Wednesday, 12 February 2020

part 9 : Krazzy for you

Tick TOCK!?.man he giving me the I-see-u-in-5-mins-I-want-you-look??? I am taking my time eating dinner here with everyone?.heck what I am I going to do?  Ridz you know what you have to do!  I know! We have practise all afternoon?.we have to be strong!

 Ok deep breath?. Just knock on door?. WOW look he pushed the single beds together and the candles?.OH MAN?

Hey its like 10pm!? WHAT IS WITH THE TEMPER?

Look this is not easy for me?so I think i should leave?.? Head for the door!

Sorry!? HOOK LINE AND SINKER!!  ?.ok look at him and don?t over act!?OMG even his embrace makes me want to throw up!!

Sit down Jaan?I have something special!? YEAH ME TOO CREEP!!

I uh?? WOW champagne ?.hmm you want me drunk? I see the game here get them drunk and screw them.

I don?t drink Armaan!? ok you're still popping the sucker open!

Come on Ridhima try it for me!? OK that dimple thing look will not work this time!!

Armaan please I don?t drink alcohol at all?.remember!? ok he still pouring it in the two glasses?.and you?re offering it to me??

Come on it help you relax!?? yeah for a sleaze bag like you to take advantage off!! No Thanks

Armaan please!? ?.Oh great he is kissing my neck?.woman don?t give in! Man its hard?HE IS TOO GOOD!! Get your hands off his head!!

Please stop!? ok when you do that with my ear lobe it drives me crazy ?.

ARMAAN!? WOW that go his attention?.breathe nice and easy

I have to get back quick?so can we talk!? yeah now have some self-control woman.

Talk? About what?? wow can he gulp down a drink in less then a minute??wow he looking nervous.

About us!? ok he looking at him

What about us??I mean I love you and you love me?? WOAH no more kissing lean back?.ok now he grinning?nothing stops this guys? He is horny 24/7

I want to ask you something? Armaan please why me?? he looking at me smiling.

You don?t remember me do you??.? OK don?t lean towards me like that? And take my hand.

Remember?? OK now I am confused? What is he talking about??

See last year I came here for my hols from America but the real reason I came back was because Ba was not feeling well?. So I went to the mandir ?it was the first time in my life I went their ?I?m the guy you drop the tray on sindoor on!?  OMG that day I was a mess and the pandit wanted me to get some stuff for the pooja Nani had organised?I was running all over the place?

That was you! Praying and I tripped and the whole thing land on you?? I am shocked? Ok stop grinning like that? And leaning on top of me?I am on the edge of the bed and will be on top of it in a sec?easy tiger!!

You changed my life?.in that one meeting! How you told me everything would be ok! Matarani would make it better as I shook my head covered in Sindoor!? I was talking to myself?.Oh you thought I was talking to you? MATARANI U PLANNED ALL THIS? WHY???AND THIS GUY FOR ME???? WHO SLEPT WITH ANYONE IN A SKIRT??

See I was going through a very tuff time in my life? and that moment gave me something I think hmmm...Hearing your voice full of HOPE! I knew from that day I had to see that girl in the white salwar and nothing else matter in my life?.so from that day when you walked away and sat down near your family ?I watched you?  Ok im stunned I was think he would you know say something different I was expecting something else not this.

How did I in one meeting I change you?re life? I mean?? Good may be he slip up here?.Ok slick lets hear what you have to say?

What with all the questions??  oh the defensive!! Your Honour he going down!

You seem to know a lot about me and I have not hidden any thing from you?. I don?t know anything about you at all!?  that is true he knows everything about me?

Ok! I guess I should not hide anything from my better half!?   OK lets have the juice details?ok he getting up and walking towards the window?.this cabins are a little cramp! Ok wow he polished another glass of champagne.

I have some affairs in the past non of them where serious?.but I have changed now since I met you believe me!? OK remember the plan!!

Oh! So now you want me to share you?re bed too?? Hey you?re getting angry now??.he is kneeling on the floor and holding my face to see him

No! I would never do anything you don?t want Jaan!!! look at me please!? I don?t want to! Look into you?re eyes

How many?? he stiffing up now and leaning forward.

A few!?

Muskhan??  he looks as if he been hit in the face.

We met 4 years old I was at a friends party and we had some relations nothing serious?I promise!? some relations?  Yeah right

Anjali??  see the guilt in his eyes.

She told me she loved me but I knew Atul fancied her and refused her?.so she kind of stalking me!!?  You must have lead her on!  OK now why are you crying he?s the one who should crying?Ok don?t hug me! Don?t touch me!!

I cant marry you Armaan!? how can I as you have hurt my family and ?.don?t hug me! Stay away from me?. Stop kissing my tears away

I love you and no one else?Riddhima!? NO!

You hurt my family?.and please stop Armaan!? why is he holding me so tightly. Ok push him away! I cant?

I am sorry! Riddhima I need you don?t say that? Jaan please!!?

You need all those women as well Armaan!? Oh what this on my cheek he crying too?

I love you!? Ok I need to get out of here!

I don?t know what to do Armaan?. I don?t know how I can handle you?re past and the fact that you have hurt my family members ?my sisters!?  I made up my mind coming here I was going to dump you?.the mere fact that you slept with Muskhan and she carrying a touch for you it?s just

No! Listen to me!? Wow where that come from! He looks mad?

Riddhima I love you?.those members you call family don?t even care or love you! I have heard what they say behind you?re back ?.?

Enough Armaan! They are my family and they can say and do what ever they allowed!?

And I don?t mean anything? I love you god dame it!!? Ok look you?re anger let go of my arm. You are hurting me!!

No one leaves Armaan do you understand! OK you want the truth! I tell you the truth?.If I don?t marry you I will lose everything?. BA told me she cut me from my inheritance? She given me an ultimatum I marry you or else!?  Oh so you don?t love me at all this is all an act. I hate you!!

This is all an act!? My head is spin and I need to sit down?.stop crying.

Listen to me! I am going to say this ONCE! You will marry me or I will expose Muskhan and Anjali to the world! I have evidence of my night with Muskhan! Now stop you?re crying! I Seriously love you and will do anything to make you mine!   I CANT EVEN LOOK AT YOU!

Where you going? Come back here! You know what I want! So you better co-operate!?.. Riddhima!? RUN JUST RUN!!


Hey sweetheart! You ok!?  Huh

Oh Vicky take me away from here!!? I am so glad you are here!!

Riddhima!? NO Vicky take me away from Armaan please!

It?s OK Riddhima he not seen us!?.Look I take you back to you?re cabin!?

No Vicky I don?t want to go back?take me away from here!?  Please Vicky I want to go home!

You will be safe here Ridz? I take you home tomorrow!? Wow it?s a very old shack! In the middle of no where we been driving for ages.

My mobile is not working? I need to call home!? I want to tell Nani what happened

You will not get a signal here baby! That Armaan what a creep! And you where going to marry him!? I know the sleaze bag! I hate him

I guess we guys cant help ourselves! Really!? huh what?

We see a attractive and pretty woman and we just want to deflower her ?.? Ok now what is that look you?re scaring me! Don?t come near me!

We can do this the easy way or the hard way!?either way no one is going to save you!? OMG!!!!!!  NOT U TOO??? Don?t come near me?.he?s blocking the way to the door and?The vase

*Bang* I think you killed him!  No he still moving quick run!?..Run Riddhima! Get the door open!?.. Ok he not behind you?. it?s dark and just keep running?. There is the road ahead!??

?Ridz!? OMG he right behind me?.there?s a car coming?.  He grabbed you?re arm?. Running get away?.. The car! Watch out!!


DR Riddhima! Open you?re eyes?.you have been involved in an accident!??

Beta Riddhima!? Nani?

Open you?re eyes beta?? nani my whole body hurts?I feel so saw I remember the car headlights and I fell

Nani I cant see? my eyes!?

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