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part 9 to 10 : Is_It_983*****80??(SEASON 1)

PART - 9

Riddhima came to Caffee "Blue Ocean" with her bhai nd bhabz to meet muski nd her mumma... Actually after that longgg phone conversation between riddhi, muski nd anji all decided to tell their respective families nd will meet in this caffee this saturday for lunch.. so, anji nd riddhi told atul every thing who agreed to meet muski n her mother for his princess's happiness.. on the other hand muski too told her mom but also warned her not to disclose this to her bhai nd Ananya ji, muski's mother agreed nd so here they met for a family get together except our hero ;) ;)

                      All were having gala time except our princess as all made her the target nd was teasing nd laughing at her pagalpanti :P :P
actually, they aimed at both armaan n riddhima but as armaan wasn't here, poor riddhi had to bear double embarrassment nd was blushing like hell.. She didn't get courage to protest, juz kept sitting there like a Nayee Naveli Dulhan nd bowing down her head she was shying nd shying only...

                      Finally, Ananya ji broke the chain of Teasing Princess Aviyaan by saying...

"arrey bahot ho gaya.. aab aur mat tang karo meri beti ko.."

Riddhima looked at her lovingly nd smiled very sweetly.. Atul,too, smiled nd anji held his hand under the table knowing her hubby's emotion.. he looked at anji nd anjali gave him a sweet smile, he nodded in agreement nd squeezed anji's hand more...

"arreyy yeh kya baat hui.. mumma.. aap kabhi meri side to nahi leti.. u alwaz support bhai irrespective of anything.. but now dusri beti mil gayee toh uski side le rahi ho... hawww!! this is so unfair.."

muski pouted nd all smiled...

"don't worry muski.. main hoon na aapkey side mein..."

Riddhi's reply made muski extremely happy nd out of excitement hugging riddhi tightly she said..

"i love u BHABI..."

nd the word "bhabi" juz turned Riddhi into scarlet...

"oyee hoyyee.."

Anji teased riddhi bt today riddhi didn't tease her back.. muski broke the hug nd whispered like a kid..


but Ananya ji intervened.. "its okkey muski.. u r right.. (then turning to atul)... atul beta, kya aap aapki princess ko merey Armaan ke liye hume denge...??"

Riddhi's breathe got stuck in her throat.. she wasn't expecting this.. i mean not this soon... she turned to her bhai who was lill hesitant nd understanding the situation muski nd anji exchanged glances nd decided to divert their attention.. muski knew how much her mom loves her bhai nd seeing riddhima such a decent n sweet gal, its natural for any mother to wish for her son's happiness as early as possible.. nd anji knew how possessive atul is about his princess.. he was taking care of riddhima's every need from childhood like a real father nd also loves her more than himself like a real mother.. Riddhima was like his own daughter nd he knew how addicted Riddhi is to her mr. wrong no. but without verifying every thing or meeting the man himself, he couldn't decide to hand over his precious gudiya to some one.. he understood dat muski n ananya ji r good human beings but that wasn't enuf.. he has to rethink on many aspects before taking any decision.. but he didn't want to hurt Ananya ji as she is of his mother's age aur princess ko hurt karne ke barey mein toh woh soch bhi nahi sakta.. so, he hesitated to answer but thanx to muski n anji the situation was well handled..

An : waisey manna padega riddhi... bina naam jane... bina dekhe pyaar.. wah wah.. kya baat hain..

Riddhima sighed..

Mu : sachchi mein di... i mean naam toh fir bhi chalta hain par bin dekhe pyaar??? i mean agar bhai kaale , short, fat, oil haired with big glasses...

muski's list went on n on making riddhi's mouth wide open...

Mu : mu bandh karo di.. makhkhi chali jayegi...

nd she closed ridhi's mouth placing her index fnger under her chin nd all laughed at poor riddhi...

An : u r ri8 muski.. sacchi mein yaar.. abhi tak riddhi ne armaan ki pic tak nahi dekhi... (then turning to riddhi) ... so princess.. nervous???

nd she winked nd bechari riddhi sighed but asked for help from her bhai..

"bhai.. dekho na bhabi kab se tang kar rahi hain.."

Atul smiled but then very seriously said..

"best of luck princess..."

"hawww.. bhaiii.. aap bhi.. jao main kisi se bhi baat nhi kar ti.."

"olle mela baby..." anji teased more...

"koi nahi bhabzz.. mera bhi time ayega.." riddhi shot back..

"tab ki tab dekhenge bachcha... filhaal let me enjoy.." anji chuckled...nd hi-5 with muski..

"good.. i'm leaving.." riddhi got up from chair nd stumping her right foot on the floor started walking irritatingly..

"arrey.. yeh kya.. koi rokho meri bachchi ko..." ananya ji tried to say some thing but muski shushed her.. she looked at atul worriedly, who returned a smile of assurance.. he was sure dat his darling wifey will do some thing now to stop their princess nd anji ,too, didn't let him down..

An : woww yaar muski.. tera bhai to kafi handsome hain...

nd as soon as riddhima heard her bhabi.. she stopped then n there... but didn't turn..

Mu : haan bhabi.. yeh picture meri last birthday ki hain.. bhai hated this color but i made him wore...

An : i must admit.. he looks really handsome in red..

Atul : ahem ahem !!!

anji blushed nd stole a loving glance at atul nd both muski n ananya ji smiled seeing the duo...

Mu : woww bhabi.. aap bilkul newly wed bride ki tarah sharma rahi ho..

Atul : woh actually mukaan.. we got married juz one n half month before...

Ananya ji : congratulations beta.. aap dono ko kisi ki nazar na lage..

Mu : congrats bhai.. u two are juz made for each other.

Both atul nd anji blushed nd looked at each other lovingly...

"ahem ahem !!"

their eye lock broke nd they looked at the source nd found their princess standing irritatingly, placing both her hands on her waist, raising her eyebrow.. Atul couldn't help but smile seeing his cute angry sister nd anji grinned...

"kya hua..?? tu abhi tak yaheen hain..?? humhe laga tu aab tak to ghar pahuch gayee hogi.."

Ri : "very funny bhabzz"

Mu : but di.. aap wapas kyun ayee?? koi kaam tha kya??
muski asked innocently nd finally riddhi blasted in frustration..

"hadd hain yaar.. ek toh main jaa rahi thi kisi ne nahi roka.. fir MEREY armaan ki photo bhi aap sab ne dekh li bina mujhe dikhayee.. aur fir jab armaan ki tarif sunke main rook gayyee taki aap logo ki baat sun sakoo aur MEREY armaan ko aur jaan sakoon.. tab sab bhai aur bhabz ko leke baith gayee.. this is sooo not fair.. pehle mujhe dara diya yeh kehke ke agar armaan aisa hua to kya hoga aur fir jab mujhe pata chalna suru hua ke MERA armaan bilkul merey prince charming jaisa hain to sab ne topic hi badal li... this is so so sooo unfair guys.."

she was pouting but suddenly she stopped remembering all she uttered.. nd looked in front nervously nd found all were staring at her in utter silence.. she gulped in nervousness nd looked at ananya aunty.. how she addressed armaan as "mera armaan" all the time nd seeing serious expression on her face she feared nd bowed her head down but next moment a roar of laughter forced her to look at them with confused eyes...

"aap log mazak kar rahe the??"

she asked disbelievingly.. but none answered this stupid gal as they were busy in laughing like maniacs :D :P


PART - 10

 she was pouting but suddenly she stopped remembering all she uttered.. nd looked in front nervously nd found all were staring at her in utter silence.. she gulped in nervousness nd looked at ananya aunty.. how she addressed armaan as "mera armaan" all the time nd seeing serious expression on her face she feared nd bowed her head down but next moment a roar of laughter forced her to look at them with confused eyes...

"aap log mazak kar rahe the??"

she asked disbelievingly.. but none answered this stupid gal as they were busy in laughing like maniacs :D :P

She couldn't believe her eyes.. they were actually teasing her.. she looked at them dejectedly nd then turning to her bhai she said with a hinge of betrayal..

"bhai.. aap bhi??"

she said stupidly nd almost feeling like crying then.. Atul sensed his gudiya will burst out in tears any moment nd getting up from his seat, he tried to hug her..

"mujhe nahi chahiye aapki jhappi"

she protested pouting but hugged her brother anyway nd soon her eyes got watery..

"aap ko pata hain main kitna dar gayee thi!! aap bahot bure ho!! mujhe aapse sachi mein baat nahi karni!!"

she accused atul nd all smiled seeing the cute scene.. Atul broke the hug nd cupped her face with his palms nd making a puppy face whispered..

"sorry princess"

he then held his ears nd as alwaz his antics made her smile.. she brought his hands down from his ears nd said..

"its okkey.. i know i over reacted.."

nd  she cleared the little tear from her eyes like a small kid.. nd smiled a lill.. atul couldn't help but peck her forehead affectionately.. she is really his gudiya.. his living doll.. godd!! can any one be cuter than his princess?? of course not.. he smiled nd side hugged his princess lovingly...

"that's like my princess.. juz kp smiling like this alwazzz.."

atul said nd princess gifted him her most charming smile announcing..

"i love u bhai.."

"awww!!!!!!" muski couldn't help but adore their cute bonding.. anji smiled.. she juz loved the cute relationship her hubby nd his princess share nd now she too living with these cute duo.. she alwaz thnks god for allowing her to stay with such a caring hubby nd sweet heart sister-in-law.. Ananya ji came in front nd blessed the duo...

"bhagwan kare tum dono humesha aisey hi raho.. "

atul smiled in gratitude nd riddhi hugged him more...

"cholly bachcha" anjali said after all settled down like before..

"tch!! its okkey bhabzz.." riddhi said nd anji blinked her eyes smilingly..

"waisey di.. aap chaho toh now u too can see bhai's pic" muski said smilingly nd riddhi blushed..

atul smiled seeing his princess blushing.. he knew she wanted to see armaan's pic but won't able to say due to shyness.. he truly knew his gudiya very well nd to fulfill her wish nd also prevent her from more teasing , he said..
"haan yaar, mujhe bhi dekhna hain riddhi ke mr. wrong no. ko.."

muski handled her phone to atul nd riddhi, who was sitting juz next to atul glanced at the pic nd a shy smile came across her lips.. "armaan" she whispered caressing the pic through her eyes.. truly he is her prince charming.. she thanked god in heart nd was admiring HER armaan smilingly wen she heard atul's shocked voice..

"oh my god!! yeh armaan hain??"

all looked at atul with confused eyes but atul repeated..

"i can't believe this.. armaan?? i mean AMMY?? no.. armaan.."

he was soo happy that he was repeatedly saying armaan n ammy alternatively.. all were shocked like hell!! does atul knows armaan??

"bhai?? aap armaan ko jante ho??" riddhi asked disbelieving her luck..

but atul in spite of answering his princess looked at muski nd questioned...

"yeh gadha tumhara bhai hain, muski??"

riddhi nd anji were shocked hearing atul addressing armaan "gadha" that too in front of his sister nd mother.. riddhi pinched his hand nd he shouted..

"aauchh !! "

he looked at riddhima who glared at him nd he remembered wat he said..


he said nd looked at muski with a small face but before he could apologize, muski started...

"no need of sorries bhai.. finally kisi ko to samajh aya sachchayee..."

she chuckled nd continued.. "yess bhai.. yeh hi hain mera bhai.. the armaan mallik.."

"nd our ammy.." atul completed.. "tum sab wapas kab ayee??" atul asked ... "aur iss ammy ke bachche ko toh main nahi chodunga.. mumbai wapas aa gaya aur mujhe, apney buddy ko nahi kaha!! idiot!! pehle kehta toh i could have invited him in my wedding, no??"

"bhai.. aap armaan bhai ko jante ho??" muski was excited..

"of course.. we were best frnz from school.. fir college ke 2nd year mein aap sab delhi shift ho gayee uncle ki transfer ki wajah se... but we were alwaz in touch through phone aur facebook... but pata nahi kyun peechle do mahino se janab lapata ho gayee the.. call bhi karoo toh zyada baat nahi karta tha aur late night tak phone busy ata tha.. i ,too, was busy with wedding n all is liye poochne ka time hi nahi mila.. (then paushing a lill nd smiling cutely he said) .. now i understand ussey uski miss wrong no. jo mil gayyee thi.."

he looked at riddhi who was staring at him with shocked expression.. then turning to ananya ji he said..

"aunty aab mujhe sach me iss rishte se koi aitraaz nahi hain.."

wooww!! another shock!! that too back to back.. poor ridzy juz froze on her spot.. all congratulated each other for this new rishta but wait where is princess..wohh toh aab bhi statue hi bani hui hain..

"riddhi... "
anji jerked her holding her shoulder nd finally she came back to d reality..

"congrats di.. now i can call u "bhabi" officially... yeayyy..." muski said nd hugged her merrily... finally riddhima smiled.

"sach mein princess.. some cross connections, too, are made in heaven" anji said cheekily bt hugged her princess..

then ananya ji came nd blessed her.. "aab jaldi se humare ghar aa jao.. " she kissed her forehead nd riddhi, too , touched her feet.. ananya ji smiled nd removing the bangle from her hand, made riddhi wore that..

"aunty.. iski kya..."

"no aunty.. mummaa..."

riddhi smiled nd blushed at the same time nd muski teased.. "oyyee hoyyee"

nd poor riddhi juz started melting with embarrassment..

"zaroorat kaisey nahi hain.. haan?? yeh toh shagun hain.. ek beti ko uski maa ke taraf se.."

ananya ji said nd hugged riddhima.. atul felt immense happiness seeing how lucky her princess is.. he had a secret desire of getting his princess married with his best friend but he never imagined in his dream that it would become fulfilled in this way.. nd dats the reason he never thought riddhi's armaan can be his best frnd ammy!! there are so many Armaans in this world.. but this one is his best frnd only.. wowww!! he was sooo happy.. he thanked god in heart million times now for this cross connection :)

"waisey i think aab hume ammy ko bata dena chahiye.."
atul suggested nd all agreed except riddhima...

"no bhai.. not this soon.."

all looked at riddhima with confusing eyes but looking at her face they became more confused.. her face was glowing, eyes were twinkling, nd lips were showing the most naughtiest yet sweetest smile..

"kya chal raha hain tere dimag mein riddhi??"
anji asked knowing her naughty yet cute princess but in stead of answering she smiled wide nd winked at her.

___________to be continued___________


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