Saturday, 29 February 2020

part 15 & 16 : Krazzy for you

Part 15 


"Riddhima honey!" OUCH STELLA PINCHED MY ASS!! ….

"Armaan?" HUH Dr Kirti… she giving me a look as she leading Riddhima in the lab….i swear Bhabhi!!

"Dr Shanshank called and wanted to see Riddhima …." Ok thank Bhabhi I got her from here…

"Thanks Bhabhi ….I left early this morning….I make sure she attends….thank you" Man she giving be that dirty look…. Heck I swear nothing happen ok she was on top of me but I did nothing….i swear!!

"Hi Riddhima….I'm Dr Stella!" NOOOOO stay away from my wife!!

"Hi! Nice to meet you…. I miss this place!" Aww she so cute …OK stop waving you're hand in front of her face …Stop it! She is blind!!   …Slap her hand! *SLAP*

"Really! I though lab was boring until I …." OMG she touching my ASSSSSSS

"Come on Riddhima lets go to the canteen…" MAN BHAG!!

"Hey Riddhima….Happy Birthday!" HUH Sapna what you saying?

"Omg Sapna I have missed you and thank you…Mum called this morning and wished me…Everyone else seem to have forgotten!" OMG IT my Jan birthday and ….Im such a DONKEY!!

"Armaan do you mind if I sit with Sapna for a while here…I want to catch up!" Huh no I would not want to be around me either…im such a jerk man!!

"Sure Jaan!" Ok just kiss her on the cheek and ….She to engross with Sapna!!

"Ok Armaan you have the whole day to plan something romantic and different until tonight…" THINK MAN!!


"Happy Birthday beta!" OK now everyone has wished her including Mamaji. Why don't you wish her…..

"Dr Armaan!" I hate it when he looks at him like that as if he going to eat me alive

"Sir! I've looked at you're report Riddhima I have some slightly worrying news….looking at you're CAT SAN we noticed some welling in the right hand side this may be effecting you're vision and I suggest we either operate or let it heal in time…I understand Dr Armaan has made an appointment in Delhi with an eyes specialist so I suggest we see the neurosurgeon as well there…" Man my hearts beating so fast this whole thing is my fault and ….She looking teary

"If we don't operate its not fatal…I mean I will not loose my life and…." Man she choking up…Dude grab her hand…

"No Beta…with the operation we can help ease the pressure from that section of the brain or we can let mother nature fix the issue naturally….why don't you both thing about it and call me back…. BTW Dr Armaan I have a new temp Lab technician Dr Sonia Rana to assist Dr Stella and you're self for the next week…." WHAT? SONIA! Ok I hope she not an EX? I don't know how I can cope with 2 female…if I was single no worries I tackled 5 in one evening… man what a rush that was…But IM NOW A one woman man!!

"Armaan can you take me home!" Huh sure Jaan…. She seriously worried….say something…I don't know what to say?? and she wants to be alone…I just take her home…and im not coming back…they can sort there god dame Lab out themselves!

"Jaan?!" Ok now she crying ….just hold me baby…heck I feel like crap!!

"I don't know what to do Armaan?….I'm scared!" You know what

"Im here Jaan…I promise we talk about everything and there no way I will let any thing happen to you because you are my JAAN!" Ok now im going to cry…come her beautiful….


"You are impossible….I'm blind and you bring me to the Fair?… on my birthday!" Cool she back to normal….hehe yeah

"Why you scared?" ok she got the cheeky grin and the pink candy floss in smudge on lips… hmmmmm sweet MWAH….

"Hey! Get your own candy floss Doctor Malik…You have no shame that that in public!" I DON'T CARE

"HEY EVERYONE I LOVE MY WIFE!!" Ok now she gone red and everyone's looking at the crazy man waving his hands in the air…

"Stop it you're embarrassing me!" OK when you hug me like that and snuggle you cute button nose in my chest …FUZZZZZZYYYY

"Ok how about we have a go on the big wheel!" OK what is that look? HEY DON'T PULL ME BACK!

"I'm scared of heights…no rides!" HUH

"Honey you cant see anything it's harmless trust me!" …ok on woman believe me you love it…..

"AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH ARMAAAN I HATE U!" hehe she freaking out and we at the top …….

"AWWWWEEE Baby you're nails…." OMG that hurts…

"I can feel the wind and my stomach is in my heart and ….."

"You're loving it I know!… the best feeling in the world beside what we did in the hotel remember…. Chhaliya Chhaliya…." Awww she blushing and her heads on my shoulder…

"I guess I could go anywhere with you…. lucky for me I can't see other word you could never have in a million dollars got me up here!" hhmmm

"Yeah we all lone…ok now listen…over on your right the sun is setting into the sea…looks like its melting….and below there families with there love ones….and next to me sits the most beautiful women in the world…

"Who you have not wished happy birthday tooo….OMG sugar!!!" HEHE

"Relax we getting off soon…."

"Is that the water….Armaan!" yeah….

"We seating in a swan boat….and …"

"OMG really I always used to dream about a swan boat…like the heads form a heart shape and …." Come babe stand up…feel the heads on the boat….

"OMG ARMAAN!" yeah baby it's the really thing….ok stop hugging me we going to fall in the water…

"Ok now hold the shotgun steady …..and shoot!" OK now with my chin on shoulder…me holding her close holding her arms to shoot

"Armaan seriously I cant see and we been doing this for 5mins….Oh is this one of those…." Ok stop blushing or we going to miss…

"Ok Jaan I have a think about a woman holding a gun!" Ok the way you whispered that in her ear and she gasped…awww man she so sweet.

"You are impossible Armaan!" Dammit it you love it! As I know I do!

"Jaan! Shoot!" BINGO

"OK she not looking give the stall guy 50 rupees and get the large white teddy bear with the 'I love u' heart….

"Well done madam you won the large bear!" Cheers buddy!!

"Wow I never won anything in my life…Armaan thank you!" what for?

"I think im the winner here…." MWAH!

"Ok its time for the surprise!" ok she looking puzzled.

"Come on!"

"But Armaan where? It's late and……" Yeah i know and girl you love this surprise trust me....


~~Part 16~~~

"Armaan what are you doing?" ….Hmm nothing just need to carry you for this part…

"Just a little bit more Jaan!" ….Ok just rest you head on my shoulder.

"You have to go to work tomorrow and…" Yeah yeah I know!

"Ok I putting you down ok!" I hold her hand…

"Armaan?" Ok we reach up together…and ring the brass bell!

"We at the mandir?" YEAH!! …the place where I fell in love.

"Yeah Jaan!" Ok why she got tears in her eyes?

"You carried up the steep stairs and…."

"Shhhh…. I want to thank God for that day when I first saw you and decided that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you…. I wanted to come here and pray for your long life ….so I can spend it with you…and to thank him for sending an angel in my life….I cant give you anything Riddhima because with you I am the riches man on the planet and without you I am…." What? Why have you placed you're hand to my mouth…I pratice this all day think of what to give!.

"I don't deserve you Armaan….i don't know why? You love me? But I know how much….I don't want to feel nothing but you're love as long there is a breath in my body! ….." I love you Jaan

"I love you Armaan ….this gift it the best I have ever received in my entire life thank you…" OK stop crying while you are hugging me…

"I love you to Jaan!"


"Jaan what are you thinking?" We in bed and she not sleeping just holding me!

"I was thinking about the operation? I need to pay some of mums loan and …"

"All done! Is there anything else troubling my heart?" Wow she not even think about herself always other.

"But Armaan?" Ok stop feeling uncomfortable?

"Hmmm I paid Guppu tuition fee and the papers for the house are with Mom now…" ok not stress I would not be a good husband if I cant even look after my family?

"But Armaan how did?" Uff women you tell them not to stress and they stress

"Look I sold the sports car and Bike….and to tell you the truth I'm not poor…Infact Ba told us that we have to be financial independent before we get married….See we have our family money which she controls and she give us a equal amount what we earn is ours…." Ba strict when it come to the notes but she never given me anything I have not wanted….and then my brothers are the same…As the baby of the family there spoilt me….

"Anyway …I have bought some property which I getting to sell to pay for your medical bills and stuff.." Ok she gone really quiet?

"Jaan what the matter?"

"I feel like a burden…to you and you're family!" huh?

"Don't be silly what is mine is you're and….Don't you even say you are a burden to me?" Silly girl…

"Hey so I have 5 days and we goin to see Mom and staying there…" I'm not working there after we return as ….i took that job because I wanted you!

"Hmmm I looking forward to it toooo…. I want to show you where papa just to work and I started to love the lab and…" Hmmm someone excited.

"Great! I cant wait 24/7 with my Jaan for ever!"


"Yep I handed in my notice today!" Ok she getting up



"Because I want to spend every minute with you and…"

"I want the operation! Because of this disability you given up the LAB…" No you got it wrong.

"Jaan listen to me…I work there and it reminds me of how much you love the place and …I cant work there if you not there…I rather spend it with you…"

"I am costing you a lot of money…I should not have married you!" AGAIN CRYING?

"You are my wealth can we drop this topic…I have resigned and we going to start a new life together…" Ok now honey get back into bed…

"But what will be live off?"

"I am a son of a millionaire…what you think? I can't provide for US?" Ok dude chill!


"Riddhima please go to sleep!" Man I have the trust fund and we have my saving and I'm selling my half the land in Bangalore to Sumit ….so he can build his hotel…why does she think?


"Armaan you have been quiet all morning still upset with me?" hmmm I guess

"Look I trust you!" Mwah ….ok now she blushing my cutepie

"Jaan thank you!!" Man im not looking forward to work….Stella is going to be a handful and…

"Armaan can you drop me off at Mamaji house…Nani wanted to see me!" Oh sure! Let me just get changed….

"Armaan?" Hmmm you smell so good when you come out of the shower…

"Let me go please?" ….Mwah hmmmm

"OK now im hitting the shower…I be out in a second…" where my stuff?

"I'm heading to the kitchen….to help with breakfast if I can…" ok why she sounding depressed?

"Ok Jaan!"

Ok so I can handle the next few days with Stella and Sonia ….i guess I have no idea what Muskhan be scheming and ….now that I sorted Anjali with Atul…since he got the bike and I told him to totally ignore her….that old formula… haha ….its working! Plus I paid some girls to give him some attention…. She fallen hook line and sinker for him…. I wonder how there date went?    Ok next on the list is Muskhan? I seriously need to know how to tackle her…. She seeing Rahul secretly? I have to think about…

"ARMAAAAAN!" HUH let me turn the water off!



"What happen?" Ba tell me?

"Armaan Take her to the bedroom she banged her head ….I did not see her…And get some clothes on!" Huh Why? She bleeding?

"Armaan stop staring as if you shocked ….take her in the bedroom and get some clothes on you're in a towel and the shampoo's in you're hair…..KIRTI!! BETA!!….Riddhima beta I am so sorry I never saw you getting the pan from the top cupboard and my hand slipped…." Ba stop crying as well.

"Jaan you ok?" Man just lift her from the floor…

"Ba It was my fault…I should have shouted walkin…" Jaan you look pale and feel cold…

"Armaan put her on the bed and …I stay with her…You get changed!" BA? Ok I get the shampoo out of my hair…

"KIRTI? Where that girl….i knew something bad was goin to happen!"

"BA?….OMG what happen?"

"Riddhima? OK MY she not?…." HUH WHAT!!


"Why can't you just give me a break? How much do you have to test me?"

"Armaan she be ok!" Thanks Rahul…let me just sit here and pray!

"Dr Armaan you can see her!" OK cool

"Riddhima?" Man I hate seeing her in a hospital bed

"Armaan Im ok and I can seee Again!" Awwww my sexy lips look so worried and look at his smile! Man I missed seeing him so much…. Ok what he doing? Crying? ….Baby come here!

"Dr Armaan please!" awww he looking at him …let me wipe those tears…

"I thought and seeing the blood and then you where out cold…." Ok just kiss him….hehe he smiling now…my sugarlips

"Jaan I …you not working im not letting you out of you're sight!!" Sugar lips chill im ok…head hurting badly and …

"Ok just rest….I tell everyone you're ok!" Hey come back here!

"Jaan?" Please just sit here let me just look at you!

"What the matter…" ok when he touch my cheek like that hmmmmm

"I want to look at you Sugar…" Ok now im crying…as he wiping my tears!

"Ok! Jaan..Look feel that?" Ok you holding my hand on you're chest…Ok you do the same…he looking surprised? We both in sync….


"Riddhima I can say you're absolutely fine!" YEAH I FEEL GREAT…

"But you're irons low …but I am sure Armaan will be assisting here!" Yeah well he better…Omg he looks like he lost a lot of weight tooo….Him I now how to fill the fire in his belly…OK STOP BLUSHING DR KIRTI is looking…

"I make sure she eat Bhabhi….I mean Dr Kirti…" Awww he so cute when he tongue-tied!!

"Good Dr Malik…"

"Can I come back to work!" OK why he giving me that look? I miss the lab and I want to see this Stella and Sonia ….

"Riddhima I think you can …."

"We be going away for our Honeymoon before we both join…." Dr Kirti is looking surprise!… Man he was firm about that….

"Sure I will make sure you are both back to you're post when you return…" OK fine! But I still goin to see my lab anyway….

"Armaan you can take Riddhima home by the end of the day once you're shift is over…" Ok why he not happy? What wrong with him? Do he not want me..?

"Thank you!" Ok fine she leaving…I talk to him.

"Baby wants wrong?" he smiling but I can tell.

"I wish we could both be far away from here…" HUH ….oh naughty boy! Now he got me blushing…ok he moving forward and hmmmmmmm sugarlips

"Ok now I want that food eaten and I am heading for the lab!" Awwww now what is with the long face?


"HEY HANDSOME!" OMG WHO THAT? Ok now I knew coming here to see him was a good idea…

"Stella leave me alone ….I am warning You!" Wow he looks vixed…. Ok now what the heck is going on? Oh there Sapna!

"That cow!….. Yeah there a big massive bet 20 thousand rupees on to seduce Armaan! First Stella has the upper hand…. Sonia and the nurses are all involved! They say it's pay back time!" OMG No wonder he Quit

"Does Armaan know?"

"No he got no idea…. I wanted to tell you but I did not want to as you would have stress because of you're condition and all…." OMG no wonder he taking the days off and spending them with me…

"Poor Armaan he loves no one but you Riddhima, I am serious…Amit told me all he does is talk about you….he sold his car and Bike…" I know….Not its my time to prove my love!….

"Riddhima you got that look!" Yeah will…. I need to get thing sorted no one messes with my MAN!


"Guess who?" OK! He know is me man he smell so good

"Jaan!" Awww look at his smile…

"What you doing here?" Hmmm…

"I was missing you!" ok now he smiling and holding me close to him…

"I miss you too!" hmmmm man you're kiss drives me crazy

"So what has my husband been up to!" hmmm wow this place is a mess…and the files are piling up?

"I'm just …" Ok he looking at the files..

"Where Stella and Sonia?" there no one here and the reports

"There ….."

"Hmmm here I take these and go through them!" ….Ok now stop looking at me like that…


"Honey now I just bored and need this more then you know….plus I see who doing the work around here…"


"Muskhan!" ….Jaan chill I handle this

"Stella! This is Riddhima…Armaan's

"Wife and other HALF!" OK she is looking at me!

"Actually she is my better half!" OK now Sugar you are sweet…and I'm grinning!!

"No Baby!…You are the better half…" Ok igore the cows and hold him.

"No Jaan?"

"Stop it Armaan…I never met anyone as romantic as you and you complete me!" there I said it….and he beaming.

"This is the best day of my life as ….you got you're sight back and its like im looking at a different woman!"

"Hmm all thanks to you!"

"AHEM!" Oh yeah sorry….

"DR Armaan what is goin on here?" Great Dr Kirti


"Actual we both finished the reports ….there nothing in the inbox…all done! We were heading for the canteen….Oh Stella if you and Sonia could clean the top work sufaces….it would be …"

"Wow Dr Riddhima good to see you back on form….we not had a day like this!"



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