Sunday, 1 March 2020

Last part : Krazzy for you

"Riddhima I am so sorry!!" OK Seriously Muskhan you will be…. Heck women you're trying to destroy my marriage…. Ok for years you and Anjali have picked on my but to go to this length??

"I did not want to be the one to tell you this but since you have been married he has been playing about!"  Do you think I would believe you and these fake pictures of him and Stella and some random girls… There no way in hell he would do this and that to me!!

"Riddhima don't be upset!" UPSET IM OVER THE GOD DAME EDGE!! Ok stop crying

"No Muskhan I cant believe all this!" OK We play this you're way!! With a RIDZ Twist

"Riddhima I told you at the hospital he slept with me and was even thinking about Anjali too ….but you still married him?" Yeah I had not choice in the matter initially.

"Muskhan do me a favour host a party I want everyone there! We will both kick this man to the curb!" OK CHURALI stop grinning ….I Know which Ass I'm kicking at the party….


"Riddhima this is a pleasant surprise!" Awwww Nani I have missed you so much!

"Hmm you looking well to Armaan beta!" Yeah he looking sweet and I had to fight him off to get out the car… My KING KONG!!

"I wanted to see you all and we where passing by!" OMG YOU CAN SEE HIS HICKEY ON HIS NECK ? Dame and Nani is looking at him….. Dame I am blushing! Ok I just hold his hand ….

"Agh Riddhima beta! Armaan!"

"Hi Mami Ji!" ….Ok stop blushing when he smiles like that at hmmmm he is soo HOT ok control!!

"So what brings you to here?" hmmm Nani I seriously need to talk to you and he's my Ride!! OK NOW WHY DID you say Ride…. OK Stop it!!

"I was missing you…can't I come over and see my Nani and Mami?" OK stop over acting and he looking at you a little surprised hehe…

"Off course beta …we have missed you a lot …Hmm but we both know Armaan has been taking good care of you…" Hmm yeah he is an angel and I tell him later tonight! OK stop picture him nake while u have you're evil way with him!! AAAAAAAGGGHHHHHHH  CONTROL YAAAAAR

"Nani I need to speak to you…Armaan could you please excuse us!" Ok don't look at me like that sexy I be back in 10 min….


"Riddhima are you sure?" Yes!

"But he sold his bike and motorcar…for you and…"

"See Nani that the problem….why should he sacrifice his life for me …I mean yeah initial I did not want to marry him but you and Ba talk me into it at the hospital after the accident…" man I did not want anything to do with him! But now i cant live without him....

"I guess I understood Ba's pain she was upset and when you told us what happened she was crying like anything…and when she asked you to save her and her grandson… Beta I never saw a woman break down like that…"  Yeah I remember her crying a lot when you guys came to see me…

"She's great and never lets me do anything in the house and when she never saw me and the pot fell it was like a blessing in disguises… Armaan and I could hear her crying and she told him to forgive her…"  He was so sweet with her not anger just told her it will be fine…

"Hmm he changed so much Riddhima it's like you have given him a new life…" No Nani he has give me a new everything…

"The pundit was right you two are a perfect match…Look at you the shy timid Riddhima and now you're look radiant …" All thanks to him and I want to show him how much….

"So you want to cash in your dads bond he has given you….and the money you been saving for the car…" Yeah it time for me to do something nice for him for a change…

"Ok Beta…I will go to the bank tomorrow and have the money ready….but Shanti told me Armaan has paid of the debt…" Yeah that why I want to give him something special…

"I know!" ok stop day dreaming about Sexy and imagine the look on his face.


"Thank You guys for a wonderful surprise Party before me and Armaan leave for the next 2 months!" OK now let the games begin!!

"I am so touched ….but the truth is there is a reason for this party! As I want some answers….. Armaan what is all this?" Ok now show him the photo's … I am so sorry honey but I make it up to you…I promise!

"Jaan believe me?? ….Jaan seriously? Those photos" OK just make him sweat a little I am sorry I could not tell you what is going on as I need this reation from you…

"You are messing around behind my back!!" Ok Rid he looks like he is going to cry don't torture him any more… but sorry honey this is something I have to do forgive me…

"How could you Armaan? Especially when I was blind you where Sleep behind my back!" OK …Ready RIDZ


Man girl that was hard across his cheek and everyone shocked….honey I kiss it better in a minute…


"This is what you want right Muskhan?" Ok now bring it on Churali…

"I don't know what you mean?" Ok I shall explain

"What you take me for a complete Wally….I work in a Lab and I know fake pictures when I see them…..As my husband would never cheat on ME!…. DID YOU HEAR ME MY HUSBAND!….. That right everyone…. I happen to be Mrs Armaan Riddhima Malik….. And yes he played you but he gave you all what you wanted and you know where you stood!"  Ok now face him as he totally shocked…hold his red cheek

"Riddhima…. He's a cheat and will never be faithful to you and …"

"Stop it Muskhan! Just accept it he is with me! You got that! Now I am going to say this only once…Anyone of you come between me and my husband will have to face me! Do I make myself clear!" LOW LIFE SCRUM…

"Muskhan Riddhima is right let it go!"… Anjali? This better not be a set up?

"But Di I really loved him…" OMG?

"Muskhan what about Rahul?" Poor guys standing there and the Slapper Stella has walked away…YEAH U RUN I SORT U OUT LATER!!

"He loves you and why don't you accept him like I have Armaan…At the beginning I thought this was all a bet…when the bet was to get Sapna and Amit together… I though Armaan would dump me…" Serious Sugar I did!!

"Armaan honey I am sorry but I need to tell the world that you are faithful to me since you made you're vows to me as I am too you…. this would only continue everyone butting there noise in and destroying us…" Ok now don't look so tearful honey or you have me crying…

"I love you and now one will every come between us!"  I promise…Come on we going!!


"You SLAPPED ME!" Awwww man

"Sorry Sugar?" ok look I'll put the ice pack on you're cheek I got caught up in the moment…..

"We are on leave for our honey moon and you slap me? I like you calling me Sexy!" Ok stop grinning he still mad….

"Ok Sexy!" No way I'm saying that in public everyone will think im a sex manic …which I may add you have made me….OK STOP IT WOMAN!!

"Is that better?" Ok he still upset

"NO!" He loving this I bet

"Ok Sexy! I make it better ….where does it hurt…I'll kiss it better!"  Look at him pointing at his cheek… Mwah

"And here?" Aww he like a little baby…now hand on a minute why he point at his forehead…

"My head spinning it was a hard slap!" OK …Mwah

"Is that better?" ok look at him shaking his head…LIAR!!

"Here?" No hang on the other cheek I never touched it…

"The pain shifting!" YEAH RIGHT….

"I think I'll get you a tablet…some pain relief "  Hey what you doing…Let go of me?

"No not until you kiss it better…" Hmmm I was counter on that…Ok tease him a little

"No Seriously I am worried now shall I get Bhabhi Kirti …the pain shifting from one cheek to another…and headaches…" Ok now why is he moving me over towards the bed?

"Hmmm really! Jaan you're such a flirt!" Me noooo never! Man you so obvious!!

"What? Can't I look after you for a change?" Ok now why is he pulling the string of my blouse from behind…omg there is that look! FAINT!! DIMPLES!!

"Wow I am touched but I liked spoiling you Jaan!" Ok don't whisper in my ear like that?…. HAIIIIIIIIII am offically finished

"Armaan?" Ok now he is running his finger down my bare back….


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