Saturday, 22 February 2020

Part 22 : I See You!

Shilpa felt she was floating, her skin hummed wherever armaan's hands skimmed over her body, when he started kissing the side of her neck she felt her body flush. Her heart thudded in her ears with her eyes closed she clung to armaan as felt dizzy with all the emotions running through her. Lost in their world she didn't realize when they were no longer alone, it was the voice filled with disbelief and horror which made shilpa jerk in response: ARMAAN!

Shilpa opened her eyes and looked at armaan's face as they both straightened in surprise, which has gone blank at the sound of the voice. Armaan turned around keeping an arm around shilpa's waist who tried to hang back.

Armaan looked at the shocked faces of his parents: Maa! Dad! (next to him he felt shilpa stiffen more as she tried to hide behind him unsuccessfully)

Billy Mallik looking shocked and scandalized: Armaan what is the meaning of this behavior?

Shilpa wanted to die, she wanted the earth to open and swallow her whole. Of all the possible worst first impression she was sure she would definitely win. When armaan tugged her forward she wanted to beg him to let her be, she tried resisting but armaan shifted and gave her a look making her flush further as she took a step forward.

Armaan took in shilpa's heightened color and embarrassed look in here eyes but retreating now would've made them look guilty. As he did not believe he was committing a crime so he did not wish to act guilty so he pulled shilpa forward: Maa! Dad! This is Shilpa!

Shilpa was sure her face was the same shade as her clothes but armaan's hand held on to her firmly making escape impossible. She managed to lift her gaze from the floor and looked armaan's parents in the face offering a tentative smile as she greeted them: hello uncle! Hello aunty!

There was a moment of silence where shilpa felt all the blood that had rushed to her face leave it equally fast. She glanced at armaan and saw him looking back at his father stone faced, her gaze darted back towards his parents. His mother looked nervously from her son to her husband, sensing her gaze she looked at her and gave her a reassuring smile. Shilpa smiled back at her uneasily and then just froze when armaan's father spoke.

Billy: what is the meaning of all this armaan?

Shilpa stared at armaan in disbelief as she saw the arrogant tilt to his head: be specific, dad!

Billy narrowed his eyes: be careful armaan!(to which armaan just cocked his eyebrow making Billy frown) I thought you were engaged to Anjali

Shilpa felt armaan's hand tighten on her hand: Anjali and I are over

Billy: does her father know about this?

Armaan: that's between Anjali and her father (maybe he would've said more but stopped as they heard more voices and then Rahul and Muskaan came into the kitchen)

Rahul: guys! Have I got some news to share (then looking at shilpa) hey shilpa! (looking at armaan's face and then at his dad Rahul winked at shilpa) I have some great news, Maa! Muskaan has finally agreed to marry me.

Anany genuinely happy: that's a wonderful news (she wrapped both her arms around Rahul and Muskaan hugging them) congratulations! (she kissed both of them)

Rahul moved on to his Dad who stopped glaring at armaan to hug him and offered his good wishes. Finally Armaan grabbed Rahul and grinned at him: so tell me how did u manage to get Muskaan to accept.

Rahul: hell if I know! I'm just glad she said yes.(both the brothers laughed)

Shilpa hugged Muskaan: I'm so happy for you! I know that you both are going to be extremely happy with one another.(She pulled back and smiled brightly at her)

Muskaan smiling back: well I wouldn't have said yes, if you hadn't talked sense into me.

Ananya: do you both know each other?(making muskaan look at her in confusion)

Rahul over hearing the question: Maa! (walking upto her) this is Shilpa Malhotra, her book has been a rage all over the country and her latest book is going to be published under Mallik Publishing. (smiling at shilpa)

Billy looked from Rahul to Armaan's face: you got involved with a client! Where the hell has your business sense gone.

Armaan's eyes chilled: why don't we talk alone?

Billy spoke in clipped tone: yes why don't we! (he turned on his heel and stalked to his library)

Armaan was about to follow him then turned towards shilpa who looked very pale: wait for me! (then walked out)

He entered the library just as his father turned around and faced him: what is this, armaan?

Armaan: why don't you tell me dad! Coz it seems you have already made up your mind about this.

Billy narrowed his eyes at him: you think this is funny? What are you doing? Mixing things up with a client? And what the hell is going on between you and Anjali?

Armaan held on to the slippery edges of his temper as he tried answering his fathers questions: There was never anything between Anjali and me, finally both of us decided to go our different ways. As for shilpa being a client, she was not our client when I met her (seeing his father open his mouth to shoot another set of questions) now please don't insult me by saying I have no business sense that I'm working with her only coz I have feelings for her.

Billy had the grace to look embarrassed but for a second: I don't understand this!

Armaan vying for patience: what?

Billy:Anjali is a good girl, from a good family. We know each others families, you yourself agreed to the marriage. Then why are…

Armaan cut him: b'coz I love Shilpa! Anjali and I are never going to be anything more than friends, dad. Shilpa is the one for me, like maa is for you, like muskaan is for Rahul.

Billy saw the emotions in his sons' eye: who are her parents armaan? Where is she from?

Armaan: She's from Panchgani, I don't know about her parents nor do I care. (when billy again started to question) Dad you are the one who taught me the importance of looking beyond the surface then atleast show shilpa the same courtesy.

Shilpa looked nervously at Ananya who smiled at her trying to make her feel comfortable. Rahul frowned as he looked at his watch: I'll go and check on armaan and dad!

Ananya: don't worry! It's a good thing they are talking things out (shilpa looked at her pensively and tried to smile, sensing her emotions ananya continued) its just that Billy is very protective of Armaan and all this has come as a surprise.

Shilpa smiled tremulously: I understand! But I have no intention of hurting armaan.

Ananya: I'm sure you don't! plus I have faith in my son, he wouldn't make all these choices if he wasn't absolutely sure about you.

Shilpa looked directly into her eyes: he's my world! There is nothing that I wouldn't do for him.

Ananya nodded her head as she continued to look at her: I believe you! And I believe that armaan would do the same, he's changed in the past year and so. Now I know, it you! You've changed him.

Shilpa shook her head: he's armaan! I love him the way he is (the simplicity and the sincerity with which she spoke made ananya's heart sing)

Ananya: oh!(she pressed a hand to her heart) both of you are so right for one another.(she quickly engulfed shilpa in a hug) thank you!

Shilpa whispered: you are not angry?

Ananya laughed as she pulled back: why would I be angry? My son is finally in love and I couldn't approve his choice more.

Rahul entered the study to find armaan and billy standing a feet apart staring at one another. The tension between them was obvious, Rahul stepped further into the study not sure what to do.

Billy heaved a sigh: I do want you to have someone whom you love and who loves you.

Armaan: for me that's shilpa dad! (he spoke seriously willing his dad to understand)

Billy running a hand through his hair: but armaan one moment you are engaged to Anjali and the next you have broken your engagement and involved with another girl.

Armaan spoke with finality: Dad! Its not sudden but if you need some time to accept it, fine but lets be sure that Shilpa is the one for me.( he walked out the study)

Billy stood with his hands fisted on his hips when Rahul approached him: Dad! You okay?

Billy looking perplexed: your brother is the most stubborn man I've ever met.

Rahul suppressed a grin: Dad! Armaan is just being armaan, plus shilpa is a wonderful girl. I know her dad, even muskaan knows her and believe me dad she's a great person.

Billy stayed quiet and kept looking out the window, Rahul was about to say something more when Ananya walked in.

Ananya: Rahul! I would like to talk to your dad alone.(she smiled as Rahul gave her a thumbs up as he left the room)

Billy without turning around: don't start!

Ananya walked around him to stand infront of him: why don't you start and tell me what has gotten into you.

Billy surprised: gotten in to me? Are you trying to say that you don't find the situation strange?

Ananya: what I find strange is that you of all people would react in this way when armaan has finally fallen in love.

Billy turned away: well it is strange to me, when has armaan ever brought a girl home. When has armaan ever been seriously involved with any girl. We've known him to casually go out with women but love?

Ananya couldn't help but laugh: you idiot! You are mad b'coz he didn't tell you.

Billy flared up: what! What rubbish is that?

Anany still laughing wagged a finger in his direction: I know you! And I know armaan, he is not making a mistake. Trust him.

Billy: how can you be sure?

Anany turning him towards the window which looked out to the garden: look! And then tell me he is wrong.

Armaan went looking for shilpa as he exited the study, he found her wandering alone in the garden. All the frustration he had felt with his father melted away at the sight of her walking amongst the flowers. He just stood there drinking in the sight of her lightly touching the petals of a blooming flower, inhaling the sweet perfume of a bloom.

Shilpa tried to relax herelf as she took in the beauty of the garden with the flowers blooming everywhere. She ordered herself not to think about what was happening between armaan and his father. She turned around with a mind to leave and was surprised to see armaan standing at the edge of the garden with his hands stuffed in his pants pockets, with a slight smile playing on his lips.

Shilpa walked towards his as he stepped towards her, trying to judge his mood. She had expected him to be in angry as she expected father n son to have argued but there he was smiling at her. When they stood less than a foot apart shilpa asked: so how did it go?

Armaan lifted a hand lightly grazing her cheek: what?

Shilpa gave him a mock stare: don't act smart!

Armaan smiled: I told him the truth! He's still in shock but he'll get over it.

A worried frown on her face, shilpa: I think you should talk to him, I'll leave.

She tried walking around him when armaan grasped her hand and pulled her back to make her stand infront of him: where are you going?

Shilpa heaved a sigh: home! You (she pointed at him) need to talk to your dad.

Armaan pulled her to him: I've already talked to him and now I want to spend some time with you.

Shilpa pressed a hand against his chest as she shook her head: its better I go home. (Shilpa pulled out of his arms and started walking)

For a second armaan stood there wondering what to do next and then inspiration struck him. He immediately pulled his cell and scrolled through his music gallery, making the selection he made the volume highe and placed the cell phone on the table nearby. When the music started shilpa who had been striding away stopped and turned looking back at armaan.

M: thehriye hosh mein aa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
F: uh huh
M: aap ko dil mein bithaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
F: uh huh
M: aap ko dil mein bithaa loon

Shilpa looked back at armaan who looked devastatingly handsome with his shirt collar unbuttoned and sleeves rolled up to his elbows. She couldn't believe he would play music like this making the whole atmosphere like a scene from a romantic movie.

As shilpa stood looking at him armaan started forward

M: kab talak rahiyegaa yoon door ki chaahat ban ke (he reached her and looked into shilpa's eyes and sang along with  a smile)

M: kab talak rahiyegaa yoon door ki chaahat ban ke
dil mein aa jaaiye iqraar-e-mohabbat ban ke
apni taqdeer banaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa (armaan leaned in close and tilted shilpa's chin up making her lips come in closer proximity to his)
F: uh huh (without thinking shilpa responded making her eyes open wider in surprise)
M: aap ko dil mein bithaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
aap ko dil mein bithaa loon(armaan grinned down at her leaning in close when shilpa pushed back)

Shilpa had stepped away from armaan her back towards him when the next lyrics made her laugh hysterically
F: mujhko iqraar-e-mohabbat se hayaa aati hai (suddenly she turned around and walked back towards him)

mujhko iqraar-e-mohabbat se hayaa aati hai (looking in his eyes she smiled)
baat kehte hue gardan meri jhuk jaati hai
dekhiye sir ko jhukaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa (she stood on tip toe as she cradled his face and thensmiling shyly dropped her gaze)
M: uh huh (Armaan shook his head making her gaze fly up to his)
F: dekhiye sir ko jhukaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa (shilpa just smiled)
M: haaye... aap ko dil mein bithaa loon(making armaan say it out loud) haaye

Shilpa slapped on armaan's arm as she couldn't help but grin and blush at the same time at the way he said "haaye. " She skipped back as armaan tried to grab her laughing still armaan caught her and nuzzled her neck

M: aisi kya sharm zaraa paas to aane bhi de (2)
rukh se bikhari hui zulfen to hataane bhi de (armaan wrapped a strand of her hair around his finger tugging her close till their breaths mingled)
pyaas aankhon ki bhuja loon to chale jaaiyegaa (armaan lightly grazed the corner of her mouthmaking shilpa gasp)
thehriye hosh mein aa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
hm hm hm... la la la... (Shilpa looped her arms around his neck as their noses touched eyes closed)
Both: aap ko dil mein bithaa loon to chale jaaiyegaa
aap ko dil mein bithaa loon (They stood there in the falling dusk with arms around each other swaying lightly to the music)

Inside the study Ananya turned to her husband and shook him: when have you seen armaan like this?(when Billy stayed quiet) Armaan is in love, finally!(she smiled as she looked out watching armaan n shilpa together)


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