Monday, 10 February 2020

Part 8 : Krazzy for you

OK stop looking at him like that I mean its been like 15 minutes since you felt his tongue down my throat…OMG I go my first French kiss!! Hello stop blushing!!  with a jerk who is doing all this as a bet!! Oh yeah now why the heck do you have to remind me of that little detail!! OMG IDIOT!! U R GOING DOWN BECAUSE OF HIM…. Girl let me enjoy it Ok I mean he was so sweet and…..omg listen to me? What am I saying!!

"Hey Jaanu you ready for tonight?" HUH …OMG if he think I am going to sleep with him…SAY YES!! NO

"Tonight?" OK deep breathes and my god why is he so close to me?

"We're all coming over for Dinner!" PHEW Dinner…ok I was thing something else!! Yeah I know what? YOU WERE THINK!! YOU NOT MARRIED TO THE MAN!!

"Oh Ok!" OK now what you doing? Don't look at me like that ….oh man! Phew just I hug!!

"So tell me how am I going to spend my entire evenings without you?" As you have done so before you decided that I was you're next victim!!

"In Bed Alone like always!" OMG! You tell him girl…huh he laughing

"Wow I never knew you had a sense of humour! I have a feeling before we get married we going to have funny!…getting to know what you like and don't!" Yeah I guess you will be amusing you're self about it for years to come!

"Ok Honeybun! I need to hand these reports to Dr Kirti….I will be back!" HUH I smell a rat!….i handed Dr Kirti reports to the porter?  Hang on Honeybun?…ok Riddhima he is gone follow him!!….


"Hey Champ what so urgent?"  Armaan and Atul in the fire Escape

"You remember our bet yaar?"

"Sh Of course I remember our bet ….everything is going as I planned…. You have you're money ready and tell the rest of the gang!!"  THE JERK!!

"Yeah but we never knew you where this quick! Yeah well I paid the pandit which helped matter…. Ok Listen I better get back before the jaanu finds me missing…love the cake touch nice!"

"You really love her don't you?"

"Armaan in love? Have you heard of such a thing?"  Man he laughing his head of with Atul!! The JERK I HATE HIM!!  HE PAID THE PANDIT!!


"Dr Kirti?" Man move quick before Armaan and Atul …move with Dr Kirti

"I just wanted to congratulate you….I hope you are both very happy!…Btw I asked Armaan to do some reports as a matter of urgency! As I knew you where doing the ER Stuff this morning!"  YEAH WELL HE IS PLOTING Against ME!!

"I believe he was looking for you Dr Kirti!"  LOOK HERE HE COMES!!

"Dr Kirti… I have left those report in your office!" Hmmmm

"Good! Keep you the good work and I see you later on…" LATER ON?

"Thanks Honeybun for covering ….Bhabhi hates it when im late!" BHABHI???


"OK You never Knew?" DUH NO Sapna what is goin?

"Yeah his brother Shub was studying to be a doctor as well and fell in love with Kirti but because there father was in the hotel business and past away ….. he left his studies and took care for the family business ….they have another brother Sumit he in the same line of business and married to Priya…. Armaan is totally spoilt by them and BA is the head of the family…. Armaan mother pasted away when he was little …and he does anything BA says as she raised him while the brothers where studying…. So Kirti is his Bhabhi but she uses her maiden name …Priya she works with Sumit… and that everything Amit has told me!"  WOW!!

"That a big family…I mean my family is just me Guttu and Mumma ….of course there Mamaji and stuff…" OK NOW DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE BET!?

"Armaan is really smitten by you… Amit was saying he never seen him like this before?" SHE KNOW NOTHING a friend she would have told me…

"They coming over for Dinner and I leaving early to help Nani and Mamiji!  Heck what do I wear?" Man I cant afford Shanaaz Bi either… heck why do you want to look good for him? Heck he bring the whole tribe I have to look decent!

"Hey look I own since you paid!!… I have something you might like I drop it off later" WOW cheers Sapna lucky we the same size and we have the same taste.

"Sure I pop round! SB and get you an outfit!!" OMG I LOVE U


"Riddhima!" Mumma man I have missed u…ok know why she crying as she nows I start…

"Beta stop crying!" Mumma u first

"I spoken to Armaan on the phone and im earger to met you….Beti is that the ring?" Yeah mom its loose im scare to loose it so I put it in the chain"  I have to give it back.

"Ok take care… I will be leaving in the morning as Guppu staying with Mrs Kapoor …look I handle the food with Amma and Bhabhiji" Cool!

"But I want you to make the kheer!" OK Mumma let me fresher up…

"WOW!" OMG U ARE EARLY…..ok you're not looking bad dressed in black.

"Nameste Ba!" ….Ok now careful coming down the stairs! I got it

"Jeth Raho Beta!….Ammy and I have came early the others will be here soon… Sumit and Priya have a meeting which just finished when we where leaving and will be here in a hour and Kirti just finished her shift and her and Shubby will be here soon…We thought we spend time with you're mother since Shanti will leave in the morning!" Yeah sure…I am not liking the way he looking at me…in this black sari.

"Hey where do you think you're going?" to the kitchen while they discuss the wedding…..

"Mumma is nice! I cant wait to see my Salla!" Guppu? Now the kheer should be done do not distub me in the kitchen…

"Hey?" OMG he holding me from behind…I can feel his chin on my shoulder.

"You smell good enough to eat!" OMG his hands on my bear waist…my heart is beating so fast…what is he doing to me?

"Armaan please! I uh!" I am goin to stop breathing in a second

"Hey I am not doing anything …or stopping you working!" …..huh ok now why are you moving my hair…. Ok I goin to stir the kheer…this changes nothing….Oh those lips brushing against my ear lobe….OK now he moving his hand down my arm…feeling my goosebumps to my hand and we stirring the kheer together.

"I am Sorry!" OH MUSKHAN? Dame im blushing while he laughing his head off as she walked out.

"Armaan? You are impossible!…Please let me go someone else will come in!" OK seriously I am not playing….

"No they busy discussing the wedding!" NO I MEAN IT LET ME GO…. Wow I can feel his muscles with my hand on his chest.

"I have to set the table and …" Stop moving me closer to you.

"Give me a kiss first!" MAN THIS GUY? UFF

"No Desert until later…" WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?  I speaking the language this horny guy can understand…. Wow it work he let you go.

"Now you seriously driving me crazy!…I help you set the table…" Huh NO

"Armaan please this Dinner is in you're honour and I can manage…" What he doing?

"No Way! You seem to forget this morning pooja…im sure you mentioned we are forever together…and my wife is not going to every do anything while I sit around…we going to do everything together from now on…cooking….eating and everything!" OK NOW IM BLUSHING …and impressed! ….ok what was that kiss on the forehead for?

OK but …today I want to do this just for you….so could you please leave the kitchen! On my wish…"  Man Mumma would not be happy me making you work… Man my very own SLAVE…

"Anjali and Muskhan are not here?" Nani what is going on?

"Beta they are working this evening…" Ok now why don't you sound convinced as Muskhan walked into the kitchen earlier…

"Riddhima beta…." Oh BA

"Can you sit next to Armaan and remove that plate?" HUH But where would I eat.

"Krishna I hope you don't mind…see for the first year its custom for the couple to eat from the same plate…I hope you don't mind!" WHAT WE Feeding each other and that in public?  ….how embracing!!

"No we don't mind at all do we Shanti!" MUMMA PLEASE

"Riddhima is you're bahoo and you have full right over her…." Mumma? OK he is grinning like crazy and he looking at the chicken Korma?

"Armman I am veggie!…and you're non veg so I don't think…we could share" ok now I think everyone heard that…how embarrssing!! Im Red in shame.

"Oh Ok… I need to cut meat from my diet!"  OK NOW everyone is laughing as he grinning like mad?

"Hey you loved eating me in the lab!" OMG stop it!! Thank god he whispered and no one heard that!!

"Yeah I bet a lot of things are going to change in Armaan's life!" OMG everyone is going to tease him.

"Come on Sumit Bhai I remember a certain someone hated Pindi growing up and know it his favourite dish…" OMG Even Priya is blushing… Armaan you are to much….and he winking at his brother at the table.

"Ok I don't want you to be left out chotu …so I share with Priya!" HUH? Armaan is smiling and looking at Shub.

"Hmmm I guess Kirti we goin to honour the family tradition today with the rest of the family!" omg everyone is laughing and Kirti is blushing as well… look at Ba she looking at everyone proudly… I guess she loves them all a lot.

"So Riddhima what are we having?" OMG he is impossible..let me pour the food on the plate…

"Remember I have to make room for desert later!" OMG NOW IM TOTALLY RED and while everyone is looking at us!! …Stop looking at me like that!  Admit it you are enjoying his company!… yeah I am and he fighting me on the plate for the rice with his fork…he is adorable…. Hey remember! I know but let me at least enjoy it as I could live with these moments for the reset of my life… even when he dumps me!! God Girl you are totally in LOVE WITH THIS GUY!!

~~~Part 8~~~

"Teri Aankhen Bhool Bhulaiya.

Baatein Hain Bhool Bhulaiya.

Tere Sapnon Ki Galion Mein.

I Keep Looin For U Baby..

Teri Aankhen Bhool Bhulaiya.

Baatein Hain Bhool Bhulaiya.

Tere Sapnon Ki Galion Mein.

U Keep Drivin Me So Crazy….

Dil Mein Tu Rehti Hai…..

Betaabi Kehti Hai………

I Keep Prain All Day .. All Day All Night Long"   OMG this is so embarrassing …..he is looking at me singing his song…. Everyone staring at him looking at me singing…. Now I know I am cursed sitting in the minibus no this dame medical camp which I cant get out off!! …. He singing at the back seat looking at me with his boy band!! ….God Sapna hide me!

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram …… OMG now they all singing?

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram

Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram ….OMG he walking over all hip hopping doing the Akshay moves!  I WANT TO DIE!! …GOT HE IS SO HOT!! …. But if Askshay was on this trip!  HE WOULD BE HISTORY!!  Sorry Armaan what to do?  Akshay ? Armaan?  ….man I was in love with is since Mohra I sneaked out of school to watch that…. OK stop Grinning like a idiot out off the window!! …..SAPNA WHERE YOU GOING? …… NO I cant sit with him here…. OMG the sleeveless top and that Gucci cologne…. What he doing?

"Every One Is Talking About Us Like Ever I Do

My Love Is Rocking Baby Common Now Common

Hare Ram Hare Ram Hare Krishna Hare Ram"  OMG god im as red as my suit!! ….huh he taken hold of my hand now….. omg what is that look?

"I do requests as well Jaan!" OMG I hate it when he says the J word as I melt and when he so close? UFF

"I uh think you should ask you're fans!" OMG now the nursing staff is drooling over him!  KNOW KNOW is someone burning. YEAH WELL! Why can't he just  Uff

"Hmmm Jaan do I sense a green eyed monster?" WHAT …AND Now my shoulder is not a head reset….hmm is hair smells so nice.

"No! but since they can stand you're singing I thought you might want to ask them"  WOW RIDZ , I know!

"OUCH I think my poor heart …..See!"  OMG DO NOT PUT MY HAND ON YOUR CHEST? Do you have any idea what you are doing….. OMG im blushing…ok look away and get your hand off his chest… I would if he let me

"There me singing for the love of my life…sniff!" He is since a crazy fool.

"Armaan let go of my hand….please!" Everyone's looking at us and this is embarrassing they can all hear us.

"Only if you sing for me!" WHAT!!! NO NO!

"YEAH COME ON RID- HIMA!" Oh great she speak knowing I cant sing…. Well she thinks that!!

"YEAH RIDZ"  Oh great now everyone shouting.

"Come on Jaan for me please!" Don't look at me like that Uff??

"No Armaan!" OMG he looking at everyone as they shouting encouraging them!!

"Come on babe show me your jalwa!" omg he standing up dancing now! Hehe he such a joker…. Omg don't please drag me into this!! …stop it

"Show Me Your Jalwa…..Show Me, Show Me Your Jalwa…..Show babe Your Jalwa" …… Armaan what are you doing!

"Come on we all know Rid-hima cant sing our dance!" ….Armaan let go of my hand! Anjali is right! …

"Hmm Anjali I don't think you know my Ridhima like I do! If I ask her she will sing just for me!"  Armaan don't look at me like that?  I don't want to embarrass you

"Riddhima for me please!"   oh god! Why do you some kind of blind fate over me? Don't hold my waist and look at me like that!

"Hulcul Hui  ,   Zara Shor Hua, Dil Chor Hua, Teri Aor Hua………. Hulcul Hui  ,   Zara Shor Hua, Dil Chor Hua, Teri Aor Hua…….. Esi Chale Jab Hawa, Ishq Hua Hi Hua……. Esi Chale Jab Hawa, Ishq Hua Hi Hua…. Ishq Hua Haaye….. Ishq Hua Haayaaaeeeein"   my heart beating so fast and he looking at me totally stunned with his mouth open…..Omg did I mess it up! And why was that song in my head? OK im a little rusty but I did take music lesson mum wanted me to know the basics and I singing but only Guppu and mum now that

*CLAP CLAP*   Omg I should not have done that? Everyone is clapping!! OK  I am going to sit down now…. Omg what he doing? Stepping forward…OK hug….ok I didn't balls it up!!

"Riddhima I love you so much!" OMG YOU JUST SAID THAT IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!


I cant sleep and he resting on my shoulder fast asleep? Another 3 hours and everyone is a sleep….

"Honey go to sleep?" huh …ok he talking in his sleep…oh he opened his eyes

"I cant sleep when im travelling Armaan! Why don't you reset! I just rest read this book!" what he doing snuggling into my neck…stop it im ticklish…hehe

"Armaan?" stop it?

"Shh everyone's asleep and the lights are low!" hmmmm you think of nothing but making out? OK how you going to stop the PERV??

"OMG your song has turned me on! I can still hear your sweet voice now" HUH OMG! What is he whispering!! ….NO Ridz don't let him touch you.

"I love your fingers…."  No don't kiss my fingers….*gulp* …my heart beating so fast

"I love your hand…" he is kiss my hand….ok he moving up my arm…man wearing this sleeveless suit was not a good idea?…omg he can feel my goosebumps and he pulling me closer to him…why have you closed you're eyes! His kissed are affected me… Not my neck? He is driving me mad!….hmmm his lips on my cheek

"I cant wait any more babe! I so want you!…I have made the arrangements we in the same cabin!" WHAT??…..STOP HIM!  I cant he kisses are too strong….im powerless!


OK WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU GOING TO DO?  He want you to meet him this evening… Thank God since we arrived in the early morning he been to the village while I set the lab up!  I don't think I could have done a thing with him here…. It now 4pm and he be back think quick woman!   I don't see the problem! You love him this is natural! …NO YOU MISSING THE POINT IT'S A BET!! HE WILL DUMP ME AND THEY ALL WILL BE LAUGHING AT YOU!!

"ARMAAN" huh who is that sounds like Muskhan outside?

"Look stop this whole charade!" Yeah it's Muskhan and Armaan ok hide they coming inside the lab…

"Shut up! Muskhan"

"What the matter scared to be found out!"

"Armaan Malik fears no one….and you're stepping over the line!"

"Look Anjali is a complete mess and you taking this too far! …and now you marrying Ridz… look she does not know what type of man you are but I do!"

"Don't you dare bring my Riddhima into this?"

"My Riddhima! Huh when she finds out you're a liar and a cheat she have nothing to do with you!"

"So what you going to do? As I am going to marry her no matter what!"

"Yeah only because you going to use her like everyone else….i thought what we had was special and then what you did to Anjali was disgusting…especially since you knew she loved you…"

"Is that what you call it….No you where just a one night stand! And any way what happen with us was 4 years ago at the party….but I never knew Atul was crazy about her other words I would not have dated her!….So is that why you running away from her because of you best friend! That is it isn't it!"

"NO I don't feel anything for her at all…. She not my type!"

"And Riddhima she is?"

"You want to know the truth! I have fallen head over heals for her…I never know anything so pure…"

"You're a joke you deflowered so many women your entire life and now you have fallen in love?"

"What would you know? I never saw anyone as eager to get into my bed like you and the others…You knew the rules of the game and you can talk….look at they way you sneaking off to get in bed with Rahul…he wants to marry you but you saying no way?"


"What the matter can't take what you dish out!"

"I am going to tell Riddhima everything! How you made me and Anjali Di fall in love with you use us and dumped us!"

"Go ahead! I like to see you try that….She will never believe you!"

"She will too! Armaan as I will not let her hurt you!"


OMG he is a fake? Why are you crying? Because I love him and he using me! But he said he was going to marry you! Yeah he have a wife at home while he sleep around the town…. OMG he slept with Muskhan and then Anjali?  He is working through the family….omg how bad is that?  But Muskhan is sleeping with Rahul!! Poor Sapna!! Forget Sapna he looking at you for his next victim!!

"Hey Babe!" ok he walking in the lab just wipe the tears.

"Hmm Jaan I missed you!" I have not missed you!! why do you have to hug me like this?

"Ok I have arrange everything…just come to my tent around 9pm" Can you stop looking at me with that smile and holding me so close

"Armaan look I don't think it's a good idea…I mean you're Bhabhi is here…and…." Hmmm why are you kissing me?

"Jaan! Look …I have to help cook with the guys…so don't make me wait!" …Listen! DAME Don't kiss me like that and disappear when i open my eyes……

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