Friday, 14 February 2020

part 10: Krazzy for you

Ok listen I have messed up in the past ?.but please Matarani please make my Riddhima better!?  Man I messed up royally?heck I was anger and not thinking straight and just want her not to ever leave. I was desperate??? Dame it!

She be ok Armaan!? No Atul!! You never saw her covered in blood as I found her on the road driving looking for her and she lay so still. I never felt so scare in my entire life?Like some riped me apart from my heart? man Atul I close my eyes I still see her in the deserted road ? Why did I drive her away!  She was walking out I just blurted everything out!! I love her and Now I have killed her?

Armaan?? Oh Nani can I see her I need to see her

She?s blind!?  Ok dude control you?re self stop crying they?re nothing that can not be fixed?Just go to the office speak to the senior doctor

Dr Shanshank I am Dr Rana?. We seen this in a few cases?.her eyes are health and sometime our body deals with trauma differently? was she stressed about anything in her life??

No Dr Rana She was excited she was getting married and she so full of life and love?.but her sight??

Well physically she has a broken some ribs and there some heavy bruising on her left templar?. I think this a minor set back?we keep her in observation?.and check how she doing!?   Thank you MataRani I promise never to hurt her and say anything to her, which will cause her pain?I promise.

Can I please assist in this case!? Ok dude act professional

Dr Armaan I don?t think it?s a good idea?.but you can assist in her recovery!? Good I get to see her?

Why don?t you go home? You been here for 3 days now?and you need to get out of those blood stained clothes..?  Let me see her and hear her voice until she does not see me i?. Ok stop breaking down just to in a see her?.

She asleep?. I did this to her?look at what you have done Armaan?and you have to fix this no matter what you have to make it all better? but she hate me! Fine she hate you and you can live with her hating you as long s she near you and with you right. .. I cant loose her again!  Why did you tell her half the truth?  Why did you not tell her when you discovered BA has chosen her for you and you where over the moon as you had loved her since you saw her?. Meeting in the hospital as her junior was all you?re plan ? but when BA had told you the ultimatum was killing yo and when he saw she was the one?.you?re his wish came true!  Why did you not tell her instead you where going all im the dominate man here what I say goes?.  She decided before coming in she was breaking up with me?. Isaw it in her eyes!  So I made up the Muskhan blackmail thing just to keep her?.. Yeah and look at what you?re one lie has done!

Armaan?  looks she whispering you?re name?. Remember she saw you when You lifted her from the road?..Yeah but her eyes where dazed and she

Jaan I?m here!? her hand feels so cold and she frowning?.ok stop crying! You?re Armaan Malik you can fix anything!!

I promise never to leave your side! I am here forever?.


Armaan we have to talk!? BA please don?t start

Im going over to Krishna and telling her we cancelling everything!? WHAT? BA?

Cancel what? Ba?? what she talking about?  Man I don?t need this? I come home to shower and get some food and she off the wall as usual?

The wedding we cant have a blind woman in the house? As my Bahoo! I mean you can go anywhere with her can you??  HUH has she lost it this time? What pill she popping today?

But BA?  I mean we Malik?s have given our word and we have to honour that?? She needs me and I cant live without her at all now!  So tell Ba that ?she will never understands it her way or the high WAY!

Are you Arguing with me?.?  OK here it come who every does not listen can leave!!

It?s not permanent she get her sight back soon?.so?

I Have spoken to Kirti she told me everything?.you saw her getting in some mans car and found her on the road covered in blood and she blind now!? HUH what?  No Ba you got the wrong end of the stick!!

Anyway she no longer right for this house Kirti younger sister Sanjana is suitable!? OH my god man are you not going to fight this? She kick me out and my brothers will not say a word!  And Kirti is dieing to get Sanju in this house?she must have planted the whole thing!! UFF!!

BA I love her!? Wow dude!! I know look at her stop!

What? No no  no?. Love? fall out of it ?.You sleeping around with anyone with a skirt and now you in love?shut up boy!  Uff Love? These kids im telling you!? BA don?t just walk away ?.. heck what am I going to do NOW? PRIYA BHABHI

Enlope!? WAH WAH BHABHI WHY DID I NOT THINK OF THAT!! Because Ba throw you out and Ridz would get out of it!! Why do fools surround me?


You can trick her into the whole thing?.like the way me and Sumit got married!? WHAT I THOUGH THAT WAS ARRANGED!! Ok why she blushing and got that far away look in her eyes?.. Bro you sly DOG!!  Ok forget get him lets just get you?re woman!!

I Know it?s a crying shame on the family but I will not stand anyone speak about BA that way!?  OMG BHABHI you should go to Bollywood!! WAH WAH!!

Bhabhi! Please don?t cry!? COOL BA looking at us

No Armaan! Mrs Kapoor is bang out of order! How dare she say in the Kity Party Lakshami Devi will dump the blind girl as she a shallow woman!? OK Bhabhi don?t over act!!  Hehe Mrs Kapoor Ba hates here.

Priya Beta??? OK remember you?re line

Will How did Mrs Kapoor find out Ba was going to cancel everything???  OK Ba looking uncomfortable

BA is this true?.?  OMG Bhabhi is like Madhuri? Nahiiiii style look on her face!  OK Bro not this clever and she must be the brains ?.like me!!

It?s true Bhabhi ?..Ba told me this afternoon! Mrs Kapoor is right in fact she always right!?  OK that was too much and stop with the Dilip Kumar pose!

Armaan I have decided ?.the wedding will continue!? Bhabhi wow im going to give you my first born but the other 8 are mine!! EIGHT!! Ok im getting a fuzzy feeling thing about Riddhima!! MAN FOCUS!! BEFORE U NEED A COLD SHOWER!!

But Ba She is BLIND?? UFF KIRTI BHABHI!! What timing!

Yeah Ba she blind and Malik?s cant have a blind wife even though its temporary?? Nice try Bhabhi but im not marrying you?re sister?.

Never mind Me and Ba in front of MataRani promised that we look after her ?.i told her I would be here forever?I guess MataRani will never forgive me!?  OK Too much!  I know  but im desperate!

Ba we have to think of our Izzat this will not look good and Mrs Kapoor will spread so many lies ?.we promised the Gupta and what about Riddhima mother she will never get out of the shock first her daughter is blind and now we dumping her!? Wow Priya Bhabhi! I can kiss your Feet!!  NO Wait I get Bro to do that this evening!!

I have spoken to the Pandit she advise me that Riddhima is going through some bad luck which is not good for the family at all?.. So Armaan you Marry her at the end of the month?? Early wow BA!  OK WHO PLAYED WHO?

Ba!? Ok I love this woman?.*kiss*

Don?t hug me so tightly Armaan!? Thank you BA!

But there a condition! Armaan!  You going to Shimla to the Haveli for 9 months until her bad time is over!? WHAT? BUT man that place is boring!!?.HELLO that a good place to woo her back!  Thing about!! OK STOP!! Im getting the fuzzy feeling again!!

Armaan??  She hate me Ba!  Man stop crying!!


She does not want to see you!? Muskhan get out of my way!!

Move Muskhan and I mean it!? I have never hit a woman but boy im tempted

Muskhan! Let him in! Riddhima will seriously hate him now!? Anjali?  Ok the Evil Zombies have said something to her!

By the way nice flowers?.but since she blind she will not see them!?  UFF Stop laughing?they smell nice!  I told you there a bad idea!! Yeah will I could not see her empty handed!! Chocolates fool! ?Why the hell did you not tell me before I paid the woman for them? because you we like a mad man in the flower show sniffing everything in the place like a DOG!!?.Ok deep breath and push open the door!

Damit those Evil have made her cry!

Who is it?? ok now place the flowers near her and sit on the stool.

It?s me!? Man look at her face and her body is shivering!  OK Man you can face this as well.

What do you want??  She so hates you! even her voice is quivering?Just place the flowers and hug her?

let go of me!?  Ok hit me Jaan ! OK BUT NOT THAT HARD???? she stopped and now just hold her.

We going to get through this I promise and I am never ever going to leave your side! Once we get married I am never going to see you cry again!?  Ok she pulling away!

I will never marry you as because of you I am blind!? Ok just kiss her you know she like it and then she soften up!

I will kiss it all better! Jaan!? Ok now I hope you?re not going to crying?  ?hmm her lips taste the same as always like heaven! Man I?m crazy for this woman!! ?im tearful as I hurt her man!!


Nani I cant marry Armaan!? What now Ba? Don?t look at me like that?

Riddhima ?.the doctor will discharge you in the next couple of days and Armaan wants to marry you soon as possible!?  thanks mum!!

But Momma! You don?t want me anymore!? Great she crying again!! Man this woman is like weeping central!!

No Riddhima it?s not like that I too want you here with me?but we made a promise to Ba and the wedding will go ahead?in fact we all feel safer know Armaan is with you!?   I sort it all out mum you see!! I guess when you told her everything she understood you loved her?. She great reminds me of BA!

But Momma??

Listen Sweetheart!  We stay with mummy for a few days ok!  I want to help you all out!?  I saw how she struggling with Guppu and then she paying off her debt for educating Ridz?. Man well stay there and look after her then go to Shimla!  Riddhima is liking the idea as well.

That right beta?Armaan and you can stay with me and we will look after you!? Cool she relaxing a bit!! Man she got that look!! Like she planning something!! Honey I can not wait!!  This is going to be a total wipe out Armaan!! Yeah will Darling bring it on!! As im game!! OK see you getting that fuzzy feeling again!! Man I cant help it she affects me that way!!?. Man I don?t know I have a bad feeling!! Chill dude Main hoon nah!! That that what im scared off!!!

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