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part 6 to 8 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 6

She threatened him nd both burst out into laughter, together..

okk.. bahot raat ho gayee hain.. i better hung up... aap tired honge nd i'm keeping u awake with my stupid bakbak...

Riddhima said softly in a apologizing tone but it alarmed him.. he didn't want her to cut the call.. rather he was all willing to spend the whole night talking to her... She seemed juz an angel with every passing second nd so before she say good 9t n disconnect the call.. he replied hurriedly..

no miss.. its absolutely fine.. i'm not tired at all..

his reply make her blush.. god knows why but her cheeks gained color nd became warmer due to shyness.. She too didn't want to cut the call in reality but being modest she said out of courtesy bt in heart she wished him to stop her..

here, after blabbering the words, he realized wat he said... God!! this girl was driving him crazy.. he sighed thinking how she was effecting him with her voice only.. bin dekhe yeh haal hain..pata nahi agar kabhi mulakat ho gayee to kya hoga mera.. he thought nd ran his hand through his lill long silky hair.. the thought of meeting MISS WRONG NUMBER raised his heart beat... is it possible?? can we meet ever?? he thought... but wat if she become juz opposite wat my mind has already portrayed her listening to her cute talks.. he thought again... naah... i'm sure she looks juz like an angel... ARMAAN 's angel.. he smiled dreamily.. Get a grip on ur thoughts dude!! soon his mind scolded his heart nd stopped him cooking more Khayali Pulaao.. sorry... his heart whispered to his mind nd he came back to his senses... But there was no response during the time he was in his la-la land.. he thought may be she disconnected the call nd removing the cell he checked it for confirmation nd soon a wide smile came over his lips seeing the call was still connected.. he again put the cell near his ears nd said softly...


mm.. haan??

she too came back from her blushing mode... She was feeling strange why this MR. 983*****80 effecting her sooo much..

He smiled sensing her lost nd said softly..

i'm not tired miss.. par agar aap tired ho toh... we can call it an end...

The word "end" juz skipped a beat of hers.. no.. she didn't want it to end nd she replied at once..

no.. i'm not sleepy too..

nd this created a wide smile on his face exposing his cute dimples.. so.. miss wrong no. dusn't want to cut the call, either.. he thought smilingly...

toh?? he asked..

toh ?? she repeated shyly..

He sighed... tohhh... agar hum dono tired nahi hain.. toh we can talk lill more.. no?? he pronounced each n every word with lill pauses in between nd also in a teasing tone...

she laughed... yaah... we can..

so.. kaun kaun hain aapke ghar maein?? He asked in a casual tone trying to start another round of conversation..

she never reveals personal details to strangers but today she was juz driven by her heart nd without hesitation she answered.. bhai nd me... aur aaj se bhabz bhi.. she said casually but suddenly she freaked out realizing the meaning... OMG!! Aaj bhai ki shaadi hain nd I'm still awake.. she went back to her bed nd switching on the lamp she checked the watch on the table... 3:10 AM????? She shouted... oh god!! She at once became panicked.. she forgot that she was holding her cell near her ears.. the time only made her freaked out.. she started roaming along her room blabbering... tu toh gayee kaam se riddhi!! Aab subah der se uthegi to yeh stupid aunties dimag kha legi... arrey riddhi.. tu abhi tak so rahi hain.. kab badi hogi tu?? Aab to terey liye dulha dundhne ki baari hain.. aur tu hain ki kuch samajh ti hi nahi hain.. she mimicked her chipkoo aunties nd said in disgust... aarggg... aaj to main gayee.. na der tak so sakti hoon aur nahi itni kam soke reh sakti hoon.. aur kar tu late night chat.. aab shyaam ko jab aankho ke neeche dark circles aa jayenge to dikhna bilkul bhootni jaisi.. she scolded herself... kahan princess dikhna chahiye aur kahan aapney hi bhai ke shaadi mein bhootni dikhungi.. oh god.. aisa merey sath hi kyun hota hain... nd she was carrying on n on with her blabber .. sometimes cursing herself.. sometimes pouting like lill gal.. wen suddenly she heard a roar of laughter near her right ear.. 1st she didn't able to understand nd stopped mid way being extremely shocked.. it took whole minute to remember her that she didn't disconnect the call with her MR. 983*****80... nd all the time she was blabbering he was juz on the other side of the call hearing her each n every bakwaas.. she was xtremely embarrassed nd closed her eyes at once.. on the other hand he was juz laughing n laughing like maniac.. nd that added nothing but more embarrassment to her, turning her scarlet red.. she bit her lower lip.. unable to utter any thing... soon he controlled his laughter nd said smilingly...

its okkey miss.. u go to sleep now.. nd I'm sure lill less sleep won't reduce ur beauty...

he said last line more intensely nd she blushed hearing him.. her heart beat fastened bt still didn't gather courage to reply.. sensing her embarrassment, he said again ...

good 9t miss... sweet dreams..

She smiled nd said like a whisper.. good 9t..

Nd cutting the call she hold her cell tight near her heart.. god!! Her heart beat was so erratic nd soo loud dat it took some time to go back to normal. On the other hand, disconnecting the call, he looked at his phone nd smilingly whispered... RIDDHI...
Nd saved her no. ... don't know why but his heart was telling him that this wasn't the end...


PART - 7

~ One and Half Month Later ~

Its a bright sunday morning but our princess is not in good mood.. Its been four days that she is behaving like this.. Her bhai n bhabi are hell worried about her.. She is the charm of their lives.. when she stops talking or doing masti, every thing seems so dull.. Riddhima was sitting on her bed.. Its 8AM .. when there was a soft knock.. she looked at the door nd saw it getting open..

"good morning princess.. here is ur special coffee"
her bhabi entered with a sweet smile adorning her lips nd a tray with two cups of coffee nd some biscuits..

"good morning bhabz"
she replied unwillingly... her bhabi (anjali) sighed.. its what she was behaving like.. but she has made her mind too.. she will make their princess back to her normal self.. Its really difficult for her to see her hubby so worried for his sister.. Princess is very close to him nd seeing her like this, also driven atul's smile away from his lips.. nd she was badly missing her hubby's cute n innocent smile nd also princess's laughter all around their house..

Anjali came near her nd sat beside her on the bed.. putting the tray on the side table, she asked her in a motherly tone..
"kya baat hain, baby?? tu itni chupchap kyun hain??"

Riddhima looked at her hearing her concerned voice.. she knew how worried her bhai n bhabz are.. she knew her bhai can't see her so silent .. nd it will piss off his mood too.. and as a result it will hurt her bhabi also.. but she juz can't help it.. she tried to be normal but she can't.. she is missing HIM..

"tujhe pata hain na ke jab tu itni chupchap ho jati hain to atul kitna bechain ho jata hain.."
anjali tried to infuse sense in her..

Riddhima bowed down her head like a lill gal n whispered..
"i'm sorry bhabz"

"sshhh.. princess... main tujhe guilty feel karwane ke liye nahi keh rahi hoon, bacchha... bass main iss liye kah rahi hoon ke u r the reason of our smile, dear.. teri hansi.. teri masti.. ghar ke har ek kone mein bas gayee hain.. (she put her hand on riddhima's).. tu khud soch.. mujhe ayee bas one n half month hua hain nd mujhe teri shaitani ki itni aadat ho gayye hain (she said lightly twisting riddhima's left ear.. riddhima smiled a lill wth this).. arrey.. firse gayab kyun kar rahi hain issey... itni mushkil se inki darshan mili hain.. (anji said cheekily nd riddhima looked at her with confusing eyes.. anji smiled widely seeing her cute expression nd pinching her right cheek said).. iss chotu si smile ki baat kar rahi hoon.. kyun bhagaya fir se.. chalo.. wapas laao meri princess ki sweet si smile.. (finally riddhima smiled widely).. that's like our princess.. "

Riddhima hugged her warmly nd confessed..
"i love u bhabz.. u r the best bhabz in the world"

Anjali patted her back nd said teasingly..
"subah subah buttering.. ?? zarror daal me kuch kala hain.. toh kya chahiye meri princess ko??"

Riddhima detangled from her nd pouted..
"kya bhabz.. wat do u mean?? jab kuch chahiye hota hain.. sirf tabh hi main praise karti hoon aap ko... hawww!! how could u bhabz??"

Anjali laughed out nd pulled her both cheeks tightly..
"oh my baby.. i missed u chooo muchhh"

with this riddhima frowned more, causing anjali smile more.. Finally their princess is back.. thank god..

"yeh le coffee.. pehle pi le ... fir gussa dikhana.. warna main nahi jayungi fir se terey liye coffee banane, agar yeh thandi ho gayyee toh.."
Riddhima only snacthed the cup from her with attitude nd turning a lill so that her bhabz can't see her smile, she started sipping her favorite coffee.. lill stronger with more milk nd less sugar.. "mmm" she can't help but said sipping the 1st time.. Anjali grinned hearing her nd decided to tease more..

"haan haan.. sari mehnat hum karein aur badle mein hume ek pyaari si smile bhi naseeb na ho.. aur jo smile abhi kisi ki coffee se bani mustache wali lips pe aa rahi hain.. woh bhi uss (pointing her finger to the painting hanging on the wall at which riddhima was facing) stupid si painting ki ladki ko milegi par ussey nahi jisney itniii mehnat ki... so fair.. no??"

Riddhima can't help but burst out into laughter hearing her bhabz's melodrama nd putting the cup on the table, she turned to anjali..
"oh my god bhabz... yeh maine kya kar diya??? ek main kam thi jo maine bhai ki sweet si shy si wifey ko dusri Riddhi bana dali.. bechara mera bhai... aab unhe kaun bachayega... "

as soon as riddhima completed it both laughed their hear out hi-fiving with each other... They enjoyed their coffee with lill chit chat nd finally anjali decided to ask her the matter of her bad mood..

"mm.. riddhi... "

"yess bhabzz"

"baat kya hain??"

Riddhima wasn't expecting this sudden question nd became confused..
"kaunsi baat bhabz??"

"jiss baat se tu peechle char dino se itni udaas hain...woh baat princess.."

Riddhima at once remembered the incident nd again became gloomy..

"kuch hua hain kya??"

Riddhima looked at her nd decided to tell her every thing..
"mm.. woh bhabz.. actually jab main tuesday college gayee thi.. na.."

An : hmmm...

Ri : woh .. wen i was locking my car door a thief came nd ran from there snatching my purse... i tried to catch him.. shouted also .. but he was too fast..

She said sadly nd anjali cupped her face softly seeing their innocent princess nd asked..

An : kuch important tha kya purse mein??

Riddhima nodded her head positively...

An : money ya koi documents??

Ri : both bhabz.. kuch cash, my credit card, driving license, college i.d and...

An : and??

Ri : my phone...

She sighed recalling about her phone..

An : its okkey princess.. kuch nahi hoga.. main atul se keh dungi card, cell nd license ke liye police report karwa de nd cards ko block karwa de.. not to worry dear..

Ri : its okkey bhabz.. maine f.i.r karwake credit card nd sim card block karwali hain.. duplicate driving license ki bhi apply kar di aur duplicate college i.d bhi friday ko mujhe mil gayee hain..

Anjali became confused hearing her..

An : fir tu itni sad kyun thi??

Ri : my phone bhabz.. my phone...

Riddhima became sad again confusing anjali more.. She thought she must love her set nd so consoled..

An: its okkey bacchha... i can understand tujhe woh set bahot pasand tha.. but i'll tell atul to buy the same set for you... or.. better than that.. thik hain na .. princess??

Anjali said hopefully but she doesn't find the glow in her eyes... so she said again..

"kya baat hain, riddhi?? u can have the same sim card no. if u want.. u know that right..?? fir contacts bhi missing nahi hogi.. to fir problem kahan hain??"

"kyunki bhabz... sab se important contact.. jiske beena main reh nahi paa rahi hoon.. woh MR. WRONG NUMBER ka contact number sirf cell me store tha.. i forgot to copy in the sim..."

Riddhima uttered the real reason in frustration...

"Mr. wrong number???" anjali pronounced each word putting more emphasizement nd looked at riddhima in questioning eyes... and as soon as she heard her bhabi.. she looked at her at once.. "god!! now i've to tell bhabz every thing.." riddhima thought nd sighed...

"mm.. bhabzz.. promise me that u won't be mad at me or tell bhai about this.."

Riddhima whispered nd in return anjali juz raised her eye brows demanding the true answers..


PART - 8

"kyunki bhabz... sab se important contact.. jiske beena main reh nahi paa rahi hoon.. woh MR. WRONG NUMBER ka contact number sirf cell me store tha.. i forgot to copy in the sim..."

Riddhima uttered the real reason in frustration...

"Mr. wrong number???" anjali pronounced each word putting more emphasizement nd looked at riddhima in questioning eyes... and as soon as she heard her bhabi.. she looked at her at once.. "god!! now i've to tell bhabz every thing.." riddhima thought nd sighed...

"mm.. bhabzz.. promise me that u won't be mad at me or tell bhai about this.."

Riddhima whispered nd in return anjali juz raised her eye brows demanding the true answers..

"Mr. wrong no. haan??? aab tu batayegi ke mamla kya hain??"

"batati hoon.. par aap daant na mat.. okk??" she said meekly..


nd riddhima had no option except telling anjali every thing..

"uss din ke baad.. hum kisi na kisi bahane roz ek dusre ko phone ya fir text kiya karte the.. aab to beena baat kiye hum raat ko chaiin se so bhi nahi pate..aapko pata hain, bhabzz.. beech mein ek din humari ladayee ho gayee to bechara agle hi din early morning me mujhe call ki aur sorry bhi kaha aur promise bhi ki ke fir kabhi fight nahi karega.."

Anjali was listening to her carefully.. she had no doubt now that her riddhi was in love with her Mr. wrong no. nd she also felt hearing riddhi that may be he too loves her but how she could allow her for this.. How could she allow their princess to become attached with the person she never met!! moreover, wat was the guarantee that all he said about him was true.. nd riddhi, too, didn't know his name!! silly gal.. jis insaan se ek mahiney se bhi zyada time baat kar rahi hain.. jiski har ek choti badi adat ussey pata hain.. yahan tak ki woh kya karta hain.. kahan se schooling n higher studies ki sab kuch pata hain ussey.. (then thinking more) nd i'm sure riddhi bhi kuch peeche nahi hogi.. dar ke marey nai bata rahi hain but i'm 100% sure  uski mr. wrong no. ko bhi uskey bade mein sab kuch pata hoga shivayee uske naam ke.. pagal kahin ke.. aaj ke dino mein bhi dono itney buddhu kaisey ho sakte hain.. naam nahi poocha!! arrey yaar.. sab pehle naam poochte hain aur inn dono ko dekho.. poori mahabharat pata hain shivayee naam ke..

Anjali was lost in her thought smiling in between nd seeing her lost but also smiling frequently , riddhima became confused... nd she asked..

"bhabzzz??? "

no response...

"bhabzz.. kya hua?? kahan kho gayee aap??"

Anjali came back to her senses nd smiled at her.. then she expanded her right arm. riddhima too hold her hand understanding her desire... Anjali started softly..


riddhi looked at her with confusing eyes.. why was her bhabz smiling?? is she okkey with it??? but how?? she knew her family too well.. bhabz was no less than her bhai.. oh god.. mujhe toh kuch samajh nahi aa raha...

anji examined each nd every expression change of hers nd smiled more.. then pinching her cheek with her free hand she said..

"poori pagal hain tu.. pata hain tujhe??"

poor riddhi was so confused dat she nodded her head in agreement n anji burst out into laughter..

"OMG princess... tu accept kar rahi hain ke tu pagal hain??"

this time riddhi got back her senses nd understood on which she agreed nd bit her tongue guiltily..

anji calmed down nd continued very carefully this time trying not to hurt their princess's delicate feelings..

"bacchha... meri baat dhyaan se sun aur samajh ne ki koshish kar.."

riddhi hold her breathe in fear..

"dekh riddhi.. mujhe iss baat se koi problem nahi ke terey zindegi mein teri 'SOMEONE SPECIAL' ki entry ho chuki hain.. nahi atul ko iss baat se problem hogi ke tujhe koi pasand aane laga hain.."

Riddhi kept looking at her bhabi anticipating the next..

"par tu hi soch.. hum kaisey uss insaan ke liye tujhe permission de de jissey na hi tu kabhi mili hain aur nahi tujhe uska naam pata hain.."


but anji cut her in between trying to infuse sense in her..

"haan mujhe pata hain usney tujhe sab kuch bataya hain par woh sab kitna sach hain yeh to tujhe bhi nahi pata, na..??"

Riddhima knew he never lied.. her heart told her that but this wasn't enough to make her bhai-bhabi understand nd she sighed in defeat.

Anji saw her face becoming dull nd cupping her face softly she assured her...

"let me tell atul 1st.. let him verify the details, aur agar yeh sab sach hain to hume koi problem nahi hain.. u can be his friend as long as u want.."

Riddhi's face lightened up at once nd hugged her tightly..

"thank u sooo muchh bhabi.."

she patted her head tenderly nd said..

"love u too bachcha.."

riddhi broke the hug nd asked nervously..

"bhai gussa to nahi honge, na??"

Anji laughed nd asked..

"atul aur uskey princess se gussa??? kash main yeh scene enjoy kar pati.. but i guess i'm not dat lucky, u know..."


nd anji laughed more..

"waisey iss bar to double effect kam karega.. ek toh bhai can't be angry with me nd second iss baat ke liye unhe unki darling wifey jo manayegi.. rejection ka toh sawal hi nahi hain.."

riddhi teased anji this time nd anji blushed hearing her..

"hayyee.. now i understand why my bhai is fida on u..bhabz.. u look sexy wen u blush.."

nd she winked at anji.. hearing riddhi, 1st anji's face became wide open in shock nd then she shot her back..

"riddhi ki bachchi... rook ja.. mujhe tang kar rahi hain, na.. aab khud mana liyo aapney bhai ko.."

Riddhi stopped at once nd anji smirked.. yess.. she can talk about any thing with her bhai but not this one.. she blushed nd anji smiled.. but next moment she said..

"par bhabzz.. tab tak toh bahot late ho jayega... i truly can't stay without talking to him..."

Riddhima confessed sadly nd anji started thinking some thing nd then it clicked her mind nd she asked excitedly..

"riddhi... woh tu kya bulati hain tere mr. wrong no. ko??"

"mr. 983*****80.." she replied gloomily..

"sooo..." anji was highly excited nd stretched the word 'so' to infuse sense in her.. but stupid riddhi didn't got the hint nd said hopelessly..

"yeh uska no. nahi hain bhabzz.. yeh woh no. hain jo usne muskaan ki samajh ke galti se mujhe call kar diya tha..."

riddhi stopped suddenly nd next moment jumped on the bed being extremely happy..

"OMG bhabzzz.. yeh to muskaan ka matlab uskey behen ka number hain.. gosh!!! yeh mujhe pehle kyun nahi soojha... (then pecking her bhabz's left cheek she said) .. u're truly the best bhabzz in d world.. i juz love u.."

nd she ran to pick her cell nd dial the no. but before she press the 'green' button.. anji stopped her..

"tell him to meet u this sunday aur hum bhi wahan ayenge.."

riddhi looked back at once..

"don't worry.. we'll be on the next table beside you.. "

Riddhi nodded nd dialed the no...

"mm.. hello.. muskaan..."

"ji.. aap kaun..??"

"mm.. muskaan aap mujhe nahi pehchanti ho.. kya main aapke bhai se baat kar sakti hoon .. woh kya hain na.. mera phone chori ho gaya aur merey pass back up bhi nahi tha.."

but muski was smarter than the duo (means AR) nd shouted in joy..

"aap RIDDHI DI ho na??? bhai ki miss wrong number??"

Riddhima was shocked.. how does she know her!!! but she replied anyway..

"mm.. haan.. par aapko kaisey.."

but she was cut short by an excited muskaan...

"OMG.. sach main aap ho, di??? i'm sooo happy.. aapko pata hain .. bhai kitneyy sad ho gayyee hain peechle char din o se.. baat bhi nahi kar rahe thik se kisi se.. bas chupchap se rehte hain.. ghar se office nd office se ghar..."

Riddhima smiled knowing how much he too missed her.. that means he too... but she was drawn back from her la-la land with muskaan's voice..

"aab aap fir se kho mat jana, di... "

riddhima smiled more nd wanted to reply.. no muskaan.. aab main kabhi kahin nahi jayungi but she controlled her emotion nd asked softly..

"aap mujhe kaisey jante ho, muski??"

muskaan smiled sensing her nervousness... gosh!! she is soo sweet.. bhai was sooo right.. nd she fell in love with HER HONE WALI BHABI at once :) yess.. armaan accepted his true feelings near muskaan nd muski too assured him .. dekhna bhai, jab bhagwan ji ne yeh cross connection lagaya hain toh wohi aap dono ko milayenge aur mujhe poora yakken hain ke aapki miss wrong number hi aapki life partner banengi... muski smiled recalling her conversation with her bhai nd felt strong urge to call riddi as bhabi but controllled her excitement with huge difficulty..

"jaisey aap mujhe jante ho,di... (then pausing a lill)... woh bhai ne bataya hain... (then again excitedly).. i mean maine bulwaya hain.. u know he can't hide anything from me.. main humesha pakad leti hoon.."

muski announced proudly nd riddhima laughed heartily.. they are truly similar in this matter.. in fact atul can't hide any thing from riddhima as well.. Musky blushed this time hearing her laughter but next moment riddhi's statement made her completely comfortable..

"aap bilkul meri jaisi ho.. aab mujhe samajh aya how ur bhai understands my bhai's condition so easily... hahaha.. sach mein.. hum dono bahot tang karte hain, na humare bhaiyo ko..??"

nd muski too joined nd both laughed nd started chit-chatting.. Anji too was no less.. wen she found riddhi so happy talking to muskaan, she indicated her to put the phone on speaker nd soon all three mingled with each other like best friends nd all made a plan to give surprise to muski's brother.. ;) ;)

________________to be continued_______________


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