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part 69: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Armaan was walking towards the room where Shashank indicated and Rahul was too sleepy to notice anything thus he lead towards the room to sleep. Armaan shook his head moving behind him, he was passing by Riddhima’s room when some unknown force stops his steps.

He turn towards the room then look back at Rahul who was entering inside the room yawning.

Armaan smiled and stops for a moment while entering inside.

“Should I go inside, Riddhima nhi hai to fir aise uske room me jana” Armaan thought for a moment then smile thinking soon she will be his wife and he stepped inside.

For a moment he closed his eyes inhaling a deep breath feeling her presence, her smell everywhere in the room. Arman was feeling very calm and light heart just after entering in her room. He didn’t want to disturb her privacy without her knowledge, he was just attracted by the wind chymes of her room.

Thus he came inside to see them but in her room everything seems so familiar to him, he was wandering his eyes everywhere to notice how she was living her life without letting her explain anything. He want to know her taste so that Armaan can also do something different for her. Although she won’t complain about anything done by him but what she feels, how she wants everything in her life was more important for him now.

First thing his eyes caught attention in her room was their image above the bed, they were smiling looking at each other. Armaan remember that picture taken on his birthday when Riddhima called him without giving any reason and they planned his birthday in Mussoorie without telling him, ofcourse Rahul found this earlier but he also kept mum. They were looking at each other lovingly and the sun setting down in horizon was slightly above their hands held together. It was so amazing, infact every picture taken with her hold some or other memory for them, memory of life.

Armaan move towards her bed and sit there looking around. He smile looking at her side table as picture of Armaan Riddhima was there that was taken on their engagement. He just cares the picture gently touching her imprint on photo frame.

“Miss u Mrs.Mallik, soon you will be with me” Armaan smile looking at her smiling face in photo and place it back there.

He simply lay down remembering her talks, her shy smile, her love for him and turn around looking at other side of bed. There was another side table and something different catches his eyesight. He smile moving towards it, it was a simple small tree with lots of branches and few leaves over them having light in them. Picture of every family member was hanged in it very carefully and beautifully. Armaan tilt the pictures and feel really blessed to get her in his life. Every person of Mallik family, Chadhha family and Gupta family were there in that tree collage. He feels kind of attracted by these collections and her emotions.

Riddhima was indeed so pure and kind hearted who has place for everyone in her life. Armaan would be luckiest person of the earth to get her as his life partner.

He was really feeling emotional as he was getting a gem in his life and now it was his responsibility to keep her happy and handle her with care and love.

Armaan looks around in her room, walking through decoarated walls and wardrobes with different types of doodles and smile opening the balcony. She created a small garden in balcony covered with various flowers and grass textured floor reminding him his own terrace of Mussoorie. He was really feeling so happy to be there. He stole a moment to live with her belongings, feeling another familiar attachment with her.

He shut the door of balcony and turn around finding her dresses kept there on hanger, her dupatta flew coming over his face and he smile holding it.

“Hmm,,,, apse to alag hi rishta hai mera” Armaan smile holding it remembering the moments when her dupatta flew over his face accidentially and make him forget everything other than her.

He was keeping it in her wardrobe when something fell down, he bend down to pick up, it was a diary and something came out of it.
Armaan didn’t want to do anything which might make her sad. But his eyes catches something which make his heart beat faster than ever.

“All About Love of My Life” it was written behind a photo.

He slowly turn the photo to see who it was, for micro second he prayed it turn out to be him, he can’t even think of her loving anyone else not even before him. A broad smile form on his face as it was none other than Armaan Mallik. It was the same photo which his family sent to them for marriage proposal formally.

Now he was so much eager to see the diary, as Riddhima never says anything infront of him, she was always surrounded by her shyness but she might express her feelings there. That thought was compelling him to read her diary. He knew it was wrong but to know her inner feelings he needed to go through that diary.

Armaan open the diary and smile, his name was encrypted on the first page below Riddhima with roses made by pen. Riddhima’s name was a bit darker looking old as it was written when she started writing the diary but Armaan’s name was bit fresh as they met few months back.

He smile knowing he is first and last for her as she was for him. Turning the page he read her diary how she felt about everything in her life, how she took everything positively, how she turned her weakness into strongest point, how she worked hard for Shashank’s and Padma’s happiness which make her happy, what she wishes to do in her life, her fear of water and how she wished to come out of that fear. Armaan smile as he did that for her.

“Love is something which makes life beautiful, as Papa loves Maa, as Daljeet uncle loves Shweta aunty, I wish to get someone like them who will love me just me. I’ll wait for him in my life, just for him”

After that paragraph another line was written “I think I found him, Love in my life ARMAAN”

Armaan smile with brimming eyes, she loves him more than he can imagine.

He read every other thing, there was not so much secretive things in her diary, it was simply her heart on the pages, her feelings for life, her expectations in life and her wait for the true love.
Riddhima’s few wishes in her life, her dreams which she wants to fulfil with her husband.

Armaan smile and he knew at that moment that he had to fulfil her dreams, they were so small small things which make him smile, the girl he loved with his whole heart she never dreamed of rich and well settled lifestyle, she always wants happiness with family.

“I promise Riddhima, I’ll fulfil everything My Love” Armaan murmured kissing her diary.

Armaan was so amazed to see her feelings for him, her every expression after their meeting, about their first meeting before they met formally infront of family, when she was rushing back to her room from Muskaan’s house.

“Pahli baar Dil ki dhadkan bahut tej thi aur itni alag, mujhe kuch samajh nhi aaya ki wo kisliye tha, samne Armaan k khade hone ki wajah se ya meri nervousness”

Armaan chuckled remembering the moment, but her feeling was also the same like Armaan’s.

Their trip after that with family, their realization when Rahul and Muskaan helped them to realize their feelings for each other, Armaan’s support for her, her first day in Mallik House in Mussoorie, her meeting with Vansh, Nikki, Prerna, Anurag, Billy, Ananya everything was described there. Their moments in Mallik House. Her first visit at Mallik Mansion, her feelings about their village trip and their sudden engagement.

After that back in Mussoorie, Armaan and Rahul’s arrival, Rahul Muskaan patch up, Armaan’s bad health, she cried her heart out in diary in that phase, all those things she didn’t said to him was there on diary, her tears made spots in diary, Armaan caresses it and felt sad how she felt so miserable at that time. She wrote all those things after coming back from Delhi.

“Wo ek aisa phase life ka tha jo kabhi kisi dushman ko v na face karna pade, ek ek moment mere liye maut se v badi saza thi, Armaan ko aise dekhna hospital me shayad mujhe har cheej se dur kar deta but Thank God, apne mere Armaan ko mujhe wapas de diya, I know I’m writing it today because I completed my fast for Armaan as he gets well. I completed my oath aur aaj maine apke us mandir ki puri safai v khud ki jaha pe sabse pahle gai thi Delhi jane k pahle jab Armaan ki tabiyat kharab thi, uske liye mannat mangi thi, aaj khud se sabke liye prashad bana k dil ko sukoon mila, mujhe nhi laga tha ki vrat rakh k mai ye sab kar paungi lekin apke aashirwaad se Armaan k liye maine kar liya.” Armaan was having tears while reading those lines, she did a lot for him, just for his well being, how she did all those things without even letting him know.

Then that medical camp, last entry was before going to camp as after that she didn’t get time.

He closed it and keep it back in cupboard, he was emotionally drained at that time, he just wanted to be with her, hug her to compose his heart which was overwhelmed by her love for him.

He looked back at her room and took his phone, called someone and instructed something regarding some work and again came back to her bed, he don’t wanna leave her feeling thus he lay down on her bed and text her.

“Missing you”

Riddhima was laying on bed with Muskaan and Nikki, they were slept back and she was smiling remembering Armaan and her encounter. Her phone beeped and she instantly open it protecting her mehandi as if she knew whose message it was.

She smile reading his message.

Before she tried to reply she again get another message from message.

“No need to reply back, I know ur hands are covered with mehandi, I know u miss me too. I just wanna say that,,,,,,, I love you, more than I can even imagine, more than I can even think off”

Riddhima smile slowly blushing and tried to reply.

“Aap soye nhi abhi tak?”

Armaan got her message and smiled.

“Neend nhi aa rahi hai, baat karein please” he text her.

“Ek minute” she replied back.

Riddhima slowly came out in balcony and called Armaan.

“Hello” Armaan closed his eyes hearing her voice.

“Riddhima, I love you” Armaan said as soon as he open his eyes.

His heavy and slow voice makes Riddhima worried.

“Armaan, aap theek hain?” she asked.

“Hmm” he replied.

“Pakka?” she asked.

“Ha Riddhima, ek baat puchu?” Armaan asked.

“Kya?” she asked.

“Why do you love me so much?” he asked.

“Armaan, ye kya sawal hai?” Riddhima said slowly.

“Batao, please” Armaan insisted.

“Bas karti hu pyar, kyu? Kab? Kaise? Iska jawab nhi hai mere paas” Riddhima replied.

“Lekin itna pyaar, Riddhima mai,,,,,,” Armaan stopped not getting what else to say.

“Nhi us se bahut jyada, lekin apko kya hua hai, aise achanak se kyu puchh rahe hain, Armaan mujhe tension ho rahi hai, aap theek to hain na?” she was getting worried.

“Hmm, I’m fine, chalo ab so jao, jaldi se shadi karo mujhse, I can’t wait to hold you in my arms” Armaan smiled and she blushed on his comment.

“Armaan, kuch v, jaiye so jaiye ab aap” she replied.

“Achha baba theek hai, waise v biwi k room me neend achhi aayegi” Armaan said.

“What? Aap mere room me kya kar rahe hain Armaan?” she asked.

“Dil kar raha tha, tumhari yaad aa rahi thi to socha ki yaadon k sath me hi yaad kar lu tumhe, khair chhodo ye sab, so jao, subah milte hain, good night Mrs. Mallik” Armaan said and she just shook her head not knowing what to say.

“Good night ARMAAN, and I love you too” she said and cut the call before Armaan could tease her further.

She rushed back to bed to get some sleep while Armaan lay down on her bed to sleep with her invisible presence.

Ridhhima lay down after checking Muskaan and Nikki. She was having a shy smile on her face after talking with Armaan.

Next day, everyone get ready and joined for breakfast in Gupta Mansion, ladies were preparing everything.

Armaan gets up and find himself in Riddhima’s room, he get up and looks around, slowly he realized how he stayed back there and smile.

Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga
Phul sa hai khila aaj din
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vaasta…

He get up from bed and gave a glance to room before leaving. He came back in the room where Rahul was still sleeping and shake his head.

“Rahul get up, it’s morning” Armaan said.

“Hmm,,, thodi der” Rahul replied in sleepy voice.

“Theek hai fir late hona khud ki shadi me” Armaan said and went to washroom.

“Arey nhi aise kaise” Rahul get up instantly and looks around “lekin shaadi to kal hai, AMMYYYYYYY” he shouted back and Armaan laughed from inside.

Soon he came out after taking bath and changed into comfortable clothes which was already kept there in bag.

“Mai v aata hu fir challenge” Rahul said glaring and he smiled.

After sometime they joined others but get no clue of today’s function.

“Muskaan, no cheating,,,,,, ab chocolate nhi, chalo breakfast k liye” Riddhima scolded Muskaan as she was not leaving chocolates early in morning.

“Arey yar,,,, Ridzi tu kyu mere peeche padi hai, Babaji please shadi k baad ise daatne mat dena mujhe” Muskaan said.

“Really, as if it’s gonna be happen?” Riddhima raised a brow up and Muskaan giggled.

“Bhabhz, sab log aa gaye breakfast k liye”Nikki informed them.

“Oh! Hurry up, tumlog ye sab leke chalo mai parathe leke aati hu” Riddhima said and start putting them in casarole.

“Ha to bhai aaj kya special hai?” Billy asked.

“Tauji, breakfast wala special ya shadi k function wala special?” Vansh asked.

“Haha,,,, dono” Billy said.

“Breakfast ka special ye hai ki aaj teeno ladkiyo ne mil k banaya hai aur shadi wala to shaam me pata chalega” Ananya came with Padma and replied.

“Kya baat hai,,,, laiye jaldi fir” Shashank said and Armaan smile looking at him.

Riddhima came out of kitchen holding casarole and Armaan look at her, she was looking so fresh and beautiful in yellow and red combination of suit.

Rabba aaya dar pe yaar ke
Sara jahan chod chaad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tenu dil da vasta..
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga…
Baksha gunaho ko
Sun ke duwao ko
Rabba pyaar hai
Tune sab ko hi de diya
Meri bhi aahon ko
Sun le duwao ko
Mujhko woh dila maine jisko hai dil diya
Aasmaan pe aasmaan uske de itna bata
Woh jo mujhko dekh ke hase
Pana chahun raat din jise
Rabba mere naam kar use
Tenu dil da vasta…
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga..

“Yar, har dress sundar ho jati hai iske upar” Armaan thought being lost.

“Ahem Ahem” Rahul faked cough to bring him back to reality “Bhai sab log baithe hai, control your emotions”

“Shut up Rahul” Armaan glared him.

“Chalo bhai, serve karo” Padma said.

They start serving breakfast, it was kind of fusion having parathe, sandwiches, fruits salads, sprouts and many more.

“It’s healthy and yummiee” Vansh was the first to appreciate.

“Ha bhai, breakfast to bahut badhiya tha” Anurag also replied.

Everyone praised the girls and they smile being happy. Riddhima look at Armaan slowly who was watching her only, she shyly looks down as a mishchievious smile was playing over his lips.

Maanga jo mera hai
Jaata kya tera hai
Maine kaun si tujhse jannat maang li
Kaisa khuda hai tu
Bas naam ka hai tu
Rabba jo teri itni si bhi na chali..
Chahiye jo mujhe
Kar de tu mujhko ata
Jeeti rahe saltanat teri
Jeeti rahe ashiqui meri
Dede mujhe zindagi meri
Tenu dil da vasta
Rabba mere din yeh na dhale
Woh jo mujhe khwab mein mile
Use tu lagade ab gale
Tenu dil da vasta
Rabba aaya dar digaar ke
Sara jahan chod chad ke
Mere sapne sawar de
Tenu dil da vasta
Ajj din chadheya
Tere rang varga..

She turn to go back to kitchen when her phone vibrate.

“Mujhse to puchha hi nhi kuch” Armaan text her.

She turn towards him and he focused himself in breakfast.

“Kya puchna hai?” she replied back.

Armaan smile and type something.

Riddhima reached in kitchen to get some water for them.

“Jane do mai khud hi bata deta hu, breakfast bahut tasty tha specially aaloo k parathe, dil kiya ki banane wale k haatho ko chhoom lu” he knew very well that it was prepared by Riddhima.

Riddhima read the message and stop on her spot being shocked.

“Ridzi, pani to leke ja” Muskaan said.

“Muskaan, main nhi ja rahi please tu le ja ye, mujhe kuch kaam hai” Riddhima replied.

“Kya ho jata hai tujhe” Muskaan murmured and hold it.

Armaan saw Muskaan coming out instead of Riddhima so he smiled.

“Oh! U r waiting for me in kitchen, okay I’m coming” Armaan text back.

“Ma, mujhe kuch kaam hai, mai aati hu thodi der me” Riddhima said and rushed towards her room while Armaan chuckled looking at her.

“Kya chal raha hai AMMY?” Rahul asked.

“Kuch nhi,,,, bas aise hi” he smiled.

Riddhima reached into her room and shut the door slightly, she kept her hand over her heart to control her heart beat, her cheeks were all red and was actually looking like red tomato.

“Ye Armaan v na, kuch v bolte hain, samajh nhi aata kab kya bolna hai” she murmured.

“Mai charger bhool gaya upar hi, leke aata hu” Armaan said and left.

Since everyone was busy in themselves thus didn’t noticed anything.

Armaan enter in Riddhima’s room and saw her standing near the bed with closed eyes controlling her breath and he smiled.

How beautiful she looks every time he sees her.
Armaan came near her and stood just behind, he slowly reach upto her shoulder and hold back before touching her. Gathering some courage he tapped her shoulder and she jumped being shocked.

“Shushh,,, its me” Armaan said keeping his finger on her lips.

“Armaan aap,,,,,,” she stopped looking at his finger.

“Oh! Sorry” he removed it and she looks away.

“Tum upar kyu aai?” he asked.

“W,,,,WO mujhe kuch kaam tha” she replied looking away.

“Kya kaam Riddhima?” he stepped closer to her.

“K,,,kuch jaruri kaam” she replied backing off.

“Kahi wo jaruri kaam kis,,,,,,,,” he was saying when she instantly kept her palm over his lips to stop him saying anything.

Armaan looked at her blushing nervous face then at her palm, before she could understand the mishchevious glint of his eyes he kissed her palm. Riddhima removed it being shocked and he chuckled.

“Told u” he smiled raising his brows up.

“Kya ho gaya hai apko Armaan, aap, aapp,,,, bahut,,,,,,,” Riddhima stopped not getting words to complete her sentence.

“Mai kya Riddhima?” he asked looking into her eyes.

“Aap aise to nhi the, itni shararatein kaise” she was confused.

“Bola tha na Armaan Mallik k bahut se shades dekhne baki hai abhi ha but that will be for you only” he winked and she blushed on his comment.

He stepped more closer and she become nervous.


“Hmm” he was lost in her beauty and her dupatta was flying due to wind, few hair strands were blocking his view to her face.

He slowly raised his hand and removed those hair strands getting the whole view and smiled.

“Armaan,,,, koi aa jayega” she looks towards the door.

“Sab busy hain, aur mujhe meri wife se milna tha” he hold her hand and she smiled.

“Apne wife wife bolna kyu shuru kar diya hai, hamari shadi kal hai” Riddhima smiled and her beautiful smile with confused face was a wonder to watch.

Armaan can watch her whole life like that.

“Hmm,,,, because I already accepted you as my wife, aur kal ke din me sirf 24 hours hi baki hain so utna wait mai kar sakta hu ki dusre tumhe meri wife bole but mai to abhi bolunga, koi problem?” he looked at her and she smiled shaking her head in no.

Armaan slowly kissed her forehead and she closed her eyes, she loved him from her whole heart, she trust him more than anything in her life. And yes she was also loving his changing nature with her, his small flirts, his acts and words everything was making their bonding much more stronger.

“Armaan, mujhe neeche,,,,,,” Riddhima was saying when he again stopped her.

“Shushh, mujhe tumhe kuch dikhana hai” Armaan whispered.

“Kya?” she looked at him.

Armaan looked at her and closed her eyes with his hand “Stay like that” he whisper before moving away.

He went towards the balcony and look for something, checking it slightly he smile broadly and came back into the room.

He kept the stand infront of her and camera in an angle that Riddhima won’t see that.

“Open your eyes” Armaan said standing beside her.

Riddhima slowly open her eyes and look at the canvas kept infront of her, while curtain was kept over it, she looked at Armaan being confused and he asked her to open it.

Riddhima moved forward and slowly open the curtain, she was left ashtonished by the scene infront of her, it was something she didn’t even dreamed off.

Armaan saw her expressions and his hard work was paied off by that.

“Armaan ye” she stopped looking at the canvas.

It was and image of Riddhima and Armaan, looking into each other eyes, holding their hands together with there forhead joined and sun was setting down in background spreading its beautiful rays. That picture was just perfect, Riddhima was so happy, she really can’t imagine Armaan doing something like that in just one night, he spend there in her room.

She hugged him turning around and kissed his cheek out of excitement and didn’t realized what she did while Armaan smile so that she don’t feel conscious again.

“Armaan, I can’t believe it, ye bahut sundar hai,,,,, apne kaise bana liya bas ek raat me” she looked at him.

“You need to accept your husbands capabilities Riddhima” he winked at him and she smile broadly.

“Actually, mujhe neend nhi aa rahi thi, thodi der tumhe yaad kiya socha so jau but fir se neend chali gai kisi aur k paas. Then my eyes just fell on those colours paints and canvas, to socha tumhare liye kuch khaas bana du” he smiled and Riddhima was truly happy.

“Its amazing Armaan, it’s really very precious gift of my life, thanku for making my life so perfect” she looked at him.

Armaan hold her hands and touched his forehead with her looking into her eyes, same pose as in the painting and smile.

“You are the best gift of my life Riddhima” he whisper and she hugged him feeling his love for her “I promise hamari aane wali life bahut achhi rahegi, I’ll try my best”

“Unhuu, we will try our best and I know aisa hi hoga” she smiled.

“Kaha hain aap bhabhz?” Nikki’s message came.

“Mai aa rahi hu Nikki” Riddhima replied back and look at Armaan who was not willing to leave her.

“Armaan neeche sab log bula rahe hain” Riddhima said.

“Arey lekin sab log to apne kaam me busy the” he replied pouting.

“Sab log na, Nikki nhi” she smiled.

“Ye Nikki to,,,,, theek hai jao” he sighed.

Riddhima smile and left him to rush downwards as everyone was there planning secretly about Sangeet function.

Nikki was asked to keep Muskaan and Riddhima busy in some or other work so that they don’t get any hint of Sangeet function while Armaan and Rahul was being called by Anurag in a room to discuss some business work which was not the part of plan it was an emergency work they need to do that day.

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