Thursday, 20 February 2020

Part 20 : I See You!

Shilpa opened her eyes to see the sun streaming through her bedroom windows, she closed her eyes again to hold on to the dream she had been dreaming. She smiled dreamily as she recalled in the dream she had declared her feelings to armaan what had followed was what fairytales are made off.

Her eyes flew open as her mind woke up to recall that the wonderful dream had in actual been reality. She sat up in the bed as she recalled how they had played in the rain last night. Shilpa pulled up her knees as her cheeks tinted pink, it wasn't the first time they had played in the rain but somehow things had changed last night. Previously each touch had been innocent and full of fun, but last night, shilpa couldn't help but blush thinking about it.

Armaan's touch had created a fire she was far from understanding completely. Even under the rain she had felt her skin burn as his hand had slid down her arms. She felt the heat rise to her cheeks as she recalled the moments on the beach with armaan, when she had lain under him on the sand. Nothing had happened then or afterwards in the rain to which shilpa couldn't really make up her mind that she was disappointed or relieved. She glancd towards the clock and saw it was hardly eight in the morning she lay back in the bed and closing her eyes she brought armaan's face in her mind. Feeling suddenly the need to be with him Shilpa got up from the bed and dashed to the bathroom, she had a quick bath and came out of the bathroom in a towel and stood looking at her wardrobe.

Shilpa pushed back her wet hair from her face and frowned looking at her clothes: what should I wear?

She pulled clothes out and then shoved them back and then in despair: I have nothing to wear! What am I going to do? I cant meet armaan wearing these?(she looked despairingly at her clothes but then her face lightened)Muskaan! I'll go to muskaan and borrow something from her.

She quickly grabbed some clothes at random and threw them on, she hastily pulled a comb through her wet hair and dashed out from her room. A second later she came back snatched her dupatta from te back of a chair and grabbed her sandals from the floor. She picked up her bag and managed to get to the door loaded, she pulled open the door to step out but stood there stunned.

Her heart stopped as she looked at man she loved with all her heart standing infront of her with his shoulders peopped gainst the wall. He stood there in khaki brown trousers a crme colored shirt, brown tie in a abstract pattern which hung loosely around his collar. His suit jacket he had draped across his forearm, his jaw freshly shaven but his hair looked as if he had been running a hand through them.

Looking at him shilpa couldn't help but smile which started from her heart and went up to her eyes.

Armaan had been unable to sleep the night before, all he had seen whenever he closed his eyes was shilpa. By dawn he had given up on the idea of sleep and had gone to the gym to work off his frustration. The frustration had been due to the desire that had coursed through him with shilpa's declaration of her feelings. Especially when they had played in the rain the sight of her even in the rain looking like a princess. It had taken all his will power to turn away and go back home instead of doing wat he really want to do was kiss her senseless.

He had spent an hour in the gym but the relentless desire had not completely gone away instead in its place a desire to see her had taken control. So he had dressed and by 7 o'clock he was parked outside shilpa's building. In next 5 minutes he had been standing out side shilpa's apartment door ready to beat the door down but had stopped as he had looked at the time. So he had decided to wait but not very patiently. He had prowled the corridor answered some emails on his blackberry, done with those he stood against the opposite wall to her apartment door and decided to wait.

When the door had opened unexpectedly he took in shilpa's surprise and then absolute happiness in seeing him there. That look alone had made desire rear its head again in him but then he had taken a good look at her. She stood there a barefoot goddess dressed in a white sleeveless kameez and churidaar, she stood at the door with her sandals in one hand while the other hand was holding her bag and dupatta. Her hair hung around her shoulders wet and straight as rain, her face scrubbed clean glowed with her innate beauty.

Shilpa's smile faltered as she took in armaan's smoldering eyes as they dropped to her lips and then back to her eyes. His eyes took a leisurely tour from the tip of her bare toes to the top of her wet hair making shilpa tingle. Looking at his hungry look shilpa managed to gasp: Armaan!

Armaan took a step forward but stopped when shilpa took an involuntary step back. Armaan stopped and looked speculatively at shilpa who looked nervous. Shilpa swallowed as she saw armaan's eyes sharpen with hunger making her feel nervous and then he smiled making her inside melt but at the same time make her heart thump with nerves.

Armaan started to move again and couldn't help but feel satisfaction when saw nerves dance across shilpa's expressive face as she inched back trying to keep distance between them.

Shilpa trying to make him stop: Hi!

Armaan flashed her a devilish smile: hi! Going somewhere?

Shilpa flushed: umm! I was actually!

Armaan continued moving forward making shilpa move backwards: do u want me to leave?

Shilpa gave a trembling laugh: No!

Armaan stopped: then why are you running away from me?

Shilpa stopped moving back and flushed, looking at armaan's amused expression: why are you stalking me?

Armaan raised a brow: I'm not stalking you! You keep backing away from me I'm just trying to catch up with you.

Shilpa blushed and with sudden daring: well if you would only stop looking at me as if you want to take a bite out of me, I will stop backing. You are acting like a hungry lion following his prey.(as armaan again started to move forward) armaan stop following me.

Armaan felt the dark edge of desire raise its head in him: you said it yourself I'm hungry and I want you(shilpa backed away and put a table between them making armaan grin with devilish intent)

Shilpa felt excitement unfurl inside her: don't you dare armaan! Stay away from me(but her words lacked conviction as her voice sounded weak and thready with excitement even to her own ears)

She looked at armaan's face and decided to make a run for it she dropped her bags and shoes making a run for the door. She had hardly taken two steps when armaan lifted her off the ground and hoisted her atop his broad shoulders like a sack of potatoes. Shilpa squeaked: Armaan!

Armaan with his hands around her legs to keep her in place: I'm willing to give you the choice of place

Shilpa: Armaan!!(sounding scandalized) let go!

Armaan:no! and since you have no preference we'll go with my choice( he started moving towards her bedroom)

As they entered the room shilpa tried holding on to the door to stop him from forging ahead but the dorr slipped out of her hands as armaan continued to walk purposefully. Armaan dropped shilpa on the unmade bed with enough force to make her bounce and then jumped on top of her.

Shilpa trapped under the weight of Armaan tried to buck him off as she twisted under him: Armaan get off me!

Armaan grabbed her hands and raised them up and held them: I'm hungry!(he growled) now I'm going to bite you.

Shilpa strained against him trying to get away but all she managed was to get her beat more erratically. As armaan lowered his head barring his teeth she turned her head away giving him access to her neck. Armaan bend down and lightly blew across her skin making goose bumps rise, he then proceeded further and lightly grazed the skin under her ear with his teeth.

Shilpa gasped, the sensations both foreign and exciting. Armaan took the skin between his teeth and tugged making shilpa moan and then the lick spot soothing it. He started moving down from the spot making shilpa writhe beneath him the hands which had initially been straining to get free went lax. She tilted her head to the other side giving him better access but armaan had other plans he nipped at her chin, then he nibbled his way towards her lips.

Armaan raised his head and gazed down at her taking in her slumberous eyes glinting with arousal: I cant get enough of you!

Shilpa looked at him with needy eyes: armaan! Plz!

Armaan bend down making shilpa's heart accelerate: do you have any idea how much I want to kiss you? How hard it was for me to leave last night?

Shilpa: why did you?(she whisperd, her eyes luminous as her body thrilled with the sensations coursing through her)

Armaan stilled: I didn't want to scare you away(he whispered back his voice husky with desire)

Shilpa looking into his eyes: armaan you can never scare me away, I love you.

The heat in his eyes flared: say it again

Shilpa: I love you

Armaan lowered his headto hers their lips barely grazing: I love you! I love you so much that it makes me forget everything

Shilpa's breath hitched as he pressed a kissed to the corner of her mouth: has anyone ever told you that you talk too much

Armaan lips curved but he continued to nibble and nip his way across to the other corner:no! was there something you wanted(he twined his fingers with her as he continued dropping light kisses along her jaw.

Shilpa: kiss me!

Armaan breath stopped and then: with pleasure (he pressed his lips to her, it started slowly with just the mating of the lips)

He nipped at her bottom lip and then soothed it with his tongue making her gasp to which he took advantage. His tongue invaded the sweet cavern of her mouth, tangling with her tongue as they continued to duel.

Never had shilpa felt these wondorous feels before, she could lie there all day and let armaan kiss him. But kissing him was not enough her hands which had been gripping his slowly untangled from his and reached up to touch his hair. Her fingers speared through the soft depthness of his hair as his moyh continued to do wonderful things to her mouth.

Armaan felt her fingers thread through his hair and lightly caress the side of his face. In that moment he wanted to give her the world, his hands trembled as he reigned in his desire for more. He knew he could've taken her anywhere he wanted asked her for anything and she wouldn't have refused but it would not have been right.

He lifted his head and looked down at the gift god had given him, when she opened her eyes and looked at him eyes full of trust he knew he could not breach it. Shilpa looked at him go serious as his eyes traced her every feature with a look so full f reverence and love that they made her throat close. Unbidden moisture filled her eyes as she gazed back at him.

Armaan saw her eyes swim with tears and doubts reared his head: Shilpa! Did I hurt you?(he asked urgently)

Shilpa shook her head words beyond her for the moment making armaan ask: then why are you crying?

Shilpa shook her head and managed: what took you so long?

In that moment armaan understood that somehow god had blessed him. He had given him shilpa who loved him as much as he loved her. He gently wiped the tear from the corner of her eyes and then suddenly reversed their positions so that he was lying flat on the bed with shilpa on top.

Armaan: did you sleep last night?

Shilpa: a little bit!

Armaan: then you are lucky, I couldn't sleep a wink and I have a important meeting at 12 for which I need to be fresh. So lets just sleep!

Shilpa looked at him in amazement: sleep?

Armaan gave her a wicked smile: what else? (making shilpa blush)

They lay on the bed with shilpa ontop armaan with his arms around her and before they knew it they both were fast asleep. Shilpa woke a little later and was surprised to find herself flat on the bed with armaan's head pillowed on her breasts. Feeling content and safe she again drifted off to sleep, later again she woke to find herself sleeping on her side while armaan was flat on his back. Shilpa glanced at the clock and saw it was almost 11 o'clock. She got out of the bed without waking armaan up and headed for the kitchen she had barely fillet the kettle with water and put it on stove when armaan wrapped his arms around her from behind.

Armaan: Good morning!(kissing the side of her neck)

Shilpa turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck: morning is almost over!

Armaan drew her closer and pressed his lips to her forehead inhaling her scent: I know! And I need to go

Shilpa closed her eyes enjoying his closeness: not before you have some breakfast

Armaan pulled back and smiled at her: I'm hungry what are you going to feed me.

Shilpa pushed him towards the chair: sit and I will cook you some eggs.

Breakfast was almost over when armaan grabbed shilpa's hand to stop her from going to the sink: have lunch with me today! I'll most probably be free by 1:30 and then we can go somewhere.

Shilpa couldn't help but smile:sure!

Armaan: by the way where were you going when you opened the door.

Shilpa grinned: I was going to meet you but first I had to make a stop at muskaan's

Armaan: did u intend to take pointers from muskaan?(he winked at her)

Shilpa laughed: I was going over to borrow some smart outfit from her. I wanted to look extraordinary but well…(she laughed self consciously tucking her hair back behind her ear)

Armaan looked tenderly at her: Shilpa you are extraordinary just the way you are. (when she looked doubtful armaan grabbed her and kissed her senseless) I love you, the way you are, you look gorgeous wearing that dress you wore at the night club but you look even more beautiful the way you looked in the morning. No artifice, just you and there is nothing more sexier than you freshly out of the bath in white shalwar kameez.

Shilpa had grabbed his shoulders to keep herself from falling onto the floor as her knees had turned to jelly.

Armaan: so I will see you at lunch

Shilpa: absolutely!

Armaan kept holding her around the waist: miss me?

Shilpa pressed her lips to his and whispered: ever second away from you.(armaan started to lean in close she stepped back) you are getting late

Armaan frowned as he looked at the watch: you will come to the office?

Shilpa nodded: I'll be there! Go now so that we can meet for lunch.

Armaan tucked his shirt properly and straightened his tie, he picked his jacket that he had dropped when he had come in: so I should go

Shilpa smiled: I'll be there armaan! Go now

Armaan walked to the door and turned around: 1:30, ok.

Shilpa waited till he was out the door and then rushed to the phone and quickly dialed muskaan's number, as the call connected: Muskaan! I need help!


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