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part 13 to 14 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 13

Hello... (armaan replied politely)

Hi.. wohh.. aapney call kiya tha... (riddhima said nervously)

Haan.. mm.. riyaa... (armaan's hesitant voice proved dat he didn't know the truth... riddhima sighed in relief nd continued talking)

Ji... (keeping her voice in check so dat he didn't understand)

Wohhh.. agar aap boora nahi manengi toh kya hum mil sakte hain.. (then with more hesitation nd with lower tone,he said) .. abhi...

Aabhhhiii??????  (riddhima asked being all shocked nd he sighed being highly disappointed)

Riddhima was shocked.. she looked at the wall clock of her room.. its 11:40 now.. yeh armaan ko achanak itni raat ko kyun milna hain??? but before she stress her brain more, armaan started...

"Ji.. aap mujhe galat mat samjhiye... (he was nervous like hell but he had to this now.. otherwise he'll definitely go mad till the morning)... mujhe aap se kuch zaroori baat karni thi.. (then with more hesitation).. wohh.. shadi ke bare mein..."

Armaan paused to breathe.. his heart was beating very fast in nervousness.. never in his dream he thought of asking a girl to meet this late nd dat to whom he nvr talked normally before..

On the other hand, riddhi's breathe got stuck in her throat... SHAADI KE BARE MEIN????? par kya??? kya armaan Riya se shadi karne ke liye taiyaar ho gaya hain ya fir wohh riya ko mana karna chahta hain.. oh god.. aab yeh kya nayee mystery hain!!!  i truly hope armaan riya ko mana kar de.. plsss armaan.. plzz.. riya ko mana kar dena.. plzz dn't mke me lose.. i want u to accept me as ur miss wrong no. jissey tumne bin dekhe pyaar kiya hain.. plzz dn't make our love lose.. plzz... riddhi was praying in her heart.. when she heard his tensed question..

"Riya???? r u there???"

she came back to the reality nd answered with stammering voice...

"aaa...mmm... yesss.. armaan.. i'm here only..."

Armaan sensed the tension in her voice but he didn't understand the real reason.. he thought his sudden meeting proposal tensed her.. as its obvious for any girl to hesitate if a guy want to meet her this late.. what if they r supposed to get married, wat if their families know each other very well but in reality they never talked much nd whenever they talked , it was formal only.. so, he decided to clear her doubts..

"I know riya.. its really awkward for you to meet me now.. i know we never talked like friends but trust me it is really important.. haan, mujhe pata hain.. i should have waited till morning.. but... but main kya karoon yeh confusion mujhe pagal kar rahi hain..."

he paused for her response but she didn't utter a word.. actually she was listening to his each nd every word , trying hard to control her maddening heartbeat..

"dekhiye.. aapko itni raat ko kahin aane ki zaroorat nahi hain.. i know its not safe for girls now... (riddhima finally smiled a lill at his caring nature)... jab main khud itni raat ko muskaan ko kahin jaane ki permission nahi de sakta toh kisi aur ladki ko kaisey danger mein dal sakta hoon... (nd with this riddhi's heart melted completely, she smiled completely nd said..) "

"toh fir hum kahan milenge armaan?? " (she asked so softly nd armaan sensed that she is normal now nd said)...

"aapke garden mein.. (riddhima was shocked)...  main pahauch ke aapko call karta hoon.. then can u plz come out for a while, i really need to talk over some thing... aur haan plzz aapney gate keeper ko bata dijiye ga warna woh gate open nahi karenge.. (he said last line cutely nd riddima smiled sensing his cute dimpled pouting face but then said with concern) "

"par armaannn.. u , too, shouldn't come out of ur house this!!... its not safe driving alone late night.. nd now-a-days late night crime has hugely increased.. can't it wait till d morning.. we can meet in early morning, too...  as early as u want.."

Armaan felt touched with her caring voice.. he nvr talked to riya for this long but now this simple statement made him understand how good human being she is.. she neither protested over his stupid proposal, nor misunderstood his intention.. she is really sweet.. nd with this he felt stronger urge to clear this confusion as early as possible.. but still he said softly...

"okk.. then main subah aata hoon.. gd9t... nd sorry for disturbing.."

Riddhima guessed his situation nd smiled over his antics nd before he cut the call, she said some thing which made him dumbfounded for some seconds...

"jaldi aa jao armaan.. main tumhara intezaar kar rahi hoon..."


"mm.. i mean.. aap abhi aa jaiye.. i've no problem truly.. (gosh!!! she was saved by a lill margin nd to ease the situation she said the nxt line teasingly..).. aur haan... main gate keeper ko inform kar deti hoon.. don't worry.."

"u sure?? if u want i can come in the morr..."

"yess i'm 100% sure.. nd oh ya. one more thing.."


"drive carefully..."

He smiled flashing his dimples.. she is soo sweet nd cutting the call , he got ready nd soon he was on the road zooming his bike...

on the other hand, Riddhi put the cell nd closed her eyes...

"i love you armaan.. i swear i'll tell u every thing tonight juz don't mke our love lose.. plz select riddhi over riya.. plzz armaan"

she mumbled nd then rushed towards her wardrobe nd opening it she took her trousers out nd changed her shorts with that ... nd also took a dupatta from there as she was wearing sleeveless top as her night wear nd its lill chilly outside at this time ... nd then combing her hair , she opened the drawer of her dressing table nd taking some thing from there, she kept it in her pocket... nd finally wen she was ready she started roaming in her room being extremely nervous with her cell in her hand..

"oh godd.. yeh armaan aab tak kyun nhi aya.. uff yeh tension!!!"

but her wish was fulfilled as she felt her phone vibrating in her hands.. she received the call quickly nd without letting him to speak , she said..

"juz a minute armaan.. i'm cuming"

nd cutting the call, she took the dupatta from bed nd covering herself rushed downstairs...

Armaan was very nervous.. "kya sochegi riya yeh sunne ke baad?? ussey toh lag raha hoga ki main... par main to ussey yeh batane aya hoon ke..."
His chain of thought broke wen he heard a nervous "Hi" in between heavy breathing..

He turned nd saw her panting heavily to catch her breathe.. it proves dat she ran all the way to meet him.. As riddhima was busy trying to catch her breathe , she missed how armaan was admiring her .. she was looking pretty without any make up... her hair was flying with wind nd she was holding her dupatta tightly to save her from cold... Finally he confessed...

"pata nahi kyun par tumhara yun aas paas hona mujhe kisi aapney ka ehsaas dilati hain.."

Riddhima froze nd looked at him with horrified eyes.. "plz god plz.. i hope he didn't fall for riya.."

Armaan came near her seeing her shocked expression he said gently.. i mean "AAPKA"...

"no.. its okkey.." (riddhima said softly)

"don't take me wrong.. i'm truly not flirting with u.. i juz feel this whenever u're around..."

Riddhima was holding the dupatta tighter in anticipation of next...

"u're truly beautiful, riya... (Riddhima closed her eyes at once nd started praying)... koi bhi ladka tum se shadi karne ke liye ek baar mein raazi ho jayega.. (her heart beats were now out of control... she was juz kpt on praying..)... Par... (he paused... 'plz god plz' .. riddhima prayed desperately...)..."

But she couldn't hear any word.. only the sound of chilly breeze which was blowing roughly near her ears.. she was still closing her eyes but why the hell he is not completing his statement... she was feeling restless.. every micro second seemed millions of years now nd she whispered unable to handle this silence , still with closed eyes...

"par kya armaan??"

She was feeling like her whole life is dependent on his answer now...

"par main tumse shadi nahi kar sakta riya..."

he said guiltily nd she opened the eyes at once nd out of excitement she asked..

"SACH ???"

Armaan bacame more confused hearing her question nd sensing wat blunder she made, she corrected her quickly...

"i mean.. aisi kya SACHhai hain jo tumhe I mean AAPKO iss shadi ke liye rok rahi hain..???"

Armaan sighed being satisfied.. Boy!!!! she really made a great blunder but thanx to her stars, she covered that easily...

On one hand, armaan was feeling guilty now for breaking her expectation nd on other riddhima was feeling like doing bhangra.. she was so so sooo happy.. that she juz wanna shout like crazy nd dance in happiness... but wait!!! it's not the right time.. she has to wait for some more time...

"plzz.. u too use "tum"... (then with more guilty tone) .. actually riya.. woh main kisi aur se pyaar karta hoon!!"

Armaan confessed turning his back to her nd riddhima smiled fully this time nd then looking at the sky she muttered.. "i love u bhagwan ji.."  nd then controlling her excitement she asked..


She was hell eager to hear as she knew who the person is but she want to hear it from him..


She smiled as if she had hit the jackpot.. nd frankly speaking... it was a jackpot!!! the best jackpot of her life... still she played along hiding her excitement..

"riddhi??? ur friend??"

"haan bhi aur nahi bhi.."


"tum hasogi toh nahi naa??? its really crazy of us but..."

"armaannn... u can tell me..."

"hmm.. nd u've all right to know the truth also.. (then turning to her)..actually it was also a CROSS CONNECTION !!!!"

Nd he narrated the whole story nd looked at her hopefully..

"don't know armaan, u'll believe me or not.. but I've a strong feeling ke tumhe tumhari miss wrong no. jald hi mil jayegi.."

Armaan smiled thankfully nd said with a genuine smile...

"I hope so... by the way.. thank u soo much for understanding, riya.. I'm feeling guilty though.. parr.."

"tch armaan.. plz don't feel guilty.. in fact I, too, love some one..."

Armaan looked at her enquiringly.. nd she said.. "hain koi... mm.. naam nhi bata sakti.. but I promise as soon as I confess my feelings to him, u'll be the 1st one who will know his name.."

She said smilingly nd armaan smiled widely nd expand his hand.. "friends??"

"sure... I'll love to.." riddhima shook his hand smilingly..

"soo.. I'll take ur leave now.. gd9t.. nd all d best.. i'm sure the guy whom u love, will surely say 'yes' to u.."


"hmm.. tumhe to koi bhi haan keh deaga.."

"koi bhi??? par tumne hi toh 'Na' kaha na abhi thodi der pehle??"


"cholly.. juz kidding.."

"i know.. okk bye then.. gud 9t.."

"gd9t.. nd don't worry.. trust me.. u'll get ur miss wrong no. very soon.."

"hmmm... :)  .. byee.."


PART - 14

 Armaan was walking towards his bike feeling extremely happy & relaxed.. Finally, the burden of guilt has moved from his heart.. Finally, he can breathe without any confusion & now finally, he can search his LADY LOVE without any barrier...

Here, Riddhima was still standing on the spot where Armaan bid her "gd9t".. She, too, was happy.. or happiness was an understatement to describe her condition.. She was smiling brightly, her smile was proving about the biggest achievement of her life...  not every one is lucky to have true love!! but she is.. she got the man who loves her truly although he has never seen her.. she felt so blessed, so fortunate, dat smile wasn't ready to leave her lips... she was still looking at Armaan who was going to the parking area..admiring his retreating figure..

"maine kaha tha na armaan.. juz let us win.. juz choose riddhi over riya and I'll confess every thing tonight.. Thank u sooo much,armaan.. Thank u a lot... (then with naughtiness in her eyes, she mumbled..)... so, mr. 983*****80 ... its truth time now.. ready to meet ur miss wrong no.??  I think u are... buttt... I wonder wat will be ur reaction after knowing dat u rejected the marriage proposal of none other dan urrr...(nd she laughed a lill naughtily...) ... I'm too tempted to see ur reaction, armaan..  ur shocked yet cuttte face... aww!!! U look so kissable wen u r shocked.. (nd she shied at her own thought but then checking her thoughts she said)... soo... lets meet then.."

She said to herself, nd inserted her right hand in the right pocket of her trousers nd took another cell from there nd switched on the cell smiling widely ...

Armaan was now at the parking area when he felt his phone vibrating in his pocket.. He was busy with the keys and so without checking the number he received the call after taking the cell out...



"yess.. who's this??"

Armaan was having difficulty  in inserting the keys in his bike with his left hand as he was holding the phone in the right.. and so, his full focus was in keys rather than the person he was talking with.. so, he didn't notice the voice thanx to his diverted mind..

Here riddhima was watching him from the place nd she smiled seeing him so engrossed with keys.. He looks so cute with that irritating pout as he was unsuccessful again n again with his left hand nd still he wasn't exchanging the phone from right to left hand.. she couldn't help but whispered admiring her cute prince charming.. "pagal.." nd decided to tease him for the last time.. "I know already bahot sataya hain tumhe, par ... par itna seh liya toh toda aur sahi... I truly can't resist myself from teasing u.. cholly baby.." she said in her heart...

"hello?? Aap kaun bol rahi hain??" he asked again ...

"aapki deewani.." she said with flirting voice nd the keys felt from his hand...

"wat???"  He was hell irritated now...juz a few seconds before he got back his normal life nd now this stupid crazy girl ruining his most awaited moment... but wat he didn't know that he was about to get his REAL MOST AWAITED MOMENT..

"arrey aap toh gussa ho gayee.. mujhe laga u'll be happy to get my call.." she said innocently controlling her smile..

"kya?? Happy nd too for ur call?? Wat on the earth make u hallucinate at this point of time??!!! (he was talking with extremely irritated tone nd also busy in searching his keys.. its went under his bike nd so, he was trying to move his bike with his left hand to get the keys.. nd so, he was lill bothered about the speaker).. aarrgg.. yeh keys kahan chali gayee yaar.. ek to itni dimmed light hain.. kuch thik se dikhayi nahi de raha.. upar se yeh ladki.. itni raat ko mujhe irritate kar rahi hain.. oh god.. aapko sirf main hi milta hoon kya aaj kal tang karne ke liye... aargg.. yeh keys mil kyun nhi rahi aab??!!!"

& She started laughing hearing his blabbering which made nothing except irritating him more... "will u do me the favor of telling ur name in stead of laughing at me???"

Finally he got his keys nd standing straight , he started dusting his clothes...

"tum ne sach mein mujhe nahi pehchana armaan??? (he was still busy dusting is clothes)... sirf kuch weeks hi hue hain aur.. (he finally rode on his bike nd inserting the key, he started the engine..) .. aur tum... (she was still stressing the statement).. tum... (he got more irritated nd started his bike thinking this gal will tke ages to utter her name).. aapni miss wrong no. ko bhul gayee mr. 983*****80????"

She said hurtfully nd lill dramatically.. nd armaan, who juz started the bike nd pressed the sudden break as soon as he heard the last line...


He was shocked.. shocked like hell !!! he quickly remove the cell from his ear to check the no. nd got the sweetest shock ever to see the caller's name flashing as "RIDDHI"... he again hold the phone near his ear being extremely happy.. here, he had been trying to contact her like a maniac from past few weeks but all was in vein.. then,  that sudden marriage proposal.. nd all confusion.. but now, within a few minutes every thing was back to normal.. nd that was not enough that his riddhi, his miss wrong no. , his love, called him, herself as the icing on the cake... wowww.. really lucky day, today!!! He was veryyy happy dat he started smiling like an idiot in stead of uttering a word..

"bhul gayye na tum, mujhe ??" her sweet voice brought him back to the reality.. oh goddd!!!! How did I not recognize her voice before..??? gosh!! I was craving to hear this voice sooo much...plzz.. keep on talking.. ur voice is like jingles to my ear.. goshh!!! I missed her so much,yaar...  he thought smilingly dreamily..

"u don't wanna talk to me.. nahi??? Iss liye kuch bol nahi rahe, naa?? thik hain.. sorry for disturbing then.. good 9t mr. wrong no..nd gud bye also" ... nd hearing her, he panicked nd said hurriedly..

"nooo.. wait.. plzzz don't go..." he said painfully nd riddhima felt guilty nd uttered in heart.. "sorry armaan.."

"plzz don't go.. (then with lots of emotion)... tumhe andaza bhi nahi hain ke mainey tumhe kitna dhunda!! Har roz na jane kitni bar tumhe call kiya.. aur tumhe ek baar bhi mera khayal nahi aya na?? Ek call bhi nahi kiya.. Akhir kahan chali gayee thi tum, riddhi?? yun achanak gayab hota hain kya koi.. tumhe pata hain meri kya halat ho gayi thi..."

"kya halat ho gayii thi armaan??" she asked with lots of emotions in her voice nd he answered with the same..

"nahi batayunga.. tum pehle itney kareeb aati ho.. fir jab mein tumhe aapna na chahta hoon to tum achanak bina kuch kahe gayab ho jati ho!! Nahi bata na tumhe kuch bhi.. fir bhag jaogi na tum.."

He said like a lill kid complaining to same the person about whom the complaint actually is.. she smiled at this cute baby..

"trust me armaann.. aab main kahin nahi jayungi.. promise.."

"aur na hi main tumhe aab kahi jaane dunga... (he was determined).. mujhe tumse milna hain... as soon as possible.. (then very softly).. Mujhe tumse bahot zaroori baat karni hain..riddhi.. aur bahot kuch pooch na bhi hain.. (then again with accusing tone) .. aur haan.. bahot daantna bhi hain.. (she laughed hearing the last one but he continued talking , this time with lots of feelings)... aur uss insaan ko dekh na bhi hain jissey main...(he paused).."

She smiled knowing his unuttered words nd asked softly.. "jissey tum??"

He smiled .. " Nahi'  kaha na!!! 1st lets meet.. plzz, bahot ho gaya abhi.. I think we should meet now.. so, can we meet today?  for lunch??? (but before she could say, he started giving answers).. I know.. I know.. yeh bahot short notice hain but I truly don't want to delay anymore.. firse tum kho gayee toh!! Noways, I can't take dat risk.."

She smiled hearing him.. but her answer made him froze literally... "but main toh tumhe aabhi milne ko kehnewali thi but tum lunch tak wait karna chahte ho toh... (she paused sensing his shocked face) ..."

"kya??? Abhi?? (he shouted disbelieving his ears).. I mean.. mujhe koi problem nahi hain par.. par its 1:20 AM now...( he said glancing at his watch )..tum kaisey aaogi?? Aur mujhe toh tumhara ghar bhi nahi pata aur pehli baar tumse milunga.. aisey kaisey aa sakta hoon.. I mean .. yun khali hath jana achcha nahi lagta na.. god!! Yeh main kya bol raha hoon.." he said with highly shocked tone nd she started laughing hearing his confused talks..  'He is so so sooo cute..'
here, armaan was in dilemma.. it was too tempting to meet his miss wrong no. now but he should show some decency, no??? after all 1st impression is the last impression.. he heard this many times but never believed in it but now, wen he is head to heal in love with some one, he can't afford testing the truth behind this phrase.. he should look presentable in his very 1st meeting with his lady love.. also he should plan a romantic lunch for her.. lunch??? Isn't it a romantic candle light dinner that all romantic movies show??? But dinner means night, right?? Nd he can't wait that much.. and after riddhi's proposal, waiting till lunch' is also very difficult now.. but unfortunately he has to wait... he was thinking all this wen he heard her laughing madly nd he pouted..

"u r joking with me, right??"

"nahi toh.." she said with a straight tone after  her laughter stopped.. he was shocked with her answer.. her tone is saying dat she isn't joking.. then how?? Isn't it too late???

"I'm still there armaan.. where u bid me gd9t' juz a few minutes ago.." nd with this he got the biggest shock of tonight.. he took few seconds to understand the meaning behind her statement nd finally he shouted...


He quickly removed the cell from his ear to check the number... nd his heart beat fastened to see the screen is still flashing "RIDDHI"... nd he slowly whispered looking at his cell...

"iska matlab RIYA HI RIDDHI HAI ..."

__________to be continued_______________


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