Saturday, 11 January 2020

part 68: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

He move away from them while kissing Muskaan slightly on her cheek which was not noticed by Riddhima and Armaan and they were busy in their eye lock.

“Ridzi,,,,, c,,chale, is ladke ka dimag kharab ho raha hai” Muskaan shooked Riddhima and she regain her senses back while Armaan already started moving downstairs and Rahul was smirking like a fool giving “it was my way” look to Muskaan.

“Ha chalo”Riddhima replied and they left.

“Rahul bhaiya aap v aa jao, apki v shadi hai” Nikki shouted from downstairs and he showed his teeth moving down.

“Waise hone wale dulha aur dulhan ko kaisa laga hamara surprise?” Prerna teased them and they smiled knowing she was pushing them to utter.

Billy and Shashank ask guests to enjoy the meal as it was arranged outside the house in garden.

“Yar mujhe v bhook lag gai, chal na kuch kha k aate hain” Muskaan murmured beside Riddhima and she glared her to keep mum for a time being.

“I know I know apko bhook lag rahi hai but still you have to wait for few minutes” Nikki murmured in Muskaan’s ear and she sighed while they giggled on her act.

“Rahul Armaan tum log v bahar jake khana kha lo” Ananya said.

“Kyu Mom, ham v yahi baithte hain na, aakhir hamari v to shadi hai” Rahul said aand Armaan smile looking at him.

“Ha shadi to hai tumhari lekin wo kya hai na, kuch baatein sirf dulhano k liye hoti hai so please,,,,,,” Prerna stopped in middle and they get up leaving.

“Jaldi jaldi khatam kariye apna ladies special task” Rahul murmured and they giggled in background.

“Kyu bolta rahta hai tu kcuh v” Armaan patted his shoulder.

“Kya karu, aadatein” Rahul mocked and he laughed.

“Arey Armaan beta, Rahul beta, yaha baitho” Daljeet came and ask them to sit.

“Dekh le special treatment” Rahul winked and he smiled.

“Ji DAD” He look at him when he called waiters to serve them.

“Kya baat hai,,,,,, aap kuch jyada hi khatirdari nhi kar rahe hain in dono ki” Anurag came towards them.

“Chachu rahne dijiye na, kabhi kabhi achha lagta hai” Rahul said and they laughed.

“Ha ise to special treatment hi chahiye” Armaan ruffle his hairs and he scowled.

“Tujhe kya problem hai” he galred him.

“Kuch nhi” Armaan smiled on his act.

“Problem use nhi mujhe hai,,,,, itni special treatment milegi to tum jyada khush ho jaoge fir control nhi kar paoge fir excitement me kahi gir pad gaye to shadi delay hogi so ultimately mai tumhari shadi bacha raha hu” Anurag explained.

“Arey babare maine to socha hi nhi aisa” Rahul really gave a thought to it and look at Daljeet.

“Dad, aap rahne do ham direct wahi pe khana kha lenge, mujhe shadi time pe karni hai” Rahul said and dragged Armaan with himself.

“Ise kya ho gaya?” Daljeet look at him being confused.

“Kuch nhi, aap dhyan mat dijiye, chaliye guest ko dekhte hain”Anurag hold him and they left.

“Rahul, tu pagal hai kya, chachu was just messing up with u dude” Armaan shook him so that he can understand.

“Kyu??,,,,,,,, Oh! Aisa” Finally that thing clicked his mind “koi nhi, still I don’t want to take risk bhai” Rahul said Armaan shook his head.

“Mujhe bolte bolte khud hi itna desperate ho gaya shadi k liye” Armaan giggled.

“Ammy, wo kya hai na teri wali I mean Bhabhi to achhi hai aur shant v to tera to mamla set hai but meri wali k dimag me kab kya ghus jaye pata nhi, to Bhai mai to set ho jau uske sath fir kuch aur sochunga, warna milegi nhi mujhe wo” Rahul said and Armaan was laughing out loud on his blabblering.

“In log ko khush dekh k kitna achha lag raha hai na” Billy look at them from a distance.

“Ha sach me, hame bachho ki khushi hi to chahiye” Shashank said and they again get busy with guest.

“Waise ek baat bata, yaha sirf gents hi kyu hain? Ladies ko bhook nhi lagi hai kya?” Rahul asked and then Armaan noticed.

“Ha yar, I just noticed” Armaan replied.

They saw vansh who was sitting on a table having food they look at each other then move towards him smiling to each other.

“Hey Vansh” Rahul patted his back.

“Hey Buddy, what’s up?” Armaan asked.

“Hi, I just hope aaplog fir se mujhse koi function ki enquiry karne nhi aaye hain” Vansh said before they could ask anything.

Armaan and Rahul look at each other being surprised then changed their expressions instantly.

“Arey nhi Buddy ham to bas tujhe dekh k aa gaye, why are you sitting alone?” Armaan asked.

“Who else will be with me?” he asked them.

“Teri chamchi, I mean Nikki nhi hai tere sath” Rahul asked.

“I know what you want to ask but mai sirf itna hi bataunga ki koi function chal raha hai jisme sirf ladies hi rahti hain so I’m here, please don’t try to enquire more than that” Vansh said getting up.

“Ladies function” Armaan murmured.

“Aisa kaun sa function chal raha hai” Rahul was tapping his forehead.

“Dekhna padega” both look at each other at the same time and smile.

“Not bad Ammy, atleast u are ready for some adventure” Rahul smirked and he smiled looking away.’

“Chal abhi” Armaan dragged him towards Anurag.

“Chachu” Armaan called him.

“Ha Armaan” he came to them.

“Chachu, kaun sa function chal raha hai andar?” Rahul asked.

Anurag look at both of them raising his one brow up.

“Batao na Chachu please” Armaan smiled and he was surprised as Armaan was asking.

“Aakhir hamari shaadi hai Chachu, we should know na” Rahul said again before he started teasing Armaan.

“Oh!! Tum dono ki shadi ka function, ek minute Bhaisahab se puch k batata hu” Anurag was about to turn when they hold him.

“Chachu, nhi” they both said instantly and he smiled on them.

“Pagal” he ruffled their hairs “MEHANDI FUNCTION SHURU HONE WALA HAI ISLIYE”
“Mehandi” Armaan murmured.

“Ha aur gents nhi allowed hain waha pe” Anurag added and left.

Armaan and Rahul sit near some table holding coldrink thinking about ways to go inside.

“Mummy, bhook lagi hai” Muskaan said as she saw Shweta.

“Hmm, and food is here” before Shweta could say anything Ananya came there with food.

“Arey Mom, aap kyu,,,,,,” Muskaan said.

“Kyu mai nhi khana khila sakti” Ananya asked.

“Aisa nhi hai Mom” Muskaan smiled and she placed her hand on her head and kissed her forehead.

“Pagal ho tum dono” Ananya start feeding both of them and they smile.

“Jadli se khana kha lo fir ham mehandi shuru karte hain” Ananya said.

“Mehandi” Riddhima asked.

“Ha ji, abhi aap dono ka mehandi function hai” Nikki came from back.

“Woww,,,, mujhe na puri mehandi lagani hai” Muskaan become excited.

Riddhima smile on her and shyly think about Armaan.

“What about you, you know Armaan Bhaiya loves mehandi” Nikki teased Riddhima.

“Ha, he'll specially love his name on your hand” Prerna also teased her.

Riddhima shyly looks down not getting what to say.

“Stop it, fir shuru ho gaye tumoog use pareshan karna….. Riddhima beta koi baat nhi inki baton pe dhyan mat do” Ananya took her side and she look at her with grateful eyes.

“Aur ek baat batau, itna mat sharmana abhi kyunki na to Armaan Bhaiya andar aane wale hain na hi Rahul bhaiya” Nikki said and they looks away on her way.

“Ha bhai, munde to nhi aane hain is function me” one of the aunty said.

“Wo, alag baat hai ki koshish jarur karenge lekin koi fayda nhi” another lady said and they laughed.

“Armaan to shayad itna bold step na le lekin Rahul ka kuch nhi kah sakte aur may be wo Armaan ko v leke aaye kyunki akele to wo nhi aane wala hai.” Prerna said and they start laughing while Riddhima smile shyly and Muskaan was enjoying these things.

“Ridzi, sun na kitna maza aayega na jab Rahul v dupatta daal k ladki ban k ghusne ki koshish karega function me” Muskaan said giggling.

“Muskaan tu pagal hai kya, koi kuch v nhi karega aisa bahar Dad log hain” Riddhima gave her the reason.

“Ha ye v hai” Muskaan said.

Nikki was sitting beside them when mehandi artist start applying shagun ki mehandi on their hands.

“Hey Ammy, wo dekh yaha se dikh raha hai andar,,,,, kuch kuch to chal rha hai” Rahul said pointing towards the hall.

They were standing in lounge where light was so dim and no one will search them there atleast.

“Ha lekin ye Nikki kyu mike leke aa rahi hai” Armaan said “Buddy we’ll have to see” he said and Rahul nodded as he was getting Armaan as his partner in crime for the first time.

“Okay Guys, so as u all know mehandi rituals shuru ho chuke hain so we have a surprise performance for my sweet innocent Bhabhi’s and since I met few coulegues of them in hospital who will be helping me in this performance, thanku so much guys for your support….. Bhabhis let the fun,,,,,,,,,ction begin.” Winking at them Nikki left the place.

Soon the place go blank in darkness only light was falling on Riddhima and Muskaan as they were applying mehandi.

A flash light fall on Nikki who was now wearing dress like Armaan and another one fall on Riddhima’s friend who was wearing the same dress like Riddhima. Same goes with other two person presenting Muskaan and Rahul.

“Oye ye to ham dono ki tarah lag rahe hain bilkul” Rahul said being shocked and Armaan kept his hand over his mouth to stop being noticeable.

He was also surprised by the scene but not expressing like Rahul, guess that was the difference between both.

Ladies sitting on a stage covered with cushions around starts the song alongwith Ananya and Padma.

Riddhima and Muskaan were so surprised by their act and were smiling happily on their excitement. They were switching their glances between them and each other not able to utter anything.

O mehndi rang laayi aj laayi teri sagaai
Mehndi rang laayi aj laayi teri sagaai
O mehndi rang laayi aj laayi teri sagaai
Mehndi rang laayi aj laayi teri sagaai.

Prerna and Shweta came towards them and sit besides singing the song and kissed their forehead being so happy, they just closed their eyes feeling the happiness. For the first time Muskaan also stayed mum without making any characteristic attempt.

Tere hathaan ke sajde mein rang birange boote
Tere hathaan ke sajde mein rang birange boote
Mangdi haan assi ayyo duaein rang kabhi na chhoote
Mangdi haan assi ayyo duaein rang kabhi na chhoote

The girl acting as Rahul came forward and hold dupatta of girl acting like Muskaan and drag towards hersself. Rahul was grinning ear to ear on the scene and start imagining himself with Muskaan there.

Oye kudiye oye kudiye tere tan se fisal na jaaye
Oye kudiye oye kudiye tere tan se fisal na jaaye
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka

The girl acting as Riddhima came forward to Nikki who was acting as Armaan singing the song and Riddhima just blush on it, fixing her gaze to them in surprise while Armaan was all lost in Riddhima’s face imagining her there.

Oye mundiya oye mundiay seene se nikal na jaaye
Oye mundiya oye mundiay seene se nikal na jaaye
Armaan tere dil paagal ka
Armaan tere dil paagal ka

Armaan dance singing the song around Riddhima and everyone was giggling he will be the last person to do the same they were doing there infront of all.

Aashiq majnu aawara tha
Sabki nazron ka maara tha
Kya chein se udta phirta tha
Kitna khushaal kawaara tha
Oye goriye oye goriye tune udte panchhi ko
Oye goriye oye goriye tune udte panchhi ko
Dil ke pinjre mein band kiya
Dil ke pinjre mein band kiya
Dil ke pinjre mein band kiya
Dil ke pinjre mein band kiya

Riddhima hold sherwani dupatta of Armaan and drag him slightly towards herelf singing the song again making everyone imagine Armaan Riddhima at that place which was next to impossible thus this act was so much fun for them. Armaan was having a goofy smile on his face looking at them assuming Riddhima there.

Aa hosh mein aa nadaan zara
Tu maan mera ehsaan zara
Chal dekh meri in aankhon mein
Meri chaahat ko pehchaan zara
Oye pagle oye pagle kaise tujhko samjhaoon
Oye pagle oye pagle kaise tujhko samjhaoon
Kyon maine isay pasand kiya
Kyon maine isay pasand kiya
Kyon maine isay pasand kiya
Kyon maine isay pasand kiya

Armaan turn towards Rahul singing the song and Muskaan was all set to get up and beat Nikki acting as Armaan while Armaan and Rahul both shake their hand saying hamne kuch nhi kiya and look towards each other controlling their giggle.

Mera bhai seedha saadha hai
Ye ladki chheil chhabeeli hai
Hai rang rop ki theek thaak
Bheje se thodi dheeli hai
Oye baliye oye baliye mere yaar jamegi kaise
Oye baliye oye baliye mere yaar jamegi kaise
Gilli dande ki jodi hai
Gilli dande ki jodi hai
Gilli dande ki jodi hai
Gilli dande ki jodi hai

Riddhima came dancing around them and start singing making them grin on it fully.

Maano mera kehna logon
Meri sundarta se jalta hain
Sach kehti hu mujhko to ye
Bhai ka chamcha lagta hai
Oye chhaliye oye chhaliye zara dekhle tu aaina
Oye chhaliye oye chhaliye zara dekhle tu aaina
Tere mann mein koi chori hai
Tere mann mein koi chori hai
Tere mann mein koi chori hai
Tere mann mein koi chori hai

Prerna came towards them singing the song and they smile on it. Riddhima Armaan, Rahul Muskaan smile on it and they dance together.

Chhodo na yoon takraar karo
Khushiyon ki ghadi hai pyaar karo
Ek duje se na uljhoge
Mere saamne tum ikraar karo
Oye heeriye oye heeriye ye to bhola bhaala hai
Oye heeriye oye heeriye ye to bhola bhaala hai
Mat maan bura is raanjhe ka
Mat maan bura is raanjhe ka
Mat maan bura is raanjhe ka
Mat maan bura is raanjhe ka

Everyone join them in dance and Muskaan not able to resist herself back she also came alongwith them hugging fake Muskaan and kissed fake Rahul on cheek. Real Rahul was like it was for me.

Oye kudiye oye kudiye tere tan se fisal na jaaye
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Oye mundiya oye mundiay seene se nikal na jaaye
Armaan tere dil paagal ka
Armaan tere dil paagal ka

Armaan was looking at Riddhima who was smiling shyly looking at the group dancing together. Muskaan dragged Riddhima also with her and she join the dance alongwith Nikki means fake Armaan.

Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka
Tera lal dupatta malmal ka

“Waah Waah Waah,,,,, kya baat hai ladkiyo tumne to function me char nhi pure das chand laga diye, I’m so proud of u” Ananya smiled kissing Nikki and other three on their forehead.

Everyone was so happy and Riddhima Muskaan again siton their place to complete their mehandi.

Suddenly her phone beeped and she look at it. Rahul created a new Whatsapp group only with Armaan and Nikki.

“Nice performance Girls” Rahul messaged there and Armaan look at him being shocked.

He drag him outside before anyone could notice them there.

“What the hell you are trying to do Rahul” Armaan glared him.

“Arey itna achha performance tha to Nikki to congratulate kar raha tha” Rahul said.

“Are u serious, mann we were not allowed to watch this” Armaan said.

“Shit,,,,, and I just text her and they’ll know that we were watching, O God, kya kar diya” Rahul said sitting back on a chair.

“What the hell bhai,,,, how could you know, where are u guys?” Nikki text back searching them nearby the hall.

“Kya hua Nikki?” Riddhima asked.

“You won’t believe this” Nikki came forward and show her the message. Riddhima look at her being shocked.

Suddenly Armaan’s message came “Nikki, don’t panic and please don’t make it obvious to anyone,,,, we were just crossing by and saw you guys,,,,, please sis”

Nikki giggle as for the first time Armaan was trying this kind of thing.

“Dekha Bhabhi, apne mere bhai ko sach me majnu bana diya hai” Nikki murmured besides the blushing Riddhima.

“Nikki shushhh” Riddhima signed and Muskaan nudged her asking what happen.

“Nikki show her, but Muskaan be silent ha’ Riddhima said and she nodded.

As soon as Muskaan saw the message she was about to get up saying “Is khote ko to mai,,,,,,,” but Nikki calm her down asking her to sit.

“Koi baat nhi, logo ko nhi pata chala na, let it be,,,,,, aaplog un dono se baad me nipat lijiyega” Nikki winked at them and left.

“Ghar wapas jake ek brand new iphone-what about the deal” Rahul messaged as soon as he realised what he did.

She rolled her eyes on the bribing and replied back.

“Bribe? Don’t worry maine kisi ko nhi bola except Bhabhis”

“Ye bribe kisi aur baat k liye hai, I know tu hamari baat kisi ko nhi batayegi” Armaan send the message with smiley and rolled her eyes knowing how well her brothers know her.

“Please na Nikki, dekh ek tu hi to hamari behan hai cute si” Rahul replied.

“Kaam?” she knew very well why they created the group.

“Yeah!!! Dekha bola tha na iphone k naam wo maan jayegi” Rahul jumped in excitement.

“Ha theek hai abhi puch na kya ho raha hai waha pe?” Armaan said.

“Oooooo bada excited ho raha hai” Rahul teased him and he glared him back “OK, OK” and asked Nikki about the same.

“Batati hu”

She send a picture of Riddhima and Nikki sitting on small stage applying mehandi on their hands smiling and enjoying it.

“Hayee” Rahul kept his hand over his heart “Kaash ham v waha hote”

Armaan was already imagining Riddhima shyly looking down with that smile on her face.

“Nikki kya kar rahi ho?” Prerna asked.

“Dulhon ko dulhano k glimpse de rahi hu” Nikki said and she shook her head on that.

“Good, but jyada nhi” she said and Nikki nodded.

“Aur photo send kar na” Rahul messaged again.

“Nhi Bhai, it’s not allowed” Nikki said.

“What about sending them back to the room after mehandi applied on their hand?” Armaan text her and she start coughing at the same time.

Everyone look at her.

“Kya hua Nikki tu theek to hai na?” Prerna came to her.

“J,,,,JI Mom” she nodded.

“Beta pani pi lo pahle” Padma gave her a glass of water.

She drank silently, Riddhima and Muskaan were looking at her being worried and she nodded explain she was fine they relaxed then.

“Armaan Bhaiya, marwaoge kya aap mujhe” Nikki replied back.

“Kyu? AIsa kya bol diya maine?” he text her.

“Apko pata hai apke message I just attract the attention of everyone by coughing” Nikki replied.

Armaan and Rahul chuckled.

“Jokes apart, Ammy ne sahi solution diya hai, tu mehandi k baad room me bhejna bas” Rahul said.

“ruko pahle mujhe jake dekhne do room” Nikki get up replying them back and they hi-5ied each other.

“Kya hua Nikki kaha ja rahi ho?” Padma asked.

“Wo aunty, mai washroom hoke aati hu” she left.
Riddhima and Muskaan look at her being confused and suspicious.

“Muskaan Bhabhi ka room khali hai aur Bagal wala v, theek hai ye sahi rahega and I think itni jaldi koi upar aayega v nhi, hmmm,,,,,, I’m so genius na” Nikki was murmuring to herself.

“Come to the back side” Nikki text back.

Armaan and Rahul pretend like walking and move back ward. There was backstairs to fisrt floor precisely towards Muskaan’s balcony.

“From those stairs came upside when I’ll text” Nikki replied.

“Nikki, u r best sister ever” Armaan text her back
She rolled her eyes “I KNOW”

Soon, Armaan Rahul came back to the guests.

“Rahul, Armaan, beta ham log Shashank ji k ghar pe ja rahe hain aur baki guest ko v wahi aana hai, aap log v dinner kar k waha aa jaiye, jab tak ladies function khatam hoga ham udhar hi rahenge” Billy said and he nodded.

“OK Dad” he replied.

“Chal bhai, baki sab to gaye” Rahul murmured and Armaan nodded.

“Armaan bhaiya aap log nhi ja rahe hain” Vansh asked.

“Vansh, Dad ne guest logo ko lane ko bola hai na” Armaan said.

“And ye to responsibility wala kaam hai, so jab tak ham dinner karte hain tak aap responsible Mallik ki tarah unko Riddhima Bhabhi k ghar tak drop kar k aaoge” Rahul said blinking his eyes.

“Ha bhaiya, sure” he gets up beaming on his flattering words.

“Within 5 minutes” Nikki text them back
“And only for 15 minutes” soon she back
“Yes Boss” they replied.

“Aunty mehandi to ho gai complete, kitni achhi lagi hai na” nikki said looking at Padma.

“Ha beta” she replied.

“Bhabhi aap log baithe baithe thak gaye hoge na, chaliye mai aap log ko upar le chalti hu, jau aunty?” Nikki said looking at Shweta.

“Ha beta le jao, lekin tum jaldi aa jana kyunki abhi tumhare hath pe mehandi nhi lagi hai” she replied.

“Ok aunty” she smiled.

“Chalein Bhabhi” Nikki looked at them.

“Don’t you think you are behaving a bit strange” Riddhima asked Nikki while walking upstairs.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai Bhabhi aap chalo na” Nikki replied.

“Riddhima bhabhi wo apke haldi wale dress ka dupatta hai kya?” Nikki said pointing towards the dupatta in a room.

“Ha lagta to hai” murmuring that she move towards it “Tum log chalo mai aati hu leke”

“Ji aaraaam se aaiyega aur leke aaiye” Nikki said and Riddhima move towards the room being confused.

“Chale Muskaan Bhabhi” Nikki said.

“Ha Nikki, waise tujhe pata hai mujhe na mehandi bahut pasand hai lekin itni der tak baithna hota hai ki mai bahut thak hu, babaji itni der me kyu lagti hai mehandi” Muskaan was murmuring when Nikki left slowly without making it obvious and Rahul closed the door slowly.

“Kyunki mehandi mere naam ki laga rahi thi na isliye” Rahul murmured.

“TUM” she almost shouted when he closed her mouth with his hand.

“Shushh,,, Muskaan itni jor se kyu chilla rahi hai mai hi hu” Rahul look at him.

“Unm,mmmmm,,,” Muskaan said.

“Kya?” he look at her being confused when she pointed towards his hand “Oh! Sorry” he removed his hand.

“Pagal hai kyat u, yaha kya kar raha hai? Kankhajura kahi ka, kisi ne dekh liya to, tu yaha pe aaya kaise, sab kuch to band tha aur tune performance kyu dekh, mana kiya gaya tha ki ladke nhi rahenge waha pe” Muskaan started when again he closed her mouth.

“Muskaan, aaram se baby ek ek question v puch sakti ho na, ya fir jane do questions mat pucho mai bas tumse milne aaya hu so mujhe wo karne do ok,,,, sawal jawab to ham baad me v kar skate hain right” he looked at her and she nodded.

“Par tumhe,,,,,,” she started again when Rahul looked at her and she stopped.

He slowly hold her hand without destrying her mehandi and looked at it smiling beautifully on his name which was written on her hand.

“Ise dekhne aana tha” he replied her every question in one sentence making her smile.

They stood in balcony finally talking with each other not fighting, fortunately one of special and memorable time for them.

Riddhima move towards the room looking at dupatta.

“ye dupatta to maine Muskaan k room me rakha tha fir yaha kaise,,,,,, offo ye to ulajh gaya hai bed k peeche, kaise nikalu meri mehandi kharab ho jayegi aise” Riddhima murmured and Armaan smile shutting the door lightly standing near the door.

He smile shaking his head and move towards her, she feels his presence but shaking her thoughts away she tried to catch the dupatta when another hand raised behind her and took hold of dupatta.

Feeling his presence behind her she tilt her head slightly and saw his face which was fixed on dupatta but so close to her that almost their cheeks were touching each other. She closed her eyes feeling proximity.

Armaan look at her at the same time and her closed eyes and that beautiful face with little make up was glowing like moon which make him loose his every sense to be in real world. No doubt Riddhima knows every thing to make him lost in her without doing anything.

Suddenly realizing that Armaan was really present there, it was not her dream she open her eyes and look back at him.

She was trying to say something but words struck in her throat and Armaan was expecting her to say something with that expression of getting scolded by her. When she didn’t said anything Armaan properly look at her and smile.

“A,,,,rmaan, aap yaha kya kar rahe hain” she utter and he smile knowingly.

He didn’t said anything just watching her lovingly and a mishchievious glint was present there.

“Aur aap waha performance k time pe kya kar rahe the, apko pata hai agar kisi ne waha dekh liya hota to,,,,,,,,” she stopped as Armaan was continuously looking at her with that smile and she become nervous.

“What about if I answer that I wanted to see you when you were applying mehandi on your hand that too for me” Armaan whisper huskily moving towards her.

Riddhima become nervous by the proximity and move away saying “Koi aa gaya to bahu,,,,,” saying so she tried to move towards the door when Armaan threw dupatta towards her holding it from the both side and looped Riddhima inside it.

She stopped on the way beind shocked by his act.

Dupatta lie on her belly and he slowly dragged her towards himself. She lifted her hand up so it didn’t get smudged by dupatta. Riddhima’s back slowly hitted his chest and she closed her eyes on this proximity. Armaan turn her towards himself in his hold and looked at her she was carefully stretching her hand broadly at both side. He smile looking at her mehandi, her name was written with his and it was the best scene he can cherish his whole life.

What he always wanted when he realized that he fell in love with this girl who was perfect in every way for him, for his family.

He slightly bend towards her and kissed her forehead, she open her eyes and smile knowingly that he was happy for something but what she tried to ask that looking into his eyes.

“Thanku” he smiled.

“Kisliye Armaan” she was smiling but don’t know why he was thanking her.

From the look of his eyes she can say that he was not in the mood of any mishchievious act.

“For making this possible” he said looking at her mehandi where their name was adoring her hand “for making us possible, u r one the best gift I ever get in my life Riddhima. I can’t describe my feelings for you in words because I’m not so good with words like others you know, but everytime I see you I think I’m loving you more each time if it’s really possible.”

Riddhima look into his eyes and that shine of his eyes make her believe his every word, those glittering blue orbs always captivate her in it’s aura and she always lost her heart to him everytime.

“Armaan” she called him and he look at her shifting his gaze away from her hand.

She nodded him to come near her as she can’t hold him right now as her hands were so full with mehandi.

He bend a little thinking she might want to say something.

Riddhima raised up slightly on her toes and kissed his forehead. Armaan smile broadly feeling her touch on his skin and closed his eyes, his dimple deepen showing his happiness.
He looked directly into her eyes, he was about open his lips to ask something when she said before him.

“Please kuch puchhiyega mat, I don’t have any explanation” she said looking away from his speaking eyes and tried move away when he hold her by her waist now.

“Mrs. Mallik, I don’t need any explanation for your any act” he said near her ears making her close her eyes.

She smile on his touch still blushing hard and he was really amazed to see how blood rushed towards her cheek.

“See you soon, Mrs.Mallik” kissing her cheek slightly he left and she was controlling her heart beat while closing her eyes.

As soon as Armaan came out from the room, Rahul also open the door and they ran towards the balcony. Soon they get Nikki’s message.

“Time up”

They send a thumb’s up and left the place.

“Tujhe kya hua, kuch bola nhi tune aane k baad me don’t tell me tu pit k aaya hai Muskaan se” Armaan said and Rahul chuckled on that.

“Nhi Ammy, it’s just that I feel like I’m ready to hold her responsibility, masti mazak sab sahi hai, but as a person I want her with me every day, I think she really create that energetic aura around me, It really takes time to belive but yeah, she is my soulmate like really making me complete. I can do pranks with her, fight with her and even I could be serious with her you know, like a responsible person.” Rahul said.

Armaan hugged him being so happy “you know what Rahul, she is the one for you, the best one”
Rahul smiled and blushed slightly.

“Now, am I getting glimpse of slight red” Armaan said and he chuckeld as he tried to tease him.

“Not really, I was watching that you know” Rahul showed him the mehandi on his palm “Tu to mehandi ki rasm mana k aa raha hai”
Now it was Armaan’s turn to smile shyly, he didn’t get when that mehandi meared on his palm, maybe when he hold her from wasit at that time but being near her he didn’t felt anything else.

Armaan and Rahul were coming towards the Riddhima’s home when they met Vansh near the gate.

“Mujhe Dad ne bheja aaplog ko bulane k liye, kaha the aaplog” he asked.

“Arey Vansh ham to yahi baithe the bahar, dekh bahar kitna achha hai na, Delhi me kaha milega ye view isliye we were enjoying here” Armaan said and he was moved by his words.

“Ha Bhaiya sach me, I love this place” he smiled.

“Me too” Armaan murmured remembering Riddhima.

Rahul chuckled how easily Armaan deviate Vansh’s mind.

“Chale andar, bahar thand badh rahi hai” Rahul said getting up and they went inside.

“Arey Armaan Rahul, tum dono fresh hoke change kar lo, we are spending night here only, ladies will be there ok” Anurag came and informed them and then left swiftly looking after other things.

They went to a room in Riddhima’s home where their night dresses were kept on bed.

“means it was also planned” Armaan said.

“Yeah, I think so” Rahul replied.

Soon they change into night suit and went downward, sitting along with Billy and others.

They were talking some usual stuffs.

Shashank ask them to sleep if they were tired showing them rooms where they could sleep. Armaan and Rahul to their rooms wishing good night to everyone.

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