Friday, 20 March 2020

Last Part : Once Upon a time in Mumbai,

He hold the beginning end of the sareeand tucks it her choli.. tha touch does something to him…..she holds his hand….he sees her her eyes are closed….he kisses her belly.. she breathes heavily again…. He slowly dresses her like he dressed her fro theparty before the operation….he had to tuck in the last bit of the saree……..he touched her hands her eyes still closed…..and made her sit…..he had to tuck the last bit in the front to the left of her navel….he held the piece in his hand lifted her saree and just kept on kissing the baby all over……Riddhima whispered "Armaannnnnnnnnn  no… don't" he stopped "what happened" he askedShe opened her eyes……. Took the saree peiece from hhim and tucked it in.. and said making him rise…. "you know ur touch does something to me n the baby… ur baby is enjoying it.. but I… u know Armaan.. she shies away… lets go…..she turn s to go to the dressing table to get her things.. but he holds her hand and pulls her towards him…..He puts her hands behind her back.. she smiels and says.. Armaan u cant do that anymore.. our baby is watching
and it wont let u do it.. she points towards the  tummy…. He says… The baby is learning to love and that's good thing na.. they smiel  and as for not being able to do it.. let s see….he inches her closer.. she closes her eyes….he know her stomach will come in between.. still clutching her hands they fall on the bed……she laughs Armaan yeh kya hai… he says.. I m  just proving tht it can be done….she laughs.. he caresses her face.. she keeps looking at him.. he keeps looking at her moves her saree from her tummy sees her she says no Armaan.. as if to tease her.. he kisses her belly… n what he wanted happened she closed her eyes… she kissed her belly and moved up he kissed her lips…..and backed off.. n this time she kissed him back….they opened their eyes and laughed about it…… and just kep starign at eachother…. She said.. aab hamare jane ka kya… he said tumhe jaana hai.. she doesn't reply.. he guesse that she does.. so he gets up lets go he pulls her up with hiand and just to tease runs his hand throught her stomach then up to her face…..n puts her hair behind.. n says.. tumharebaal age aa rahe the unhe piche karna tha.. he winks at her.. she just laughs… and goes to the dressing table to put on her ornaments…and her bangles…..Finally ready she goes down……staris quietly so that no one wakes up…n as she comes out of the door she sees him standing there wth the door open… flower petals… in her path.. all she could do is smile more n more….she walks towards the car and sits in…..He sits in his seat and then they go to the same restaurant…. But this time instead of taking him in the restaurant he takes her to the place where they had first met Seth GS College.. she asked him yahan….he said yahan where it all began…. He pointed towards a small table with candles and decorations…..they started to walkbut he stopped her… and said aise nahin… she asked toh kaise… but hten she knew the ans…… He picked her up….and walked all the way..He said Riddhima tum kitni bhari ho gayi hoo.. he said haw n hit him playfully… he said arre….he kept starrign at her n she just kept her head on his shoulder and rested….

They reached the table… and he made her sit ….. she said aaj koi waiters nahin.. he said nahin.. I didn't want anyone to disturb us…..she smiled…. He opened the dishes and she was wonderfully impressed that his culinary habits had greatly increase during the pregnancy…they laughed about it….. Thye started eating and made each other eat too… fINally  when the dinner was done… he showed her another place….it was a swing.. decorated red and white…. She smiled andheld his hand and said lets go….. He sat on the swing and she lay in his lap his hand in hers and on the baby….she said.. Armaan..He saiddhmmm, she said… you kno this is how it all began…. N she tells him about what he didn and what transpired between them from the 2nd month of pregnancy until the day he lost his memory……..he just kept on listening to her.. and smiling . While talking she suddenly escaped a cry… He asked what happened Riddhima.. She smiled at him and said…….Ur baby is eager to come out Armaan…. He didn't realize first bu then it stuck him Riddhima we must hurryyy.. She told hm no they have a lot of tme.. n tht it usually takes5/6 hours for the contractions to start but we must go now…he hold her hand and they walk to the car…. Riddhim let me know if u observe any painhe kept asking…..Hesaid I thingk I should inform at hom…  he called up home and told them that riddhimas labourare about to startben then he told them when at nanavati….

He reached the hospital and was hurrying but she locked the car… Riddhima.. yeh tum kya…she sshed him n said just otuch the baby Armaan he touched her,,,,,,… and she closed her eyes..Riddhima yeh tum kya… she said…shhhhhhh.. He said thodi der main Riddhima tumhe dard shuru ho jayega.. plz I m worried lets go… she opened her eyes……. Came close to her.. and kissed him… lets goshe said.. Riddhima yeh sab kyat ha.. she said…This was the touch that the baby asked me from u……he asked n the kiss… that was the touch the mommy aksed… he smiled… then he opened the door and took her inside n told the doctor that her labour has started.. thye put her in ther room and as soon as her contractions started they took her to the Ot. He stayed with her all the while…… and when the baby finally came out it was no surprise for them that it was a girll..Ridhhima smiled weakly Didn't I tell u.. they smled to each other.. Armaan held her daughter and caressed her he touched her and she responded immediately.. Riddhima smiled Armaan gave her the daughter and she just couldn't stop smiling… she looked at him and he looked at her…….he said Rddhima our junior Riddhima is finally hereere… and I will make sure she gets all the love and any guy who tryies to tease her will have to deal from me.. n we wont allow her to wear short clothes.. n he wnet on n on…..she smiled..

Everyone came in and took a chance at looking at the baby….. Their family wasnow finally complete and happyyy…

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