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part 73: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Chalo ab” Billy said and they moved forward towards their car.

Riddhima and Muskaan step out of mansion and bid a heartfelt bye to their families.

“Padamaji, Shwetaji, ham beti leke ja rahe hain, isliye kabhi ye soch k pareshan mat hoiyega ki wo akele hain, aur apka hamesha swagat hai Delhi me jab v apka dil kare” Ananya hugged them and they smile nodding in yes.

Vansh was looking at Riddhima and Muskaan when something strikes his mind.

“Arey Tauji hame abhi Bhaiya log aur Bhabhi log ko ek aur surprise v to dena hai” Vansh said looking at Billy.

“Wo kya?” Shashank asked.

“What say?” Vansh looked at Nikki.

“Tan taa naaa” Nikki and Vansh shouted turning towards a direction.

Everyone looked there.

“OMG” Muskaan was first to exclaimed with happiness and looked at Rahul.

“This is unbelievable” Rahul was shocked.

Armaan was also surprised and Riddhima hold his hand trying to digest the level they were planning everything in the marriage.

“Chale?” Anurag asked.

“Chachu ye……” Armaan stopped not able to say anything.

“Ha bachha, this one is for both of you, ur wedding gift” Anurag said and everyone smiled

“Actually, Armaan aur Rahul ka hamesha se ye dream tha ki ghar me big vanity van hona chahiye with all the facilities along with home like beddings and all, so we thought is se achha kaun sa moment hoga ki ham in dono k dulhano ko is new vanity van me leke ghar jaaye, what say?” Anurag smile and Armaan Rahul hugged him.

“But Chachu, itni jaldi kaise?” Rahul asked.

“Yeah, this brand is very limited coz of its cost and facilities, its next to impossible to buy this so fast chachu” Armaan said.

“Anything for both of you” Billy also joined them.

“Thanku so much Dad, Chachu” Armaan said.

“Actually ye tum dono ko thanku bolne k liye hai aur kuch nhi” Billy said.

“But hame kyu tanku bolna tha?” Rahul asked.

“Hamare ghar me itni achhi bachhiya lane k liye” Billy said and everyone smiled.

“Aur ha ye decoration ka credit mera aur Vansh ka hai ok along with Daljeet Uncle” Nikki tugged in between.

“Ha bhai, bachho ne bahut mehnat ki hai ise decorate karne me aur ise chhupa k rakhne k liye ab tak” Shashank said.

“Thanku” Armaan smiled and Nikki hugged him.

“Chal teri ek party pakki” Rahul pinched her nose.

“Don’t do that Bhai” Nikki whinced.

“Padmaji, muhurt ho gaya hai vidai ka ab ham nikalte hain lekin aap log ko jarur aana hai, Delhi me functions to baki hi hain” Ananya hugged Padma and Shweta.

“Ji bilkul” they smiled.

“Yayyeee,,,, Bhabhi chalo na hame vanity van me jana hai aur maine to apka place v decide kar diya hai aur decorate v kiya hai” Vansh was so excited.

He hold hands of Riddhima and Muskaan and rushed towards the brand new decorated vanity van which was sufficient enough for their family.

“Arey vansh, aaraam se ruk to” Rahul said as he also got dragged along with Muskaan due to their tied knot.

“Arey jaldi chalo na” Vansh shouted without looking behind.

So at last, he enter inside the vanity holding Riddhima and Muskaan’s hand and their other hands were held by Armaan and Rahul.

“Wowww” Riddhima smiled looking inside.

It was so beautiful like a room, everything was settled and arranged properly, two sections were there with soft and comfortable bed like material, mini fridge, mini kitchen, everything they might need.

“This is really awesome” Muskaan was so happy.

“Riddhima Bhabhi aur Muskaan Bhabhi ye aap dono ki jagah” Vansh enter inside the other section and let them sit in decorated place which was almost covered with soft rose petals and bouquet.

“Thanku so much Vansh” Riddhima smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Armaan beta ye knot wala duppatta abhi Riddhima k paas rakho kyunki tumlog idhar rahoge aur Rahul tum v Muskaan k paas rakho.” Ananya said and they nodded handing over it to them.

Soon, everyone come inside and Van start its first ride with family towards home.

Riddhima was smiling looking down on the start of new life with new emotions.

“Dad, Kishan uncle log?” Armaan asked.

“Wo log thodi der pahle hi nikle hain, hamse pahle pahuch jayenge” Billy said.

“Wowww,,,, now this feels like another family pakacage gift” Rahul was so happy with the vanity van and was looking around sitting on the soft leathered chair infront of a big mirror.

“Ha aur ab to ham kitne sare trips kar sakte hain bina tension k” Nikki smiled.

Every one lay comfortably in both section and tried to relax for sometime as everyone was hell busy in marriage functions and specially in hiding the surprise from them.

Soon they drift into sleep as journey was quite long and moreover place was so comfortable that they felt like home.

“Arey Shashank jaldi kariye hame v to nikalna hai na” Padma said looking at them.

“Ha lekin Daljeet ko aane to do pahle” Shashank said.

“Aa gaya bhai, chalo nikalte hain” Daljeet said coming towards them.

“Ha chaliye aur Shweta ne sab samaan dekh liya na achhe se, ham chahte hain ki dono ke chehre pe wo khushi mile jo hamne socha tha” Padma said.

“Don’t worry aisa hi hoga, ab nikalte hain unke aane k pahle sab set v to karna hai” Shweta said.

“Ha bilkul” Padma smiled “Ramu bhaiya, ghar ka dhyan dijiyega” She turned towards the guard and remind him.

“Ji aap jara sa v chinta na kare” he replied and they left.

Anurag get up pretty soon as he had to make some arrangements without making it obvious.

He move towards the driver cabin through a small door so that no one gets up.

He called someone to ask about arrangements and discussed the timing and all.

Armaan and Rahul were sleeping soundly after so many days as they were busy in those evacuation work when doctors get trapped in storm and after that marriage rituals. But now they were content and happy enough to get a relaxed sleep.

“Woww,, ham ghar pahuchne wale hain” Nikki open her eyes and shouted as soon as she registered where they are.

Her voice was enough to wake up others and Anurag who was watching Armaan and Rahul sleeping without worries shook his head on her sudden shout.

Riddhima shrink her eyes and open slowly, all those heavy jewelleries and lehanga was really giving a tough time to her.

Muskaan smile looking around and start her chatting with Nikki as usual and others start assemble things so that they can get down once it stops.

“Finally, ghar pahuch gaye” Rahul said as the vanity van stops in Mallik Mansion’s compound.

“Tum log ruko, jab bolenge tab aana” Ananya stoped the newly married couples and rest of them left.

“Yaar hame kyu rok diya” Rahul said pouting.

“Ja na jake puchh le, ruk kyu gaya yaha pe” Muskaan glared him.

“Mera mann kar raha tha tera sar khane ka isliye” Rahul replied.

“Ha to kha liya na, ja ab” Muskaan made faces.

“Nhi abhi kaha, socha tha kha lu fir yaad aaya isme to kuch hoga hi nhi to kya fayda, by the way I’m vegetarian” Rahul laughed saying that and Riddhima look at them being surprised while Armaan was amused.

“Khotta, tujhe to mai abhi sahi karti hu” Muskaan ran behind him and he ran away.

Since there was a little space to run obviously due to bedding arrangements still she tried to beat him when Rahul hold Armaan standing behind him and Muskaan twirl Riddhima around Armaan to catch Rahul.

In between their fight Muskaan pushed Riddhima a bit and Rahul pushed Armaan which results in Armaan holding Riddhima in his arms glaring them and they giggled.

But their fight start again and Armaan looked at Riddhima who closed her eyes as soon as he hold her, he smile looking down, she was looking somewhat different. May be that was the beauty of marriage which changed his vision also. Her face was looking so angelic, that maangtika, nath, bindi and her hairline filled with sindoor was making her beautiful beyond imagination.

“Arey Muskaan chhod de yaar, sorry sorry sorry” Rahul shouted and Armaan realized their position.

He slightly moved away when Riddhima looked here and there being conscious.

“Kya tum log v bachho ki tarah lad rahe ho, Muskaan leave him Mom aane wali hongi” Armaan said and Riddhima smiled.

“Theek hai Jiju aap bolte hain to chhod deti hu” Muskaan left Rahul’s collar and reverse down her punch which was all prepared to smash Rahul’s face.

“I owe you Ammy, really man” Rahul said and he chuckled.

“Aa jao tum log” Ananya called them.

Armaan forward his hand to which Riddhima slowly kept her hand and Rahul hold Muskaan’s hand tightly to which she pinched him with another hand and glare him to hold it properly, giving in to her Rahul did the same.

They stepped down.

Eveything was deacorated beautifully and lots of guests were waiting for their arrival. Riddhima smile as her eyes fell on the big board hanged at the entrance of Mallik Mansion written “WELCOME BHABHZ” covered all around with flowers.

Muskaan smiled and hold Riddhima’s hand to which she sqeezed slowly.

“Thanku Nikki” They said altogether.

“Idea mera tha lekin aap bas mera naam mat lo warna rucha di aur radhika mujhe chhodenge nhi” Nikki whispered slowly the last part.

“Oh” she mumbled.

“Dekha Bhabhi, hame kitni taiyari karni thi, aap dono ka welcome jo special banana tha” Radhika hugged them and smiled.

“Thanku so much dear” she smiled.

“Aa jao bachho” Ananya called them and they move towards the entrance.

She did their tilak and asked both of them to kick rice bowl and enter inside. Riddhima was feeling so nervous, although she came there earlier, she lived with the family, she knew everyone still all these things were giving a new sensation to her. Armaan slowly squeezed her hand to relax her and she smile slightly nodding at him.

“Aise kaise andar jayenge, Mom abhi to hamari special rasm baki hai” Nikki was over with happiness.

“Wo kya Nikki?” Armaan asked.

“Arey wo ring dhoondhne wali” Nikki smiled.

“Ha yar, chal jaldi kar, ab mai batata hu Muskaan, ring to mujhe hi milegi” Rahul become excited.

“In ur dreams” Muskaan made faces and he chuckled.

“Riddhima beta, idhar baitho aur Muskaan tum yah ape beta” Prerna asked them to sit infornt of Armaan and Rahul and two big bowls filled with milk and rose petals were kept infront of them.
Rucha and Radhika came with two rings and asked them to be focused.

As soon as Rucha put ring in bowl of Rahul and Muskaan they start searching for it and also with their unique tom and jerry fight.

Riddhima smile looking at them and Armaan was all lost in the beauty sitting infront of him as his wife, that was a special moment for Armaan finally thinking about Riddhima as his officially lawfully wedded wife.

“Jaldi khojo na aap log” Vansh clapped being excited.

Rahul look at Muskaan and slowly shift his hand so that she can get the ring, Muskaan noticed this and look at him with a brow raised up but Rahul blink his eyes asking her to go ahead. She smile and bring up the ring.

“Yayyeeee, Muskaan Bhabhi jeet gai, yoooo” Vansh hugged her being excited.

“Koi baat nhi, Bhabhi k aage Rahul bhaiya ki to waise v nhi chalni” Rucha giggled and Muskaan smiled proudly looking at Rahul and he bend his head down accepting his defeat.

Muskaan was all in love with his whole new gestures.

“Ahem Ahem, Armaan Bhaiya shuru kare? Agar aap Bhabhi ko jee bhar k dekh chuke ho to” Radhika snapped back at them and Armaan moved his gaze to other side.

“Shaitani nhi, chalo shuru karo” Ananya slapped her head from behind.

“Dekh le Armaan, Rahul to waise hi haar gaya hai, ab tu v mat haar jana ok” Prerna said.

“No ways chachi” Armaan smiled.

Riddhima looked at him as his mishchievious tone was so much obvious.

Radhika put the ring down and they sowly tried searching for ring while others were hooting for them.

Riddhima was smiling and blushes when his fingers touched her palm, that red colour of her face was giving an enchanting view to Armaan.

He again tried to touch her hand when Rucha coughed from back side.

“Focus Bhaiya, ring pe bhabhi k hath pe nhi” she whispered the last sentence and he smiled showing his dimples.

“Arey abhi nikalo v ring” Vansh was more impatient.

They both take out their hand holding the ring.

“Ab ye kya hai?” Rahul asked.

“Dono ki jeet” Nikki said.

“Ya fir dono ki haar?” Radhika said.

“Ye to aur v achha hai, koi kisi se kam nhi aur dono ek dusre ko same importance denge, kisi ek kin hi dono ki chalegi matlab dono ki jeet hui na” Prerna smiled and Riddhima bend her head down.

“Ha ye to hai” Rucha smiled.

“Ab ek aur rasm baki hai na” Nikki said.

“Ab kaun si rasm?” Armaan looked at her.

“C’mon bro its ur wedding, u will have to do each and every ritual” Rucha patted his shoulder.

“Wahi to kar raha hu” Armaan greeted his teeth as everyone was trying to give him suggestion.

“Chalo batao abhi aur kya baki hai?” Rahul asked.

“Abhi aap dono ko ek dusre k hath pe bandha hua haldi wala dhaga kholna hai wo v ek hath se” Radhika said.

“Kya pagal hai kya?” Rahul looked at her.

“Ji Nhi” she replied with a smiled.

“I doubt” Armaan also look at her.

“Puchh lo aaplog Aunty se” She looked away.

“MOM” they both look at her with helpful eyes and brides were boggled what was that.

“Sorry kid, can’t help, rasm hai karni to padegi hi” Prerna smiled.

“Arey yar” Rahul whined.

“Tujhe har baat me rona kyu rahta hai” Muskaan glared him.

“Chup kar yar, kaise kholenge dhaga ek hath se” he looked at her.

“Try to kar” Muskaan said.

He sighed and start opening the thread.

Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand and she shiver by his touch, that was giving her goosebumbs, all these sudden new things were just spinning her mind.

He slowly hold a thread and look at Riddhima, she smiled and loosen that thread preparing enough loop to release the end. Armaan smile as they open the thread from Riddhima’s hand and altogether they tried to relase it from Armaan’s hand. Soon they completed the task and smile looking at each other.

“Yar tu isko pakad na, usko chhod” Rahul said.

“Nhi tu sahi se nahi pakad raha hai dhaga” Muskaan glared him.

“Arey lekin,,,,,” he said but stopped by the voice of Ananya.

“Bilkul yahi chahiye rishte me, dono ka pura sath, Rahul Muskaan agar sath me karoge to kaam kam time me achhe se ho jayega, akele akele thodi mushkil to hogi, dekho Armaan Riddhima ne sath me try kiya aur ho gaya, tum dono v try kar k dekho” Ananya smiled.
Muskaan nodded and tried together and it was done within a minute.

“WOW, That was easy” Muskaan exclaimed.

“Hmm, ab ye baat dhayn rakhna” Prerna said and they nodded.

“Mom, are we done for now?” Armaan asked looking at Riddhima who was really tired by all those heavy dresses and jewelleries.

“Ha beta it’s done, abhi aap log guest room me jaiye kyunki aap dono ka room abhi book hai guests ki wajah se” Ananya stammers while saying.

“What hamare room me guest aur guest room me ham, ye kya hai mom?” Rahul asked.

“Abhi k liye to yahi hai, chalo jao jaldi se room me” Anaya glared and he get up to leave.

Soon they retired to the guest room.

Anaya kept Riddhima’s dresses and necessary thing in guest room and they same for Muskaan in other guest room.

She enter inside holding the hand of Armaan and smile as he make space for her to sit comfortably.

“Armaan, I’m fine” she smiled.

“Pakka na?” he asked cutely.

“Hmm” she nodded.

“Achha listen, go change ur dress first” he said.

Someone knocked on the door and she get up to open but Armaan opened the door before her.

Prerna came inside with some snacks and tea.

“Arey Chachi, apne kyu,,,,,” Riddhima tried to hold the tray.

“Riddhima beta change ur dress and be in some comfortable clothes, there is no rasm till evening so u can take rest for sometime ok. After that we’ll go for reception so take rest for some time both of you, and have something before sleeping.” She said and left kissing her forehead.

She looked at Armaan who was smiling “Told you”

Riddhima open the cupboard and take out a simple saaree and went to change her lehanga.

Soon she came out getting fresh and feeling relaxed. Armaan went inside to get fresh giving her time to be comfortable.

Riddhima was wearing her magalsutra when Armaan came back and hold her hand, she shiver slightly and he hooked up her magalsutra and looked at her face. She was smiling slightly, Armaan controlled his emotions and restrict himself from doing anything which might make her uncomfortable.

“Chai?” he asked.

“Hmm” she nodded.

Soon they had their tea, since she was not feeling like eating anything but Armaan was there for that, she had to take few biscuits and they lay down.

Looking at each other, Armaan was observing her beautiful face, devoid of any make up , just a little bit lipgloss and sindoor. She was looking out of the world in that simple red saare.

“Kya hua?” he asked holding her hand which was kept on pillow.

“Kuch nhi” she replied bending her eye lashes down.

“Riddhima” he called her.

“Hmm” she looked back at him.

“You know you can talk to me about anything na?” Armaan said.

“Pata nhi bas sab kuch bahut naya naya sa lag raha hai, thoda different sa” she sighed.

“Bas itni si baat, arey ab aap Mrs. Armaan Mallik ban gai hain to thoda different to lagega hi na” he said and she smiled shyly “But Trust me Riddhima, kuch v nhi badlega, sab kuch waisa hi rahega jaisa pahle tha, ham sab, hmm” She nodded knowing he was saying the truth.

“Chale ab thodi der so jaye, warna shaam me fir jagna padega aur main hi chahta ki meri biwi itni jaldi bemaar pad jaye” he smiled.

That was also new for Armaan , he was not understanding his emotions, his feelings being near Riddhima, as his wife his heart was not giving him chance to beat normally it was raised up from the moment they entered inside the room alone. But here beyong everything else he need to sooth Riddhima first.

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