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part 13 & 14: Krazzy for you

Part 13 

"Armaan im totally trusting you with this!" TRUST ISSUES!

"Don't you trust me?" looking guilty now well up better.

"Ok but im going to get Priya Bhabhi to check you done it right…" Sure….Now keep still!

"Armaan your hands are cold!….you making me laugh!" hmm I found a ticklish spot!…she has the sweetest laugh…

"Jaan keep still or im going to get this stuff on my trousers…" Ok now who she picked up the pillow and giggling through that..

"Ok you picked out the matching colour!" Uff she so controlling.

"Look you want me to paint you're toenails or what?" man even her feet are cute especially with the henna…

"Yeah but you're making me laugh…and im ticklish!" Dude are you crazy! Just grab her she on the bed with you are her feet? Chill dude!

"Ok if I touch you here?" Nice just run you're fingers down her foot…

"hehe….Armaan stop it!" duck the pillow!….man she asking for it!

"Pillow fight?" ok Jaan you asked for it…

"AGHHHHHH Armaan!" Ok now she rolling on the bed!! Laughing….Ok if I time this right …BINGO

"What are you doing Armaan? Get off me!"

"I was going to see where I can find another ticklish stop!" hmmm I can feel her breath on my face as she blushing.

"Priya Bahabhi will come in! She going to come in a minute…." NO! Door is locked….Kiss her! …hmmmm Ok now she relaxing and melting beneath me….

"Armaan please stop!" No not until im finished….man her neck tastes so good…I love it when she moves her hands down my back…..

"We going to get late for the party?" Hmmm and So

"Im helping you get changed remember…!" her lips are driving me crazy?

"You're smudging my nail polish!!"

"It's ok I get the nail remover and paint them again…mwah…and again…mwah!" OK Dude she surrendering….you did it dude!!


"JI BA!" I am not moving!! ….Im going to lay on top of her and rest my head on her neck


" Did you locked the door?" Man her whispering in my ear !!! Im just nodding my head.

"Armaan locked it BA he getting changed!" WHY GOD?

"Armaan get up…please!" Shaking head and holding her tightly! NO!!

"BA we open the door soon, he is in the shower!" stop grinning hearing the footsteps going away.

"Ok Now she gone…please get off me!" NO! I like nibbling on you're neck.

"Armaan…please honey!" awwwww she called me honey! For that you getting a long kiss…..mwwwwwwaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"I love You Riddhima!" I love everything about you….

"Armaan please we going to get late…you have to finish off my hand nails…" Ok what now if you…

"Ok only if you tell me you love me!" IM NOT MOVING IF YOU DON'T

"Armaan?" It simple see I love you Armaan!"

"Please….move!" Hmm

"NO tell me what I want to hear!" What is she doing Oh think you can get me off?…No im holding your wrists down on the bed! push down against  you so she cant move!

"Aghhhhhhhh Riddhima!!" MY NOSE!!! SHE BITE ME?? OK dude sit up and check it…Man it hurts and am i bleeding?

"I am so sorry Armaan I though it was …. I cant see!" OK WHY U CRYING?? Man that was some bite! She a wild cat!? My eyes are watering and she crying on the bed…Dude

"Let me check!" OK NOW YOU REARLY POKED MY EYE OUT? Stop holding my nose so tight?

"Let me blow on it Armaan!" HUH NO WAY!…OMG IM GOING TO DIEEEEEEEEE It feels so good.

"Is that better?" Hmmmm

"Ok lets get ready…I finish of your nails and we can get ready!" YOU JUST WAIT IM GOING TO BITE YOU BACK LATER ON BABE.


"OUCH Armaan what happen to you nose?" Atul don't ask! You the 11th person to ask me and I cant believe it all bruised….within one hour is swollen up!

"Long story involving a man and a door!" Man what am I going to say my wife bite me?

"Hmm I see teeth marks!" HUH you can! Ok just grin provocatively manly like and wink!

"You devil Armaan!" told ya guys will fall for this that way no one will ask all evening about my bitten nose all evening.

"Yeah Atul something need taming!" Man Armaan haven't you seen most of the women at the party before?? Yeah they familiar?   Jus drink the Budweiser dude all the women are nothing compared to Riddhima! True!

"Where Rahul? …" there She is with Sapna and the girls

"He's coming late…he moaning about his twin sister Stella…I hear she Really HOT!" Really Champ I guess lab will be interesting!!

"Wow dude Riddhima looks nice in white and blue sari and you're in white too" Cheers Atul… u have no idea how long nail polish take to dry…and I painted my toes! Tooo…. U sick man! ….Yeah will I wanted to feel close to her and painted my toenails. You getting feminine? First you sell you're motorbike and car and now…what next wax? Be a man and show her who's the boss! Tell her no Vrat and SORT IT OUT!

"Wow Armaan you killed that beer!" YEAH WILL I NEED TO RELAX! KEEP THEM COMING!

"Hey handsome!" HUH ….i know you?

"How about a dance?" Yeah you know her …from college the fashion show?

"Sorry I …" Hey look around the females are all you're ex's! WHAT?

"Maybe later darling!" OK WHAT THE FRIGGIN HELL!

"Atul who arranged the party?" Ok there all here?

"Mukhan and Anjali…Rahul was to busy and I helped with the venue and food why? You look tense?" Where Riddhima? She no where in site?

"Atul all my ex flings are here ….Man Riddhima is no where in site?" DAME IT!

"Hey Armaan!" OMG? Mrs Patel….my chemistry teacher? But I never…You did remember to past the subject….when her husband was out of town! She planned the whole thing and blackmailed you as you had a rep in college for being a stud…I hate my life!!

"Excuse me im …" SO OUT OF HERE!!

Where is she? ….man those evil cows I could kill them!….there she she is outside alone….man!

"Riddhima?" looks like she crying ..

"Don't come near me! I hate you!" Awwwww man damage is done just hold her man! Grab her.

"Leave me alone! You have any idea what it feels like to be in the same room as all of them?" Awwww Jaan I  Ok punch me as much as you want…this sucks…we were doing so great! And!

"I hate you Armaan…everyone forced me to marry you…mom and Mamaji and because of you ….I ran away and Vicky tried to rape me! Then as I was escaping the car hit me….Why did you take me to the hospital? Why did you not let me die on the road!!" WHAT? **** Armaan! GOD MAN!! She went through all that because of You!

"I Love You Riddhima! I real do! Believe me im so sorry …I will make this all better! Honey I promise you!" ….OK dude she got me crying.

"You just care about yourself….Everything is about what Armaan wants! YOU MARRIED ME NOT FOR ME BUT MY BODY!" HUH NO

"Look you're upset and talking randomly…Look lets just leave!" We seriously need to talk….Just take her to the hotel you booked.

"No im not going anywhere with you!" OK this is enough

"Now listen to me and I am going to say this only one….Firstly that night you where going to dump me because you choose you two face cousins over me…Me being the biggest idiot on the planet…told you only half the truth! I should have told you because of you that day in the mandir …I never went near another woman again!…. You saved me from me! As for you wanting to be dead…You ever speak like that again I will personal kill you…NOW WE GOING IN THAT PARTY AND YOU WILLL BE  MY WIFE! In front of those evil cousin! As for me wanting you're body! Believe me I have had better….YOU STUPID WOMAN! I LOVE YOU! PERIOD!" Right we goin back in there and giving everyone something to bloody watch no one make an arse out of Armaan Malik!

Dude you holding her on the dance floor and they all watching! ….You and this is the 4th song...You know what you have to do!!

"Hi all if I can have everyone's attention!" Ok don't choke on the mike….OK I have her near me she been so silent.

"I would like to thank everyone for this great party!" YEAH RIGHT NOT

"Me and Riddhima are really quiet touched to have you here this evening…But I want to thank my wife! Riddhima for having the courage and strength to take pity on a man like me. I now that I could never have anyone in my life like Riddhima ! The first time I saw I thought knew the only way you would accept me was of I changed because that was the only way I could ever stand to have someone like her in my life. I love her with all my heart and I meant that!"   Why have you let go of her Armaan? I need some air…look back at her…Dude I cant! Armaan she needs you…Just!

"Armaan I need you!" OK Idiot just go back and get her and don't cry like a baby! These cows are all watching!

"Jaan! I uh!" OK just lead her away!

"Can we leave now go somewhere and talk?"

"Do you want to go with a creep like me?" Now come on Armaan? I need her to tell me Yaar she was forced into all this?

"I want my husband to take me from here….Im feeling very drained!" OK she accepted you as her husband….and that all buddy.


Man say something you been driving for like ages? I don't want to go home just yet I need to clear my head in fact im mad at me and when I get Vicky he is a dead man!

"I don't want to go home Armaan!" HUH

"Ok so what do you suggest?" Just take her to that hotel you book in Juhi by the sea!

"I don't know ….No ones ever asked me what I wanted! I have always done what was required of me!" Wow she so honest I love that about her.

"Anyway I'm as blind as a bat….so I could never see where we are!" why she laughing?

"Ok I take you somewhere we can just talk!" I take her to the hotel

"Is that the sea…I can hear the seagulls and smell the salty air!" yeah and the moonlight is so magical!

"Do you remember Rahul's Party…the sky looks like that right now!" she smiling

"hmm I wish I could see it…So you booked this room in advance?"

"Yeah I was planning to come here…with you and have a candle light dinner and…" do what married couple do.

"Dinner sound good I'm starving ….lack of food and all!"

"OK try this Jaan!" my fav prawns….

"Is it fish?"

"Yeah Mom told me to make sure you eat enough fish…I know you guys can eat that!" Now she holding my arm

"Hmm its nice…thank you I don't think I can eat anything else as come bed time you have me soaring away again!"… she looks so cute when she like this

"Hmmm even you're snoring is adorable!" Ok she blushing now!

"Stop it Armaan! You must hate something about me…hmm let me think the way i…"

"You bite you're bottom lip when you're nervous…and play with the corner of your dupputa…When you smile it's like the heavens have opened and …"

"Stop it Armaan!" Hey don't nudge me like that!

"Ok now I want the truth how many women before me?" Man don't change my mood.

"Too many but now only you forever!" ok she playing with her dupputa and blushing.

"I think we should go to sleep….since you hired the room and all!" WOW YOU MEAN IT!


~~Part 14~~

I need a drink….what's in the mini bar….Hurry up dude while she in the bathroom…VODKA!!…man I cant believe you're toe nails are aqua blue!??…yeah look good huh!! O BOY!!

"Armaaan! Thanks for letting me wear you're shirt!" OMG what a sight???? Dude you're hands are shaking….She coming towards me wearing my shirt….man get the drink down!! …her hairs damp and the shirts kind of see through!!

"Armaan? You there?" I'm coming out of shock as my shirt never looked so good! Man stop looking at her thighs….I can't help BUT NOT TO LOOK!!

"Jaan im here!" Ok put the bottle down and walk to her she waving her hands…Man I feeling shy standing here topless…with just trousers on!! LOL dude she's only just wearing you're shirt!! …..

"Armaan I need to take my pills….can you give me …"   WATCH OUT ….GOTCHA….

"Jaan! Be careful!" OK now why did you say that? She could have hurt herself really badly…. Wow her hands are on you chest she showered I can smell the soap….FUZZY

"Armaan? My back going to hurt bent over like this?" OH YEAH!! …Wake up Dude we talked about …not doing anything until she ready!!

"Sorry Jaan…I'll get you're meds sit here on the bed!" …where's her hand bag…to many pills…no wonder she knocked out!! And sleepy all the time?

"Ok Jaan…here are the meds…"

"Armaan are you not going to freshen up?….you smell of alcohol!" WOW her sense!! Brush you teeth… No that messed thing up last time!

"Yeah! I cant sleep if I don't shower…" and if in totally nude other wise I cant…but I'm learning to sleep in my PJ…I don't get dude she blind you can be commando! Yeah but!! OK STOP BLUSHING!!….head to the bathroom!!

"Im going in the bathroom Jaan…the water bottles on you're right!" Man dude don't mess this up!! Quick as lighting ….


"Jaan?" where is she? Man I need a shower…I feel better…

"Armaan hehehe!" OMG what she doing? On the balcony?

"WOW ARMAAN!" HUH? What that bottle in her hand? VODKA!! DUDE you said right which means her left!! DOHHHHH

"Riddhima come in side! Girl it's cold!" Yeah because you're wearing a just a towel

"Sugar it's too hot and this water is great!" …..OK stop her before she….too late she finished the whole bottle….WOW she jumping on the ledge?? Stop her where on the 10th floor!!

"You know Sugar…the consultant said I need to use all my sense since I am blind….smell, …." Ok Armaan get her off there…

"Riddhima come down you…" SHE FREAKING ME OUT! Grab her wrist!!

"Shhhh ….smell …touch and six sense….Let go of me Armaan! I feel as sharp as a Cat and ….Sugar my head spinning! Hehehe…." OK Let me grab you…and pull you down…..Dude just scope her in you're arms….She high! As anything!!

"Ok so the nights still young what do we do now?….hey lets to a club! I have never been there…. You know my life was so boring!! …You listening!" YEAH!! MAN HER BREATH?? Stinks!! ….stop poking my chest so hard with your index finger!!…

"You know you're the first man to ever kiss me…You know when I like a guy those cows napped him first!" HUH Cool I thank them!! OK KEEP STILLLLL!!….I will drop you….

"I feel in love with you ….when you came into my lab!" Awwww ok now what you doing with my hair!….man it feels so good! Love it when she runs her fingers in my hair….. Are you going to put her down!! NOOO! I like holding her!! She making me laugh

"But you're a liar and the devil!" AWWWWEEEE she pulling my hair!! DROP HER!! ….

"How's the nose?" AWWWWWEEEE Don't squeeze it!!

"YOU DROPPED ME!" YEAH!! Uff My eyes are watering….My poor nose!!

"Armaan?" Don't look at her man! Heck she like a jungle billee….

"Hey Armaan!" OK now what she being so nice? Don't turn around it's another trick!!

"Chhaliya Chhaliya Chhaliya Rooh Chura Lu Aisi Hu Main Chhaliya

Chhaliya Chhaliya O O Chhaliya Haath Na Aau Main Hu Aisi Chhaliya

Os Lehar Hu, Dub Sehar Hu, Pak Mehar Hu, Bachake Jaayega Kaha

la La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Maahi

La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Boy"   OMG !! RIDDHIMA??….Look stop drooling!! I cant have you seen how she moves!! She blowing Kareen out of the water….she making me want to dance too…. Go Riddhima!! ….wow hip action!!

"La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Maahi

La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Boy

Chhaliya Chhaliya O O Chhaliya Haath Na Aau Main Hu Aisi Chhaliya"   Ok now she grabbing my hand and moving around me…..MAN I LOVE THIS WOMAN!!

"Raaat Hu Taaron Mein Mil Jaau

Har Mod Pe Main Aahon Ki Baahon Mein Khil Jaau

Chaal Hu Tujhpe Main Chal Jaau

Tu Na Jaanega Kab Baaji Main Dhoke Se Maar Jaau

Bikhare Dil Ka Main Haal Hu, Aur Ghaalib Ka Main Khayaal Hu

Main Noor Hu, Main Hoor Hu, Bachake Jaayega Kaha"

Waah Jaan you making me hot….NO You not removing my towel …hand off babe….Ok where you going….Oh on the bed!! ….nice dance moves….Love the way she moving her head up and down with her hair….

"La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Maahi

La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Boy

Chhaliya Chhaliya O O Chhaliya Haath Na Aau Main Hu Aisi Chhaliya" wow!! Hey coming to me again? OK now she pushed me on the bed….

"Raaj Hu Honto Ko Sil Jaau, Tere Haathon Se Main Ret Banke Fisal Jaau

Boond Hu Tujhpe Baras Jaau, Jo Na Bujhegi Woh Pyaas Banke Main Tarsaau

Chhalki Pehli Chaal Hu Main, Main Suljha Uljha Jaal Hu

I Am The Noor, I Am The Hoor, Tu Jaayega Kaha"…..OK she climbing on top of me… eyes are closed!…..FUZZY….ok don't kiss my chest and ear lobe like that….. man is killing me!!

"Chhaliya Chhaliya Chhaliya Rooh Chura Lu Aisi Hu Main Chhaliya

Chhaliya Chhaliya O O Chhaliya Haath Na Aau Main Hu Aisi Chhaliya

Os Lehar Hu, Dub Sehar Hu, Pak Mehar Hu, Bachake Jaayega Kaha

La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Maahi

La La Lla La Lla La La Tu Ankh Na Lada, Don' T Look At Me Like That Boy"   GIRL COME HERE!! DADDY'S IN DA HOUSE!!


"Awwww my head! Armaan? My whole body hurts I cant move!"

"Jaan im tired no more Please! ….go back to sleep!" Heck what a night I only been to sleep about 3 hours ago…. Daddo is…tired! Mwah!… she wild!

"Armaan?" Ok yeah honey just hug me like that feels nice…

"There a strange pain on my neck.." Yeah that I went mad when you bite my left ear lobe…..drives me wild cant control myself…sowrie

"Armaan! Do you seriously love me!" OK when you're gentle doing that think on chest with you're fingers…. Fuzzy…ok dude stop smiling!!

"Ok so I think last night we kind of ….." hmmmm man that was earth moving. She blushing and burying her face in my chest!!

"Made love! Jaan….i think that what you mean….." Mwahhhh …man I cant get enough of those lips…

"Armaan you're crazy!" hmmm I know love it when you giggle and blush like that!

"Ok so we going back home this morning!" …..hey no! you're not getting up!

"BTW….you're not doing that Vrat! After last night no way!…Where do you think you're going?" man her shoulder looks like a good place to start.

"But Armaan…." Ok she gasping my lips are doing their tricks…

"Hmmm no Vrat and I can't stay away from you!…not know or ever!" hmmm now what that smile… she beautiful.

"Really! Sugar!" hmm I love it when she calls me that.

"I love you Riddhima….." man I can hug her like this forever.

"I hope so Armaan…because I love you a lot and if you ever …or leave me I would die…." Ok now why you crying…. Honey it will never happen.

"I made those Vows to my wife the woman I love…." Ok just kiss her and confirm it to her….……..


"Stella I need to leave early today….." Man its been 5 day and I not seen Riddhima properly….it's like midnight when I get home and is asleep on the dinning table waiting for me….Cool Ba let us shift downstairs….one more week and im on leave!!

"Hey handsome! We got loads to do you can't leave me to do all this!" OK don't batter you're eyelashes at me like that!!…Uff im a sucker for a sweet smile.

Man she driving me insane….as well as doing her work….im sorting out the supplies….since Vicky the creep stop coming! And I know why! Wait till I get my hands on the guy…Stella here flirts with everyone!! Poor Rahul….

"Handsome I need a hand!" huh? OK! What she want now?

"Stella just change the lens and see the output! I think Shanshank wants these report first thing so be through with the test" OK what she doing? Why she touching my hand?

"Handsome it's a shame you're married!" OK now hands off the merchandise…don't touch my hair!!…lean back on the desk Armaan as she moving closer?

"Muskhan was right about you…. hotter then any man here and you're wife is blind right…so she will never know!" HUH Stella? Move them lips woman!

"Armaan!" RIDDHIMA?


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