Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Part 18 : I See You!

Shilpa glanced around set where the interview was scheduled to be recorded but there was no sign of armaan. She tried to relax as the make up person kept repeating to her and tried to concentrate on what muskaan was briefing her about. When her gaze wanderd the set which was set up in a garden with lush flowers and greenery muskaan stopped waiting for shilpa to come back.

Shilpa looked back at muskaan: what?

Muskaan: he's not here yet

Shilpa: who? (her face turned pink as she realized muskaan had noticed her preoccupation)

Muskaan just cocked a brow: he'll come coz he had promised that he'll be here, so you know stop fretting and get down to business.

It was on the tip of shilpa's tongue to ask if he was alright but she controlled herself and just nodded her head.

Lights and camera angle were being set up but thee was still no armaan, fed up with her own thoughts, shilpa asked muskaan: what if the interviewer asks me about last night fight?

Muskaan calmly responded: she won't!

Shilpa: but what if they get wind off armaan being involved.

Muskaan turned to shilpa: Shilpa relax! Nothing is going to happen, everything has been taken care off.

Shilpa: what about the owner of the club?

Muskaan rolled her eyes: why don't you just go look for trouble? Nothing is going to happen coz the club is owned by armaan! So no news got leaked

Shilpa didn't know why but this piece of news just pissed her off: when were you planning to tell me this?

Muskaan frowned: when did u ask? (there was no time to discuss more as they were ready to start shooting)

Shilpa sat where she was directed while people fiddled with her hair and make up and then finally they started rolling.

Shilpa made herself focus on the interviewer and the questions that she asked pushing away all other thoughts. Suddenly shilpa felt a prickly sensation on her neck and knew without looking that he was there. She glanced up and there he stood in steel gray suit, his hands were thrust into pockets. The intent look in his eyes made her falter and forget her train of thought.

She had no clue as to what the interviewer asked her as she was lost in armaan's look. She snapped back as the director shouted cut, she tried focusing on what was happening around her but her gaze kept shifting to armaan. He stood there looking at her while some guy stood beside him explaining something. Finally the interview was over and she rose to leave, she saw armaan talkin with Rahul, shilpa tried to escape but had taken only a few steps when got caught.

Armaan in a serious tone: shilpa! I need a few minutes of your time.

Shilpa froze for a second: there is nothing to say armaan.

Armaan his tone frigidly polite: atleast let me apologize for yesterday.

Shilpa felt small refusing so turned to face him waiting for him to continue. Even though she tried to harden herself her heart flipped when she looked at his handsome brooding face.

Armaan: I wanted to apologize for yesterday, even though I had no intention of embarrassing you it seems that exactly what I had done. But in all fairness I would like to add that I will behave in the same manner if the situation arose again.

Shilpa: I just didn't want a scene to ensue.

Armaan: sometimes taking a stand is important.

Shilpa: and what about the consequences of those actions, oh I'm sorry I forgot you own the damn place(she didn't know why but this point kept sticking to her making her mad)

Armaan frowned: make up your mind shilpa what exactly are you angry over.

Shilpa with anger coursing through her: I'm angry coz I'm sick of being lied to

Armaan looked at shilpa turning away and he felt frustrated that no matter what he did things were not right. All his intentions of wooing shilpa slowly he realized were not going to be successful.

So with frustration ringing in his voice: you want truth shilpa! I love you!  I fell in love you with you in Panchgani and I haven't stopped being in love with you. Yes I have made mistakes but I'm not going to apologize anymore (he stopped looking at shilpa who had turned to face him as he declared his feelings)

Shilpa felt the blood rush to her head making her feel dizzy as she turned to look at armaan. Her heart thunderd in her ears as her mind and heart registered the words he said.

Armaan: nor am I going to give any explanation, you've thwarted all my attempts of explanation. You want to be left alone then that is exactly what I'm going to do. Your publicity tour is scheduled to start from tomorrow, I had initially planned to go with you but under the circumstances I feel its better that Rahul shall accompany you. You will not have to bear my company. (Armaan turned away to leave)

Shilpa felt as if all the blood had been drained from her as she stood there trying to comprehend his words. As he turned away her heart screamed that he was leaving but her mind had gone numb making her stand there lifeless.

Armaan stopped: I will not bother you again shilpa, if you ever want to talk you know where to find me. You wont be seeing my face again.(saying that he walked away)

Shilpa made her way through the hotel where they had reservations in Pune, she was walking on automatic not talking in the surroundings or the conversation flowing around her. Shilpa was lost to her thoughts, she came out momentarily and did a quick scan of the people standing then got lost in her thoughts again.

Shilpa made it to her room and dropped her bag on the table as the porter brought her luggage up, her mind went over her conversation she had with her maasi. Shilpa had called her and told her everything that had happened with Armaan.

Maasi: Shilpa you should've listened to what he had to say

Shilpa: no maasi! I'm not interested in his explanations, he thinks he can manipulate me into listening to him but I wont.

Maasi: why? What did he do now that you think he is manipulating you?

Shilpa: I told him that I don't want to see his face and apparently he is not going to come infront of me ever.

Maasi seriously: Shilpa! What r u doing?

Shilpa getting hyper: maasi! Whose side are you on? Mine or his?

Maasi sighed: of course I'm on your side, I want what you want but shilpa do you even know what you want? Don't just answer me think about it, what do you want? I remember how you were when you met armaan and I also remember how you were when armaan left.

Shilpa: but that's the problem he was not armaan when I met him and what I felt for him then, what I thought him to be is different to what he is now.

Maasi: then ask yourself what do you want from this armaan? What do you feel for him exactly?

Shilpa came back to the present when muskaan called out her name making her look back at her.

Muskaan: why don't you rest for a while then we have to go for the press conference.

Shilpa nodded her head and tried to settle down for a little while but her mind kept going over her conversation with maasi. What did she want?

Later she sat with Rahul and Muskaan answering questions to the media, every couple of minutes her eyes wandered over the crowd of people gathered. Muskaan leaned towards shilpa and whispered: he's not here!

Shilpa: what?

Muskaan: Armaan is not here, he is not going to be with us on this tour. He has gone ahead setting up stuff at each venue but then he'll go back.

Shilpa stilled for a second and then turned to answer another question from a reporter but her hand shook a bit as she leaned forward to pick the glass of water.

Shilpa sat in her room at night looking out the window as a breeze blew making her hair flutter. There was a knock on the door when she opened a porter stood there: letter for you ma'am!

Shilpa took the envelope and closed the door wondering who it could be from, she turned the envelope in her hand and saw her name scrawled and she knew it was from Armaan. She wanted to put the letter away but she wanted to know what he had wrote so she opened the letter and unfolded a single sheet of paper there was no explanation.

With a breeze flowing through the room she read the words:


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