Saturday, 28 March 2020


He was seeing some old pics of theirs on his laptop when she entered the room with glaring eyes and hands on her hips. "heyy…you needed something?" he asked as she came near and stood near the corner of the bed still giving him a murderous glare. He stood and went up to her, gave her a peck on her head, soothed her hair as he asked again…"kya hua?"

"when was the last time you kissed me mr. grover?" she asked him furiously as she took a step back to make some distance between the two…"uh…abhi abhi I just kissed your head…" he said going near…"don't come near me! And what you just did was coz you saw me angry…It wasn't like you wanted to come and kiss me on your own…"

"er… shona…In fact main pata hai tumhare paas hi aa raha tha, I was just seeing this picture—"

"bahane mat banao…answer what I asked…when was the last time you kissed me?"

"uh…abhi thodi der pehle…goo-uh..good morning kiss…"

"that was you saying good morning I think! Ab tum uska bhi ehsaan jataoge?"

"uh…no..uhm….we made love just this night na…"

"making love and kissing are different! I am asking about when did you kiss me, don't talk sex!" man! Was she angry or what…he scratched his temple as he fumbled…"yeah…yeah I mean you're right…making love and kiss is different…"

"exactly my point! So now you wanna think about our last kiss? Or was it so old that now you don't even remember it?"

" I …i..yeah! I kissed you when you came out of the washroom in that little nighty of yours raat ko…"

"I thought that was to say I look beautiful…and I guess as a husband that's your responsibility…you didn't do it on your accord, now did you?"

"of course…I did it on my will na—" he saw her glare even more badly and he changed his line…" I mean…what do I mean yaar?" he asked to himself, baffled…

"what do you mean karan?"

"shonaaa….listen na.."

"don't you shona me today!! Just tell me the last time you kissed me…that's it!"

"uh…ok…lemme think" he took a sigh and continued,"yeah..uhm kal raat when we were having dinner and you had that little rice grain on ur lips, I kissed it off! Yeah.." he said confidently…proud of himself!

"yeah….right…toh ab tum keh rhe ho ke kitna mahaan kaam kiya tumne who rice hataakar…do you even hear yourself jana? You're counting it as a kiss? Do you even know what a kiss is?"

"sorry…sorry…ok…uhm…haan usse pehle when I asked you if the dinner was ready and you said it would take a while, toh maine kiss kiya tha and kaha tha that I don't mind eating you up instead…"

"so much for one sweet gesture in the day!"
he took a deep breath…"when I came home lat night and you opened the door-"

"yeah! I opened the door and welcomed you with a sweet hug, if you simply returned the wave, do you want me to be happy about it thinking oh! My husband loves me so much he gave me light peck when I went down all the way from the bedroom to the main door to open him the door and hugged him so lovingly! You know what…you're impossible! All my yoga class friends are so right! All you men are the same! You just make your wives pregnant and forget the-"

"I think you're right! I haven't kissed you for so long…I think its time I make up for my wrong deeds…" and he captured her lips before she could protest…with one hand on her waist, he carefully led her and pinned her to the wall behind her…he nibbled her lower lip as he whispered "open up" during…she couldn't help the blush that crept up her face as she let him in his territory…her hands snaked around his neck and ruffled his hair as he cupped her face now…moving in a slow blissful motion, he finally relaxed as he gave her what she had been wanting…he smiled thinking what a genius he was! As she felt him smile, she smacked him on his arm as they continued to explore each other once again for the umpteenth time in this lifetime. Realizing she must be out of breath, and that so long a kiss was probably not good for her, he carefully drew back as he nuzzled in her neck now…she caressed his hair and neck as she kissed his cheek and let her lips linger there…

He gradually withdrew only to see a blushing and smiling shilpa staring at him with all the love in her eyes…man! He could trade anything for that smile…"so, is that what you wanted mrs. Shilpa karan grover?" he asked smirking as he put a little strand of hair behind her ear…

And the color of her face changed yet again as she once again fumed in anger and stomped her foot on his…"I was so right! You did it only coz I asked for it…else you would have never come! I was right…all those ladies were right! Ugh! I hate you!" she exited the room with the same glare in her eyes and hand on her hips that she had entered with.

He sighed…almost five months and a half to go…he went back to his bed and looked back at the picture he had been seeing…both of them sharing an ice cream, and underneath…a kiss!

kritika kashian

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