Armaan upstairs.

Armaan stands back at terrace smiling on her words for some moments when Rahul’s voice gather his attention, he looks back at him who was asking him to join them.

Armaan nodded and left the terrace when Riddhima joined them.

“Aaiye Bhabhi, hame to laga aaj aap free hi nhi hone wale ho” Nikki pouted and she smiled.

“Bas wo sab log baatein,,,,,,,” Riddhima tried to say when Rahul cut in between looking behind her.

“Koi baat nhi, abhi aap baithiye hamare sath, Ammy v aa raha hai” Rahul said and Muskaan pull her downwards so that she can sit beside her.

Armaan came out of house and look at them when he saw Riddhima there, a slightly shy smile play on his lips and he continued his steps forward.

Riddhima’s heart beat increases thinking about their encounter and she didn’t even look at him, she just fixed her gaze at grasses.

“Tum log yaha kya kar rahe ho?” Armaan asked coming towards them.

“Apka intezaar” Nikki said and he raised his one brow up.

“Why?” he asked.

“So that ham tere maje le sake” Rahul pull him down in the same way Muskaan pulled Riddhima.

He glared him back which make Rahul smile “Arey ham bas baatein kar rahe the fir dekha tu terrace pe akele khada hai to socha tujhe v bula le, big deal ha”.

Armaan looked at Riddhima when he mentioned terrace but relaxed when feels that only he was caught there.

“Oh!” he said.

“Lost somewhere?” Muskaan nudged Riddhima.

She looks at Muskaan then to others finally nodding in ‘NO’.

“Yaar mujhe to yakeen hi nhi ho raha hai aap dono ki shadi ho rahi hai” Nikki was so excited.

“Mujhe v” Armaan and Rahul said together and all laugh in unision while Riddhima smile.

“Ahem, so Nikki kal hamari haldi hai” Armaan said and everyone put their attention to him.

“Ha” she replied.

Armaan look at Rahul who took the charge asking “So, do you have any idea haldi function kaha hone wala hai??”

“No, No Bhai, I’m not going to fall for this ok, It’s totally abandoned you know” Nikki.

“C’mon Niks, it’s just us” Muski pouted.

“Yeah, I know and It’s a top secret from you guys only”Nikki replied.

“Nikki,,,,,, imagine, kal ko jab teri shadi hogi to ham tere surprise tujhe pahle se hi bata denge, tujhe wait nhi karna padega” Rahul tried to convince her.

“Thanx but no thanx Bhai,,,,,,, actually I love surprises” she giggles making him scowl.

“Nikki ki bachhi,,,,,” Rahul move towards her when she cut in between “Don’t force me for this na warna mai Tauji ko bata dungi”

“Fine, nhi puchenge” Rahul said.

“Waise Bhabhi, apko nhi puchna hai kuch v, hamari shadi k function se related, shayad apko kuch bata de” Rahul played another card.

Riddhima look at him then at Armaan who was smiling bending head down and finally at Nikki who was nodding in ‘NO’.

“Actually, mujhe lagta hai it’s just the matter of this night, kal hame pata chal jayega aur,,,,,,,,,” Riddhima was saying when Anurag called them inside as it was getting cold inside.

“Chalo bhai, kuch nhi pata chalne wala” Rahul said getting up and Armaan patted his back.

“It’s quite late, you guys should sleep” he grinned at them and left before they could ask anything.

They move to their respective rooms, Riddhima and Muskaan along with Nikki.

Next day, everyone was busy collecting the things before Armaan Riddhim Nikki Rahul and Muskaan could get up. They send a message to Nikki and left the house.

Riddhima get up first, after taking shower she went to do puja, Armaan was also the next one got ready and came down by hearing the bell.

He saw Riddhima doing puja wearing a yellow suit and smile looking at her, soon she will be there for him, completely for everytime.

He move forward and hold the aarti plate with her and she smile looking at him, they performed aarti together.

Riddhima look at him and put a tika on his forehead while he smile looking at her. She gived him prashad and he just hold her head from backside and slowly kissed her forehead making her smile.

“Good Morning, Mrs.Mallik” he greeted her she blushed on the tag.

“Good Morning” she replied.

After doing puja they searched for others but no one was there at home, not even any maid.

“Ye sab log subah subah kaha chale gaye” Armaan murmured.

“Armaan” Riddhima suddenly hold his hand.

He turned towards her and look at their hand then move his gaze towards her face when she nodded towards something on table.

He pick up the letter they left “Hey Kids, I know baki sab ko nhi dekh k you’ll be worried so for Armaan or Riddhima (coz only one of you will get up early ) , get ready and ask Nikki to take you all to the venue of haldi, no hurry you can have breakfast before leaving, haldi ritual timings are at 11 a.m. Love, Billy”

Armaan smile and Riddhima shake her head smiling, she shifted a bit when Armaan hold her hand suddenly and drag her towards himself.

“Tum kaha chali?” he asked.

Riddhima blushes and composing herself she said “wo mai breakfast bana leti hu”.

“Hmm,,,,,, ok, mai baki sabko jagata hu” Armaan said and she nodded.

She move again when he hold her hand she turn towards him suddenly not able to control her feet when it stumbles. Armaan hold her from waist to secure her in his arms but motion was too sudden that they fell on the sofa kept behind him. Riddhima on the top of Armaan, he was still holding her securely, Riddhima closed her eyes tightly and Armaan adore her face so closely, her closed eyes, trembling lips, few hair strands flying on her face and her dupatta over them. He move his one hand to remove those fringes from her face and realizing his fingers she open her eyes.

They were drowned into each other eyes, it was Riddhima who realized their proximity and breaking their eye lock she removed dupatta from their head and tried to get up when Armaan tighten his grip, she looked at him being surprised, the question rising in her eyes make him smile, he blow air to remove few strands off her face and whispered “Just wanted to say that You are looking so Beautiful”.

Riddhima look into his eyes back to get some mischievious glint if he was trying anything else but what she found was pure love, just clear like his heart and smiled shyly.

“Ammy” Rahul get up in his room and called him thinking he might be in his room.

Riddhima become conscious and get up from Armaan, he also get up and before he could say anything she rushed towards kitchen.

Armaan shook his head smiling knowing how she’ll be blushing while preparing breakfast.

“Kya Hua Rahul?” he aksed entering inside.

“Ammy, aaj hamari haldi hai but hamara dress to hai nhi hamare paas, kya pahnenge ham” Rahul asked.

Armaan look at him being shocked “Sometimes you really behave like girls, just have something traditional”

“Ok, Ok” he vanished inside the washroom and Armaan too move out.

Nikki got up and search for her phone, she saw the message and then shook Muskaan to get up. They took shower and get ready finally rushing downward to search Riddhima.

Armaan was sitting in drawing room doing something on his phone.

“Good MORNING BHai” Nikki shouted and he look towards them, nodded slightly and get busy again.

They knew Riddhima might be in kitchen.

“Good morning Girls” Riddhima smiled as most of the things were ready.

“Hayee,, u r so sweet Bhabhi, I’m just feeling hungry by the aroma” Nikki hugged her from behind.

“Pagal” she shook her head.

“Ridzi, de mai karti hu, tu ja” Muskaan came forward.

“Ji nhi, aap log ye sab kuch dining table pe le chaliye, I’ll just come” Riddhima said and they nodded.

Soon they arranged everything on breakfast table and called Rahul and Armaan.

They gathered on table and Rahul being so glutton open the lids hurriedly “Sorry guys, mehak bahut tasty wali aa rahi thi, I can’t control” making others smile.

“Wowww,,,, Aaloo paratha, yummieeee” Nikki exclaimed and Riddhima smiled.

Armaan too smiled as it was their favorite dish, she prepared some side dishes also it was a kind of brunch she made.

Riddhima served to Armaan and he smile, maybe this will be scene in upcoming future which he was completely loving it.

She eyes him to start and he came out of his thought.

“It’s really tasty Bhabhi, love u for this” Nikki said while enjoying and Riddhima smile.

“Me too” others said together and laughed.

Soon they finished their breakfast and Armaan asked Nikki where they have to go.

“Sorry Bhai, I can’t reveal, mai leke jaungi aap sabko waha pe” she smiled.

“Arey yar” Rahul pouted.

“Kitni jaldi hai tujhe, aadhe ghante ruk nhi sakta” Muskaan glared him.

“Kal se ruka hua hu kisi tarah” Rahul murmured and they smiled.

“Chalo aap log 10 minute me aa jao bahar” Nikki said and move out calling someone on phone.

“Chale” Armaan asked looking towards Riddhima and she nodded.

Soon they gather in lawn and Armaan look at Nikki “Jab mujhe location nhi pata hogi to mai kaise le jaunga waha pe” he took out the car keys.

“Koi baat nhi Bhai, let me serve you guys today, I’m driving and no arguments it’s an order” Nikki said and they glared her “From Tauji, if you don’t believe you can,,,,,,”

“Chalo ab” Rahul joint his palm in surrender.

Nikki giggle and took the driving seat. Soon after the left Mallik House, she got a call, stopping the car in side she received it.

“Ji Taiji,,,,,, ha,,,,, ok,,,,,, nhi cahlega aap bol do Shweta aunty ko mai le aaungi” Nikki talk in bits and pieces and again start the car.

“Sorry guys, Shweta Aunty ko kuch samaan chahiye ghar se jo haldi ki rasm me jaruri hai, so hame pahle waha jana hoga” she said in such a way that no one doubted her.

“Ok” Armaan nodded.

Soon they reached Muskaan’s house and she ask them to open the door, she will just come asking what else she needed.

“Ek to hamko bilkul hi alag kar diya hai sabne” Muskaan murmured.

“Ha yar, kuch batate hi nhi hain” Rahul too joined her.

“Koi nhi, pahle andar to chalo” Armaan said and move towards the gate.

“Ek minute, keys?” Rahul asked.

“Arey mujhe pata hai Mom ne kaha rakha hoga” Muskaan said and bend to search keys in flower pot kept beside the door.

“Muskaan, door to khula hua hai” Riddhima hold her hand.

“Arey Babaji, kahi koi chor to nhi ghus gaya andar” Muskaan said and they open the door atonce.

“They are entering inside” Nikki said on phone and rush towards them.

As soon as they kept their feet inside. Something fell from upward direction, they closed their eyes swiftly but open feeling the soft touch.

“Ye chor phoolo ki barish kyu kar raha hai” Muskaan murmured.

Armaan and Rahul look here and there but no one was seen.

Riddhima hold Muskaan and stopped her from blabbering, although she was feeling happy by those flowers as if someone welcome them.
She swiftly hold Armaan’s hand when this thing strike her mind “Armaan”

He turn towards her and ask what happened.

“Armaan kahi,,,,,,” she was about to say when again something fell from upward direction and this was like powder or something.
They were confused but before they react, peoples from different direction came out shouting “Happy Haldi”

“Hain??? Ye haldi ka function……..” muskaan said.

“yahi pe hai” Rahul completed the sentence coming out of shock mode.

“Yahi bolne wali thi mai, those flowers were like welcoming someone” Riddhima said and Armaan smile removing haldi slightly near her eyes.

“Happy haldi Bhaiyas and Bhabhis”Nikki shouted from behind.

Armaan tried moving towards her when she stop him “No Bhai, see aaplog pure k pure haldi se bhare hue ho, ye holi wali haldi apko Mubarak” and ran towards others.

“Mom, this is not fair, it’s not holi” Armaan said.

“Ha holi to,,,,,,,,,,” Rahul took some haldi in his hand and rubbed it on Armaan’s face saying “Aise hoti hai”

Riddhima and Muskaan start laughing and he glared them after coming out of shock mode when Rahul applied him haldi “bahut hasi aa rahi hai na” he took haldi in his hand and look at Rahul, he too nodded. Before the girls could understand they were again covered with haldi all over their face and dress and look at them being shocked.

“Ab haso” Rahul chuckled.

“Arey bachho, ye welcome haldi sirf welcome karne k liye thi, asli wali to abhi baki hai,,,, jake ready ho jao fatafat” Ananya called them.

“I can show you the way” Vansh came towards Armaan and Rahul while Nikki towards Muskaan and Riddhima while they rolled their eyes on their acting.

Armaan was getting ready smiling on the fact that he put haldi on Riddhima first and she too somehow while protesting him when he was applying.

Rahul get ready soon, their dress was kept in the room where Vansh take them.

Armaan was taking shower when Rahul called Vansh “Hey Vansh, idhar aa”

“Kya hua Rahul Bhaiya” he asked.

“Hey Buddy, tell me what else they are planning?” he asked.

“Sorry, I can’t tell you” he said.

“C’mon Vansh, we are buddies na” he again tried.

“Ya but, it was Tauji’s order, I can’t deny him, you know na” he smiled and Rahul nodded murmuring “Tauji ka chamcha”

“Ab mai jau, aaplog ready hoke aa jana” he ran away knowing very well that next time Armaan will also ask the same question.

“Arey Vansh tum aise kyu bhaag rahe ho?” Prerna asked holding him.

“Kitna mushkil hai in log se kuch chupana, pahle Rahul Bhaiya puch rahe the achha hua mai chala aaya warna fir Armaan Bhaiya puchte” Vansh said in a way that everyone starts laughing.

“Koi baat nhi tum yahi raho” Anurag said and he nodded.

“Nikki ki bachhi, tujhe sab pata tha na” Muskaan murmured while rubbing off haldi from her body.

“Ha, lekin bata deti to maja nhi aata” Nikki said and Riddhima rolled her eyes.

She took bath first and now was getting ready in yellow lehanga kept on bed.

“Muskaan jaldi kar, sablog wait kar rahe honge” Riddhima called her.

“Aaplog ready ho jao, mai apki jewellery leke aati hu, phoolo wali” Nikki winked and left.

They both get ready in yellow lehanga, of course the design was different.

“Waise maja aa gaya nhi, aisi haldi to shayad hi kisi ki hui ho” Muskaan said.

“Hmm, sab log kitna kuch kar rahe hain, hamari shadi itni memorable banana k liye, tujhe pata hai Muskaan we are truly lucky jo hame aisi family mili hai, aur tu v mili hai usi family me yaha v aur waha v” Riddhima said turning towards her.

“Mee too” she winked and hugged her.

“Tu ek baat sun le agar Rahul mujhse jhagda karega to mai tere paas aaungi fir tu Armaan ko bhej dena Rahul k paas” Muskaan said.

“Matlab Armaan ko permanently Rahul k kamre me shift hone ko bol du, kyunki bina jhadga kiye to tera ek din v nhi gujrega” Riddhima said and Muskaan pinched her for that.

“Dursi taraf se soch, Armaan Rahul ko jaldi mana lega aur hamara jhagda jaldi sort out ho jayega” Muskaan said.

“Kyu?” Riddhima asked.

“Because he won’t be able to live away from her irresistible wife na” Muskaan winked and she get up beat her when Nikki arrived.

“Kya hua?” she asked.

“K,,,kuch nhi Nikki” Riddhima said hurriedly.

“Batao na” she asked again looking at both.

“Bata du?” Muskaan asked Riddhima.

“Muskaan mai tujhe,,,,,” she was getting red by the thought of their teasing session.

“Arey mujhe batane me kya problem hai” Nikki asked.

“Wo baat ye hai na Nikki,,,,,,,” Muskaan started.

“Muskaan,,,,,” Riddhima stopped looking at her.

“She loved floral jewelleries aur maine is se bola mai wo sab le lungi isliye ye mujhe marne wali thi” Muskaan said in one breath making Riddhima relax and Nikki laugh on their drama.

“Arey Bhabi mai aap dono k liye lai hu” she showed them.

Riddhima nodded and looked thankfully towards Muskaan who winked at her.

Soon girls came down and Padma put black dot on both girls, making them sit on respective places. Armaan and Rahul were sitting infront of them adoring their girls.

Armaan was blowed out by the beauty sitting infront of him at some distance, in those floral jewelleries she was creating an aura which attract him so much. Riddhima knew his gaze was fixed on her thus her cheeks start changing colour rapidly.

Rahul was also lost in Muskaan and she noticed him contantly gazing her then raised her brows up when he showed sign of beautiful making her smile.

These peeking game was going on when Vansh and Nikki bring a barrier in between, it was a stand covered with floral strings upto a height so that Armaan and Rahul can’t see Riddhima and Muskaan.

“Vansh Nikki ye kya hai?” Rahul aksed instantly while Armaan was looking at them.

“Wo kya hai na Bhaiya, in this rasm boys are not allowed to girls during function that’s what aunty and Taiji told me, so I suggest instead of curtain we can use floral curtains, it’s good na” Vansh look at them smiling.

“Yeah, it’s indeed a creative one” Armaan said in sore voice which make others laugh but Vansh didn’t understand that.

“That was not a joke” he said.

“Ha Vansh, wo joke nhi tha, don’t worry Rahul Bhaiya aur Armaan Bhaiya samajh gaye is baat ko, tu idhar aa ja ham function shuru karte hain” Nikki said suppressing her smile and they glared her.

“Chaliye Ananya ji shuru kariye” Padma gave haldi bowl to Ananaya.

She applied haldi on Armaan and Rahul faces along with Billy while they were smiling so that she can’t get emotional and all.

Prerna and Aunrag also did the same, followed by Shashank Padma, Daljeet SHweta and Mishra Uncle, Nikki and Vansh also applied, more than applied they smeared the haldi paste on their face and they can’t do anything other than glaring them which won’t work at that time.

Soon they did the same with Riddhima and Muskaan from the same bowl and slightly rubbing it on their hands, face and feet.
Soon the function get over with lots of fun , songs and dancing, Nikki and Vansh were overly excited and attending every guest with welcoming smile and asking them to apply haldi on the bride and grooms.

“Yar ye aise haldi lagayenge ye dono tab to shadi tak v nhi chhotega” Rahul murmured.

“Kya kare, Dad v inki baton me aa gaye hain” Armaan was surprised as Billy was passing a smile on their bechara face.

Anaya saw them and they pouted saying please thus she stopped others and ask them to go and get clean.

Armaan and Rahul get upstairs and Soon Riddhima and Muskaan also get up to leave.

Rahul rushed towards washroom first and Armaan was walking here and there near door.

Riddhima and Muskaan was going with Nikki when someone called Nikki so she left as it was Muskaan’s home and she know where to go.

Muskaan being impatient by all the haldi rushed towards the washroom to clean saying “Riddhima tu baad me jana”
She shook her head and move sowly towards the room when someone hold her hand and drag inside the other room.

She was about to shout when her eyes fall on the person who was looking at her being amused.

“Kya karte hain aap Armaan, aise koi,,,,,,,” Riddhima slapped his hand lightly.

“Shushh” he kept his finger on her lips and whisper “Rahul yaha hai aur Muskaan waha hai, jab wait ham dono ko hi karna hai to sath me kyu nhi kare” his eyes was drowned into her and she blushed thankfully the colour was covered by haldi on her cheeks.

“Armaan chhodiye na, koi aa jayega” she tried removing her hand from his hold.

“Abhi to hamari haldi puri hi nhi hui hai” he whisper hushkily not knowing how his voice was increasing her heart beat.

He slightly bend towards her and Riddhima bend her face to other side controlling her heart beat. Armaan’s cheek slightly touched her cheek of that side and he smeared haldi on her cheek through it.

She looks down blushing profusely when he did the same on her other cheek.

He was about to say something when Rahul shouted from the washroom “Ammy ye to clean hi nhi ho raha hai”

They came back to senses by his voice and Riddhima get out of his grip before running away she kept oil bottle over Armaan’s hand who was rubbing his forehead remembering his act. He look at her being confused why that oil.

“It will help in removing haldi” she murmured and ran towards Muskaan’s room.

Armaan smile standing there with a goofy smile and then move towards washroom to hand over the oil bottle.

Riddhima was waiting for Muskaan to come out so that she can change. Soon she went into the washroom and look at her face, it was covered with haldi and she closed her eyes remembering how Armaan applied haldi on her, her breath got heavy and she opened her eyes as if Armaan was grinning in her mind.

“Armaaaaaan” she groaned slowly and went to remove haldi from her face.

“Tujhe kaise pata oil se haldi jaldi nikal jayega” Rahul was standing over his head when he came back from shower.

“Bas pata hai” Armaan replied.

“As if I’ll believe” Rahul rolled his eyes.

“Yes,, you’ll because I’m not going to say any thing other than this” Armaan smiled and he nodded knowingly “Pata chal gaya mujhe ki tujhe kaise pata hai, but koi nhi I’ll thank her only as it was not your idea”

Armaan turn towards him to stop but he left the room, he also leave the room soon and saw Rahul moving towards Riddhima when she came out with Muskaan.

“Bhabhi, thanx for that oil strategy” Rahul said and pinched Muskaan’s cheek.

Riddhima look at Armaan who was nodding in ‘no’ saying he didn’t said anything.

“Don’t worry usne kuch nhi bola lekin mujhe pata chal jata hai uski baatein kiske liye hai” Rahul murmured in Riddhima’s ear and she shyly looks away.

He move away from them while kissing Muskaan slightly on her cheek which was not noticed by Riddhima and Armaan and they were busy in their eye lock.

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