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OS : Can't I Get a Happy Ending ??

She placed the dress over her nd looked at the mirror.. "sauce wala laal.. maa ka favorite" . she whispered under her breathe nd smiled. Finally she got a dress of her choice for her birthday nd dat too of her mother's fav color.. she made her mind to buy the dress wen she heard an excited voice..

"di?? Wow' kitna achcha salwar-suit hain.." she took d suit from her hand excitedly nd placing over her looked into the mirror.. "mujh pe jaach (suits) raha hain,na di??" she asked still admiring the dress..

As usual she smiled nd said lovingly.. "aab meri behen hain hi itni sundar.. uss pe toh sab kuch achcha lagta hain.."

Her sister turned nd hugged her in joy.. "main yeh le loon di??"

She put her hand ovr her head nd said.. "haan.. bilkul.."

Her sister broke the hug nd smiled.. "thank u di.. par aapney kuch pasand nhi kiya abhi tak??"

She smiled nd said.. "arrey mera kya hain.. koi bhi chalega' tujhey toh pata hi hain.. mujhey shopping me zyada interest nhi hain.."

"offo di.. aapka b.day hain.. aisey kaisey koi bhi chalega.. wait.. main choose karti hoon.." nd her sister soon came with a green dress.. "yeh kaisi hain , di??"

She smilingly said.. "bahot achchi.."

Her sister smiled.. "toh main yeh dono kharid(purchase) kar leti hoon.." nd she left for the cash counter.

She again turned to the mirror.. nd smiled vaguely.. "I love u, ma"


This is Riddhima, a simple gal who lost her father before opening her eyes. Yes, she was in her mumma's womb wen she lost her father in an accident. But kismat toh dekho is ladki ki.. she lost her one n only support, her one n only reason to breathe, her every thing, her mother juz at an age of eight. Her mother had been suffering from a chronic disease from a long time but nvr evr made her lill angel realize about her pain. But she knew the limits of her breathes. She knew the expiry date of her life. She knew she had to do some thing to so dat evn aftr her death her angel can survive in ds brutal world. She contacted her brother nd told every thing. Fortunately, her brother nd his wife were kind hearted persons nd promised her to protect riddhima in all odds.. promise her to treat as their own daughter. They,too, have a daughter. 5years younger to riddhima. When riddhima came to her mama ji's place she had only one thing in her mind..

The last promise she made in front of her mother. The last heart to heart conversation she did with her mother. People will think isn't it too much to say dat a gal of age of 8yrs alwaz follow her promise. After all the gal is too small. With the passage of time the kid will forget about her promise nd will start a nrmal happy-go-lucky life. But no! this isn't the case here. Some times ek tufan aisa ata hain ke khelne ki umar mein hi wohh kisi ko ek aisa mazboot pedh (tree) bana deta hain ke ussey ukadh fekna sach mein mushkil ho jata hain.. ek aisa tufan jo guzar toh jata hain par uski tabahi ka asar (effect of destroy) kabhi bhi peecha nhi chodti.. jab bhi lagta hain .. haan.. uss har ek dard ko ek kafan (coffin) mein bandh kar ke chaabi kahi door fek di hain.. ek choti si tinka hi kaafi hoti hain, uss bandh (close) darwaze ko fir se kholne ke liye.. aur hairani ki baat yeh hain ki fir ussey ehsaas hota hain ke zakham toh kabhi bhare hi nahi the.. yeh toh nasoor ban chuke hain.. aur ussey issi zakhm ke sath jeena hain.. aur riddhima bhi wohh hi kar rahi hain peechle 13saalo se..


Both came back home.. "aa gayee tum dono??"

"haan.. mami ma (aunty).." ridhima replied while her sister juz went n hugged the lady.. "mummaa' bahoottt thak gayee' main thoda sa so loon.."

The lady smiled but said.. "pehle khana kha le.. terey papa kab se wait kar rahe hain.."

All settled for lunch.. "Riddhi' beta mujhey tujhse kuch baat karni hain.."

"haan mama ji.." riddhima  asked gently..


But mami ma continued.. "beta.. wohh terey liye rishta aya hain"
Riddhima paused at once bt didn't look up.

"dekh riddhii' bahot achcha rishta hain.. tu ekbar.."
But riddhima didn't let her complete nd looked up smiling lill.. "jaisa aap logo ko thik lage.."

Her mami ma smiled fully.. nd turned to her husband.. "dekha.. mainey kaha thaa na kaal aapse.. ki ek bar riddhi se baat karke dekhiye.. wohh maan jayegi.. arrey akhir ek ladki hain.. shaadi hi uska sapna hain.. par khud kaisey kahegi.. sharmati jo hain.. par aap toh sun hi nhi rahe the.."

Riddhima's mama ji asked her again.. "beta.. koi zabardasti nahi hain.. tujhey toh aage aur padhna tha,na??"

But riddhima smiled widely.. "aisi koi baat nahi hain,mama ji.. mainey dil se hi haan ki hain.."
All are happy.

But kya sach mein sab khush hain??


Riddhima was standing beside the window staring at the setting sun.. while her sister was sleeping. She was staring at the setting sun.. nd mumbled..
"main apki achi bachi hoon na, ma?? dekho.. Mainey aaj bhi aapna wada nibhaya hain.."

Nd she closed her eyes bt unwillingly a tear drop fell.. she opened her eyes agn n cleared her tear quickly nd controlled her emotions. This is wat she is doing from her childhood.. she understood one thing in life clearly.. koi bhi kisi ke dard ko nhi samajhta.. sun toh sab sakte hain.. dilasa (moral support) bhi de sakte hain par feel?? No one can feel wat the other is suffering. So, she decided she will nvr express her feelings to any one. She will alwaz put a mask of a happy face nd live her life. No tears.. no questions.. no pain.. nd aab toh wohh itni expert ho gayee hain apney feelings chupaney mein ke na uska chehra aur na hi uska aankhein ussey dhoka de sakti hain.. till now she didn't find any one who can differentiate wen she is smiling truly nd wen she is acting. Well.. most of the cases its acting only.. but now she is expert in this. She knows hw to protect her emotions. All love her for being alwaz happy.. they often praise how charming she looks with her smile on her lips.. only she knows how much her heart bleeds inside!!


"happy birthday di.." her sister wished riddhima nd thn detangling from her merrily asked' "main kaisi lag rahi hoon,di??" she is wearing the same sauce wala red suit.. "bahot pyari.."

She smiled widely.. "di.. chalo cake katte hain.. humari favorite pine-apple cake hain!!" she pulled riddhima to the dining area where cake is placed..
"di.. cut karo,na?? I'm hungry.. my pine apple.."
Riddhima smiled nd cut. She ate a lill nd handed d rest to her sister. Actually it's not riddhima's choice. She dusnt like pine apple at all bt she knws her sister loves this flavor nd so, she nvr corrected the info.

"arrey choti.. riddhi ko bhi de .. uska bhi toh favorite hain, na??" her mami ma said..

"nahi.. thik hain maami ma.. mujhey aur nhi khani.." nd as soon as her sister heard ds, she flew from dere with the cake..

"riddhi beta.."

"ji, mami ma.."

"beta.. wohh tujh se milna chahta hain.."
Riddhima knew whom she is talking about nd asked slowly.. "kab??"

"kal.. subah.. samne wali park mein 10 baje.."
She nodded without uttering a word.

"wohh pehle tujhse akele mein baat karna chah ta hain beta.. tu sambhal legi na??"
Riddhima nodded again.


She is standing in front of her mirror alone in her room nd smiling vaguely she said..
"HAPPY birthday riddhima"
Nd closed her eyes'


"mumma.. aapney bulaya.." lill riddhima asked. Her mother nodded nd gestured her to come close.. "kya hua mumma?? Tabiyaat fir se kharab lag rahi hain kya??" her mother nodded her head in NO but her eyes started flowing.. "fir yeh aansu,kyun??" her mother again nodded her head side ways..
"riddhi.. mujhsey ek wada karegi??" finally she asked..

"pakka wala promise.." she said keeping her hand on her mother's without even hearing her.

"par tune toh suna hi nahi ke main kya mangugi??"

"aapke liye kuch bhi.."
Her mother hugged her shading lone tears.. thn breaking the hug, she said..
"bachcha' aab aapko aapkey mama ji aur mami ma ke sath rehna hain.."


"kyunki' (she stammered thinking wat to say to ds nave soul)' kyunki mumma chahti hain.."
She nodded obediently. Her mother smiled lill n kissed her forehead..
"aap bhi chalo gin a merey sath mumma??"
Lill riddhima asked. Now wat will she answer. This is indeed the ultimate question.. she calmed herself down nd said..
"beta.. main toh humesha aapke sath hoon.. yahan pe" she said placing her one palm over riddhima's heart. She nodded in YES hearing her mumma..

"good gal.. par aap mujhey wada karo ke aap kabhi bhi aapney mama ji ya mami ma ko paresahan nhi karogi.. wohh jo kahenge achche bachcho ki tarah manogi jaisey aap meri baat mante hoo.. koi cheez agar pasand na bhi ho, haste hue ussey aapnaogi par unhe bilkul tang nahi karogi.. apki behen ko bahot pyaar karogi.. humesha uski khushiyon ka khayal rakhogi.. aur'" but lill riddhima cut her mother..

"aap kahin jaa rahi ho kya mumma??"
She nodded in YES'
"kahan?? Main bhi chaloon??"
Her mother horrified. "nahi bachcha..aapko yahi rehna hain aapke mama- mami ke sath.."
"par.." lill riddhima tried to ptotest..
"apney promise ki hain.." she stopped hearing that.
"tohh.. aap apney mama ' mami ke baat manoge na??"
She nodded in YES.
Her mother hugged her nd said.. "aapko nahi pata bachcha aapkey mama ' mami apkey mumma par kitna bada EHSAAN kar rahe hain.. warna main sukoon se jaa bhi nhi pati.. unke EHSAANO ka humesha maan rakhna.."


Riddhima opened her eyes to see tears flowing from them.. although she nvr cries in front of any one, but she nvr stops hr tear wen she is alone. She let her eyes bleed.. she let her pain over flow..

"main nhi bhuli mumma.. main aaj tak unke har EHSAAN ka maan rakhney ki koshish ki hain.."


Two days before'

Riddima was passing by her mama ji's room wen she heard her name in between his n mami ' ma's talk. She paused.
"par.. ridhima abhi bhi padhna chahti hain.."

Mama ji's comment made her confused nd she decided to listen. Although eavesdropping is bad but she stopped to know if dey hve any problem regarding her.
"par aap bhi baat ko samajh nhi rahe.. main bhi ridhi se pyaar hi karti hoon.. dushman nhi hoon.. bachpan se bhabhi ki har ek zimmedari nibhayee hain par iska matlab yeh nhi ke riddhi ke liye hum apni beti ke bare mein na soche.." mami ma said.


"aap ek baar pooch ke toh dekhiye.. kya pata wohh shadi ke liye 'haan' keh de.."
Riidhima's heart beat stopped hearing d statement.

"par wohh age padhna.."

"hum ussey force nhi karenge sirf ek bar poochenge.. agar wohh man gayee fir toh aapko problem nhi hogi,na??"
Mama ji nodded in NO hearing his wife.

"pandit ji ne kaha.. bahot achcha ladka hain.. kuch bhi nhi chahiye bas ladki achchi honi chahiye.. humari riddhi se achchi ladki ussey kaha milegi.."
Mama ji nodded in YES.

"dahej (dowry) mein kuch nhi chahiye ussey.. ekbaar sochiye.. hum ameer nhi hain.. bahot muskil se riddhi aur choti ko aab tak padhaya.. aab riddhi aur padegi toh itna kharcha kaisey uthayenge? Choti ko kam se kam riddhi jaisi graduate to bana hi hoga, na!! fir dono ki shadi.. ghar girwi(mortgage) rakh ke ek hi shadi karwa sakte hain par dusre ki?? Dono ke bare mein sochiye.. kya pata ladka achcha hua toh ussey shadi ke baat bhi padhne ka mauka miley.. par ek baar riddhi se poochne se koi problem toh nahi hain,na??"
Mami ma finished n finally both agreed to talk to riddhima once.


Riddhima is still standing in front of d mirror talking to her soul.. "aur mainey shadi ke liye bhi 'haan' kardi ma.. aapney kaha tha, na.. har baat haske manne ke liye.. toh mainey wohh hi kiya.."
Suddenly she heard a knock on her door nd quickly rushed to wash room to clear her face roughly throwing chilled water so dat no eye can peep in her heart.


She was sitting on the bench in the park from past 20 minutes but he didn't come. On the verge of living she heard a manly voice..
"bas itna sa hi hain tumhara patience??"

She turned back at once trying hard to reason behind his taunt.
"dikh ne main toh bahot masoom ho par paisey ke liye itni desperate??"
Riddhima was highly irritated nd asked.. "cuse,me??"

"oh plz.. yeh natak apney pass rakho.. bahot dekhey tumhari tarah.. juz because main koi dahej nahi le raha aur upar se I'm rich n handsome all are ready to do anything to be my bride.."
He concluded but riddhima felt disgusted.

"so.. mis.. (showed dat he's trying to remember but didn't pay any effort in reality).. whatever.. I REJECT U.."
Riddhima didn't say anything. She is one kind.. she nvr fight or argue if she's right but say a word about her dear ones, u'll meet a completely diff riddhima.
Riddhima turned n started to go wen he said.. "kuch kaha nhi tumne??"

Without turning she said.. "main ghar jati hoon.."

"kyun boora laga?? Itna achcha rich bakra hath se nikal jo gaya.."

She turned nd said.. "thank u.."

He was confused. "wat??"

"tum nhi samjho ge??"

She was about to go.. wen some thing stroke his mind nd he said'
"hey stop.. kya tumhe zabardasti yahan bheja gaya tha??" he was softer now..



"kaha na tum nhi samjhoge.." nd looking in his eyes she said.. "bye.. nd all d best"
Don't know why but her eyes spoke volume to him. Is she in PAIN?? He softened completely nd said..

She turned disbelieving her ears.. he remembers her name!!
She obliged .. don't know why??

"kya baat hain??" he asked lovingly.
She put on her mask nd turning smilingly to him.. "kuch bhi toh nahi.."

He smiled too but said.. "itni to akal hain ke asli aur fake smile pehchaan sakoon.."
She was shocked. 1st time some one caught her..

"kya baat hain??"
His care, his voice gave her the positive vibe to open her heart in front of him. He was listening to her attentively absorbing each n every pain.. she was telling her last chat with her mother, her promise, the consequences of dat promise nd her life thereafter. Thn she turned to him teary eyes who was admiring this angel whole heartily..

"pata nahi kyun mainey tum se share kiya.. pata nahi kyun aaj pehli baar kisi ke samne ro rahi hoon.. pata nahi kyun jab pehli baar kisi ne meri asli aur fake smile ko thik se samjha toh ek ajab si hi sukoon mila.. pata nahi kyun tum aab tak meri bak bak jhel rahe ho.. (he laughed a lill).."

Thn she cleared her eyes nd got up.. "thank u ARMAAN.. thank u itney patiently sunney ke liye.. don't know par bahot sukoon mila tum se share kar ke.. yeh baat mein tumhe kabhi nhi kehti agar.. agar tum mujhey reject nahi karte.. thank u so much.."

"ek baat puchoon??" he asked..

riddhima nodded.. "tumne thn 'thnk u' kyun kaha jab mainey tumhe reject kiya??" he was completely a diff person now.. no arrogance.. no pride.. no disgust.. but only care!!

"wohh kya hain na i alwaz wanted some one who'll understand me.. aab tumne mana kiya toh ummeed fir se jag gayee.. kya pata meri life ki bhi happy ending ho jayee!!"

He nodded but wen she was a quite away from him he shouted..

She turned and he rushed to her..
"wat iff agar main tumse yeh kahoon ke main tumhi se shaadi karna chah ta hoon??"
Her smile vanished nd she uttered in painful voice.. "ek EHSAAN ka karz aab tak nahi utar payee.. aab tum bhi mujh pe EHSAAN karna chahte ho??"
It hurt him deeply..

"jo EHSAAN mama ji aur mami ma ne 'ma' pe kiya hain.. ussney meri zindegi hi badal di.. aab ek aur EHSAAN ko kaisey uthayungi main??"
Her eyes burnt.. they wanted to flow but she won't allow.. it is hurting her but she deserves it. Kaisi ussey itni badi galti ho gayee.. kaisey ek stranger ko aapney dard se milwa diya..pity!!! yess.. pity.. issi se bhag ne ke liye she nvr opened up.. toh aaj kya ho gaya?? Kyun ki usney itni badi galti.. kaisey??
She was standing guiltily wen he hold her hand nd said..

"nahi riddhima.. tum mujhey galat samajh rahi ho.. main tumpe koi ehsaan nhi karna chah ta.. kyunki muhey is angel se PYAR ho gaya hai.."

She looked deep in his eyes nd became confused to find the truth behind his eyes. His eyes aren't conveying pity.. in fact, dey are conveying admiration nd love.. love??? Par kaisey?? Abhi toh kuch pal hi hue hain miley hue.. aur he rejected her on the 1st spot, thn how??
He saw her looking deep in his eyes.. nd said.. "toh kya nazar aya?? Pity ya respect??"

She looked sideways. This time her eyes started flowing. He quickly wipe those off nd hugged her in most caring nd loving way. She still can't believe dat it's happening to her. She alwaz wanted a life partner who will feel her pain, who will understand her.. who won't show pity but love, love nd endless love only. Finally she hugged him also nd looked upto the sky murmuring.. "thank u ma"


Today, it is their 5th anniversary. She is sitting on her bed with the support of the bed post, her dear hubby is lying beside her holding her hand but she couldn't able to sleep due to her last stage of pregnancy. Nd she is so sitting nd thinking about her journey till now.. how she was nd how she is now from past five years. She has everything now. Everything dat she wanted nd she wanted "burdenless love" only. Finally she can do wat she want. Finally she can live how she want. Finally she is living for her nd all credit goes to her darling husband.. who fulfilled all her desires. Who inspired her to study further, now she helps her husband in office also, who inspires her to live freely, roam freely, love freely nd above all to be happy. Today she is happy. Very happy feeling their love breathing inside her nd kicking her. their baby declares dat it's very near wen he/she will meet his/her parents. She smiled.
"kya hua, jaan??"

She heard his voice who woke up now..
"good morning baby.. happy anniversary.." riddhima said smilingly after pecking his forehead softly..

"to u too jaan.." he shifted his head in her lap, kissing her tummy he said.. "good morning sweet heart.. aab jaldi se aa jao papa ke pass.. aur intezaar nhi hota.."
Riddhima smiled hearing him nd again thanked her mother in her heart..

"love u ma.. aap sach hi kehti thi.. jab tak sab thik na ho jayee.. tab tak kahani end nahi hoti..
Thank u soo much ma.. for gifting me this ending.. issey happy aur issey khubsurat koi ending ho hi nahi sakti thi meri kahani ka.."


Thank u for reading...

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