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part 70: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Ye Nikki to,,,,, theek hai jao” he sighed.

Riddhima smile and left him to rush downwards as everyone was there planning secretly about Sangeet function.

Nikki was asked to keep Muskaan and Riddhima busy in some or other work so that they don’t get any hint of Sangeet function while Armaan and Rahul was being called by Anurag in a room to discuss some business work which was not the part of plan it was an emergency work they need to do that day.

“Riddhima beta, tumhare aur Muskaan k liye kuch dresses nikal k rakhe hain, Muskaan k room me, tum dono dekh lo shaam k liye” Shweta informed them.

“Woww,,, Bhabhi aplogo k liye kitne new dresses aaye hain” Vansh was excited to hear that.

“Ha kyu nhi, teri shadi pe tere liye v aayenge” Nikki teased him.

“I don’t want to get married” Vansh made a yuck face.

“Haha,,, ham to karayenge teri shadi” Muskaan pinched his cheeks.

“Ouch,,,, pahle ham apke dresses to dekh le” Vansh said.

“Ha theek hai chalo” Muskaan said.

“Mai Armaan bhaiya ko bol k aata hu” Vansh ran towards the room where they were discussing something with Anurag.

“Vansh, wait” Riddhima stopped him.

“Kya hua Bhabhi?” he asked.

“Vansh,,,w,,wo tumhare bhaiya aur chachu kuch work discuss kar rahe hain” Riddhima said.

“Ok” he said.

“Ha Vansh, ab teri Riddhima bhabhi bol rahi hain ki Armaan bhaiya busy hain so he will be busy” Nikkita teased Riddhima.

“Shut up Nikki” Riddhima looked at her.

“Vansh, u go to Mom, she was calling you” Nikki said.

“Arey yar, mai aplog k sath jane wala tha” Vansh made faces.

“Koi baat nhi Vansh, aap Chachi ki baat sun k aa jana” Riddhima suggested him.

“Ok bhabhi” he rushed.

“Chalein bhabhiiiiiiii” Nikki teased her.

“Nikki, kya hua hai tumko?” Riddhima rolled her eyes.

“Kuch nhi, maja aa raha hai” Nikki said.

“Arey yar, tum dono kitni baatein karte ho, mujhe apna sangeet wala dress dekhna hai, chalo jaldi” Muskaan dragged them towards her home.

“Armaan, see I know we don’t have time but we have to finish this within two hours after that we’ll have to leave for sangeet ceremony. I’ll need your help too Rahul, lets go back to Mallik House” Anurag said after discussing few things.

“Hmm, ok chachu” they get up.

“Kya hua bhai,,, bahut time lag gaya aap logo ko” Shashank asked as they came out of the room.

“Thoda time aur lagega bhaisahab, ham ghar ja rahe hain, we’ll reach directly at venue” Anurag said.

“Anything serious?” Billy asked.

“No Dad, it’s just that we have to send some detailed plan in two hours, we’ll do that” Armaan said.

“But Anurag,,,,,,” Billy’s mind was struck at some other point.

“Don’t worry Bhaisahab, I’ll handle, ham pahuch jayenge venue pe” Anurag assured him.

“Theek hai” he said.

Armaan, Rahul and Anurag left Gupta Mansion.

“Ridzi, dekho ye dress kitni pyari hai, we’ll wear this tonight” Muskaan said being happy.

“Ha” she smiled.

“Bhabhi, ye apki jewellery aur ye Muskaan bhabhi ki” Nikki passed two boxes.

“Wow,,,, Nikki ek baar try kar ke dekhe kya?” Muskaan asked.

“Ha bilkul” Nikki said.

“Ok, mai abhi change kar k aati hu” Muskaan rushed towards the washroom.

“We are leaving, had some urgent work of office, see you at the function wifey” ARMAAN

Riddhima was waiting for Muskaan to come out when her cellphone vibrate. She read the message and smiled while Nikki adore her smile.

“Bhai ka message aaya?” she asked.

“N,,,,,n,,,ha, tumhe kaise pata?” Riddhima asked back.

“Apke chehre ki smile ne bataya” Nikki teased.

“Kuch v,,,,” Riddhima shook her head.

“Kya kuch, Muskaan bhabhi hoti to wo v yahi bolti” Nikki said.

“Ok” Riddhima said and replied the same to Armaan.

Armaan was sitting back in car while Rahul and Anurag was on front seats, he read the message and narrowed his eyes.

“Ok, just okay,,,, what type of reply is this” he murmured.

“Waise Chachu, apse ek baat puchhu?” Rahul asked.

“Sangeet aur shadi ke function k bare me kuch mat puchhna uske alawa jo puchhna hai puchh sakte ho” Anurag said.

“Kya yar, that’s not fair, ab iske alawa aur kya puchhu” Rahul pouted.

“Intezaaaar” Anurag said giggling.

“Armaan, tumhe nhi puchhna kuch v?” Anurag looked at him.

“Mujhe pata hai aap kuch batayenge hai nhi to kyu puchna” Armaan said.

“Smart boy” Anurag said.

They reached home and Anurag directly take them into his room and make them busy in work.

“Armaan tum ye file ki details dekh lo aur Rahul I need all the legal formalities regarding this project” Anurag get up telling that and they nodded.

He came out and called on some number “Thanks Nikhil, achha hua tumne aaj hi bheja details, bach gaye kisi tarah”

“Thanku mat boliye Sir, it was my responsibility” Nikhil replied.

“Haha, I know I can trust you” Anurag smiled.

Soon Anurag went insidewith some servents taking food tray, Armaan look at them and smiled.

“Armaan baba, Rahul baba, khana kha lijiye aap log” maid said and they nodded.

Anurag, Armaan and Rahul had their food together in room and rested for sometime remembering their old times together, they were more than friends with Anurag Chachu.

Riddhima and Muskaan also enjoyed with Nikki in her room while others were busy.

“Nikki, ye batao sangeet pe kya hone wala hai?” Muskaan tried to get some information.

“Nice try Muskaan bhabhi but I’m not going to say anything” Nikki smiled.

“Nikki tu hamare sath aisa karegi yar, atleast hame to bata” Muskaan said.

“Nhi bata sakti, but ha you will love it” she replied looking back at them.

“Muski, koi fayda nhi jane de” Riddhima said.

“Aww, Riddhima bhabhi, apko v janna tha?” Nikki teased her.

“Nhi, jaise meri to shadi hi nhi hai, mujhe to pata hi nhi karna hota kuch” Riddhima said looking away.

“Koi baat nhi Bhabhi, ham bata denge” Nikki said.

“Sachhi” they look at her with smile.

“Ha, bilkul, lekin shaam me” Nikki ran away saying that.

“Nikki ki bachhi” Muskaan ran behind her.

“Bhabhi pahle shadi to hone do” Nikki giggled.

She was running towards the door and Riddhima was trying to stop them but they were busy in running around.

Shweta open the main the door and Nikki was about to colloid with her but stops somehow.

“Arey ladkiyo kya kar rahe ho tum log??” Shweta asked.

“Kuch nhi Aunty, w,,,,wo Muskaan bhabhi sangeet function ka puchh rahi hain” Nikki said hugging Ananya from behind.

“Achha ji” Ananya looked at her.

“ Nhi Mom,,,,,,wo to mai” Muskaan looked at Riddhima and she was smiling looking at her.

“Arey koi baat nhi, ham isiliye to aaye hain” Ananya replied.

“Really?” Riddhima and Muskaan asked with happiness while Nikki asked being surprised.

“Batane nhi, le jane” Shweta said and they sighed.

“Chalo ab tum log redy ho jao, hame nikalna hai thodi der me” Ananya said and moved towards other room to check something.

“Told you” Riddhima said when Muskaan looked at her.

“Arey lekin ab to bata dena chahiye na” Muskaan whined.

“No chance, surprise means surprise” Nikki said.

“Beta teri shadi ka time aane de, dulha v tujhe surprise me denge ham” Muskaan glared her.

“C’mon bhabhi, apko to dulha mann ka mila hai” Nikki winked and Muskaan blushed on her comment.

“OMG! Did Muskaan Chadhha just blushed?” Riddhima said being surprised.

“Tum ye na bolo to hi achha hai, abhi Armaan kahi se aa jaye to dekhna kaise blush karti ho tum” Muskaan retorted her.

“Aisa kuch nhi hai” Riddhima smile looking away.
Suudenly her phone beeped.

It was Armaan’s message, she looked at it and smile, automatically blush creep on her face.

“See, jiju ka hi message hoga, and this is what we called a blushing face Ridzi” Muskaan said.

Riddhima smile bending her head down thinking why Armaan had to prove them right at wrong time.

“Chale ready hone, ye teasing chalti rahegi but agar abhi aap dono ready nhi hue to khud k sangeet me late ho jayenge aur mujhe v bahut kaam hai ok” Nikki rolled her eyes looking at them.

“Ha chalo chalo” Muskaan dragged her towards her room.

Riddhima looked at the message “See you soon in sangeet Riddhima, just one day left Mrs. Mallik, this feeling is different”

Riddhima smile and shook her head, although this feeling was really different from other feelings, but she was happy, entering into Armaan’s life with full right was something she dreamed off from the time their marriage got fixed, and she was truly very happy.

“Ridziii, teri v shadi hai” Muskaan shouted from her room and Riddhima came back to her senses.

“Aa rahi hu” she rushed towards them.

They get ready and Ananya left saying others were waiting at the venue, so they will meet there.

Shweta was waiting for girls to get ready so they can leave together.

“Ye bachhiya v na kitna time lagati hain” She murmured and went to check them.

They were all ready and about to leave when she entered, she was in aww looking at the girls Nikki was looking gorgeous in her peach colour gown, she kept it light as she had to change dresses while sangeet function, Muskaan was looking beautiful in her oceanic blue colour lehanga and Riddhima was just amazing as red and green colour combination of lehanga bring out her natural beauty.

“Nazar na lage tum logo ko” shweta put a black dot behind the girls and asked them to come along.

“Mom, aap to bata do kaha jana hai?” Muskaan asked.

“Sorry beta, can’t help and maybe apko blindfold karke le jana pade” Shweta said.

“What???” they looked at her being shocked.

“agar tumne apni nautanki band nhi ki to” shweta was serious.

“Ok fine” Muskaan agreed not to say anything regarding this.

They took the seat and Shweta instructed something to driver and they left.

“ Rahul, utho yar, kab se so rahe ho” Anurag shook them to wake up.

“Chachu thodi der aur,,,,,” Rahul murmured.

“Khud k sangeet me nhi jana tujhe to ye alag baat hai, Armaan kab se ready ho gaya hai” Anurag said again and he jerked open his eyes.

“WHAT??” Rahul looked at him who was smiling looking at him.

“Ammy, tune cheating ki” Rahul whinced.

“Rahul,, ham pure half an hour se tujhe jagane ki koshish kar rahe hain, ab bas last option bacha tha pani wala but luckily tu sangeet ke naam pe uth gaya” Armaan said.

“Very funny” Rahul get up and looks around.

“Ab idhar udhar dekhna band kar aur jaldi se ready ho ja, tera dress rakha hai side table pe” Armaan said.

“Looks like someone in becoming impatient” Rahul teased him.

“Really, as if I jumped up from sleep on the name of sangeet” Armaan raised his brows up.

“Ok, fine, big deal,,,,, ja raha hu mai” Rahul took the dress and went to take a shower.

“So, Armaan, all ready?” Anurag look at him.

“yes Chachu, but batao to kaha jana hai” he asked.

“Not allowed buddy” Anurag said.

“Arey yarr” Armaan sighed.

“Bas thodi der aur, Rahul ko aane do pata chal jayega” he said.

“Mom, ye ham kaha ja rahe hain?” Muskaan asked in car.

“Tumhare sangeet venue pe, kyu?” she asked.

“Arey but kis jagah, car to almost round and round ghum rahi hai market ke aur ab to exterior side pe ja rahi hai” Muskaan said.

“Relax Muskaan, hame thoda kaam hai usko kar k jayenge” Shweta said.

Soon Muskaan and Riddhima become bored and they closed their eyes to relax for sometime.

Shweta murmured something to driver and he nodded.

“Girls, get up, we reached” Nikki said being excited and they opened their eyes.

“OMG, is this Mallik House?” Muskaan look at the house being surprised.

“Ye to bilkul different lag raha hai” Riddhima whisper.

“Ye Billy Bhaisahab ka idea tha” Shweta smiled.

“And tauji is best” Nikki exclaimed.

Mallik House was decorated beautifully with flowers, lights and different colours of curtains, it was looking way beyond beautiful.

As they stepped out, entrance was designed as beautiful floral corridor with abig board saying “WELCOME TO THE SANGEET CEREMONY OF MALLIK’S CHADHHA’S AND GUPTA’S”

“Anuty, don’t you think it too grand for a sangeet ceremony?” Riddhima said.

“Ji Nhi,,,, it is normal for Armaan Mallik and Rahul Mallik’s sangeet ceremony, C’mon bhabhi, itna to banta hai” Nikki was more excited.

“Pagal” Riddhima shook her head.

They stepped inside and at the same time Anurag bring Armaan and Rahul out of his room.

“Woah,,, Chachu, are we really in our home?” Armaan asked.

“It means sangeet yahi pe hai?” Rahul was smiling.

“Hanji” Anurag replied.

“Aur isliye aap hame baahar nhi aane de rahe the?” Armaan looked at him.

“Yo” he nodded.

“Ab baki baatein baad me, sab wait kar rahe hain neeche” Anurag said.

They were descending down when Armaan’s eyes fell on Riddhima standing at the entrance, Ananya hugged both Riddhima and Muskaan, they were smiling and suddenly her eyes met with Armaan.

He was rooted on his spot looking at her in that beautiful dress, her eyes and perfectly shaped lips with that smile, just took his heart away another time.

“Haayyee” he whispered looking at her and keeping his hand side of his cheek looking at her being lost.

Riddhima shyly looks away, Armaan’s this reaction was flying butterflies in her stomach. She bend her head down and looked at Ananya.

“Bahut sundar lag rahi ho dono” Anaya kissed their forehead.

Rahul smiled as he was also lost in Muskaan’s beauty, her bubbly nature with that bit of shyness was new to him but he loved that. He looked behind and found Armaan all lost, thankfully Anurag left before them.

“Ammy, chal, baad me kho lena bhabhi ko dekh ke” Rahul shook his head when he found Armaan all lost.

“Ha,,,,, ha chal” Armaan said coming out of his world.

“Look here, aa gaye dono” Billy said and everyone shifted their gaze to the boys while Riddhima bend her eyes down shyly.

“Woww,,,, Armaan Bhaiya, Rahul Bhaiya, aap dono ka sangeet ka function yahi pe hoga, see we have decorated everything” Vansh become excited.

“Vansh, don’t you think tune hame bahut jaldi bata diya?” Rahul said glaring him.

“Nhi, maine to time pe hi bataya hai” Vansh murmured.

“Haha, koi baat nhi Vansh, chalo AB SHURU KARTE HAIN”Shashank said and he clapped.

“Chaliye, apki seat pe” Vansh dragged Armaan and Rahul while Nikki took Riddhima and Muskaan.

Everyone take their place as the arrangement was made in ground covered with different colours of lights and chairs were set for all, Armaan Riddhima and Rahul Muskaan took their special seats while family members and guest have taken their seats. A stage was prepared infront of them which was covered with curtains.

Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand, as soon as they sit. She looked at him being shocked and he was looking infront where Billy was moving towards the stage.

“Armaan” Riddhima tried to release her hand.

“Mrs. Mallik, you don’t have any idea how beautiful you are looking right now, its really a benefit for you that everyone is present here else, I also don’t how I could have hold you” Armaan winked looking at her and she just blushed hard on his comment.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I welcome you all to the sangeet ceremony of my both kids, Armaan and Rahul. I know all these things are so different as the kids only don’t know where their wedding functions will be held next but I’ll assure you all that would be an amazing one, just like this. So, lets start the function” Billy said and everyone clapped.

Armaan somehow, left her hand as if she don’t clap that will become suspicious for everyone but held her waist and she glared his to leave to which he nodded no and ask her to look forward.

Rahul and Muskaan was sitting together and he was also holding her hand. Muskaan look at him and he smiled.

“Tujhe pata hai tu bahut sundar lag rahi hai Muskaan, mera to dil kar raha hai ki abhi shadi kar lu” Rahul said.

“Sachhi, chal kar lete hain shadi to kal mai Riddhima ki shadi achhe se enjoy karenge” Muskaan said.

“Jhalli hai bilkul, that’s why I love you” Rahul smiled.

“I love you too dumbo” Muskaan smiled and ask him to focus on sangeet function.

Soon the lights becomes dim and curtain opens.

Whole stage was covered with Armaan, Riddhima, Rahul and Muskaan’s pictures, taken together from the moment they met till now.

“Woww” they exclaimed together.

“How did they get those pictures” Armaan was amazed.

“They might be planning all these from that time only” Riddhima was also surprised.

“Oye inko hamare upar doubt tha kya jo Riddhima ko dekhne aaye the tab se hamari photos le rahe the?” Muskaan murmured.

“Photos dekh to yahi lagta hai yar” Rahul was also amazed.

“So guys, lets begin the sangeet function, although hamesha sangeet ka function ladke aur ladki walo ke beech me hota hai aur yaha pe to hamne dono ladko aur ladkiyo ko baitha diya hai shadi k liye, so this would be a bit different, but rest assured, you will love it” Nikki said holding the mike and everyone clapped.

“Hamne kisi ko nhi bataya ki hamara theme kya hai, lekin ham apne is function me Armaan Bhaiya Riddhima Bhabhi, Rahul Bhaiya aur Muskaan bhabhi k liye ek surprise leke aaye hain, so lets welcome everyone” Vansh said while holding the mike.

Everyone smiled and again curtain drops on the stage.

“Kya karne wale hain ye log” Muskaan murmured.

“Pata nhi yar” Rahul said.

Armaan and Riddhima smiled looking at each other then move their focus at the stage.

“So, kahani shuru hoti hai, Armaan Mallik se” Nikki’s voice got attention but she was not visible, although curtain gets up and a boy resembling like Armaan in dresses appears on the stage, he was working in his office and everyone smiled. Armaan look at him being surprised and Riddhima smile looking at him.

“Mr.Armaan Mallik, the most famous businessman and the most workaholic, and only one thing can change his mood and mind that was his family”

Armaan was working and suddenly a person resembling like Rahul came.

“Here comes another Mallik in the scene, Rahul Mallik, the most famous lawyer but he can be more kiddish than Vansh sometimes, for culprits he can be the most strict person but in family he will always be next to Vansh”

“Lets see kya baatein ho rahi hain” Nikki said and another mail voice arised.

“Ammy, chal na bahar ghoom k aate hain” Rahul said.

“Rahul, don’t you have work, just let me do mine” Armaan said and everyone laughed.

Rahul look at Armaan and they laughed because that was the most common scene.

“Ok, koi baat nhi” Rahul dialed Billy’s number.

“Dad, you told me to bring Ammy back from office but he is just pushing me out of his office” Rahul said.

“No dad, he didn’t said that you called me, I’m on my way” Armaan said getting up and they left.

“So there they are, the perfect Sons and perfet Brothers” Nikki voice said “Now lets see the other scenario. Curtain again gets up and Mussooriie scenes were there on back, a girl resembling to Riddhima rushed towards the car when another girl looking like Muskaan came on her way “Two friends who are sisters from heart, Riddhima Gupta and Muskaan Chadha”

“Ridzi,,, hey tu kahi ja rahi hai?” Muskaan stopped her.

“Muski, yar dad nhi hain aaj ghar pe and I’m late, mujhe hospital pahuchna hai” Riddhima said.

“Okay” Muskaan sit inside the car.

“Could you explain this?” Riddhima asked sitting inside.

“Tu mujhe Piya ke ghar pe drop kar rahi hai uske baad hospital jayegi” Muskaan said.

“What????” Riddhima stopped the car.

“Ridzi, hurry up warna uski shadi ho jayegi us ladke se jo uske liye theek nhi hai, he was cheating on her aur use ye baat hi nhi pata, he was just marrying her for the sake of money and I have proof, so just hurry up, drop me there and leave for hospital” Muskaan said.

“Are you sure, you’ll manage my jagga jasoos?” Riddhima asked.

“Anything for friends aur agar tujhe hospital jake project nhi sign karna hota to mai tujhe leke jati ok” Muskaan said.

“Ok” Riddhima replied and they giggled.

Girls also looks at each other and smiled.

“So, they were same, can do anything for friends and family” Nikki’s voice said.

“Now comes the twist in tale” Vansh said.

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