Wednesday, 5 February 2020

OS : One last Breath

Another day has come. It was yet one of those previous stressful days for Armaan Malik , painstaking and miserable.
He opened his eyes.

"Wonderful sunlight.." He remained laying on his hospital bed.

"Would I live for this entire day?" Armaan asked himself with his eyes fixed at the view which the open window had bestowed, typical morning light that he had learned to appreciate.

"Could I pass this 24-hour-suffering? Again?" He managed to verbalize another question like a cold stereotype. But deep inside.. repeatedly, those questions bombard his head like needles piercing through his cranium. They made his sick self even worse.

'But what do you know? This world has always been cruel to me. I wish I could just leave this place without any trace and most importantly, with neither tears nor regret.' he thought and smiled ironically.

Little tears came out which only the four walls of that room had witnessed.

Clock reads.. 7:00 A.M.

"She'll be here any minute now. ..If only she could stay here beside me every single second.. if I could only stop the time.. if only there's so much time.. if only.." He sighed in frustration. But eventually, his face lit up with a smile once he spotted her step inside the room.

Armaan~ i brought you fruits!" The girl with that ever-radiant-smile walked up to him. Her hair tied in a cute bun and her green deep eyes that form a big when she smiles added more of that approachable ...sight 

Cute, in his sight.

"Ridhima-ah," I showed her my smile, my genuine smile., she never fails to make my weak heart beat ecstatically. And I must admit, my numbered days had made me feel so useless.. wait, they're not exactly numbered. I'm dying. It could be now? later? tomorrow? I don't know. Neither the doctors do. ..but she gave me thousands of reason to be strong, to yearn for life.

"..Shona..," I felt so weak.

I could repay nothing but those words.

'Thank you', 'I'm sorry' and.. 'i really love you'.

But still, she stayed there. From the moment i was physically and emotionally strong to the second i was diagnosed with this damn SLE disease. Systemic lupus erytho.. erythematosis.. tosus..? or whatever they call it.

And so, everything had fallen to pieces - my dreams, which in honest words, I never used to have until she came, together with my hopes and.. just everything.

I don't know, but she made me believe in the word destiny. I've never been so sure with anything in this world, but I know, we'll always be together, no matter what.

"..and then she fell on her bed. ..bahot maza bi ayaa ...~" She went on telling her stories with her cute laugh trailing at the end.

Her voice entered my ear and left on the other side. I guess I wasn't listening to her adventures after all. All i want is to imprint the details of her face to my mind. I want to take those memoirs to eternity, if that place even exists.

My eyes were glued to that pretty perspective and I didn't mind looking like an amused idiot.

1 hour had passed.

It's already 8. Crap, I'm so late for work," Startled, Riddhima cursed under her breath.

"I'll see you this afternoon then. Goodbye," The time made her panic she didn't realized how cold she has been.

"Oh, okay. Bye,"Armaan looked down in disappointment. And once again, his melancholic(sadness) self started to take over him.

Alone, he was always meant to be.

The door suddenly opened. It revealed Ridhima catching her breath. "hoo~ ! I forgot.." Her desire for enough oxygen cut her words.

Armaan looked up and was apparently blissful.

'Ahah! I know you'd stay. Uh no, that's not it. Hmm.. A kiss? Perhaps?' He anticipated like a kid in his thoughts.

Smiling from ear to ear, her balled fists motioned "..fighting!" Pretty shallow but it was enough to cheer Armaan up. Though it's not what he expected, not what he actually wanted.

"Uh yeah, I better get going now Armaan ~" She bid goodbye for the second time, but a lot different from the first. It brought Armaan warmth and comfort - things he ever desired.

"Yeh~ take care of yourself." To him, she'd forever be fascinating. Incredible.


Oh holy, it's 8:15. Aish. My boss is gonna kill me for sure.

To the hallway, to the elevator and to the exit.. I almost flew just to keep up with the time.

"Taxi!" Oh, I'm lucky to have one stopped right away. Inside, I contemplated over the painful scene I saw just a while ago. Or rather the scene I always get to see is part of my life how i wish to see u fit and fine 


'Please get well real soon . Please be strong..' for me Armaan I've always tried to.

I shrugged the agonizing thoughts and looked at the way we're heading.

My eyes widen.

"AAAHHHH!!" and i saw my self buning in the fire against the car

be with me Armaan..... I whispered


Armaan trifled with Riddhima's amusing-face display minutes ago. He can't help but laugh at her priceless expression – her nose blowing huge and her cheeks puffing with full air.

"Omo, she looks so adorably funny.." He chuckled in enjoyment and admiration at the same time.

But that little amusement didn't last.

"Omo~ she's too cute. Hehe." More chuckles but they sounded like they're fading out.

He felt a lump in his throat that choked him so bad. Armaan knocked his chest a several times to dissolve that thing that's blocking his airways.

"I.. can't.. b-b-breathe.." He struggled, almost inaudible.

What the?
Is this the end? Why can't I breathe?

I reached out for the first thing that came to mind.

The button!

Nurse! Doctor! Anyone, please..

My right hand which was my only hope had even gone numb.

Damn it! Where are the nurses when you need them? Pathetic place!


..where are you?

I cried desperately inside, but I knew no one would ever hear those silent sobs. And soon, I felt my heart appealing for rest.

Why?! Aren't you strong?! Please do not betray me!

My vision started to blur, my whole body felt so stiff and the white walls started to turn to a blinding light. Then I saw a familiar figure calling out for me. An angel, I thought..

Then I had no choice but to comply with my heart's plea and to follow that figure.

I give up.

Thank you, Riddhima
I am sorry.
I really love you.

One last breath

but they didn't knew they will meet  again ...if not living but they met after died as a soul ...


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