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part 75: Haatho Ki Lakeeron mein

“Arey Mom, Dad, log aa gaye kya hamse pahle?” Rahul murmured.

“Seems like that” Armaan also said, halting the car in front porch.

“Arey wow,,,, yaha pe abhi v decoration hai” Muskaan said coming out of car.

“Ya but ye different hai pahle se” Riddhima noticed.

“Ha yarr,,,, Chachi aaj kuch hai kya?” Muskaan asked Prerna.

“N,,,,,nhi to,,, aj to kuch v nhi hai” She replied.

Armaan and Rahul was standing taking support of car and crooked his brows up looking towards the girls as if asking what’s going on.

“Aap hame kyu aise dekh rahe ho, hamne kuch nhi kiya” Nikki murmured.

“Maine kuch bola?” Armaan asked.

“Shakal toaise hi bna rahe ho” Rucha giggled.

“Agar kuch hai to batao na” Muskaan asked being excited.

“Arey nhi,,,, waise v sare functions to over ho gaye hain na” Radhika said.

“Ha wo v hai” Muskaan murmured.

“To chalein ham” Rahul sighed.

“Ha bilkul” Prerna smiled.

Prerna hold others and Armaan Riddhima and Rahul Muskaan enter inside at the same time.

“Ye itna andhera kyu hai” Muskaan said.

Suddenly a flash light falls on them and they closed their eyes.

Another flash ligh fall on Billy who was standing on staircase which was also decorated with lots of flowers and dim lights.

Aap Ke Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum

A flash light fall on Anurag who seems to stand beside them but they observe when flash light fall on him.

Aap Ke Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum

Prerna Ananya along with Rucha, Radhika, Nikki and Vansh form a circle around them while singing.

Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve

Armaan and Rahul looks towards Riddhima and Muskaan then hold their hand as families were signing them and start singing.

Kitni Suni Suni Thi Woh Meri Raate
Kitne Sune Sune The Din
Kaise Main Bataaun Kaise Hai Gujare Maine Woh Judaai Ke Din
Tere Laut Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai

Ananya kissed forehead of Riddhima and Muskaan.

Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve

Muskaan hold Rahul’s hand and dance in center while Riddhima and Rahul hugged her from side.

Tune Jo Bulaya Main To Chali Aayi Khoyi Zindagi Mil Gayi
Aisa Lagta Hai Saathi Tujhe Paake Mujhko Har Khushi Mil Gayi
Faasle Mitane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve

Ananya hold Billy’s hand as she look towards her family and they smiled together.

Aankhon Mein Khushi Ke Aansoo Bhar Aaye Roke Na Ruke Beh Gaye
Bolo Main Kya Bolu Kehna Jo Mujhe Tha Aansoo Mere Woh Keh Gaye
Dekho Muskurane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum

Prerna and Anurag sing while dancing and gather everyone around the newly wed couple.

Aap Ke Aane Se Ghar Mein Kitni Ronak Hai
Aap Ko Dekhen Kabhi Apne Ghar Ko Dekhen Hum
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve
Hum Khush Huve Hum Kush Huve Hum Kush Huve

Everyone clapped as the song end and hugged them happily.

“This is was an amzing welcome” Muskaan was all chirrupy.

“Yup, this really feels like family” Riddhims smile as Vansh hugged her from side.

“ Yes Bhabhz, and that was our family special” Nikki smiled.

“Thanku so much beta, both of you, for coming into our family, for completing us” Ananya smile and look towards Riddhima and Muskaan.

Eveyone was so happy for them.

“Ab ham dusra surprise kab denge?” Vansh said.

“Abhi aur v hai?” Muskaan asked.

“Ha wo apka r,,,,,,” Vansh was going to disclose when Nikki kept her palm over his mouth and stopped.

“Wo to bas aise hi bad bad karta hai, apko to pata hi hai na” Nikki said controlling the situation some how.

“Okiess,, everybody, after formal celebration we are here to enjoy some informal one” Rucha said and Armaan looked towards her.

She clapped her hand and maid bring two cakes for Armaan Riddhima and Rahul Muskaan.

“Woww,,,, another cake” Muskaan squealed with happiness.

Armaan smiled shaking his head and look towards Riddhima with smile.

“Chaliye hamare tom and jerry couple and shy couple cake cut kariye” Prerna smile looking towards them.

Rahul and Muskaan came forward near the cake where their name was written on the cake.

“Arey aap v aaiye, aap dono ki v shadi hui hai” Radhika bring Armaan Riddhima infront.

“Ha kitna sharmate hain ye dono, ab to shadi v ho gai hai” Ananya said.

“Wahi to, ab to thoda normal couples jaisa behave karo” Prerna chuckled on them.

they cut the cake and feed each other.

“Achha ab aur pareshan mat karo in log ko, bahut late ho gaya hai, let them sleep” Billy said and left the hall.

“Ha kyu nhi, jaiye” Radhika smirked.

“Thanku” Armaan glared her and move towards guest room.

“Ek minute, ek din k liye guest room diya tha, roj roj k liye nhi, apne room me jaiye dono” Rucha stopped him.

Armaan and Rahul towards each other and then towards them.

“Kya chal rha hai jara hame v bata do” Rahul asked.

“Kuch nhi, bas aap log apne room me jaiye ab lekin….” Radhika said but stopped.

“Lekin?” Armaan and Rahul asked together.

“Apko totally Mallik style me jana padega, Bhabhi ko utha k le jana hoga apke room me” Nikki said.

“Wow,,,, maja aayega” Vansh clapped happily.

Armaan look towards Riddhima who was looking down shyly and being nervous while Muskaan was smiling looking at Rahul.

“theek hai” Rahul came and scooped Muskaan in his arms and they hooted for him.

“Armaan bhaiya apko v permission mili hai, so please” Nikki blinked her eyes hard showing her too sweet gesture to Armaan to which he rolled his eyes.

“Chalo Armaan” Prerna also said.

Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand and she look at him being surprised.

“Oye hoyee” Nikki, Rucha and Radhika said together.

Armaan lift her up in bridal style and move towards their room.

But before he can open the room, the girls gang hold him at the door rushing infront of him.

“Ab kya hua?” he asked.

“Room me jana hai?” Radhika asked.

“Obviously” he said.

“To pahle hame neg do” Rucha raised her palm infront of him.

“What??” he look at her being surprised.

“Ha to aur nhi to kya, neg do warna room me entry nhi milegi” Radhika said along with Vansh, standing infront of Rahul’s room while Rucha and Nikki was standing in front of Armaan’s room.

Armaan’s room was beside Rahul’s so they look at each other being exhaust now.

“Radhika, Vansh, ye sab kal kar lena” Rahul said.

“To theek hai, aap v room me kal jana” Vansh said.

“Nhiiii,,,, arey ruko ruko, deta hu na neg” Rahul said and gave them money.

“Yayyyeee” they jumped happily.

“Chaliye Armaan bhaiya ab apki bari” Rucha looked at him.

“Tum log manoge nhi?” he looked at them.

“Bilkul v nhi” they said together.

“To theek hai, mai guest room me wapas chala jata hu” he turn to go when Riddhima hold his hand.

He looked at him and she blinked her eyes.

“Armaan, kyu pareshan kar raha hai un log ko, de de neg warna khada rakhenge tujhe puri wahi pe” Ananya came from behind.

“Ok Mom” he said and hand over money to them.

“Ab aap aa sakte hain” they smiled.

Armaan hold Riddhima’s hand and they enter in room together. She was too shy to observe the room as sweet smell of candles and flowers were indicating that it was decorated for them.

“Guys, are u sure ham mere hi room me aaye hain” Armaan asked.

“Ha ji, bilkul ye apka hi room hai,,,,, sorry aap dono ka, jaisa ki aap ko chahiye tha do din k andar, bas decoration hamne ki hai aap dono k liye” Rucha smiled.

Riddhima was feeling too shy to look around the room, Armaan squeezed her hand still her gaze was fixed down.

“Bhabhi ab aap rest karo, ham jate hain ek baar Muskaan bhabhi se mil k” Nikki hugged her and she smiled.

“Arey wow,,,, ye kitna sundar hai” Muskaan smiled looking at the room.

“Hai na, hamne apki suhagrat k liye decorate kiya hai, aisa in logo ne bola” Vansh said and Muskaan looked at him being shocked while Rahul turn to other side and Radhika coughed looking towards him.

“Kya hua?” he asked innocently.

“Kuch nhi” she replied.

“Vansh, ham neeche chale beta, Mom bula rahi hai” Nikki greeted her teeth standing at the door and he nodded.

“Ok, bhaiya bhabhi, good night” he said and left.

Muskaan was looking here and there, not getting what to do,,,, that single word shut her mouth up,,,,, all her chattering goes down her throat and she was feeling nervous all of sudden.

“Umm,,, Muskaan tu,,,,,,” Rahul turned to say when he saw her standing near the window breathing the cool air.

He smile and move towards her, he hugged her from behind and she smiled being nervous.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Muskaan Rahul Mallik” he whisper in her ear and she smiled.

Muskaan turn towards him and hugged him.

“Tujhe pata hai aaj mai bahut khush hu” he smiled.

“Kyu?” she asked.

“Kyunki ab tu mere paas hai,,,, ab mujhe phone pe ladai nhi karni padegi” Rahul said and Muskaan look at him beng surprised.

“Rahul, tujhe to mai,,,,,” she ran behind him and he ran away.

Both were running here and there in room and Muskaan was throwing all the flowers, pillow whatever she was getting.

Her foot stumble a bit and she was abaout to fall when Rahul hold him and they both fell down on bed.

They look at each other and laugh.

“Ladai paas rah k karunga to tu aise hi meri baaho me aa jayegi, phone pe ye cheej possible nhi thi” Rahul whisper in her ear and she turns crimson red.

He forward his hand to switch off the light taking her into the world of love, marking her soul as his.

Armaan closed the door as soon as they left and sighed looking back.

Riddhima was rubbing her hands nervously and Armaan smile, knowing that she was nervous.

He smiled at her and hold her hand.

Riddhima look at him being surprised.

“Kya hua?” he asked.

She nodded in NO.

“Nervous?” he asked.

She nodded in YES.

“Mai v” he looked directly into her eyes and she smile knowing he was trying to calm her down.

“Achha, wo sab chhodo, pahle ye batao room kaisa laga?” he asked.

Now Riddhima realized she didn’t paas a look through out the room, it was different from the last time. Everything was so beautiful, their picture on the wall, bed, pillow, curtains everything was same as her room. She turned around forgetting about Armaan, there was a walkin closet which was covered with her dresses and her stuffs were placed already there. Her eyes fall on side table and she literally felt shocked, her palm went up to her face to digest the fact.

She turn towards Armaan who smiled showing his dimples, it was same as she kept at her home, same family tree where she placed everybody’s picture and almost everything she thought she left at her home, everything was newly placed in Armaan’s,,,,,,,, nope,,,,,, THEIR’S ROOM.

Riddhima was so overwhelmed with emotions and she rushed towards Armaan hugging him at once. Armaan closed his eyes, feeling her in his embrace after so sooooo long time, he was literally yearning for her presence in his arms and finally she willingly came to him. He felt happy as he did something for her which she liked.

“Thanku Armaan” she whispered.

“Kisliye?” he asked although he knew the answer yet.

“Apne mere liye itna kuch kiya,,,,, Thanku so much,,,, meri life me aane k liye, use itna sundar banana k liye” she smiled looking at him.

“Wo to mujhe kahna chahiye,,,, meri life mere sapne se v jyada sundar hai” Armaan whisper and she smile looking away.

“Oye hoye,,,” he whisper and she turns more red in his arms.

Riddhima saw moon light coming in room and she move towards the balcony. As soon as she open it, she was surprised to see the painting canvas and colours, flowers on whole railing and cosy bean bags she smiled again then look towards the moon.

“Apko pata hai na ki mai bahut khush hu, thanku meri har wish puri karne k liye” Riddhima whisper slowly looking at the moon.

“Meri v” Armaan hugged her from behind and kept his chin over her shoulder looking at the moon.

“Raato me mere sath tumhe yaad karne k liye, tumhare liye mere dil ki har baat sun ne k liye, tum meri ho ye ehsas dilane k liye,,,,,,, har us cheej k liye jo maine realize ki jab tum meri life me aai” he slowly kissed her head from behind and she smiled.

They were standing there for some time looking at the moon, without talking just being happy with each other, they literally need time to feel that they were married, that surprise marriage really hitted hard into their head.

“Are we really married?” he asked suddenly.

“Bilkul, ye dekhiye” Riddhima smile showing him her mangalsutra and sindoor.

Armaan kissed her forehead feeling so happy as she was happy.

She shivers a little in cold outside so Armaan scooped her up and bring into the room. Closing the door of balcony he moved towards her.

He interwinged his fingers with her and kissed them slowly making Riddhima shy and shiver at the same time.

He noticed a rash near her wrist and become worried for her.

“Riddhima ye.,,,,,,” he remove those hard bangles from her hand and make her sit on bed.

“Armaan, it’s fine” she said.

“Ek minute” he picked up a talc and slowly rubbed it on her wrist.

“Riddhima, ummm,,,,, it all might be so heavy for u, is se pahle ki aur rashes ho I think u should change it” Armaan said.

Riddhima look at him and concern for her in his eyes was much more than any other emotion, all those suhagraat feels was kept in side as soon as he noticed the rashes on her hand.

“Riddhima, baby please, either u do it or let me help to remove it,,,, kitna heavy necklace hai aur ye sab agar aur kuch,,,,,,,” Armaan was being worried.

“Shushh,,,, mai theek hu,,, and I’ll change, aap pareshan mat ho” Riddhima said keeping her palm over his lips to stop him.

“Thanks,,,, “ he kissed her palm and suddenly she felt warm by his touch.

“Umm,,, mera bag” she looks around.

“Tumhara sara samaan set karwa diya hai,,, closet me hai” He whisper.

Riddhima went towards the closet and Armaan follows her.

“Here” he pointed and she smiled.

Although her heart was beating much more louder and faster than ever in her life but she was trying to compose herself.

She was fiddling over her dresses to get something to wear for the night but all she was getting new saares and other suits.

“Ye night dress ka packet kaha rakh diya Muskaan ne, samaan usne hi rakha tha mera jabarjasti” she murmured looking around.

“May be idhar kahi rakha ho” Armaan said “ye to nhi hai”.

Armaan tried to help her when their hand touch few packets and they fell down.

Riddhima looked at the packet being confused but her eyes popped out being shocked when images on the packet got her attention. Armaan was also shocked to see that and he can’t react at that moment.

“Muskaan” she greeted her teeth enough to let Armaan hear it and he was amused by her reaction but composed himself as soon as Riddhima open her eyes.

“Can I say, I want you to come back soon, so that I can check whether u get any more rashes or not” Armaan whisper in her ear and she felt like goosebumps arising all over her body.

She hurriedly stuffed the packets inside and picking some random packet she rushed towards washroom.

Armaan was left ashtonished in the closet, he knew whatever he saw in picture of night dress, Riddhima would be making it much more prettier but the thought of Riddhima in that dress makes the air heavier than ever.

He tried to compose himself for few seconds and then changed into his own night suit and came back to the room. Riddhima was still inside the washroom.

She was blushing like anything when Armaan saw those dresses.

“Kya soch rahe honge Armaan v, ye Muskaan ki bachhi ne mere sare night dress hata k ye rakh diya hai, ab mai ise pehan k kaise jau Armaan k samne, mujhe khud ko kitni sharam aa rahi hai” Riddhima murmured looking at the dress.

Although it was a knee length night dress, slight loose from down but it was a bridal one, giving pretty look to impress her husband. But Riddhima was all covered with thoughts of shyness and not able to move a bit in that dress.

“Isko kuch v samajh me nhi aata, bola tha meri packing mujhe karne do lekin nhi, ab mai kaise jau ye pehan k bahar” Riddhima looked upward as if asking to god what to do now.

Armaan looks around and smile as it was a perfect suhaagraat decoration anyone can ever have.

He sit on the bed taking support of bed post holding a pillow to himself when the door knob open.

His hand left the pillow at once and he slight shifted in his position to get up so that he can get clear view of Riddhima and as soon as he saw her, his heart forgot to beat.

He just looked at her and his mouth open slightly, Riddhima on the other hand was nervously looking downward putting her hairs behind her ear which were flying giving her more tempting look.

That red color was looking so ravishing on her that he needed to restrict his act of holding her tightly in his arms and forgetting the world.

He gets up and hold her hand, she was not looking towards him, thus he made her look upwards holding her chin and she get lost into his eyes.

He hold her wasit and they both fell on the bed, Riddhima over Armaan and he rolled her down leaning forward to kiss her hugging her tight into his arms.

He felt something soft in his hand that was not Riddhima for sure thus open his eyes, it was the pillow which he was holding. He looks around searching Riddhima but she was no where, he heard the shower and realize Riddhima was still inside the washroom.

“Armaan beta tu pagal ho gaya hai, pura ka pura,,,,,, tujhe apni biwi k sapne aa rahe hain, jo cheej tu haqeekat me kar sakta hai uske sapne dekh raha hai,,,, tu to gaya” Armaan murmured to himself and sit back on bed looking towards the washroom door.

“Riddhima,,,,,, tumhe pata nhi hai mere andar kya kya chal raha hai,,,,, sapne aa rhe hain wo v bhar bhar k,,,,,” he murmured again and drifted into sleep facing towards the washroom.

“Riddhima abhi bas,,, kitni der tak yaha wait karegi,, bahar to jana padega warna ab Armaan khud hi andar aa jayenge check karne,,,, be patience, wo Armaan hai bina teri marji k wo kuch v nhi karenge,,, and he is ur husband, ham dono ne itna wait kiya hai is din ka, itna pyar karte hain Armaan aur tu aise soch rahi hai,,,, U’ll have to do that” Riddhima once again self talked and closing her eyes she opened the door.

She walked out being to shy to herself and, when she heard nothing she looks upward.

Within fraction of seconds she forgot everything about herself and her consciousness, she just smiled.

He was sleeping uncomfortably on bed, facing the washroom holding a pillow and looking too cute with that ruffled hair look in his night dress.

She shook her head smiling and went towards him without making a sound. Slowly she clicked a picture of Armaan and controlled her giggle. Removing pillow from his hand she make him sleep properly and smile covering him under duvet. By doing so her hand struck under him and she was almost laying over him due to the tug, she look at his face which was just an inch below her and his eyes was closed, his face was adored with a cute little smile in sleep.

“Pagal hai bilkul,,,, but I love him more than anything else,,,, Thanku for coming into my life and making me the most luckiest person of the planet” she whisper and kissed his forehead while ruffling his hairs. Armaan smile in his sleep stirring a bit then slept again “GOOD NIGHT Mr.HUSBAND” she whisper and slowly get up from there.

She looked around and went to other side of bed, Armaan knew she always sleep on right side of bed thus he was laying on left side.

Riddhima closed the light and rubbing her hands she think for a moment then sighing off she lay down on bed looking at him lovingly.

Armaan turned towards her side in sleep and trying to hold pillow but find Riddhima instead.

Riddhima’s breath got struck but Armaan embrace her and whisper “I love you Riddhima” in sleep that make her smile.

She also tried to close her eyes to get some sleep which was almost impossible being near Armaan that too so close but still she tried coz that will be a lifetime scene for her now on and she knew she will find it safest and most desired place.

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