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I'm not marrying anyone that I don't love!" Armaan repeated again. He was in another heated face to face argument with his dad. He didn't like his dad always trying to control him. "You don't even know the girl! At least get to know her!" his dad shouted back. "I'm not staying to see her face," Armaan exclaimed, beginning to walk away, but his dad grabbed him by his collar. "You're staying," he said through clenched teeth. For a minute they just stared at each other then he let go of his son. Armaan gave him a dirty look before he went up stairs to pack.
He stayed at his beach house in Goa, none of his parents knew about it. He usually comes here all the time, whenever he wants to be away from everyone. Armaan peeked outside; it looked like a really nice day to go swimming.

The shone brightly on her face, the moment she opened her eyes. Ridhima rolled into the shade, and helped her self-up. She was now fully awake when she couldn't think of anything. Where am I? And who am I? Those two questions seem to repeat rapidly in her head. She couldn't remember anything about herself and how did she get here? Ridhima eyes wondered around the place, it seemed deserted. Was she the only one on this beach? For a while she wondered around the place, hoping to find someone. But when she didn't, Ridhima abruptly busted out crying.

Before Armaan went swimming, he decided to go for a little walk. It was very quiet at the beach; he didn't see any one. I guess I'm the only one here, he thought. The thought quickly changed when he saw a girl sitting on the beach shore. He couldn't see her face because it was tucked in between her knees. Armaan started to walk over, as he got closer, realized that she was crying. He knelt down and lowered his head, "Are you okay?" She immediately looked up when she heard his voice. She nodded wiping her tear stained face. Armaan thought she was really cute. She dressed in a white silky-like dress and her hair was tied up into a ponytail. A few loose crimped strands fell at the side of her face. "Who are you, and where am I?" she questioned, interrupting his thoughts. "I'm Armaan Malik and this is the beach in Goa." Ridhima put on an awkward expression; "I live here?" "I don't know I just met you, what's your name?" "I don't know," she answered, simply.

Armaan decided to take her in to live with him. Even though he didn't know much about her, she seemed pure and innocent. She had nothing attached to her, so he didn't know who she was and she didn't either.he let stand up Came with me I live near u can come  said Armaan .. But how can I asked Ridhima . see u don't have other option so its better to come exclaimed Armaan "If you want to take a shower or make something to eat, the kitchen and bathroom is over there," Armaan declared, showing her around. Ridhima just nodded, her eyes still revealing curiosity. "You can have this bedroom, it's attached to mines," he added. She replied to him with the same nod and entered her bedroom. Armaan watched her wonder around, she seem really weird and different. She didn't even know who she was.

A couple of days past and they started to fall in love without knowing. But Ridhima would never let him touch her. She was a very mysterious girl. Armaan didn't want to grow suspicious because she was very odd. She never ate and never used the bathroom either.

"Just eat this, I'll cut it for you," Armaan commented. Ridhima shook her head "no". "Let me feed you," Armaan joked, beginning to walk over to her. "No I'm not hungry," Ridhima cried, backing away. He started to move closer and closer. Ridhima was trapped she started to concentrate on the knife on the plate. Not that she was thinking of cutting him or anything. Suddenly the knife slipped off the plate, cutting Armaan 's hand. When Ridhima saw the blood her eyes widened in fear. She didn't know why, but she fainted. Armaan was shocked when he saw that half her body was fading. No wonder she's so weird! She's a ghost! He got up and ran out the house, he was very scared. He had fallen in love with a ghost?

Ridhima memories started to come back.......

Ridhima waited for Rahul to pick her up; they were going to go on their last date. She was betrothed to someone else and they couldn't be together no matter what. Rahul's car came to pick her up and she climbed in. She sneaked a glance at Rahul. He look very depress and sad, she knew he'd been drinking. "Where are we going?" she managed to choke out. He didn't answer her. He was driving really fast. "Rahul stop, you're driving too fast," Ridhima shouted, frightened.

"Why won't you marry me?!"

"RAHUL'you know I can't.."

"We'll runaway together then."

Ridhima didn't know what to say she couldn't do this to her parents. "Why aren't you answering? You don't love me?" Rahul demanded, angrily. "Rahul! Stop your going to fast, your going to crash into that truck!" He didn't answer, "We'll die together." Those were the last words Ridhima heard.

While Armaan was drinking at the club, his cell phone rang four times before he took it. "Hello?" he grumbled. "Armaan it's me! I know where you are now, come home," ordered Mrs. Malik, bluntly. "You don't have to marry the girl you are betrothed to," she added, not sure. There was a long silence. "Armaan are you still there?" Longer silence. "Armaan?" "Yeah...I'm still here, I'll go home," he hung up. He forced himself to forget everything at the beach house.

Ridhima realized who she was and she knew she was in love with Armaan. But they were different, she was a ghost and he was human. Ridhima waited for Armaan to come back so she could tell him but he didn't come back until hours later. For a while she just watched him without him seeing her, because she knew he was scared of her. Ridhima was very hurt but she didn't want to let him go. Armaan hurried packing his things then he started to walk to the doorway. He stopped when he saw her. Armaan," she began. He started to back away. "Please don't leave," she pleaded. Armaan pretend he didn't know she was a ghost. "I-I have to go back home," he quickly walked past her, when he got outside he started to run. Armaan could hear her voice behind him, but it started to fade along with her body.
Weeks past...

Armaan wasn't the same any more. He changed into a different person who is now dull and glum.

"She's awake now?" Mr. Malik talked on the phone gleefully with his friend. "I'll take my son to see his future wife now." Armaan didn't care now; he didn't care who he married anymore. It wouldn't matter, because he would never love another girl.


"Mom, I'm going to go outside for a little fresh air," Ridhima told her mom. Her mom nodded her head, "Okay, but come back as soon as possible."

It was all a dream, she thought. But it seemed very real. She still remembered him and still loved him. Dreams don't come true. Ridhima thought she was crazy, in love with someone in her dream. She forced a laugh. Rahul had just disappeared when she was still in the hospital. The nurses told her he just left. Now she was going to be married and nothing matter any more.

When Armaan was walking in the parking lot, he thought he caught a glimpse of Ridhima. This time he didn't care if she was a ghost or not, he really wanted to see her.

"She's still outside, she's just getting a little fresh air," Mrs. Gupta exclaimed, smiling at Armaan. She really liked him for a son-in-law. "I got to go use the bathroom, I'll be right back," Armaan fibbed. "Okay be back as soon as possible," his parents said along with Mrs. Gupta. Just as he was leaving he passed right by Ridhima.
"Ridhima! Your fianc just left," Mrs. Padma Gupta giggled. "Oh," Ridhima said, uninterestedly.

After a while of looking, Armaan stopped. What was the use? He started to head back in the building, disappointed.

Ridhima was laughing with Mrs. Malik and Mr. Malik when the door opened. She was shocked when she saw him. Armaan was too; they just stared at each other. "We'll leave you two alone," urged Mrs. Gupta, pushing Armaan 's parents out the door. When the door slammed, Ridhima quickly turned away. This wasn't was a dream. Armaan took a seat that was two seats away from her. For a moment there was silence. "Um-my name is Ridhima." she uttered, not looking at him. She had the same voice as the girl at the beach house, Armaan thought. He eyed her again; it had to be her. Ridhima started to get up from her seat. He grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving. ",Ridhima that's a nice name. My name is Armaan Malik . You remind me of a girl I met at a beach house in Goa. You look just like her except I don't know her name," Armaan replied, looking deeply in her eyes. Ridhima eyes started to water with tears of happiness. She hugged him.

"I love you. Don't ever leave me again."

"I'll never," he responded, returning her hug, "I love you too."

So you saw me in dream too exclaimed Ridhima

Nah I think it was ghost, said Armaan

Really , said Ridhima well I don't care what it was as long as uyou will be with me said Armaan I'll neaver leave u promise , exclaimed Ridhima , Goood said Armaan grinning '.


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