Thursday, 20 February 2020

OS : True Love is Beyond Everything

"excuse me sir.. kya aap bata sakte hain ke andheri jane ki bus jaa chuki hain ya nahi??"

she asked panting highly.. the fat bellied baled hair middle aged person looked up at the source of interruption irritatingly nd sternly replied.. "no.." just one word nd again he immerged himself into his daily morning newspaper. Poor girl sighed hearing his monosyllabic reply but that's not enough to suppress her panic.. so, she tried her luck once more..

"mm.. actually.. aaj meri office ka pehla din hain nd I'm already quite late.. kya aap bata sakte hain yeh bus kitney bajeh iss stoppage se pass hoti hain??"

she asked as politely as one could but as soon as that strict eyes looked at her direction more annoyingly than before, she juz gulped the lump in her throat nd quickly apologized..

"sorry.. I should wait for the bus by myself.."

she quickly replied nd stood quite a far from the bench where dat stern middle-aged person was sitting.

"phew!! It was close.." she murmured to herself.. "goshh!! Pehla din nd such a not so happening start.. oh god!! Plzz bacha lena'" she quickly prayed in her heart wen she heard the conductor of the bus shouting.. "andheri.. andheri.." she quickly rushed to the gate but luck wasn't in her favor today.. it was fully packed up'

"oh no.. aab kya karoon main??" she sighed disappointingly but soon she saw a hand stretching in front of her nd heard a soothing voice in between all chaos.. "madam ji.. office hour mein toh aisa hi hota hain.. aap andar aa jaiyee.. thodi der baad thoda khali ho jayega.." she inhaled a lung full of air nd exhaled dat forcefully trying to erase her tension as well.. catching the hand of that person she slowly put her feet on the 1st step of the bus nd the bus restarted speedily causing her almost fall from that step but thank god.. that very person saved her putting his arms tightly across her waist.. if it was some other day, she would have slapped that very person who dared to touch her but this person is modest.. she can feel that.. but it's too packed up dat she can't turn properly to see the very person.. but his hold is proving his decency to her.. although he is holding her tightly across her waist he nvr tried to do any mischief.. needless to say.. she is impressed..

next stoppage.. nd she heard some one shouting very close to her saying "andheri.. andheri.." it took some time to register that it's none other than her savior nd in the very nxt moment she understood dat her savior is the conductor of the bus. Soon the crowd became lill less nd she got a chance to enter the bus properly nd have a safer journey' andheri was the last stoppage nd dat's her destination nd wen the bus entered the depot, all got down from the bus as well as her.. she was about to leave when something stroke her mind nd she turned nd found him looking away from her direction.. it was weird.. was he staring at me?? She thought but quickly dropped dat idea nd moved closer to him.. "mm.. wohh.. thank u.." he looked at her in complete disbelief.. is she thanking me??? A conductor?? It wasn't a normal reaction from his passenger.. who pays gratitude towards a conductor!! He was in his thought wen he heard her saying again.. "mera matlab sukriya.." she translated her thank u into hindi thinking him to be illiterate nd he smiled nodding his head, without uttering anything' she,then again started.. "kya aap plz bata sakte hain andheri ane wali yeh bus meri stoppage se kitne baje guzarti hain?? (thn taking a brief pause).. oopss!! Aapko kaisey yaad hoga main kis stoppage se chadi thi.. main.." before she could complete her sentence he replied for her.. "sare nau baje"' she looked at him hearing his answer nd smiled widely.. "sukriya..".. she was about to leave wen he called her again.. "madam ji.." she turned nd he asked in hesitation.. "office ka pehla din??" she smiled sheepishly nd nodded in yes.. obviously the constant fiddling wth her fingers, watching time in regular interval, murmuring sumthing bt nothing under her breathe, putting a flick of hair behind her ear every now n thn' all clearly depicts how tensed she is.. wait a minute!! Dat means he observed her through out d ride.. isn't he?? But before she could feel uncomfortable, he smilingly said.. "all d best.. dnt wrry, aapka pehla din bahot achcha jayega.." he said n left, leaving her in awe.. oh my goodness!! He knows English.. aur mujhey laga.. she thought nd bit her lower lip in awkwardness seeing his retreating figure.


"bye RIDDHIMA.. see u tomorrow.." one of her colleague bid her bye as their working hour has finished.. she,too, came out of her office nd went to the bus depot' knowing which one will leave 1st she got up into an almost empty bus.. so obviously she had lots of option to choose where to sit.. she took the second last dual seat nd sat by the window side.. sighing contently.. she closed her eyes remembering her 1st day at office.. it was a gr8 experience.. far better dan wat she thought.. nd unknowingly a sweet smile came across her lips nd soon her smile widened as she felt the bus starting to move with a jerk allowing gush of evening breeze to come nd soothe her face' "madam ji.. ticket??" her thoughts broke hearing a familiar voice.. nd opening her voice she found her savior asking for ticket.. she bought one for her nd soon found him busy wth other passenger.. sighing she looked out of the window once again..


Days passed like dis.. fortunately the time wen she head towards d office nd the time wen she returns home is the time for same bus to carry her to her desired destinations.. gradually she became very comfortable wth her savior.. whenever there is very few passenger left, he came nd sit next to her seat nd both chat like frnz.. still dey don't know each other's name.. he calls her "madam ji" nd she juz talks indirectly.. but as she lives here alone, talking to him gives her peace of mind.. soon she came to know.. how much he struggled through out his life.. in spite of having brilliant marks in school, he wasn't able to study after 10th due to his poor economical condition as well as his father's sudden paralysis due an unfortunate bus accident. His father was a driver of a bus nd so, easily he got the job of a conductor.. it's been seven years his father is bed struck.. leaving him nothing but to live a life of a conductor but his love towards study nvr left him.. he slwly did his 12th from night school but doing further wasn't able for him at any cost.. her heart flew wth his pain every time wen he shared his brutal experience of life.. she alwaz compared her life wth him after reaching home.. she had every thing but wat he had?? But he is a young guy juz at the beginning of twenties juz like her. He,too,deserved happiness thn y god gave him all this struggle.. she felt bad nd both got emotionally attached soon.. she often made two tiffins.. one for her nd one for her dear frnd, whose name is still unknown to her.. nd he alwaz cherished her food.. in spite of several denial for the1st time, she made him agree to hve tiffin from her.. nd now it's routine.. both share dis unsaid relation.. mostly a relation of care, respect, pain, emotion, friendship nd humanity'


oneday she got the news of his father's death from one of his frnd, who did his duty dat day.. she waited eagerly for him nxt a few days nd wen after all rituals he resumed his duty, her heart twitched seeing his condition.. he was pale, weak, devastated.. she took an off very nxt day nd invited him to her apartment.. one will think she is insane.. how can she invite a conductor to her house wen she lives all alone.. but god knws why but she trusts him a lot.. may be more dan many of her socially well settled rich frnz.. dat day changed his life for better.. she motivated him to live for himself.. she said him to drop his life of being a conductor nd continue his study now.. although he is out of touch nd but he can study further in private without attending college like other students.. she also suggested him a job at a coffee shop near her office.. who will pay decent money nd he can get off s too there.. he listened to her in awe.. is she an angel?? Of course she is.. from then his life changed for better, so did his respect towards her..  he now literally worships his "madam ji.."



"ARMAAN.. aur kitna time lega tu?? Kyun nahi kehta ussey ki tu ussey pyaar karta hain??" his friend rahul said to him who also wrks at the same caffe..

"fir wohi baat?? Tu har baar ek hi baat kyun karta hain??" he replied sighing..

"kyunki tu sab kuch samajh ke bhi kuch nhi samajhta ya fir samajhna hi nhi chahta.."

"rahul.. tu.. yehh.."

"kya main?? Kya galat kaha mainey.. tu ussey pehli baar dekhte hi ussey pasand karne laga tha.. aur aab toh teri poori zindegi teri madam ji se suru hoti hain aur ussi pe khatam hoti hain.. yeh pyaar nhi toh kya hain.. bol mujhey??"

"respect hain.. I respect her.. I worship her.. she is goddess of my life.. she is my savior.. main unke layak nahi hoon rahul.."


"bass.. bahot ho gaya.. mujhey fir se tujhsey iss barey mein koi bahes nhi karni.."


But armaan left the chair nd went to attend his customers .. juz wen he was passing beside a table' "itna busy ho ke main dikhayi bhi nhi di??" he heard a beautiful melodious voice nd knowing who it is.. he turned nd smiled widely seeing her pouting.. "sorry.." he said guiltily..

"tch.. armaann' its okk.. cum.. sit here,na?? mujhey tumhey kuch dena hain??"

He looked around nd found rahul assuring him through his eyes and he knew rahul will manage d customers' he sat in front of her nd she took an envelope from her bag nd excitedly forwarded it towards him.. he looked at her in confusion nd she indicated him to open it.. nd opening it he got the biggest shock of his life..

"appointment letter!!!!!"

He exclaimed nd looked at her.. she smiled proudly' "yup.. tumhey meri office mein job mil gayee hain.. as my secretary.. cool,na??"

 she was more happy dan him.. but seeing no excitement on his face.. she became confused nd soon sum thing crossed her mind..

"oh sh*t.. sorry sorry sorry armaan.. mujhey yeh dhayan mein hi nahi aya ke tum merey secretary banna chahoge bhi ya nhi?? Actually last week wen boss suggested me to hire a secretary toh tumhara hi khayal aya sabse pehle.. fir parso tumharey apartment se sari documents le gayee thi nd boss approved u.. sorry armaan' I should hve asked u before.. par mujhey laga tum khush hoge.. nd slary is quite high.. tumhe better job ke liye experience bhi chahiye hogi.. toh I thought.. sorry armaan.. mainey tumhey bina poochey.."

but he cut her off holding her hands.. she paused quickly nd found him in tears.. she quickly got up from her seat nd went closer to her..

"hey.. kya hua?? Aab toh sab thik ho raha hain ,na.. fir yeh aansoon kyun??"

she asked him soothingly stroking his hair lovingly.. nd witout able to handle any more he hugged her tight around her waist.. she felt her kurti getting wet by his tears but she knew how he is feeling.. this man sitting in front seen loads of struggle nd pain through out his life nd it's obvious if he becomes lill emotional seeing every thing happy nd normal in his life..

"it's okk armaan.. pichli bato ko bhul jao aur nayee tarah se suru karo.."

He detangled nd looked at her wth utmost respect..

 "I m sorry armaan .. mujhey ekbaar pooch na chahiye tha.. I juz wanted to give u a surprise.. I'm truly.."

But she repeated sorries was again cut by him..

"aapka haq hain meri zindegi pe madam ji.. main toh sapno mein bhi aap pe naraz nahi ho sakta.. aap toh bhagwan.."

"sshh'" she stopped him putting her finger on his lips.. "bhagwan nhi insaan hoon main.. aur mujhey insaan hi rehne do..(then changing her tone) aur fir se madam ji.. hey bhagwan main kehte kehte mar jayungi par koi faida nhi.. riddhima.. it's riddhima, armann''. Tum mujhey naam se kyun nhi bula sakte??"

She went nd sat on her seat again.. "mujhsey nhi hoga madam ji.."

She sighed in defeat.. then some thing came in her mind.. "achcha.. armaan.. uss din tum keh rahe the main joh mangungi tum doge.. kya wohh aab bhi valid hain??" she asked cutely.

"aapkey liye kuch bhi madam ji.."


"hmm.. apkey liye toh jaan bhi.."

"tch jaan nhi chahiye.. kuch aur chahiye aur wohh yeh hain ke aaj se balki abhi se tum muhey aap nhi "tum" kahoge aur madamji nhi "riddhima" kahoge''."

"yeh.. main kaisey??"

"dekho promise kiya hain tumney??"

He sighed nd said.. "ji riddhima ji.."

"uff!! Arrey "ji" hatake.. sirf riddhima.. say.. ri-dhi-ma.. riddhima.. how easy' chalo try karo.."

He closed his eyes nd whispered.. "riddhima"

It gave an unknown satisfaction hearing her name from him.. as if nvr in her life her name sounded so beautiful to her..

"fir se kaho armaan??"

He this time opened his eyes nd looking straight into her eyes, he said.. "riddhima.."

Unknowingly a lone tear of satisfaction came to her eye nd she closed her eyes absorbing the feeling.. nd without wasting any more second she whispered still her eyes closed.. "marry me armaan.."

"wat??" came his shocked shout.. she smiled getting the expected reaction nd opening her eyes she said with utmost love nd care.. "marry me armaan.."

He kept on staring at her in awe.. is it truly happening to him?? Is she proposing to him dat too in real?? No dis can't be reality.. it's in deed one beautiful dream.. nd he does not want to wake up from this sleep now.. this is most beautiful dream he has seen ever' but soon his doubts got clear wen he felt her hands over his nd said her saying.. "I love u"'

Now wat is this?? How can this happen to him?? He nvr found love.. all he got was betrayal, ignorance, hatred, pity nd pain.. how could he deserve her?? She is an empress.. a goddess of his life.. how can she love him.. no!! he can't marry her.. she deserves best nd he is no where..


He came back to reality hearing her soothing voice..

"jo hua so hua.. iss nayee zindegi ko nayee tarah se jiyo.. mujhey pata hain tum bhi mujhsey pyaar karte ho par darte  ho.. I know tum kabhi ake mujhsey nhi kahoge.. par armaan.. yeh pity nahi hain.. I truly respect u nd above all I love u.. I love u alot.."

It was more dan enough for him to erase all his fear n hesitation.. no.. he can't refuse this proposal.. he can't refuse this precious gift of god.. he loves her.. from the very 1st day he fell for her.. nd day by day.. it did nothing but increased his love to infinity for her.. he can't live without her.. he knows that but still nvr able to gather courage nd open his heart up to her.. nd now she is saying her feelings.. it's meaningless if he refuses..

He got up from his seat quickly nd kneeling down in front of her he put his head on her lap nd hold her around her waist tightly, shedding tear of joy.. tear of unbound happiness.. tear of gratitude towards god... she,too put her head over his nd ran her fingers in his hair nd neck lovingly.. he said nothing but she knew his answer.. his act showed all to her.. she knew wat he faced nd how diff he is nd she also knew he won't show his reaction like other lovers do hearing I love u from his partner' nd he proved her ri8.. both stayed like dis till armaan becomes satisfied' nd needless to say.. it was the starting of their new life.. a PERFECT life for armaan leading him to forget every pain of his past nd living a  satisfied happy life wth his wife.


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