Tuesday, 25 February 2020

part 12: Krazzy for you

Don?t you think she the most sexist thing you ever since!?she got such a sexy body!? Man she toooo fine!!

Yeah Armaan! She sexy alright!? IM TELLING YOU MAN!!

When you feel her between you?re legs?.hai Champ! It?s like you are in heaven!  The feeling like nothing I can describe ?.Man when I Ride her! It like a new Journey every time??  Look im getting goosebumps think about it!!  I need a beer!

Armaan?you sure you want me to have her?? I feel like crying!

It must be hard loosing such a sexy and wonderful Trill!? IM TELLING YOU CHAMP!!  *Snif*

OK! Champ before I have second thoughts!?  Before I break down!

You sure you want to do this Armaan I feel like I?m cheating on my best friends?I know how much you love her dude?  I know I feel like a Pimp?

No Yaar you enjoy her have fun!?  My heart is breaking!!

You Sure!?  Hug me Champ!

I trust you fully with her seriously man?When you feel her touch you go crazy like me!??

Ok Armaan?I will never forget this you my best friend!? Awww dude give me a hug?.

Ok take her now!! Bye Champ!?   Man Armaan can you really watch her leave with another man?. I have to be strong! No tears

Bye Armaan I never forget this Dude!? Yeah you better not ?since she with you I can get to see her everyday?*sigh* ?.there he goes with my honey!!

Armaan? What are you doing??

Ba I was saying good bye to Atul he left with my heart!?  Dude you getting emotional! I know?but we been together like forever.

So why he riding away with you?re motorbike??  BA HOLD ME!!

I sold her Ba!?  I need to save up for a people carrier for my kids and Jaan..

You saved your allowance for that Bike and you sold you?re car as well??  Yeah I need the money for Shimla?.i can get another one!

Where Riddhima?? I not seen her since this morning?? She sneaked out the room? No morning kiss?and then Atul turned up just now!

She with Kirti and Priya in the kitchen!? Oh OK I go tell her the good news Champ cough up the dough and the bet money!!

They helping her with the food she has to prepare?..and you leaving tomorrow  Armaan right to stay with her mother?.?  Yeah Chill BA how many time this morning do you have to confirm!  Heck!


So what?s cooking?? Smells good im starving and wow she looks amazing in that blue Sari?

We?re helping Riddhima?.and why you grinning like that?? Oh Priya Bhabi don?t make her blush.

Hmm Maybe Riddhima can answer that question!? OMG Kirti Bhabhi as well. She ok really OK ?.in fact her and Bro have given me their Shogun to use.

Ok Jaan you want me to tell them how you snored all night and I slept reading some chemical paper on the net?!? Ok she totally stunned and stop kissing her ear lobe while you whispering in her ear?.

Hmm Kheer! Riddhima let me help you!? I just love doing this to her?since Bhabhi?s have left us alone?.it just me and you.

Why did you sell the car and bike you love so much?Priya Bhabhi told me!? Awww babe?im kissing you for being worried?.MWAH!

Stop it Armaan ?.tell me is the Kheer Bubbling?? BABE I TELL YOU WANTS BUBBLING!! ?Come here!

Uff Armaan?? Hmmmm SUGAR LIPS?.

Sorry! Bad timing??  Uff Bhabhi?. Now im blushing! Hehe she gone complete red man I love this woman *sigh*

So Armaan what the plan for you and Riddhima this evening?? Hmmm Bro the foods great and im feeding Riddhima? tooo.

Well the guys have organised a bit of a party?.so this evening we going there!? It will be fun glad I talked her into she was not welling to go! Dude she has to come! I planned a surprise for her when we sneak off from the party.

Dr Shanshank has called??We hired Riddhima replacement Armaan at the hospital and you leave been cancelled by Dr Shanshank?.? HUH WHAT?

We can?t afford to loose you as well! So he wants you to stay for the next two weeks before he grants you leave?.? NOOOOOOOOO!!! BA don?t give me that look?..

But Bhabhi?  I wanted to see Mom in Lonavla and we going to see a specialist in Delhi and then Shimla?.?  I had everything sorted HECK!!

Yeah! He just called and told me just now! ?. He want you to teach the Dr Stella! She Dr Rahul?s sister?.she was meant to have you?re job?but you got selected!? Yeah I paid the 3rd official to get the job!

OK Armaan since you are staying here with Riddhima! Im shifting her to the down stairs spare bedroom?. With the stairs im scared she will hurt herself??  Good Idea BA?.I?ll make sure she fine! Plus that bedroom is massive

Riddhima Beta?you going to do the Vrat??  HEY WHAT?

Ji Ba!  I will move downstairs and Armaan will remain in his room!? HUHHHHHHHH,  what going on here?  Priya BHABHI!! HELP!! DO SOMETHING IM GOING TO DIE IN MY PRIME!!

Ba what Vrat is this??  Yeah Priya Bhabhi?.even I want to know???

It?s a very hard Vrat Priya beta?and Riddhima knows about it she asked if she can do them?.so I told her she can!? BA how could you?

But Ba Riddhima alone?it not a good idea! I mean?.?  THINK OF SOMETHING?..KICK SUMIT BHAI Under the table!!

Ouch! Yeah BBBB Ba Armaan right?s with her condition ?.in the room by herself!? EXCATLY!! Don?t look at me like that bro how many time have you kicked me under the table! HUH?

Hmmm Ba Armaan and Sumit have a point!? THANK YOU Kirti Bhabhi

Riddhima beta I think you are going to have to explain??  EXPLAIN??

For my Vrat to work I can not have my husband present in the morning and night ?the pandit said not all women do this Vrat ?.I was told for our marriage to be successful I have to do this Vrat!? I wonder why not all women do this VRAT? Which Pandit did you see? If its Ramu Pandit I so not giving him a donation?.If fact I give him a different donation?.Man??

Its only for a month!? HUH!!!!!!!!!!!! OK dude chill?.She so evil!! She planned this knowing Ba would go for the Vrat thing?.

FINE!? IM OUT OF HERE!! ?.Man chill what yeah there me thinking she take me seriously at the mandap?.like put the past behind her and she just?..UFF! At least look back at her?. What for she does not want me near her?.Im so out of here?Well don?t slam the ddd ?ooooor!


Armaan are you still upset??  Don?t speak to me! UFF?stop sulking! Look she waving her hands around just to find u?. Yeah well she can!  Man have a heart!

I am here!? Armaan she going to bang into the table?Got her!?.Ok just hold her up steady! Man such a filmy pose?.man she so beautiful!  ?..stop kissing her?.Man she struggling to get free!?Ok looks she breathless now!

Don?t you ever stop??  NO AND WHY SHOULD I? I have a marriage licence!!

Are you going to let me go??  NO!

Armaan?? Are even her gussa is sexy!! FUZZY feeling?.Kiss her again?.hmmmmm?.Ok Dude!! Stop grinning now she blushing like mad

Riddhima what?s with the Vrat?? OK lead her to the bed and sit her down.

Armaan it?s important to me please!? Awww look at her puppy face! How can you say no to that? Man u know what she asking??

Ok so you starting them tomorrow morning?? OOOH I know where you?re going with this?

Hmmm...!? Right dude you have the rest of the day and then this evening to do what you want!

Ok so what we wearing to the party? As I am going to need help and since its my first time out as Mrs Riddhima Armaan Malik!? OK im going to hug you for that!  Mwah ?.Baby!! tonight is my wife?s seduction??..

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