Saturday, 8 February 2020

Part 7 : Krazzy for you

"Krishan Riddhima is now my Ammy's Ammant!" HUH WHAT this can not be happening?

"Ok Riddhima beta! I see you in the morning at the mandir come a little early I want the pandit to do a little pooja for you and Ammy… Nazar ki!" OK now why is everyone laughing and Nani you have all been suckered in!!… Man that guys is using his sweet little grand mother as well!!

"Sure Ba I make sure she there Nice and Early!" Don't TOUCH ME NANI! I cant believe you agreeing to this as well. …ok cool BA has left the building.

"Nani?"  OMG How many people are going to hug me today?

"I am so happy and when Shanti hears about this she be thrilled….Can you believe Padma the Malki have asked for this Rista themselves?…" Nani stop he dump me at the mandap this is all just to win a bet!!

"I am not getting married!" THERE I SAID IT!!… and don't you both look at me in that way.

"But Riddhima?"  man ?

"Mamaji I don't even know this guy… I have know him for 9 days and he is my junior in the office and now he wants to marry me?" I mean has anyone heard of this nonsense??

"For some a single moment is enough!" OH Great Mami is going to give me the greatest loves story how she met Mama Shanshank and how my parents met… why don't they understand the 60!! ….they all smoking pot and watching BOBBY! That film has a lot to answer for!!

"I am not sure I want to marry him!" There maybe that clear things up!

"Riddhima I don't want to reject this offer as they have requested you are there bahoo and I don't want to disappoint BA just yet…why don't you get to know Armaan better and what ever you decide is final!" GET TO KNOW HIM? Heck No this morning was enough the man a calculating freak …and will use anyone to win a bet!


"Mama ji…I uh!" What the hell!

"You are my responsibility and I have spoken to Shanti she agrees that I will decide what is best and Armaan is going to be your husband…. Mumma when we let our children make the decision they never know what is best!… As the head of the family!"

"YOU ARE NOT MY FATHER!" OK that was extreme and now you are crying. I hate them all!!

"All my life I have done everything you wanted… I have never disobeyed you because of my mother wishes and never taken you for granted I pay you rent and even paid for my own education… I will not let you take this decision on my behalf this is my life!…Dr Shanshank Gupta I will not be told what to do anymore! If you want to act all high and might they do so with your own daughters!"  Wow nice! Yeah but did you see his face!! I hurt him….forget that and go to your room! ….ok run to you're room!

Why is this happening to me? First I find out this is all pre-planed for a bet and know he using my own family against me… Right I am going to do what I want for the first time in my life!

"Riddhima beta!" Nani don't say anything just hold me….

"It's ok beta just let it all out!" Nani why you crying?


"Riddhima beta …you have to go to the mandir this morning!" Nani! Let me sleep here forever I never want to leave this bed!! the world is cruel and I cant face BA!

"Beta look take the opportunity and talk with Armaan tell him how you feel!" No Nani I cant he the master mind behind the whole thing.

"Speak to you're Mama this morning too… he is upset!" That is why I want to stay in bed!!

"Nani I uh…" OK don't give me that look! Fine I talk to him…I don't know what I say but….I hate waking up

"Riddhima!" OH BOY he upset and they look like they going to sctach my eyes out.

"Good morning!" Man that was weak! I know im nervous.

"Papa I don't get why she is chosen and not me?" Anjali face it girl I have that factor…Hey what a minute you are part of this bet??

"Actual BA is the one who has decided Riddhima is the one for Armaan… and he too has agreed!" I cant believe he manipulated his own grandmother….what a jerk!!

"Mamaji about yesterday?" Man my throat is dry!

"Riddhima lets just forget the whole thing… this is you're life and I should respect you're decision as you know what best!" MAN I HATE MYSELF! See how he got up and left.

"You ungrateful cow!!…Papa is taking pity on you and I bet Armaan is too…other words who would want a geek!"  Are you going to say something?? Dame don't cry in front of them.

"Yeah you walk… Muskhan I cant stand her!" I hate this life!!


"Nameste Ba!" Lets get this over with!!

"Jeth raho Riddhima!" She so sweet but her grandson is a total…. I cant even curse in the Mandir!!…

"Ok you stay here I see the Pandit!" What am I doing she going to be heart broken.

"Hey!" OMG He is looking hot in the white and ….ok what you do we at a mandir you cant just take hold of my hand?

"I was not sure you come…but know I now you feel the same way too!" HUH? Let go of my hand …don't give me that grin and pull me closer?

"Actually I don't want to break BA's heart ….i don't know you well enough to make such a decision!" Now we all heard that saying keep your friends close but keep your enemy closer ….that what I am going to do!!  I decide to see how far you take this!

"OK I guess we can get to know each other now!" OMG he winked. I am feeling dizzy!!

"Ammy beta!" OMG LET GO OF MY HAND!! he is entangling his fingers and everyone is looking at us… people know me here….see Mrs Patel giving me a funny look and please let go of my hand.

"We coming Ba! The floor is very slippery ….i don't want you to fall!" Yeah I know guys like you…at first you don't want me to fall and them you push me off the cliff….OK atleast let go with BA looking at us…. Man I am blushing!!

"Sit down my children and we can get started!" OK matarani I am trusting you here!!

"Wow so like what is he saying? I don't know much about these things" omg stop whispering and pay attention

"It's a small blessing to make sure you get everything you desire and Matarani bless us both and we together no matter what!" …WHAT! IT IS! Yeah….! I can't believe it…and now what he doing he moving closer?

"What I desire? I have sitting next to me!" OK Stop whispering I turning more red then the fire and Ba's looking at us smiling.

"OK in front of this fire I promise never to leave you and will be faithful to you for the rest of my life…and will make you happy!….Now do I put the sindoor in you mang?" WHAT? NO? we not getting married!

"No this is not the wedding! Just a pooja!" Man he seriously has no clue…or is he fooling me?

"Oh! I thought as from today you where mine!" Huh …
"Armaan Beta please hold out your hand….Riddhima beta place your hand ontop of Armaans hand…" OK now why is my heart pounding so fast? And he just moved even more closer.

"What he saying know?"

"He saying matarani please bless this bond and protect them always…ensure they love each other and are always together…The red thread is to bound us together" Ok know why are you crying? He going to hurt me!

"What the matter? Jaanu please don't cry! I will never hurt you!!" Huh? What did you say?

"Ok BA…. As I have told you the best time for these two to marry will be in 2 months time…I have completed the pooja do you have the rings?" What no I thought. …and he so sly!!

"BA I …have not got anything and I never…My mother is not here!"  What she doing?

"Beta am I not you're BA?….These are my engagement rings…one was Ammy grandfathers and the other one is mine….so…" Man she determined and he goin to hurt us both!!

"Ammy you going to take Riddhima to the jewellers to get this fitted but they do for know…." Wow they beautiful…I promise to give it back once I have sorted this mess out…

"Armaan Beta …place the ring on Riddhima's finger!" Ok know he grinning.

"Can I put the sindoor in you're mang know and get this over with I don't think I can wait 2 months?" Yeah im sure you want to win the bet as soon as possible but 2 month is enough time for me and my plan.

"Stop whispering and put the ring on my finger! Everyone is watching!" OK KNOW HE IS BLUSHING???

"What every you say jaanu!" Huh? Jaanu…wow the ring is loose!

"Riddhima Beta place the ring on Armaan's finger!" I am trusting you Matarani and doing this all in your presence…wow perfect fit.

"Can I kiss you know?" NO!!…don't come so close to me!!?

"This is not a christen wedding Armaan! We don't kiss at all!" Ok know look at the disappointment on his face… Yeah well you are not touching my Lips!!

"Ok later then!" NO NEVER!! And stop giving me that look?


"SURPRISE!" HUH what the hell the canteen is full!…OK he know placing his arm around me and Mamaji is here as well.

"Cheers guys! Wow cake!" Yeah but I never knew the whole medical staff was going to be here…Armaan please don't pull me so close…

"Hey Champ!" thank good I thought my shoulder would break…man he hugs everyone like that?

"congratulation Ridz!" Sapna where the hell have you been? I have been calling you're cell and no joy!

"Sapna we got to talk…seriously!"

"Yeah I know…wow you both look married! Love the pink sari and Armaan looking good!" Yeah he does look hot in WHITE! Omg what am I say…

"Jaanu lets cut the cake!" JAANU? And that in public…Sapna don't look at me like that!!

"Hey I never told you but you blew me away when you walked in to the mandir.." Stop whispering in my ear… do you have any idea what it does to a girl smelling you Gucci cologne and you warm breath titillating the senses on my ear and neck.

"Hey Armaan cut the cake yaar!" MAN Know we both blushing….don't grip my hand so hard…ok just a little bit of cake …I have to watch my weight for the wedding! OMG WHAT AM I SAYING??…here you go!…ouch you bite me!! Don't give me that cheek grin!

"Congratulations!" Mamaji?

"Cheers Mamaji… we going to call Mummy ji now!" Huh what?….Man I am tired of him dragging me all over the place today!!

"She not picking up?" I am worried

"You calling the wrong number…she should be at home by now!" HUH WHAT??…OK STOP HUGGING ME!!…calm down tiger!!

"Ok now that we are alone!" OH NO YOU DON'T !! Stand back I know how to use ….find something quick!! A test tube?…..OMG to late….. those lips!…. OK hmmmmmm

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