Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Part 19 : I See You!

Armaan stood at the beach looking out at the waves which crashed against the shore spraying the salt water all over him. The wind tugged at his clothes and hair blpowing them into disaaray but he didn't care. His mind was occupied with Shilpa, he kept wondering whether he should stick to his word or go barge into her house and demand that they talk. Staying away this time had been tougher than before but he had stuck to his word hoping that she'll come around but as he stood there looking at the raging sea alone he was not so sure.

He ran a hand through his wind tousled hair his face a mask of disgust, disgust directed at himself. He had been so sure, so confident and then he had the stupid idea of sending those letters to keep her aware of him. Even if he was not going to meet her he wanted her to think of him always. He loved her was that so wrong, he wanted her in his life forever and he was going to convince her one way or another.

He turned away from the sea, walking away when he thought he heard someone calling his name. He stopped for a second but then continued walking when he heard it again: ARMAAN!

This time the voice was louder and clearer he turned around and got lost in the sight.

All the way to the beach shilpa couldn't hurry enough to get there, if muskaan hadn't beent there on the last signal when they had to stop she would have gotten out of the car and started to walk. All she knew was that she was not going to let armaan walk out of her life, she had no idea what she was going to say to him but stop him she will. She had all but jumped out of the car when they reached the beach without a backwardless glance she had rushed down the steps to land up on the beach. For a second she saw nothing as she stood there in the wanning sunlight she started to move forward unwilling to believe that she had lost him. She walked ahead against the wind which kept tugging at her hair and clothes, she gathered her hair on one side of her neck and held on to keep them from being whipped into her eyes.

She was about to scream in frustration when her eyes alighted on a lone figure standing on the edge of water as the waves continued to thrash on to the shore drenching him. He stood there in his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows his jacket he held from the collar on a finger. Her heart jumped in her chest looking at his handsome disheveled appearance but it was the expression on his face which made her heart stutter. He looked lost and alone, his broad strong shoulders drooping slightly as if the world was weighing on them. Even when he turned away and started to walk that proud tilt to his head was missing.

Shilpa's eyes stung against the picture and her love for him, her desperation all came through as she called out his name: ARMAAN!

She saw him hesitate for a second but then continued walking as if not hearing her, shilpa started to run after him and cagain called out: ARMAAN!(she continued running and saw armaan turn and look at her)

Armaan stood their as he saw the vision from his dreams run towards him in the same lemon yellow shalwar kameez she claimed was her favorite. Her hair blew behind her in the breeze as her dupatta fluttered behind her like a flag. He coukd've stood there and described even the smallest of details about her but it was the expression on her face which made him forget everything.

She stopped afoot away from him both stood there looking at one another trying to make up for the lost time.

Armaan: Shilpa, I….(shilpa stepped closer and placed her hand on his mouth effectively stopping him)

Shilpa: no! I have to say something and I'm going to do it first.(armaan's eyes burned with intensity making shilpa feel as if she would dissolve into a puddle but she stiffened her spine and forged ahaead) Since the day I found out that Armaan and Ammy are one and the same person I have been so mad at you. Everytime I recall the confusion I felt it just makes me so mad. But then you didn't come on the tour and your absence hurt more than your lies. Your letters were another set of torture because they were not enough and they made getting through the day all the more difficult.(shilpa gasped and started to pull her hand away as she felt armaan's mouth move against the sensitive skin of her palm)

Armaan grasped her hand and held it against his chest: it was never my intention to hurt you shilpa, not when we met in Panchgani nor now. I just wanted to give you some time to think things through away from me but I was never far.

Shilpa smiled tremulously: when you left armaan it was as if a part of me left with you. It was as if god had taken my sight again even though I could see again.

Armaan wiped a tear from her cheek: I'm sorry I never meant to hurt you.

Shilpa: I know armaan! I never blamed you for leaving, I knew that leaving must have been the only option for you. The truth is I was not even mad when I found out Armaan and Ammy were one and the same. Initially I was so happy to know that the pull I felt towards you, the emotions that were rousing in me were not for anyone else but the man I fell for in Panchgani.

Armaan his eyes burning: then why were you angry?

Shilpa shook  her head: I was scared! I was scared that I was going to lose you all over again because you were committed to someone else. I was scared that if all this happens how am I going to live without you again.(She looked up into his eyes and stepped closer) how am I suppose to live without hearing your heartbeat (she pressed her hand against his chest feeling his heart beat) not look at myself through your eyes(she closed her eyes)

Armaan brought shilpa close to him with one jerk, trapping her hand between their bodies: there is nothing in this world that can keep me away from you. No prior commitments or promises, I tried to keep away from you for numerous reasons but its impossible. I need you to live to survive, without you there is no Armaan. My engagement with Anjali is no longer valid, I called it off.(Shilpa trembled in his arms) I love you Shilpa the only thing that can separate us is god and that also in death.(Shilpa tried stopping him by placing her hand on his mouth but armaan held on to her hand) but you know even god is on our side he is the one who made us meet again.

Armaan lightly kissed her hand: My engagement with Anjali..(this time shilpa stopped him)

Shilpa shook her head: No! I don't want to know why, not because I'm jealous or something but because I don't care. I trust you armaan, I trusted you when I couldn't see you and I trust you now even more.

Armaan: but I want to explain why I left

Shilpa: I love you! When you love someone you trust them and their decisions, for me its enough.

Armaan: say it again

Shilpa: I trust you!

Armaan brought her nearer till their breaths mingled: no! say you love me!

Shilpa looked at the handsome man standing there on the beach with his hair tossled by the wind and couldn't help but love for him fill her heart and eyes: I love you! Beyond reason, I love you!

Armaan closed his eyes as he felt her words wash over him, never had he felt love so selfless and pure. He felt honored and humbled and then he felt her give him featherlike kisses on his eyes.

Shilpa saw the emotions swirl in his eyes as he closed his eyes feeling the love for him rise like a tide shilpa reached up on her toes, she lightly brushed her his hair from his face

Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Sathhoya Ki Ho Ek Sur Re
Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Dil To Hoya Majboor(she feathered butterfly kissed on his eye lids)
Main Wari Jawan..
Main Wari Jawan

Armaan opened his eyes and looked into the face of the woman who was his entire world
Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
Mannate Puri Tumse Hi
Main Bari Jawan(Shilpa smiled into his eyes waiting for him to respond)

Tu Mile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
Rounke Sari Tumse Hi

Armaan pulled shilpa in response close and kissed her eyes closed

Chuliya Tune Lab Se Ankho Ko
Mannate Puri Tumse Hi

He stepped back breaking contact making shilpa open her eyes and saw herself reflected in armaan's eyes. Armaan took a couple of steps backwards but then walked up and lifted her in his arms

Tumile Jahan Mera Jahan Hai Waha
Rounke Sari Tumse Hi.
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..(he held her high in his arms as he swung her around expressing his joy in finding her)

Sun had finally set but shilpa and armaan had no intention of leaving. They lay on the beach looking up at the sky holding each others hand. Armaan looked over at shilpa and tugged her hand so that she come nearer to him. He propped his head on his hand and leaned close
In Duriyo Ne Nazdiki Yose
Sauda Koi Kar Liya
Chupke Nigahone Dil Se Isk Ki Ka
Wada Koi Kar Liya.

As Armaan leaned close enough so that his breath feathered her parted lips, shilpa pushed him so that he fell flat on his back with shilpa hovering over him
Main Vari Jawan
Main Vari Jawan
Satho Ki Hoya Ek Sur Re

Shilpa tossed her dupatta over them so that it came down on them like a canopy
Sau Sau Tarose Bhar Ke Ye Daman
Le Chal Mujhe Kahi Dur..(she placed her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around him)

Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..

Armaan finally dropped shilpa at her apartment and tried to go back home but his heart wanted only shilpa. He kept driving around hoping to settle down to go home but he found himself standing outside shilpa's apartment building. As he looked up at the shilpa's apartment window all he could think was

Koi Kami si Thi Jeene Mein
Jana Yeh Humne Kahan

Shilpa herself was feeling restless, her happiness would not let her settle down all she could think about was Armaan. She stood on the balcony and looked out when she saw armaan standing leaning against his car looking up at her. One glance of shilpa and armaan felt all the restlessness leave him
Aise Mile ho Jaise Humpe
Ho Mehereban Yeh khuda

Shilpa turned to mush when she saw his slow smile as he looked up at her all she heard was her heart singing
Main Wari Jawan
Main Wari Jawan
Sathhoya Ki Ho ya Sur Re

Shilpa stepped back from the window and raced across her apartment as she flew out the door and down the stairs unwilling to wait for the elevators. When she reached outside she was out of breath and sweating but one look at the man and she forgot that she had run down how many flights of stairs. All she knew was she wanted to be with him like he wanted to be with her. So when she walked upto him and held out her hand they both knew
Rab Di Marzi hai Apna yeh Milna
Barsa hai Hum pe Uska Noor

As armaan grasped her hand the heavens opened their gates and showere them with their blessing. Shilpa laughed as the rain hit her she would've dashed under cover but armaan pulled her in his arms and whispered in her ears: lets play!

And so they did…
Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..

Piya O Re Piya...
Piya Re Piya Re Piya..


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