Tuesday, 28 January 2020

prologue & part 1 : Krazzy for you

She let out a sigh and looked over at her lab this was her world and where no one told her what to do'. She looked at the time and smiled 'ring ring'

'Ma?' omg why did she always do this emotional blackmail me to get married. Me with a Man' they spread nothing but disease I cant stand them'Uff

'You listening to me? How is your Mamaji?' Kansi mama the man who made my life a living hell him and the ugly Gupta sisters.

'Ma Shanshank Mama ji and Padma Mami are fine!' Mami is always nice and so Nani but those churails Muskhan and Anjali are sick as ever for every picking on me' so what if I am plain looking have no style and live in the pathology lab and smell of chemicals.

'Good beta I don't want any complaint from him' I don't like you away from me so I cant keep an eye on you'Listen you're Mama spoken to me about find Anjali a suitable boy. I was think how about Sumit?' No way poor guy would be a slave 'he be made to carry her mobile and handbag!

'Ma I think they looking for a doctor!' Male doctors Uff they are such jerks and think they are all that with there flash cars and you know what they say men in large cars they have small packages whatever that means? I have no idea must be something medical about it I will have to find out?

'I hate coming in here!' Great Anjali has walked in with her tohta Atul.

'Ma I have to go' I call you tonight!' Omg no don't touch that test tube'these people why do they have to poke around in my lab.

'Ok bye Ma!' Great she giving me a plain look as always.

'You talking to Pua? You know dad does not like us to use the phone for personal calls'' Great she will tell him tonight and I will listen to another lecture tonight.

'Anjali is right! Riddhima you should not use the phone for personal calls!' Great the parrot has now started all day he will repeat what she says all day.

'What can I do for you?' right now I want to screeeam you COW

'I want these reports done right away!' Great I put them at the bottom of the other to do when ever pile'

'Hima I mean there urgent!' THE NAME IS RIDDHIMA!! So simple a 10year old can grasp it'.

'Riddhima!' great she rolling her eyes at me and the parrot is chuckling away.

'I don't know what Pua was thing when she named you' Rid D HIMA!' so ancient like you dress style!' Yeah haha im rolling on the floor laughing' so what I wear my salwars and not hip like you and Muskhan'

'Hey what is up?' Great talk of the devil and she walks in omg cant she comb her hair? What is with the frizz?

'RiDHima is wear a funk orange number today!'  Yeah I am so what?

'I though I saw two suns this morning'!' Wow another comedian

'As much as I enjoy these morning chats I have reports to finish!' dame it why cant I say something smart and witty back instead my dame eyes are watering!!

'Come on guys there a new doctor starting today ' I hear he is a hunk from Delhi have you seen the Porsche outside?' Wow whoppee another member of the freak show'. Great they leaving good riddance.


'Dr Armaan this is the pathology lab'.' OMG now Dr Kirti is here ' she going to moan at my work and consistency'.

'Dr Riddhima! This is Dr!' OMG HE IS A'..

'Hi I am Dr Armaan!' OMG FAINT DIMPLES!! Is it me but its getting hot in here or is there a fire I can smell.

'Dr Riddhima?' OMG the bunion burner the fire'.omg don't panic turn the gas off

'Its ok I got it!' wow he saved me'.and he has perfect teeth Ridz take control of yourself woman' it just a man! No not just any man'It THE MAN *sigh*

'Dr Riddhima are you ok!' Sure Dr Kirti' Snap out of it!! I cant the Gucci cologne is making me float towards heaven'. I can hear the wedding band!

'Dr Riddhima Sharma!' WAKE UP!

'Yes Maam!' STOP LOOKING AT HIM! I am blushing thinking of the wedding night! Hold up Girl you not married yet' omg you cow I wake up! You making me look stupid!! *Uff*

'Dr Armaan!' Omg what a beautiful name Armaaaannnnn and Riddhima just perfect. Riddhima's Desire'. Huston we have a problem!!

'Dr Riddhima is our resident Pathologist' you be working here with her!' I LOVE YOU DR KIRTI '. Right now I can kiss you feet and do your pooja'.I will hold a shrine in you're name and do your Arti 'Jai Dr Kirti Dee''.OK that enough of the flowers Ridz WAKE UP!!

'I am sure we will get on just fine and I'll get to learn a few chemical techniques' I like the way he thinking' techniques I have load' our chemical reactions and '.omg he leaving' thank god.

'Dame it! I am going to die on Monday!' YES WE WILL'


'Hi Riddhima!' huh' ok what is going on? why is Anjali and Mukhan smiling' danger alert! '. Note you're exit on the right and left.

'Hi!' ok now what's going on where Nani? As I scared!'there grinning at me and you know what that means? THEY WANT SOMETHING!!

'We hear you have a new assistant?' OMG NOOOOOOOO HE IS MINE!!

'Riddhima beta!' Nani my fairy godmother take me away from these witches'.quick take her arm.

'Ji Nani!' Phew close shave' Nani what for dinner I'm staving.

'Beta why do you work so late?' Nani you had no idea' there this greek god sent by the goddess Kirti to help me who I will kiss up to for the rest of my life once I get married'and I cleaned up the whole lab'you will be proud it sparkling clean for our chemical reaction tomorrow'.Oh boy you are losing the plot! He will spread disease and chaos in you're life' Yeah Will Bring it on!!

'Nani I had some urgent reports to finish!' Where is the food WOMAN?

'Here beta sit down I get you some dinner..' Cheers Nani but like small portions as I'm watching my figure for Armaan i dont want any complaints

'Arre Riddhima you're home?' Crap Mamaji

'Ji Mama ji!' I hate eating in front of him as he calculating how much I'm eating to send ma the bill.

'Di called! She was telling me it time for you to settle down!' You can all stop!! the search MAN HUNT over!! found me a Stud '. OK like what if he is a big fat zero u know not all with it up top!' hmmm you have a point'.. Knowing Ma she place an ad in the paper'Mother seeks Man for Dr Riddhima....

'Mamaji I want to be financial stable and pay off my debts before I make such a commitment'' Ma worked so hard for me and then there Guppu's education to think about'How I miss Lovanala!

'See Padma this is what I was talking about'. Anjali and Muskhan don't value anything and here Riddhima is supporting Di and Paying for Guppu's education..' Great speak of the churalis they walking in smiling'

'So Dad who's the new doctor?' OK im all ears'do tell! where is a dicaphone when u need one? Uff

'Hmm Armaan Malki' Just graduated and here to work with Riddhima!' Yipeeee Mamaji I was wrong about you' You're not that bad

'Riddhima we all noticed the hard work you have been putting in at the hospital and the board decided that you need some help' so Armaan was the perfect candidate!' HUBBA HUBBA nice speiciman i must say....Mamaji and awwweee the board is rewarding me like this' OK ask for a pay rise! '.NO! That so call Candidate will take your job and money!

'Wow Riddhima you have a helper!' OK now why is Anjali smiling like that?

'Yeah but daddy he does not look like a doctor the flash car and all!' Ok now what's Muskhan getting at?

'Actually his family are in the hotel business' as the youngest child he's spoilt!'  OMG HE IS MINTED!! ' OK now why are there grinning like that? Its like nightmare on elm street when they grin like that' Bhootville?

'His fathers a old friend from college'he mentioned finding a girl for him'but Armaan's not ready yet' he wants to stable his career'a bit like Riddhima beti!' OMG already we have so much in common'.sigh!!  Man Nani out done herself with the food.

'Riddhimaa!' OMG she spoke my full name? SCARY!!

'I see you in the morning for my reports!' HUH 'Stupid she after Armaan remember Kunal!'

***Flash BacK***

'Riddhima thanks for giving me extra chemistry lesson!' OMG Kunal is the fits and popular boy in school'and walking me home'

'Hey Kunal!' OMG now why he drooling at Anjali.

'I got a B plus in chemistry'' Yeah and im a A student the boys failing chemistry'and his eyes sight bad?

'My fathers a doctor I am sure we can help you improve!'' Ok my papa passed away when I was little and Mamaji helps me out as welll'. No Kunal don't goooooo.'

***The Flashback****

'Riddhima beta!' Huh'.

'Ji Nani!' see she after Armaan' and this time you have to fight!

'Yeah Riddhima' I have some test need doing!' Muskahn toooo? Right Elaan 'E-Jung!


'Baar Baar Haan, Bolo Yaar Haan

Ridhima Jeet Ho, Anjali  Haar Haan

Baar Baar Haan, Bolo Yaar Haan

Ridhima Jeet Ho, Muskhan Haar Haan

Koi Humse Jeet Na Paave

Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo'

Mit Jaave Jo Takraave, Chale Chalo

Bhale Ghor Andheraa Chhaave

Chale Chalo, Chale Chalo'.'

'Riddhima Beta!' KOI HUMSE JEET NA PAAYE! Sing it girl! Take that you witches and that' haha!

'Beta!' What?

'Nani?' Omg why did I watch Laagan last night?' you could not sleep remember' you went through 9 outfits and we decided on the purple number.

'Beta you going to be late' your cousins are up already!' What dame I have so much to do ' shower, sort out my hair' dame it'where is the hair straighter?

'Beta get ready! And come for breakfast''

'Nani I'm going straight to the hospital I get something from the canteen' Dame it Sapna will be there I need to see her''


'Morning?' OMG Sapna this is life and death and your drooling over Rahool? Snap out of it women'.

'Riddhima' Just be yourself! If he like you fine!' OMG did you not understand the Kunal love story a romantic tale which they stole?

'Fine?' oh don't give me that look? She is right who am I kidding' I mean there beautiful im plain and have there fathers rep to use while I have just me' Hang on a second this from the woman who heard the Bharaat coming when you saw him. DAME IT Woman you a woman or a mouse' I don't know what type of question is that? Can I call a friend?  You have no such option loser.

'Hi Riddhima!' NOOOO you cant see me like this a wreak?

'Hi Armaan!' Omg his eyes are just like so beautiful' Ok Sapna stop digging your nails in my arm with such excitement' NOW DO YOU UNDERSTAND!! Just smile.

'Can I get you beautiful women anything?' FAINT HE CALL ME BEAUTIFUL!! Calm down atleast look cool.

'Were fine thanks!' god that smile so sexy'.he is walking away ok  let me salvage my arm'.Ouch

'Riddhima you have to fight girl!' Now you're talking Sapna! You in!


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