Sunday, 16 February 2020

Part 16 : I See You!

By the time armaan reached back home it had started to rain, armaan made it inside and then stood looking out the windows. He stood with his hands clenched into fists as in his mind he kept seeing the hurt in shilpa's eyes. His eyes closed against the pain he himself felt on the pain he had caused her. His mind kept going over ways to explain things to her but nothing made sense as to how he was going to make her understand.

How long he stood near the open bay windows he had no idea and was startled when heard the noise behind him. He turned around and saw his mother standing there: Maa! What are you doing up ?

Ananya walked upto armaan and smiled: I couldn't sleep!

Armaan looked at his mother closely: is something wrong?

Ananya pulled up a chair and sat down still looking at armaan: that's what I want to ask you armaan. Whats wrong?

Armaan surprised: why would you think something is wrong, maa?

Ananya smiled at him: Armaan you are my son, my first born. Even though you are a grown man now but I know you beta. Since you were a child you always tried to fight your own battles. Never once did you ever come to me or your dad with a problem asking us to resolve it for you. But there were times when I use to find you sitting all alone looking out the window struggling to find the answer (armaan lowered himself to the ground and sat on the floor infront of Ananya, making her smile) just like you are doing now. Just like I found you years ago when you struggled with question of standing up to a bully. A bully who was your friend!

Armaan closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose: whom I thought of as a friend, maa! He was making life hell of a guy who ha done nothing to him ever, who was harmless. Do I let him continue just because he was a friend or do I stop him ruining a guys life.

Ananya smiled slowly: you were troubled but you found a way

Armaan shook his head: there was no other way, maa! You know that!

Ananya cradled his face in her hands and smoothed a hand across his hair: for you there wasn't coz you are that kind of man. You stood up against a friend because he was wrong, because he refused to stop, to change. You knew what had to be done n you went n did it.

Armaan shook his head: this time I messed it up good maa! This time no one else did anything wrong, I thought I was so clever, I thought I could control everyone and anything but it all blew up in my face. Now I don't know what to do.

Ananya: what do you want to do?

Armaan laughed sadly: what I want and what I have to do are two different things

Ananya:I use to worry when you started off so young in the business world, all your successes I use argue with your dad to not let u take such risks but he always use to laugh my fears off and say one thing only that you knew which risks to take. After all these years I believe that too armaan.

Armaan: I use to think that too now I don't know

Ananya: Anjali is a nice girl armaan(when armaan stiffened) did you think I will assume that you are talkig about business. Anjali is a nice girl but she's not for you and you know that.(when armaan stayed quiet)            Armaan you have always live by your own rules I don't think this is the time to change.

As Ananya got up to leave, armaan also rose: thanks maa! For being here!

Ananya kissed him on the cheek: just remember last time you had to let go of a friend but had also gained something valuable in return.

Armaan: Atul is the best friend a guy could have maa. I don't regret standing up for him, if need be I'll do it all over again.

Ananya smiled: that's what I knew you would say and now its time to do what you know is right again.

She walked away leaving armaan to ponder what do.

The next morning armaan sat in a meeting in the office  listening to his Finance  Manager explain about the projected budget, he listened to him with half his brain engaged in trying to figure out whether he  should call Shilpa or not. He had already called her twice since morning but she was not taking his call, though he knew she wont pick it up he dialed her number the third time from his cell and got the same result.

By the time the meeting ended armaan had decided that he would not call shilpa again but give her some time to cool off. He was still deliberating over how much time when there was a knock on his office door and Anjali walked in.

Anjali with a smile: hey armaan!

Armaan: Anjali!(he knew what he had to do) I was thinking about you!

Anjali arched her brow in surprise: I guess I timed my visit at a good time.

Armaan: plz have a seat I'll tell my secretary to hold all calls n visitors so that we can have a chat.

Anjali: so you've been busy!

Armaan: yeah! But I was thinking about you, actually I wanted to talk to you.

Anjali nodded her head: me too! Armaan you remember when we met for the first time you told me we'll only get married if I wanted to. If I felt something for you which convinced me that I would like to spend the rest of my life with you.

Armaan: yes and I still believe that!

Anjali: but doesn't the same rule applies to you Armaan? Do you want to spend the rest of your life with me.

Before armaan could respond Anjali continued: the truth is armaan whether you want to believe it or not that you and I have zero chemistry. Hell armaan! You are more excited about your projects than you are about me. But you know the honest truth is that I'm more curious and interested in your assistant than you, so what does it say about us.

Armaan looked at Anjali's earnest face and decided to come clean: Anjali! I cant marry you! I can't marry you coz I'm not in love with you and you deserve someone who is going to love you. You are a fantastic person but we are not meant to be.

There was a moment of silence and then Anjali spoke: thank you god! I was so worried that you might have other ideas.

Armaan looked cautiously at her: you are not mad?

Anjali: mad! I couldn't be happier, don't get me wrong armaan but lets be honest we are just not right for each other.

Armaan couldn't help but smile: it has been a pleasure knowing you

Anjali smiled back: same here! What about that assistan of yours is he available?

Armaan grinned: completely! But let me give you a tip, you'll have to do all the work he's a bit shy.

Anjali: don't worry! I like the occasional chase.(then sobering up) thanks armaan for understanding!

Armaan: any time! (couldn't help but smile when Anjali hugged him)

Shilpa didn't want to come over to the Malik Publishing offices but Muskaan had called her asking her to meet as they had to go over the promotion campaign. She was prepared to ignore Armaan, just like she had ignored his calls what she was not prepared for was to see Armaan with his arms around a girl.

Anjali looked up at armaan: by the way whats happening between you and that hottie you were dancing with at the club. Seriously, you guys looked good together (she wagged her eyebrows) so whats happening?

Armaan laughed: I'm working on it.

Shilpa wanted to claw his eyes out and thought to herself: jerk! Sure seems like as if he is explaining.

Armaan looked up and across the window of his office saw shilpa standing outside her eyes shooting daggers at him.

Anjali drew back: ok gotta go! I'll talk to dad when he gets back.

Armaan: thanks anjie!(when Anjali left armaan stood looking at Shilpa who stalked into Rahul's office).


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