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part 74: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

Chalo, intezar khatam karte hain tum dono ka” Anurag smiled.

They smiled as soon as he said those words and turn towards the direction he was looking for.

“Armaan Rahul, idhar aana beta” Before they could see their respective wives, billy called them out of somewhere.

Anurag giggled and they left sighing.

“Ji Dad” Armaan look at him because crowd was so much for him to block Riddhima.

“Beta, meet Mr. Sighaniya, he specially came from New York to attend your reception” Billy smiled.

“Thanku Mr, Sighaniya, it’s so nice of you” Armaan smiled as he was distracted towards his business deligates.

In mean time Rahul sneak out to meet Muskaan as he can’t be so professional and serious like Armaan.

“Muskaan, tu to bahut sundar lag rahi hai,,,,,, tu meri wali hi hai na?” he asked looking at her.

“Nhi kisi dusre planet se aai hu, tujhe meri language v nhi samajh me aayegi” she rolled her eyes and everyone giggles.

“Very funny, teri language mai to samajh hi sakta hu, by the way ye dress meri choice ki hai isliye itni achhi lag rahi hai” Rahul winked at her.

She blushed for a moment then resume back her tone.

“Teri choice ki hai, tu leke nhi aaya hai ok, so don’t flater yourself” Muskaan said with a big fake smile.

“Ha to bataya kisne tha” Rahul argued.

“Laya kaun tha?” she retort.

“Arey mujhe time nhi mila na” he insisted.

“To usme mai kya karu?” Muskaan was obvious.

“Arey yar,,,, hold on guys,,,,,, please,,,,, Muskaan Bhabhi ye apke liye Rahul bhaiya ne choose kiya tha, hamne is liye liya kyunki aap me se kisi ko nhi pata tha ki aap dono ki shadi hone wali hai. So ultimately it was your choice selected by Rahul bhaiya for you and bought by us,,,,, isme sabka pyar hai” Nikki tried to handle the situation.

“Wo mujhe pata hai Nik’s tu tension na le, bada time ho gaya tha is se lade hue isliye kuch mile nhi to yahi sahi” Muskaan winked at her and she shook her head in disbelief.

“Muskaan ki bachhi tujhe na mai” Rahul was also surprised that she was just arguing back randomly.

“Muskaan, control beta,,,,, aaj aap apne hi reception me khadi hain so please hold on ur ladai wala mood for him, and display it to him later on” Riddhima greeted her teeth and tried to put some sense into her mind so that she won’t create a scene.

“Sorry yar, pata nhi chala ki jyada hone wala tha” Muskaan murmured.

“Bas ha abhi bas,,,,,” Riddhima patted her back.

“Rahul, itni der se wait kar rahe the Muskaan ka, ab achhe se baatein kar lo” Riddhima shove Muskaan towards him and he smiled.

“Bhabhi sirf mai hi nhi, koi aur v intezaar kar raha hai wo v apka, ye alag baat hai ki mai bhaag aaya aur wo fas gaya business associates k sath” Rahul said and everyone giggles while Riddhima blushed.

“Hayyeee,,,,, ye blush” Rucha Radhika and Nikki said together and she rolled her eyes looking somewhere else.

Congratulations young man,,,, you will surely rule the business world as you have a potential to handle an empire” One of the businessman beamed with happiness while talking to Armaan.

“Thanku” Armaan smiled.

Soon they were meeting other business associates and as if their prayers were heard by God, they were called on stage when Billy took the mike.

Billy called Riddhima and Muskaan to join them and that was the moment when Armaan got to see Riddhima.

His mind almost stopped at that particular time, every other thing just freeze out and his eyes were stucked on Riddhima. She was wearing the most beautiful gown he was planning to get for Riddhima, infact he almost selected it from catalogue and after that he left for the camp with Rahul, how could she get the same one. It means someone sneaked into his room and got that design as it was kept on table only, Gosh,,, Armaan kya karta hai tu v, aise kaun special cheej ko bhoolta hai table pe, Waise achha hi hua na kyunki special occasion pe Riddhima ne wo special dress pahni hai. He smiled broadly blinked his eyes trying to absorb the beauty of his wife who was walking towards him step by step.

Her minimal make up, beautiful jewelleries, her eyes, her lips which was curved into a shy smile, her bend eye holding lots of love for him along with the shyness,,,,, He was so in love with his WIFE.

Riddhima and Muskaan reached upto stage, Rahul gave his hand for Muskaan and she came up holding it while Armaan was still lost with a goofy smile on his face.

Rahul nudged him by his elbow to bring him back to the real world.

Armaan look around and found everyone was watching him with amused expression while Riddhima was shyly looking downwards coz of his reaction.

“Sorry” he mubled and forward his hand.

Riddhima slowly placed her hand over his palm and came on stage.

“So guys, I’m really very happy to say that my both son got married with the most beautiful ladies of the world, and I’m so pround of them. I can’t invite you all in the marriage ceremony as it was held in Mussorrie that’s why this party if for celebrating the new phase of my children, please give your blessings to the newly weds” Billy said and everyone clapped.

Armaan squeezed Riddhima’s hand and she shift her gaze towards him, he just winked at her making her blush, she looks away when he again squeezed her hand.

“Armaan, kya kar rahe hain aap?” She looked at him with a questioned expression.

“I can’t get enough of you, I’m really surprised that you are wearing the same gown” he smiled.

She smiled softly knowing how much he adore her.

“Thanku” she said.

“Kyu?” he asked.

“For the beautiful dress” she smiled looking at him.

“Thanku for making it more beautiful” he sighed with a goofy smile.

“Armaan kya hua hai apko?” she shook her head not knowing why he was reacting like that.

“It’s all your fault, you are doing all these things to me” he whispered.

“I’m not doing anything” she also whispered.

“Haa, tumhe kaise pata hoga, feel to mujhe hota hai na” he pouted and she smiled looking at him.

Soon some guest came and congratulate them then move towards Rahul and Muskaan who were busy in their own banter.

Girls also join them and asked for a couple dance, they literally dragged Armaan Riddhima and Rahul Muskaan on dance floor.

Nikki shouted looking towards the DJ and he played the song.

Armaan holds Riddhima’s hand while Rahul holds Muskaan’s hand, as the music start they smile looking at each other.

Armaan slowly sway Riddhima in his arms looking at her face and she was blushing fixing her gaze on his chest so that she don’t have to see his dancing eyes.

Bulaave tujhe yaariya jo meri galiyan
Basaoon tere sang main alag duniya

Na aaye kabhi donon mein zara bhi fasle
Bass ek tu ho, ek main hu aur koi na
Hai mera sab kuch tera tu samajh le
Tu chahe mere hak ki zamin rakh le
Tu saason pe bhi naam tera likh de
Main jiyoon jab-jab tera dil dhadke

Rahul twirl Muskaan and hold her hand while sways on the rhythm, they both were happily dancing out of excitement and happiness, just like the way they are.

Jis-se mera ye jee nahi bharta
Kuch bhi nahi assar ab karta
Meri raah tujhse, meri chah tujhse
Mujhe bass yahi reh jana

Hai tu hi dil jaan hai meri abb se
Na zikar tera na jaye mere lab se
Bulaave tujhe yaar aaj meri galiyan
Basaoon tere sang main alag duniya

Armaan make Riddhima look at him while placing a finger below her chin, his eyes were conveying so much to her and she just blink her eyes accepting everything they were talking without words.

Jo hove tu dass mujhe dekhe hans ke
Tu chahe mere hak ki zamin rakh le
Tu saason pe bhi naam tera likh de
Main jiyoon jab-jab tera dil dhadke

They stop when everybody clapped so hard and looked around with a smile.

Armaan was tugging his hand over Riddhima’s and didn’t allowed her to leave his side. After that every other couple of family join the floor and danced happily along with Billy Ananya, Shashank Padma, Anurag Prerna, Daljeet Shweta, Rucha Rohan, Nikhil Radhika, and Nikki Vansh were also dancing happily.

Armaan was standing in a side watching them and a broad smile play on his lips.

He looked at Riddhima who was so happy looking at the family and he just hooked his little finger with her little finger and slowly rubbed her skin with his thumb.

Riddhima’s smile stop on the sudden intervention of Armaan’s act and she looked at him, he smiled as if he was doing nothing.

Riddhima raised her brows up asking him to stop while he asked what happened.

She tried to release her finger but his hold was tight and it was Armaan Mallik to whom she was messing with, he won’t take no for this thing and she was sure about it thus sighing away she stopped her struggle and looks back at the stage.

Armaan was slightly entering in Majnu Mallik mode which was new for him also, but he can’t do anything in that, he can’t help himself it was just automatically occurring to him.

Reception party was amazing in totally Mallik’s style. After the party, Riddhima and Muskaan met their parents and they were emotional as they will leave for Mussoorie. Padma maintained the expression and didn’t reveal the secret which was only in between the elders.

“Mom, please aap apna khyal rakhiyega and kuch v ho to please mujhe inform karna” Riddhima said holding her hands.

“Ha baba, pakka, ab rona band karo tum dono aur ghar jao” Shweta said hugging them.

“Aap log v hamare sath chaliye na” Armaan said.

“Nhi beta, abhi thoda kaam hai use sahi kar k fir ham niklenge” Shashank said and he nodded.

“Tab tak aap log ghar k liye nikaliye, baki sab baad me aayenge” Anurag said and they nodded.

“Armaan bhaiya aur Rahul bhaiya aap log ko agar nhi jana hai to aap v Dad k sath aaiyega” Nikki said.

“Nhi ham v chal rahe hain” Rahul said instantly.

Everybody laughed on his reaction.

“Ha bilkul chaliye” Prerna also teased him.

Soon they left the venue along with girls and Ananya, Prerna, Anurag, Billy and Riddhima’s parents start discussing some matter which was unkown to all.

In car, Nikki received a message and looks around, she was searching for something when smile geeting the idea.

“Bhaiya please stop the car” Nikki said.

“Arey lekin kyu?” Armaan asked.

“Mujhe ice cream khani hai” she said.

“C’mon Nikki, abhi reception party me itni sari ice creams this waha pe nhi khai kya” Rahul said.

“Nhi mujhe abhi khani hai, Rucha di, apko v khani hai na” Nikki look at them and requested to say yes through eyes.

“H,,,Ha hame v khani hai ice cream aur Riddhima Muskaan ko v khilayenge Delhi me raat wali ice cream” Prerna also got a message thus start asking.

Riddhima and Muskaan looked at them being boggled.

“ye sabko kya ho gaya hai achanak se” Armaan said.

“Please bhaiya, I also want ice cream” Vansh said as they were insisting so much.

“Ok stop it, ham leke aate hain” Armaan said and went outside with Rahul to get ice cream.

“Kya hua aaplog ko?” Riddhima asked.

“Arey Riddhima just try this, you’ll love it” Prerna said.

“Mujhe to lagta tha mai hi aisi harkatein karti hu, achha hua I got company now” Muskaan chuckled.

Soon they return back with lots of ice cream and everyone had it, sitting in a park.

“Waah, kya maja aa gaya na aaj, reception se wapas aake itna late ham park me baith k ice cream kha rahe hain” Rucha said.

“Ha ye sach me unique hai” Radhika said.

“Ha to hamare do unique namune bhaiyo ki shadi ka reception hai kuch to alag hoga hi” Nikki laughed and Armaan Rahul hit her head playfully from both side to which she mumble sorry.

Riddhima was smiling looking at the bonding, she knew that Armaan and Rahul loves Nikki more than anything in the world.

She was so lost in them and didn’t noticed that Armaan’s focus was shifted to Riddhima and he was watching how she was smiling whole heartedly on something Rucha said. Her hairs were flowing due to wind, some strands were covering her eyes and she frowns while removing them again looks at Rucha listening to whatever she was saying.

Armaan was feeling so happy to see her infront of him, as his wife and he was feeling out of the world. He actually saw her sitting beside him after sometime and she hold his hand and interwinged her fingures with him and he smiled looking at her. She whispers “I LOVE YOU” in his ear and Armaan smile showing his dimple and Riddhima touched it with her fingers, that touch of her skin brings a sensation in his body or maybe he was feeling so much for her at that moment.

She blink her eyes and blew some air on his face and came a bit closer, he can feel her soft breath near him and closed his eyes. His hand automatically holds her waist when she came closer.

Armaan looks at her when she tried to shift away, he nodded in NO and start singing,,,,,,,,

Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi
Ishq Mazhab, Ishq Meri Zaat Ban Gayi
Paaya Maine, Paaya Tumhein, Rab Ne Milaya Tumhein,
Honthon Pe Sajaya Tumhein, Yaadon Mein Sajaya Tumhein
Paaya Maine, Paaya Tumhein, Sab Se Chupaya Tumhein,
Sapna Banaya Tumhein, Neendhon Mein Bulaya Tumhein

Riddhima leaned a bit towards him and sing,,,,,

Ho Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi
Sapne Teri Chahaton Ke, Sapne Teri Chahaton Ke
Dekhti Hoon Ab kayi
Din Hai Sona Aur Chaandi Raat Ban Gayi
Hoo Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi
Paaya Maine, Paaya Tumhein, Rab Ne Milaya Tumhein,
Honthon Pe Sajaya Tumhein, Yaadon Mein Sajaya Tumhein
Paaya Maine, Paaya Tumhein, Sab Se Chupaya Tumhein,
Sapna Banaya Tumhein, Neendhon Mein Bulaya Tumhein..

Riddhima looks into his eyes with lots of love and he leaned closer towards her.

Rahul laughed on something which Muskaan said and he open his eyes, there was no one beside him, Riddhima was sitting on the place where she was sitting earlier. He looks around and found nothing, Riddhima looked at him when he was looking here and there and asked him what happened through eyes. He nodded in NO and ruffled his hairs while smiling about the dream which was so beautiful.

Armaan just get up and walked a bit realizing that he was dreaming about even though she was sitting just a few steps beside him. What game those eyes were playing in his life in which extent he was dumbfolded by the realisiation that hit his mind.

“Control Armaan Mallik, she is your wife now and you are still fascinating the things man,,,,, kya ho raha hai tujhe” Armaan murmured to himself.

“Can I HELP AMMY?” Rahul came from behind.

“Un?? Na,,,, its nothing,,,,, ho gayi ice cream party?” he asked looking towards his backside.

“Tujhe to pata hai na, ye girls I don’t know baatein kyu nhi khatam hoti inki” Rahul said.

“Aur thodi der pahle aap khud hi involve the un baato me” Armaan teased him.

“Ha to wo to bas isliye kyunki,,,,,, I was just you know” Rahul stammered then shrugged his shoulders to ignore.

“Yeah, Mr. Rahul Mallik, I know you very well” Armaan showed his fake smile and he laughed.

“Arey yar, chhodo na, waise mujhe doubt ho raha hai” Rahul said.

“For God sake Rahul, stop being overthinker, at least not for now, ye apna advocate wala mind thode time k liye pocket me rakh de” Armaan said.

“Ok Done” he smiled.

“Chalein girls?” Armaan looked at them.

He passed his gaze through everyone and stopped looking at Riddhima, who bend her eyes down as soon as their gaze met.

“Ahem, ahem,,,,, Jiju, if you wish ham thodi der aur ruk sakte hain” Muksaan said.

“Ha so that tu Bhabhi ko aur ghoor le” Rahul said and Armaan ran behind him to beat the hell out of him.

Everytime he teases him infront of Riddhima and he can’t even hold back the smile on the name of her, still he do the same.

“Ruk ja tu aaj” Armaan ran behind him.

“Arey aaj to chhod de yar,,,, achha sorry sorry,,,, ab nhi bolunga” Rahul said as soon as Armaan hold him.

“Nhi beta, bol le tu, jyada hi bolna hota hai tujhe” He glared him.

“Sorry Bro,,,, pakka nhi bolunga” Rahul said and he loosen his hold over him “But sirf thodi der k liye” Rahul said and ran towards the car.

Armaan shook his head and looks at Riddhima who was smiling shyly looking at both of them.

Prerna got a message and turn towards them.

“Chalein bachho, kafi late ho gaya hai” she said.

“Ok Mom” Nikki smiled.

“Lets go” Armaan mumrued and followed them from behind.

He hold Riddhima’s little finger as she was moving infront of him and Riddhima stopped being shocked by the tug.

“Armaan, kya kar rahe aap, chhodiye” she whisper without turning behind.

“I love you” he whisper almost in her ear and move forward while she stopped on his sudden confession.

She looked at his back when he moved towards the car holding surprise in her eyes, Armaan turn back slowly and winked at her to bring her back in reality.

“Riddhima kya hua?” Prerna asked.

“K,,,,,kuch nhi Chachi” she stammers and move towards them.

Soon the drive back towards Mallik Mansion with lots of masti.

Girls were really enjoying a lot,,,, this whole wedding was a treat to them, to plan everything for Armaan, Rahul, Riddhima and Muskaan. To hold back the surprises, capturing their surprised looks on every function, everything was just like dream.

“Arey Mom, Dad, log aa gaye kya hamse pahle?” Rahul murmured.

“Seems like that” Armaan also said, halting the car in front porch.

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