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Part 13 : I See You!

Armaan looked at girl standing infront of him, feeling guilty he approached her: I'm sorry Anjie! Its just that I'm very busy nowadays!(he cursed his mother who had actually made him feel guilty over the anger he felt towards Anjie. He scowled inwardly at women and their womanly instincts, his mother had latched on to him immediately after dinner asking what was wrong.

Ananya: Armaan! Did you and Anjali have a fight?

Armaan winced: maa! Where did a fight come up?

Ananya: if you didn't have a fight then why were you angry.

Armaan clenched his jaw and thought how was he suppose to explain to his mother that he was not angry at Anjali but angry on the fate. Now that shilpa was so near him he couldn't help but resent Anjali's presence in his life. He had managed to satisfy her with a response giving excuses of work but now felt guilty as he looked into Anjali's face.

Anjali looked at armaan and shook her head: Armaan! I understand you are a busy man but we need to spend time together if we want to get to know one another.(sensing armaan's disquiet)

Shilpa stood in Rahul's office and looked across at armaan's office, she stilled as she saw armaan move towards a very attractive girl and take her hand. Shilpa tried to look away but her eyes again strayed back to check on the happenings between armaan and the girl. Her heart dipped as armaan stood close to the girl and smiled at her, scowling inwardly at her reaction she visibly started as Rahul spoke to her.

Shilpa: sorry!(she flushed as she realized she was caught staring) what were you saying? (trying to act as if nothing had happened)

Rahul gave her a knowing grin: forget what I was saying, tell me what has got you enthralled? (his eyes twinkled with mischief)

Shilpa bit her lip: I was wondering who the girl is? She is very beautiful! Girlfriend?(she asked looking back towards armaan)

Rahul raised a brow behind shilpa's back: fianc actually!

Shilpa turned back to Rahul: he's engaged! I didn't know that!

Muskaan who had walked in: if you are talking about armaan then believe you me I think even he doesn't know he's engaged.

When shilpa looked confused Rahul rolled his eyes: ignore muskaan! Come the papers are ready for you to sign.(shilpa walked to the desk and signed the papers handing over to Rahul who then signed them also)

Shilpa: so when is the wedding?

Rahul: I'll get married today but muskaan needs a lot of convincing

Shilpa laughed as muskaan glared at Rahul: I'm asking about armaan

Rahul thoughtfully: not really!(looking at shilpa speculatively) as it is an arranged marriage both armaan and Anjali wanted to take some time to get to know one another.

Looking at shilpa's surprised expression muskaan: did you honestly expect armaan to have a love marriage? Honestly I think the guy is only in love with numbers and money!

Before shilpa could make a comment atul walked in: stop bitching muskaan!

Muskaan: and here comes armaan's chamcha!

Rahul whispered to a bewildered shilpa: don't take them seriously its just Atul is very protective of armaan and muskaan just loves getting aul all riled up.

Muskaan held up her hand in mock surrender as atul gave her a deadly look: chill atul! I was just joking. Jeez!

Atul: just because armaan doesn't go around talking about his feelings doesn't mean he does not care.

Rahul: Atul yaar! Chill she was just kidding! Muskaan stop being a nuisance!

Shilpa smiled at atul: Armaan is lucky to have a friend like you who is willing to speak up for him.

Atul smiled back at shilpa: actually its me who is lucky to have found a friend like armaan. He'll go to any length to help me to be there for me, he just doesn't make a point of telling everyone about it.

Rahul: Armaan is very protective of his loved ones, if anyone messes with them armaan destroys them. Believe me when I say you don't want to mess with armaan coz he'll take you'll apart piece by piece.

Muskaan: enough about armaan! Shilpa we are going out tonight, my handsome boyfriend here is going to take us dancing tonight.(before shilpa could argue) I'm not hearing no so get ready, atul you are coming too.

Atul: where did I come into this? Let me be in peace

Shilpa smiled at him: plz do come otherwise I'll feel like a third wheel between the two of them (gesturing towards Rahul and muskaan)

Atul smiled back: how am I suppose to say no to such a gorgeous lady?

Muskaan: great!

Shilpa: well I've gotta leave as I've got som errands to run. Muskaan let me know the time when you'll be coming to pick me.(Rahul opened the door for shilpa as she left the office)

As shilpa walked across the hall Rahul saw armaan's gaze latch on to shilpa through his office window. He saw his brothers eyes burn with an intensity and then he turned back to Anjali. Rahul  turned back to the rest and realized they had also witnessed the scene outside.

Muskaan: so what do you think?

Rahul: she was looking at him!

Muskaan: He was looking back!

Atul: you guys don't you have some work to do?

Muskaan: I think this could be a start of something more

Atul: do I need to remind you guys that Armaan is engaged to be married

Rahul with a serious expression: No! but I know my brother and he is not in love with Anjali, tell me atul do you belive armaan is happy?

Atul was torn between confidence a friend had shown him and the need to help that friend so stayed quiet.

Rahul: Atul you've known Armaan all these years you know he's not happy but he'll never admit to it. I had always wanted someone for armaan who would bring the passionate armaan out in the open. All his life armaan had been the compose one, the one who had handled everything. The only time we see him being passionate is when he is involved in his business ventures or when his anger explodes, that is only when people he cares about are involved.

I want my brother to be passionately in love and be loved in return without any bounds, because he deserves it.

Atul: and you think shilpa is that person.

Muskaan: he definitely looks more alive when she is around! Oh on surface he is the same calm person but his eyes and the intensity there we would have to be blind not to see it.

Atul: Armaan will fight it and us if we suggest anything of the sort. You know how he is about when he has committed himself to something or somebody in this case.

Muskaan: duh! We are not stupid atul that is what we need to figure out, the how.

Atul: I still think we should not meddle armaan will not appreciate it!(he turned to leave) inform me where we are meeting.

Muskaan: so are we going to be sensible and not meddle.

Rahul: I stopped being sensible the day I fell for you.(seriously) I want my brother to be happy muskaan, I want him to have someone besides mom and dad and me, who loves him and for him to love her more than us and more than this damn business.

Muskaan: he will find her!! Trust me!

Rahul: I love you muskaan

Muskaan smiled at him with her heart in her eyes: I love you too Rahul

Rahul smiling: marry me!

Muskaan rolling her eyes: no!

Rahul: one of these days I'm going to get you to say yes

Muskaan: plz! As at the moment I'm busy arranging your brothers love life your proposal would have to wait.   

Armaan walked Anjali out his office: so I'll pick you tonight!

Anjali: I'll be waiting!

Seeing Atul walking by Armaan called him: Atul! What was Shilpa doing here?

Atul gave armaan a considering look: there were some papers to be signed!(looking at armaan's expression closely) Rahul and muskaan are taking her out partying tonight, they've invited me also. Do you want to come along?

Armaan hesitated for a second: no! I've got plans with Anjali.(he left)

Atul to himself: I hate to admit it but Rahul and muskaan might be right! You need help armaan!

Shilpa had managed to get home but her mind was stuck on armaan and her reaction to him. She was confused as to her fascination with him, everything about him pulled at her. She shook her head as if to dispel his thoughts when the bell rang to her door.

Shilpa mumbling to herself: what? Seriously as if he is going to show up here! (She yanked the door open and came face to face with muskaan)

Muskaan: your ready! Good! Lets go!(she pulled shilpa hand)

Shilpa frowned and resisted: where are we going?

Muskaan: shopping, girl! I'm sure you haven't got a thing to wear! (pulled her out and shut the door)

In the evening Armaan escorted Anjali to a night club where they wound their way to a table.

Anjali: finally! We made it, I wasn't sure whether you'll show up or not?

Armaan smiled at her: I said I will!

Anjali gave him an amused look: so you did! You know what armaan I think I'm going to like you.

Armaan amused: that's a relief! So what do you want to drink (he called the waiter to take their orders)

Shilpa tugged at her dress a bit self consciously as she entered the club behind rahul and muskaan. Over the loud music and people muskaan turned to shilpa and yelled: isn't this great!

Shilpa smiled as they managed to sit on a table crowded between two other tables: now what?

Muskaan: now we enjoy!(turning to Rahul) you are going to dance with me!

Rahul smiled devilishly at her: when have I ever said no! here comes atul!

Atul: hey guys!(looking at shilpa he gave a slow whistle) you look sensational!

Shilpa: really? (Looking down at her dress a bit self consciously) muskaan made me get it!

Muskaan: liar! You wanted it the moment you saw it!(turning to Rahul) they are playing our song.

Jogi Nach Le
Rang Rach De (Muskaan tried pulling shilpa along with her but let go as shilpa resisted)
Jogi Nach Le
Rang Rach De

Muskaan pulled Rahul by hand as she danced her way to the dance floor

Lehraake Balkhaake
Tu Duniya Bhulaake Naach
Dhun Koi Gun Gunaale
Gaale Tu Gaake Naach
Ranginiyon Mein Kho Ja
Pike Pilaake Naach
Madbhare Naino Se Tu
Naina Milaake Naach
Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Armaan sat back as Anjali met up with a group of friends and went along with them to the dance floor. Armaan nursed a drink as he looked at the humanity grooving on the floor.

Shilpa couldn't help but tap her foot along to the beat of the music and enjoy the way Rahul and muskaan moved to the music.
Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Armaan watched Anjali dancing and waved at her as she caught his eye, turning he did a cursory sweep of the tables on the other side. His gaze stopped at the table as he took in a female figure looking very familiar before he could take a closer look Anajali showed up.

Sun Le Saaheba
Tu Hai Ik Nasha
Hosh Hai Mera Saara Kho Gaya

Anjali: comeon! Dance with me! (she pulled armaan up and dragged him to the floor)
Hosh Gawa Deewaane
Hosh Gawaake Naach
Paas Tu Aa Deewaane
Paas Tu Aake Naach (She twirled towards him and wound her arms around his neck while moving her feet to the music)
Dil Mein Hai Armaan Jitne
Saare Jagaake Naach
Tan Mein Badan Mein Jaise(armaan executed a sharp turn making her twirl outwards making Anajali laugh)
Aag Lagaake Naach

Rahul looked directly at shilpa and gestured to come join them on the floor to which shilpa shook her head.
Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Rahul came over to the table and grabbed her hand pulling her along with him to the floor. Once there muskaan grabbed shilpa and Rahul, the three of them started to dance helping shilpa to loosen up. Soon shilpa let go enough to actually start to dance on her own  she bumped into someone but didn't turn to see.

Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Armaan turned as he felt someone bump into him, one look and he felt the world slow down for him. Shilpa was dancing to the beat of the music in total abandon leaving armaan spell bound. His eyes took in low back of the blue dress she was wearing making her skin glow in response. Her silky hair flew around in total abandon as she grooved to the music. Armaan stood there in disbelief expecting her to be an apparition but knew his imagination could not make her this perfect.

Dekh Ke Bhi Nahi Ho Yakin
Itni Kyun Hai Bata Tu Haseen
Tere Husn Se Zindagi Haseen
Tere Husn Ke Aage Koi Haseen Na Kuchh Bhi Nahi

Shilpa laughed in abandon as she did a quick turn and came face to face with the man that occupied her thoughts every waking moment. He stood there still looking irresistibly handsome in dark trousers and a white shirt his face was shadowed, his hair tumbling across his forehead but it was his eyes which made her breath get stuck in her chest. His gaze travelled the length of her body and back to her face making blood rush to her cheeks as his gaze felt like a touch. Amidst people dancing they stood there standing still neither moving their hearts thundering, shilpa got jostled and before she could catch herself she stumbled towards Armaan.

Armaan caught her and held her close to his body, so close that shilpa felt the warmth of his body permeate through her dress. Shilpa looked up into his eyes and trying to understand what he was thinking but got lost the moment she looked into the blue depths.

Armaan's hand splayed across her bare back that was displayed by the low cut of her dress at the back. His hand burned where it touched her bare skin, this close he could even catch the little hitch in her breath. Shilpa moved but armaan's hand tightened refusing to let go.

Aankhon Mein Mere Saare
Sapane Sajaake Naach
Mujhko Tu Dil Mein Rakh Le
Dil Ko Dhadkaake Naach
Pyaar Agar Hai Mujhse (without any conscious thought both started to groove to the music as one, every dip, every twirl, bump and grind as if choreographed for only both of them)
Pyaar Jagaake Naach
Jaan-O-Dil Hai Jo Teri
Mujhpe Lutaake Naach

Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan (Armaan smoothed his hand down her bare arm to place it on her hip spinning her around so that she faced him)
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar (Shilpa looked up at him through her lashes the emerald green of her eyes smoldering)
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Uff Teri Ada
I Like The Way You Move
Uff Tera Badan (They stood together on the dance floor for a split second longer and then both took a step back breaking the contact physically)
I Like To See You Groove
Uff Teri Nazar
It Says I Wanna Dance With You

Shilpa sat in her room at night her heart and mind not at peace as her mind kept going over the night events. Shilpa put her head down on her updrawn knees and closed her eyes unable to understand her own heart and mind. She had thought her heart had closed herself since Ammy had left, she had closed it her herself so that to not feel anything and here she was again. It had been barely a year and she was confused over a man who made her feel emotions she had never felt even with Ammy.

Shilpa hid her face unable to comprehend what her heart was telling her. All she knew was that there was an invisible string which kept pulling her towards Armaan. She also knew she was not alone in feeling like this, she knew Armaan felt something too but she refused to be the other woman as he was already engaged. Shilpa closed her eyes and prayed for sleep as she knew what she needed to do, she needed to stay away from armaan.

Armaan also stood out on the balcony to his bedroom and wondered what the hell was he suppose to do. He had never expected to feel like this, so under the control of his emotions, usually it was he who controlled his emotions. But where shilpa was concerned he had no control on his emotions or anything else.

He knew he needed to stay away from her not only for himself but for her also, as he was committed to Anjali but his heart just didn't understand any of it. He turned back to the room and knew he had to keep the distance.

So is it their fate to go their separate ways or will fate conspire to get them back together.


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