Sunday, 16 February 2020

part 11: Krazzy for you

You look fine! Stop fidgeting!? Atul man I am so nervous?.Stop grinning like you won an Ocsar!! No Yaar Priya Bhabhi deservers that she moved the wedding forward by a week?. I swear I so under estimated her and she secretly paid for Riddhima dress and stuff as I paid the hospital bill and booked her to see a Specialist for her eyes?.in Delhi before we leave for Shimla?

Ok Atul you have the Jai Mala Right there all coming our way??  Dude don?t mess this up!!  I know WOW she looks gorgeous!! And Sapna sorted this all out as her good for nothing cousins did not even lift a finger to help her??

Armaan dude grab the JaiMala!? Oh yeah right stop staring at her! Close you?re mouth DUDE!! ?. Ok Bhabhi said she place it first around my neck and then I do the same ! Man I should have been paying attention to all this stuff at the wedding instead of checking out the hot babes at the weddings!!?.Wow I felt her shiver as she place the flowers around my neck!! ?Yeah! OK people? I place it around her neck?I GET IT Uff!!  ?. Ok now stop blushing!!

Jaan what is this Pandit saying??  Man Armaan you know!! Yeah but im bored and she frowning and needs to relax?..Anyway when she whispers and explains she so romantic!

We have to place the rice and ghee in the scared fire?.as offerings!? Man what you doing? I am moving closer to her!! ?.Ok im just putting my hand around her shoulder she need to relax!

What you do?? Ok you upset her now!

Jaan just relax since we putting in the rice and ghee in the fire I don?t want you to hurt you?re self?? Woah nice health and Safety!!  Ba not liking the whole idea and Priya is giggling her head off!!  Sumit?s taking pictures and giving me a thumbs up!  Kirti and big bro are talking to the family friends! Her families fine about the whole thing!! Chill dude!!

Jaan how long is this going to take?? man this like forever!! Im hungry all morning it was a rush and I not slept due to the party the night before!!

We can stop all this if you want!? HUH!! Now now there no need to use that tone.

This would have been easier if you let me marry you in the mandir!!? Ok dude you?re getting frustrated now!!

The pandit asked you to place the sindoor in my mang as a sign of love?  Cool the good part!?.

Ok this ring? do I place it on you?re finger which is in the Sindoor Taal??  Ok now why she looking at me like that.

With the ring you take the sindoor and put it to my mang near my tikka on my forehead!? Oh ok!!

Do we kiss now?? Dude stop playing her?.look she blushing and horrified!! ?I so want to kiss her cheek!! Just a little quick one!! Dude keep you trousers on!! MAN Don?t  EVEN go there?. This dhoti is bad enough!! How Shanshank bro sorted it out???.but im feeling a cold draft from god knows where in this THING?

Armaan! The mangstrala!? Oh right?.Ok I picked this out with BA!! And the diamonds are real and I am going to kiss her on the cheek once I have place the thing around her neck?. There! No one noticed!

What are you doing?! Can you control you?re self!? ok feeling warm and fuzzy

Jaan when I see you no!?

Just control you?re self there a lot of people here at the wedding and on top of that I am marrying the devil!? WOW!! This is seriously going to be fun!

Ok tell me when its time to eat the forbidden fruit as I never got my desert from last time!? Man she making me feel HOT!! No Dude that the fire ?.the draft is feeling warm up your dhoti? move your legs!!  OH ****!!

Ok now you going to help me up?.we going to walk around the fire 7 times ?but the on the last round I lead!? OK Jaan! You can lead me where every you want!! *Sigh*

OK but hold my hand! Jaan?? OK now grab her hand tight?look Armaan there stuff all over the floor and in her condition?  Got it Dude!!

What are you doing? Put me down!?   Stop fidgeting I will drop you!

Look I?m scare you will fall! Health and Safety?.So im going to carry you round!? Ok!! why she crying?

Jaan are you OK??See there stuff all over the ground you could slip and this way I walk around with you in my arm safe and sound!?  The pandit is nodding and telling me to go round while he speaking Sankirt or is it Swahili??

But you will drop me Armaan!? NEVER!!  Man she has trusts issues!  I?m not surprised! With you?re rep!!

I Armaan take this First circle to protect you for the reset of my life till the day I die??. This second circle is a vow to respect you as my equal?.. This third circle is a vow that I will be faithful to you for now one?..This four circle is a vow to honour and love your family as my own?. This fifth vow is to never leave your side for better or worse through sickness and health?.. The sixth Vow is to love you with every breath I take???

I Riddhima take the final circle ?.take you Armaan as my husband to honour and love until I died?.?   Ok beautiful we done! I think that was the pandit was saying if not I made the whole thing up but will honour everything I whispered in your ear!!  I am going to wipe your tears away before I let you go!?.Sweet she whispered back in my ear her vow as well?.I love her so much!! Oye hoye!!

Are you Ok Jaan! Look lets just start a fresh now ok! Don?t cry Jaan it hurts me to see you like this!?  Ok now where they taking her??? JEEZ Hello she property of Armaan Malik!! You cant just take her away?.Chill dude she yours!!

Congratulation Armaan!? Hey Guys!!!!

Cheers Atul! Will not be long where there will be another wedding!!?  hehe he silent!! I won the bet he going to have to pay me!!

Yeah?. yeah!! I pay you what I own!? COOL I need the cash?.man I starving where MY WOMAN??

hmmm man this taste good! Why you not eating?? Man she blind duh!! Feed her!

Ok! Jaan open wide! From now  I will feed my sugar plum!? Sugar plum? LOL I was going to say lips but her moms sitting close by!!

Spicy!? ok it hot!! Water??.

Ok Jaan here?. there only Pepsi take the straw?!? OK stop watching her drink through the straw?.man you looking ??  her lips man!! Those red lush lips and I have to wait 6 hours before night time UFF ?.who the heck plans a wedding at 10am which finishes at 2pm?.It?s not over you have to go to the mandir for blessing after the dholi leaves her house which is once everyone eaten??


OUCH You just pricked me!? Well its dark if you kept still??  You can never see properly in candle light!

Sorry Jaan you want me to kiss it better!?

Ouch what that for!? Man she can hit!!

Its not my fault it?s a slipper sucker!? Ok now don?t move I will try again!?  Man this is hard work?im exhausted!! Man you?re panting like a pig!!

You are putting it in the right hole? There are 2 holes!!? OMG yeah im not stupid I would like to think I know how to operate this thing!!?


Do you want me to try?? NO!! I CAN DO THIS!!

JAAN!? Ok man your loosing it on your suhaag raat! Im at the end of my feather buddy!! Don?t start!!?.Just give in and let her try!

Here!? Don?t sulk!! Ok now look at her grinning! As she feeling the dame thing!

See look you find the right hole?. slide it in and BINGO! The suitcase opens!? HOW THE HECK?? For 30min I wrestled with that stupid suitcase because her meds are in the case!!?.OK WOW her night wears on top! SEXY!! RED!!

OK Look away!? huh? But why?

Why? This is personal! Not for you to see? Ok now she pushing me! Man she so physical!! This will be fun!

You found them!? why do you have you?re back on her she blind remember cant see a thing! Yeah man! NO it be like watching a peep show!! AND since when has that stopped you?

Can I have some water!? Ok stop waving your hand and let me get you on the King size Armaan?s love machine bed!!

Ok sit here and I?ll get you some water?? here you go?good girl! Ok Armaan look at the tablets?what are they?

Thanks can you get Priya bhabhi for me I need help get dressed!? HUH did you marry her or me??.seriously were give her our first born! So lets just get busy!!

What are you doing?? what you think!

Helping you get dressed the families all a sleep? Ok what she doing now?

I need the bathroom!? HUH Ok you this women they want to spray there scent all over there body and stuff?.Stop smiling!!

Ok I lead you! Take my hand!? She not looking good Armaan she gone pale?

Jaan you ok?? Ok now she crying?

I will go and get Priya bhabhi!? You doing the right thing Armaan she need support and you have her all you?re life to make love to her? Uff don?t start!

What the heck is taking so long?it been like forever?ok door is opening! Bhabhi is grinning and blushing! Hehe! Ok Armaan you know how to do this you ready!

OK breathtaking and quick man take your clothes off!!?.Dame it I need the bathroom?.to many Pepsi?s !  Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Ok since im here I might as will brush my teeth?. minty fresh and get some cologne out!!

Jaan!? HUH SHE SNORING!! BUMMER!! MAN this is all you?re fault brushing your teeth?MR MINTY FRESH!! UFF!!  ?..Look she looks so sweet!  AWWWWW?  Come on dude an other day ?.Ok snuggle up to her?she smells to good?.Oye Hoye FUZZZY FEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!

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