Monday, 16 March 2020

AR OS - Will Love U Till The End

"kitty.. tum yehi rukho haan main bas ice cream leke aye, okk??" a teen riddhima said wisely to her little new pet, a cute white baby kitten which she got as her present juz yesterday..

Her lill kitty kpt on looking at her with her red round cute eyes nd thn yawned.. riddhima took it as it's approval nd announced chirpily.. "gud gal.." she patted her head nd leaving her kitty on the bench where she was sitting a few minutes back till she found an ice crm vender nd jumped up seeing him at that moment.. oh did I mention earlier? She's juz an ice-cream freak.. nd seeing that vender this early in d park, mde her eyes sparkled in glee.. she quickly switched her kitty from her lap to the wooden bench nd said her to wait until she grabs her fav cone..

Leaving her kitty behind, ridzy went to d vender nd after lots of confusion she ended up buying both of her favorite flavors.. licking one in each exchanging interval, she came bck to the bench almost dancing in happiness but wat she found after cuming back made her eyes go wide in horror..

"where is my kitty??" she asked to herself nd thn strted searching here n there..
"kitty?? Where are u baby??" she was almost on d verge of crying.. eventually she forgot her ice-creams nd both fell from her hands.. her mind was wth her kitty only.. she searched the whole park but didn't able to find her..
"kitty.." she sat on the ground hlplessly, crying stupidly..
"my kitty.." she sobbed nd sobbed..


Two weeks later...

She was sitting on that very wooden bench wth her solemn mood.. in fact after dat day, everyday she comes nd sits on d same bench hoping she'll find her kitty juz d way she lost.. her daddy offered her thousand times to forget that one nd buy one more but she's adamant.. she wanted her kitty only.. it's the 1st pet she had till now, how can she abandon her.. although her kitty left her, but she'll wait for her.. may be some day all of a sudden she'll find her kitty too juz dat unexpectedly d way she lost her.. riddhima sighed but soon she felt lill ticklish on the lower half of her left leg.. curiously she looked down only to find her lill kitty rubbing her head cutely on her leg.. her heart jumped seeing her lost kitty.. "kitty.." she said .. actually, she yelled in glee nd bent dwn to pick her in her lap but someone took her kitty from the ground.. she frowned but thn became confused wen she heard.. "sorry missy.. hope my pumpkin didn't bother u much.." riddhima looked at the source only to find a boy of her age smiling appreciatively at her while caressing her kitty lovingly..
"that's my kitty.." she spat throwing a mean glance at him.
His smile got replaced by a deep frown.. nd he asked.. "nd why do u think so??"
"becoz I lost my kitty two weeks before.. I knw she's d one.. my kitty.." riddhima said analyzing the kitty in his arms, thn shifting her gaze on him she huffed.. "u stole my kitty.. u, kitty-chor!!!"
"cuse me.. r u nuts or wat?? I didn't steal any kitty.. stupid gal.." he said nd turned to leave..
"oye hello.. in deed u r a kitty-chor.." riddhima shouted in fury.. wat d hell this boy thinks? He can go wth my kitty?? MY kitty?? No ways.. she thought blowing her hair which was falling over her eyes wth attitude..
On the other hand, the boy turned nd said being extremely irritated.. "oh really?? Thn y YOUR kitty is still in my arms in spite of seeing it's real owner in front of her eyes, haan??"
"dat's becoz I got her juz d previous day I lost her.. so, she doesn't knw me well.. but I KNOW.. it's my kitty only.." she felt irritated too.. why can't ds guy agree?? Aarggg...
"aanhaann.. juz oneday nd u lost.. well, I cn guess how responsible u r.. it's better pumpkin lives wth me.. aur waisey bhi its not ur kitty, its my pumpkin.." he retorted back..
"pumpkin??" she made a face.. "who names a kitty as pumpkin??"
"my pet.. my wish.. waisey bhi I blve in uniqueness, not like u.. I'm sure u didn't even name her.. kitty'?? really?? Who calls a kitty as kitty' ???" he was no less..
"you.." riddhima so wanted to scratch him wth her nails.. but controlled..
"well.. I cn see u r a kitty urself.. why do u need another?? Akeley rehne mein dar lagta hain kya baby kitty ko??" he spat crunching his eyes..
"u called me a kitty?? ME?? U stupid, idiot, loafer.." she was furious..
Now dis was it!!! He couldn't bear more.. he dropped his kitty on ground nd both actually started fighting pulling their hair.. by the way, wat can u expect from two kids of ages 13 or 14.. :P :P
After some time both stopped panting heavily, riddhima started combing her hair wth hands while d boy strted massaging his scalp wth fingers..
"jangli billy.." he spat..
"mota shand (ox).." she spat too..
"huh.." he said nd turned.. but thn yelled.. "where's pumpkin???"
He looked here nd there but didn't get his pumpkin while she juz kpt on watching with a devilish smark..
"u stole my kitty.. now some one else stole from u too.. good.." she said mischievously..
"damn it!! I didn't steal.. pumpkin came to our house by herself two weeks back.. I juz kpt her to myself.. I. didn't. steal. U got it missy??" he finished looking at her angrily..
"hey.. 2weeks back?? I told u dat I lost my kitty 2weeks bck.. dat means u knew it was my kitty.. still u faught wth me?? How mean.." she complained..
He made a puppy face nd apologized.. "well..yess.. but I love pumpkin.. I guess u would hve done d same if u were in my place.. didn't u??" he asked hopefully..
Riddhima thought a lill nd thn smiled.. "actually yes.."
He smiled too.. "sorry.." he said earnestly..
"it's okk.." she returned her charming smile.. "actually it's her (kitty) who doesn't deserve us.. we are too gud for keeping such a 'ehsan-faramosh' kitty like her.." she ended wth a chuckle..
"exactly.." he nodded chuckling as well..


10 years later...

Both are sitting on that very wooden bench laughing their hearts out remembering their 1st meeting..
"omg armaan.. that was funny.. we actually faught for a lill kitten.." she said still laughing..
"hahahaha.. I still remember the way u pulled my hair, riddhima.. I nvr knew a lill slim gal lyk u could possess so much strength.." he teased..
"armaann.." she whined..
"wat armaan'? u knw I stll feel pain on my head.. u were such a jangli billi.. I tell u.." he teased more..
"still u feel d pain?? Armaannn.. thoda toh soch lo kehne se pehley.. it's almost 10years now.. stupid!!" she chuckled nd both again burst out into laughter..
"but I'm happy dat ur kitty cme to our house.. warna mujhey tum kaisey milti.." he said smiling genuinely nd she blushed making him smile wider..
"well.. I was really stupid.. actually not I, both of us.." he said all of a sudden..
"why??" she asked being confused..
"bcoz itney saal ho gayee nd we r best frnz now but still hum dono mein se kisi ne bhi officially frndshp karney ke liye nhi poocha nxt din jab hum park mein firsey miley the.." he said nd thn stood up swiftly.. thn making his tee-shrt proper he strted.. "ahem ahem.." he made his voice clear only to hear her melodious laughter.. he smiled nd strted wth formality.. "hello.. I'm armaan.. armaan mallik.. son of balvinder mallik.. the only heir of mallik family.. so, eventually the only owner of mallik industries.." he paused nd thn with his famous cool-dude attitude he resumed.. "as u can see I'm good looking, handsome,charming..." but before he could continue she butted in..
"armaan.. tum mujhey frndshp proposal de rahe ho ya wedding?? Wat was those bio-data nd all, stupid.." she started laughing again but d vry nxt moment her breathe got chocked wen she felt his breathes near her ear..
"wat if I'm offering u marriage proposal,riddhima??" he whispered making her heart go crazy..
"armaan.." she uttered slowly..
"haan riddhima.. tell me na wat if I'm proposing to u for marriage only??" he asked in a feather-like whisper nd backed off to see her reaction.. nd there she was.. looking every where expect at him.. her cheeks are pink as roses clearly showing her shyness.. nd that was enough for armaan to predict her answer..
"tell me riddhima.. because I was ACTUALLY proposing to u for marriage only.." he said softly smiling lovingly nd she looked at him at once to see whether he's serious or juz pulling her legs as usual but she felt her heart beat fastens wen she read the truthfulness in his eyes.. nd smiling widely she nodded her head in yes.. armaan smiled fully nd knelt down in front of her at once.. he took both of her hands in his nd kissed them in gratitude.. thn taking out a ring from his pocket he made her wear that on her ring finger sealing their relationship nd thn putting his head on her lap he whispered.. "happy frndship day love.. this is d best gft u gave me till now.."
Riddhima smiled wth tears nd sighing contently she, too, put her head on his nd said..
"to u too armaan.. gifting urself as my life-partener is the best gft u gave me till now..  loved u alwaz armaan.. nd will luv u only till d end.. i promise.."


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