Thursday, 27 February 2020

Last part : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

He quickly removed the cell from his ear to check the number... nd his heart beat fastened to see the screen which is still flashing "RIDDHI"... nd he slowly whispered looking at his cell...

"iska matlab RIYA HI RIDDHI HAI ..."

Armaan was shock.. or shock was an understatement. His brain was saying that "yes.. riya nd riddhi r identical" but his heart was protesting.. "no..this can't be possible..riddhi can't do this to me.."
He was still sitting on his bike staring at his mobile nd fighting with his mind nd heart... he couldn't understand what was the need of all this..
"why riddhi, why?? Why did u do this to me?? Itna bada mazak?? Tumne humare rishtey ko mazak banake rakh diya.. u've to answer now.. kyun kiya tum ne yeh sab??"
he got down from his bike nd cutting the call, he kept the cell in his pocket nd turned to the spot where he left Riya juz a few minutes ago..
He found her standing with her back facing to his direction.. He started walking towards her with lots of questions, complaints, doubts in his mind. He was feeling cheated, he was feeling betrayed, he was highly hurt.. he still can't believe the girl whom he loves unconditionably can play such a prank with him.. he was feeling terrible at this moment nd finally standing juz a few feet away from her he said with questioning tone..


Here, riddhima was very tensed. as he suddenly cut the call without saying anything nd this wasn't expected by her. it completely indicated the danger' sign to her.. she was feeling very afraid..   afraid of losing her love, afraid of being misunderstood, afraid of hurting him which cannot be cured later.. it was all a prank nd she never thought how serious its consequences can be turned into.. so, she turned her face away nd closing her eyes she was trying to control her erratic breathing nd maddening heart beat.. nd wen she felt his foot steps juz a few feet away from her, her breathe literally got stuck in her throat.. she put her one hand over her erratic heart beat wen she heard his hurtful voice..
She slowly turned back but didn't gather the courage to meet his eyes.. she stood their bowing down her head nd again he called her...


She looked above with lots of fear in her eyes.. the eyes which always sparkle with happiness or naughtiness, now showing fear only.. She nervously nod her head negatively nd he sighed.. "so... I was right.. riya hi riddhi hain.." thinking this he again asked..


She nodded her head in yes' timidly... but his next question juz wrenched her heart..


He juz asked one simple word but that , too, so deeply nd soo painfully that she looked at him at once nd she felt very guilty seeing his condition..

"armaahhnnn.. mainey.. mainey tumhe hurt karne ke liye yeh sab nahi kiya tha.. wohh to bass.. I mean.."

She was trying to arrange her words properly but seeing him, all was being disordered.. "oh god.. yeh kya ho raha hain.. maine aisa to nahi socha tha.." she was cursing the moment wen this wicked idea came to her mind.. "bhabzz ne kitna samjhaya tha par... god!!!! Aab main kya karoon.. kaisey samjhayun armaan ko??"  She was looking here n there on the ground nervously wen she felt him coming closer to her..

"look at me riddhi.. ya fir riya??"

She felt more guilt in her heart nd looking at him, she started...

"Riddhi... Riddhima Gupta.."

"Gupta?? Iska matlab tum sach mein Atul ki... (nd she nodded her head positively)... Gr88... tum sabne jaan bujhke mujhe iss confusion mein dala.. tum sab ne.. tum, atul, muski, yahan tak mom bhi??? I still can't believe tum sab ne mujhe... (he looked away from her)... merey pyaar ko mazak banake rakh diya na tumne??"

Riddhima felt her vision getting blurred nd soon her cheeks started getting wet.. She couldn't handle this stress any more nd started crying uncontrollably..

"I'm.. I'm sorry armaan.. I'm very sorry.. main.. mainey yeh socha hi nahi tha.. main toh bass.. bass tumse gussa thi.. ke tumne mujhe kyun nahi dhunda.."

He quickly turned to her as soon as he heard her talking in between her sobs.. nd he can't see her in tears.. He tried to cup her face to stop her from crying but she backed off...

"main sach main pagal hoon.. socha hi nahi yeh mazak aisey bhi turn le sakta hain.."

She was still crying.. crying like a lill kid who is regretting at her own stupidity.. her nose became red due to crying.. eyes were looking cuter with wet eye lashes nd above all the pout on her face juz made her look like a crying doll.. Armaan couldn't help but smile finally...
"so, meri princess mujhsey gussa thi.. par mainey kiya kya tha?? Khair wohh to main baad mein bhi pooch sakta hoon pehley meri gudiya ko chup toh karwayun.. par.. dil nahi kar raha yaar.. kitni pyaari lag rahi hain rote hue.. goddd!! Yeh main kya bak raha hoon.. bechari ro rahi hain.. ammyyy.. let her stop from crying.. yeh gussa chod aur ussey chup kara.. dekh Kitni ro rahi hain bechari.. mazak hi toh kar rahi!! haan.. i accept I hate such pranks but.. but its okeey.. kam se kam itna toh pata chala ke meri stupid .. ooppss.. sorry crazy riddhi ne mujhey hurt karne ke liye yeh sab nhi kiya tha... waisey yeh toh mujhe bhi pata tha par fir bhi... Anyways, now I'll mke every thing right"
he thought nd smiled at his crying princess who was still crying nd cursing her stupidity in between her sobs..

He came near her nd took her in a bear hug nd poor riddhi.. she wasn't expecting this sudden movement from armaan.. not after seeing him misunderstanding her juz a few minutes ago nd due to shock she stopped crying.. Here, armaan was hugging her warmly, putting his head over hers nd smiling widely after sensing her stopped crying.. "she is such a gudiya.. I truly love her" ... he thought nd hugged her more cozily..

Soon riddhi gained her senses nd slowly moved from there to look at his face nd her eyes became wide open seeing him smiling.. She juz kept on staring at him blankly nd he nodded his head side ways seeing his cute princess...


He declared without wasting any more nd expanded his arms wide open inviting her to crash herself within him.. It took few seconds to register wat armaan said.. nd slowly a smile started forming on her lips nd gradually it turned into the most brightest, cutest nd happiest smile ever.. She quickly threw herself over his chest hugging him tightly nd in response he,too, hugged her tightly covering her within his strong arms..

"phir se kahoo na armaan??"
she said sweetly.. she still couldn't believe dat he confessed.. he confessed dose three magical words she was dying to hear nd after seeing his reaction juz a few minutes ago, she almost lost hope of hearing this.. so, she wanted again n again to hear those words..

Here armaan smiled hearing her.. he knew dat he frightened her in no extent but he never intended to do dat but this sudden declaration of truth juz drove him in the wrong way for some time nd he doubted their love... but now, her adorable expressions.. 1st her tears, then her smile nd now this hug proved how wrong he was to think like dat.. she truly loved him nd the thought of losing him made her shed so much tear..
He kissed her hair nd said teasingly...

"kya ?? dat I love u??"

Nd she smiled widely hearing that nd drawing her juz lill away from him so dat she could look into his eyes, she confessed...

"I love u too armaan.. I love u a lot.. (he kissed her nose nd she blushed with that, then with serious tone).. trust me armaan.. I never intended to hurt you.. it was juz a stupid prank.. sorry.."

He rubbed his nose with hers nd then pecked her forehead affectionately nd said..

"its okkey jaan.. I know tum aisa soch hi nahi sakti..."

"fir tumne aisey kyun behave kiya??" she pouted.

He smiled nd crunching his nose said.. "sorry.."

Nd finally unable to control her desire she kissed his nose nd uttered..
"u're soo cuttte armaan.. u've no idea how adorable u look wen u mke such faces.. (he smiled wide showing his dimples).. nd ur dimples.. mmm.. they r juz icing of the cake.. awww!! My cutie pie.. (nd she pecked his left dimple affectionately)"


                 They r now sitting on the grass ... Riddhima had her head on his left shoulder where as his left arm was holding her tightly around her waist nd his right hand was on the ground giving him support as he was sitting slightly slanting on the ground...

"wowww!! I still can't believe this.. I mean itney sarey coincidences..."
he said smilingly after knowing how Riddhima called muski nd both families talked nd decided to meet nd on the very 1st meeting his mom wanted her to marry him.. nd dat wasn't enough that atul was found to be  the brother of riddhi, making everything easier...  He was truly surprised with their story .. really this cross connection is made in heaven unless this isn't possible how things took turn in their case...

Then after some time he asked... "par jab sab thik tha toh fir yeh prank kyun?? I mean tum sab directly mujhe bata sakte the, na??"

He was curious nd riddhima smiled... nd said... "haan bhai ne kaha to tha... (she paused making armaan more curious).. par mainey mana kiya tha!!" she declared nd at once got armaan's confused "kyun??"

She smiled widely nd moved from there nd sat straight.. Armaan, too, sat in front of her seeking answers in her eyes...

"kyunki main gussa thi armaan.. iss liye!!" she said casually showing lill attitude nd poor armaan became more confused...

"par mainey kya kiya??"

"that's my point armaan.. tumne kya kiya??"


"I mean muski ko mainey call kiya... bhai ko mainey manaya ... tumharey family se mili.. fir wahan sarey teasing nd embarrassment maine sahi.. do u have any idea how much muski n bhabzz teased me??? Tumharey hissey ki bhi teasing mujhe hi jhelni padi.. pata hain tumhe??? Aur tum... tum chahte ho ke bina mehnat kiye 1st prize le jaao??? Huh!!! In ur dreams mister!!!"

She paused nd blew her strands of hair which were falling on her eyes nd looked at him with some more attitude... nd she got irritated wen she found him looking at her without flipping his eyes lashes...

"wat??? Now say some thing.. no??"

She said nd next moment armaan burst out into laughter making her more irritated... He was laughing nd laughing holding his stomach nd then lied down on the grass unable to control the balance...

"oh my god!!! I can't believe this... tumne yeh sab kuch iss liye kiya.. hahahaha... u're crazy riddhima.. truly I've never seen a girl so crazy like u.."

She became highly irritated nd got up from there.. dusting her clothes, she stomped her right foot on the ground noisily nd declared..

"fine.. u kp laughing.. main jaa rahi hoon.."

He stopped at once sensing his princess getting angry nd got up quickly..
"arrey I'm sorry baba.. but sach mein it was really lill crazy of u.. nahi??"

He said timidly fearing her anger but she answered slowly biting her lower lip..
"I know.." but then again with demanding tone... "but dat dusn't mean dat u can laugh at me..."

"sorry.. na??" he said making a puppy face nd after knowing how much she found him cute with these expressions he was sure it would work nd it did.. she smiled nd he said..

"that's like my jaan..."

"MY??"  she said teasingly... "par tumne hi toh mujhe mana kiya tha naa abhi thodi der pehle yeh kehke dat u love some one else.. hmm???"

Armaan smiled seeing her back to her naughty antics nd decided to play along...

"haan kiya toh tha.. par mainey yeh bhi kaha tha ke tum jissey pyaar kati ho, wohh zaroor tumhe 'haan' kahega.. remember??"

She smiled nd he came nearer to her... "tohh.. woh toh wahi kar raha hain, na?? par..."

He paused nd she asked smilingly.. "par??"

"par tumne promise kiya tha ke jab tum ussey aapni feelings confess karogi toh u'll tell me 1st.. (she blushed).. toh kaun hain wohh.. mujhey bhi toh pata chalein??"

She blushed more at his teasing and whispered shyly.. "ARMAAN"

"achcha??? Arrey wah.. wat a coincidence.. u know wat mera bhi naam armaan' hain.. I wonder kahin yeh main hi to nahi?? (she looked at him lovingly, god.. he is choo cute).. main hoon kya??"

He asked innocently nd she nodded in yes' being hypnotized by him...

"soo.. jab yeh main hi hoon tohhh... (he paused nd she asked wat' through her eyes)... tohhh... may I have the honor of marrying this crazy (she made an o-shape in her mouth nd he smiled) but most lovable (she blushed) lady, please??"

Nd he knelt down in front of her nd removed his own ring from his little finger nd said..

"filhaal yehi ring hain riddhima.. if u don't mind, may i??"

She felt immense happy nd extended her hand, he put that ring in her index finger nd kissing her hand, he got up nd said guiltily..
"sorry.. ring finger mein nahi fit hui..over sized hain na!!! but i promise official engagement me pakka achchi wali ring dunga.."
riddhima smiled with teary eyes. Truly he is her prince charming. No one can love her more than him.. he is juz perfectly perfect nd she happily confessed...

"I love u so much mr. 983*****80.."

Armaan looked at her nd cleared her eyes smilingly. then hugging her warmly, he said..

"I love u too, miss wrong no."


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