Tuesday, 10 March 2020

OS : Can Love Happen Twice ??

"dil sambhal ja zara'

Fir muhabbat karne chala hain tu.."

 He was driving his car at a quite accelerated pace through the highway from Pune to Mumbai' it was late afternoon.. within a few hours, sun will set welcoming the darkness' darkness!! That is wat his life is into.. darkness of loneliness' feeling quite exhausted due to this long driving, he switched on the fm of his car.. n guess wat?? As soon as he switched on the fm.. this song from the movie murder2 filled his car n as well as his mind n heart.. he repeated the lyrics of the song nd smiled sarcastically.. 'fir muhabbat?' .. really?? Is it truly possible?? Love can happen only once in the life time.. isn't so?? Do hell wth these bollywood movies.. kuch kaam ka nahi.. kaisey kaisey news create karta hain.. kisi muvy mein kehta hain ke pyaar bas ek hi baar hota hain toh kisi muvy mein they support luv for 2nd time.. he was feeling highly frustrated' don't knw y ppl in india are so obsessed to bollywood movies.. mainly gals.. nd with this, his chain of thoughts again landed on HER!! Ussey bhi itna hi pasand tha hindi films.. uski har soch, har khwaish muvys se inspired hoti thi.. he closed his eyes at his helplessness but reopened soon.. kyun nhi jaati tum merey zehen se.. kyun meri dil aur dimag pe abhi tak basi hui ho.. kyun tamanna.. akhir kab tak aisey tarpaogi tum mujhey.. kyun bhula nhi pata main tumhey.. akhir kyun?? No.. I won't think about u again.. never..

 Jis raah pe, hai ghar tera
Aksar wahan se, haan main hoon guzra
shayad yahin dil mein raha
Tu mujh ko mil jaye, Kya pata...

The lyrics again made him disturbed' goshh!!! Do hell wth this song.. he said loud in utmost frustration nd extended his hand to flip the channel but stopped midway wen he found a young girl jumping desperately indicating 'lift' with her hand on the middle of the road nd may be she is shouting for lift as well as he noticed her lips moving' he quickly pushed the brake to avoid knocking her dwn wth his car juz at the correct moment.. she,on the other hand, closed her eyes in anticipation of a harsh push but she felt none' she opened one eye to see the matter nd found the car waiting juz in front of her, only a few millimeters away.. she sighed in relief nd opened her other eye.. smiling widely, she ran towards the window of the front seat of his car nd asked..

"can u plz give me a lift?? Meri taxi kharab ho gayee hain.. aur driver ne kaha pata nhi kab thik hoga.. kyunki uss stupid ke pass stepney nhi hain.. i mean without stepney koi drive karta hain kya.. nd as if it wasn't enuf that i've more problems to face now.. (she cursed her luck thn strted again slowly) u knw, garage yaha se kitna door hain.. almost 4killometers.. fourrr km s!!! nd ds wicked driver said to me dat it's not far nd almost convinced me to push his taxi wth him to garrage.. yeh toh sukar hain ke ek uncle ne kaha ke 4km jana hoga nd from thn i'm waiting for another taxi or lift!!! par koi taxi mil hi nhi rahi aur nahi mujhey koi lift de raha hain.. (she felt low again) can u plsh plsh plshhh gve me lift?? Plshh??" she asked him uttering each please sweeter than before nd he couldn't hlp but smile at her crazy yet adorable antics.. she is a gal of her early twenties.. quite younger to him.. she is slim, modern, trendy nd not to forget extremely beautiful nd full of life.. the way she asked for help made him forget all his frustrating thoughts nd unknowingly he smiled at her..

"ya sure.. get in.."

He said nd she literally bloomed in happiness..

"ohh..  thank u soo muchhh.."

She quickly opened the door of the front seat nd settled herself happily..

"dil sambhal ja zara'

Fir muhabbat karne chala hain tu.."

 "wow.. I juz love ds song.. superb,na??" she said in glee as the song ended slowly, repeating these two lines for the last time..

"hmmm.." he juz nodded unwillingly nd started the engine'

After some time' "hey.. I'm riddhima.. riddhima gupta.. but my frnz call me ridz.. aur tum??" she asked him extending her hand happily..

He looked at her, still his hands on the steering wheel.. but seeing his cold expression she said sheepishly.. "sorry.. tum bhi kya soch rahey hoge merey barey mein.. ki kaisi pagal ladki hain.. par.. u knw wat.. abhi Mumbai pahochne mein bahot der hain aur main aisey chupchap nhi travel kar pati.. toh socha jis ajnabi ne meri itni madat ki kyun na ussey thodi der ke liye hi sahi par dosti kar loon??" she paused nd smiled.. he,too,this time smiled at her liveliness n extended his ri8 hand kping lft on the steering.. "armaan malik.. aur merey dost mujhey ammy kehte hain.."

She smiled nd shaking her hand, she said.. "cool.."

Again there is an awkward silence.. armaan was trying to concentrate on the road completely but was failing miserably while on the other hand she was juz scrutinizing his expression.. she smiled vaguely nd looked outside the window'

"yaado ko meetana itna asan nhi hota.."

Her sudden comment broke his chain of thoughts nd he looked side ways, being amused with her sudden statement. She felt him shifting his gaze on her nd so she,too, looked at his direction'

"aisey kya dekh rahe ho.. tum Akeley insaan nhi ho jisski life mein problems hain.."

Her statement did nothing but amused him more' "chehre pe mat jao armaan.. faces can be deceptive.."

He said nothing juz stayed amused' "agar prob na ho toh u can share wat is bothering u.. u knw, sumtyms a stranger can do such a magic dat our close ones cant" she said smiling warmly'

Armaan took a lungful of air nd exhaled it deeply nd thn turning his gaze he again concentrated on the road.. riddhima, on d othr hnd, thought he doesn't wanna share wth her nd hence she looked outside d window' enjoying another romantic song which was playing on fm then.. she was lost in her thoughts.. living the lyrics of the song, she was smiling sweetly, enjoying the cool breeze which was playing wth her hair wen she suddenly she heard his voice' "I love someone.."

Riddhima's smiled vaguely nodding her head sideways' another incomplete love story.. she thought nd turned towards him nd asked warmly.. "but she doesn't love u, ri8??" he sighed, still staring at the road but his grip over the steering tightened' "no.. she is happily married to her love from last six months nd also expecting their 1st baby.." he stopped thn whispered wth all his emotion.. "I'm happy for her.. but.. but I m not able to forget her.. I love her from our college days but I was juz a frnd to her.. nd wen I finally gathered courage to confess, she came wth Rohan to invite me for their wedding.." armaan stopped recalling that unfortunate day'

"nd from thn ur life changed.. Nd if I'm not wrong it changed for worse.." she asked softly nd he nodded'

"I can understand armaan.. I knw how much it's hurting u but try to start afresh.. at least tumhey toh khush hona chahiye dat u came to knw about her wedding before u confessed.. warna things aur awkward ho jati,na.. at least u r still frnz, ri8.."

"but it hurts, riddhima.. seeing someone else in that place where I wanted to see me alwaz, hurts badly.."

"par armaan.. u love her.. be happy dat she is not facing wat u r into.. warna agar jissey wohh pyaar karti hain wohh mana kar deta toh ussey kaisa lgta.. wohh toot jati,na.. tumhey yeh achcha lgta kya???" armaan looked at her.. "be happy to see her happy nd start afresh.. zindegi bahot mushkil se milti hain.. u r fortunate dat u are living.. dnt destry dat.. aur trust me.. bhagwan ne sab ke liye kisi na kisi ko banaya hain.. may be u both were not meant to be together' there must b sum1 waiting for u.. dnt wrry armaan.. u'll get ur share of love surely.."

Riddhima assured him smiling warmly at d end..

"yeh sab kehne ki baat hain riddhima.. u won't understand.. rather no1 can understand wat I'm going through" he turned his gaze again feeling restless..

"ri8.. no1 can understand anyone but armaan dnt think u r in big mess.. ppl r suffering worse dan u.. at least u can start once again.."

"I dnt wanna talk to u on this anymore.."

"dats d problem.. u're shelling urself.. why dnt u let dose pain flow.. why dnt u talk to ur frnz or family?? Okk.. dnt talk.. atleast welcm life.. jab tak purani yaado ko nhi chodoge nayee yadein kaisey banegi?? Tumhari miss perfect tumharey pass hogi nd u'll cmpletly overlook her due to ur agony.. free urself armaan.. welcome life.."

"tell me riddhima, agar tum meri jagah hoti toh kya karti?? Kehna asan hota hain.. but ask the person who is facing all this crap.."

She looked outside d window kping her head on her hand which was on the open window.. she became silent all of a sudden nd also closed her eyes' armaan nodded at disapprovingly seeing her gesture nd turned his gaze.. dis is d reason why he nvr opens up.. all can give him a lecture but no1 can understand his feelings.. he regretted for opening up in frnt of her nd promised to himself to nvr share his emotions wth anyone else..

After sometime she said.. "I'm happy armaan.. I'm happy for my love who loves someone else.."

Armaan literally pressed d brake hearing her soothing voice' wat she juz said?? her love is wth sum1 else?? nd she is hppy?? is she mad!!

She looked at him smiling sweetly.. "he said he loved me.. but I said I nvr saw him in dat way.. nd later hlped him to tie himself wth my another frnd who loved him from our school days but nvr confessed to him.. nd now dey are happily engaged.."

"are u mad?? he confessed his feelings but u rejected in spite of loving him?? why?? y did u break his heart.. riddhima?? U knw wat u girls are juz heartless.."

Anger rose within his nerves hearing her cruelty.. she loved him but didn't accept.. how egoistic bi***'

"there u hit d bull's eye mr. armaan.. I'm heartless'" armaan looked at her angrily.. see her guts.. she is accepting it in such a way dat she did sumthing gr8..such a bi***...

She smiled nd said.. "I knw wat u r thinking.. but trust me, u didn't share ur raw feelings to some bi***, u knw' I'm not dat bad.." she chuckled nd he tightened his grip around the wheel more to control his temper' godd!! this gal is getting on his nerves.. if she dusn't shut her big mouth now, he'll do sum thing very wrng surely..

"I've whole in my heart, armaan.. from my childhood.. it was too minor to create any problem thn.. but now it needs an urgent transplant.. but fortunately or unfortunately, we didn't get a donor yet nd hence I've a few months in my hands now.. he doesn't know this when he fell for me but I knw dat I'm dying.. it's good to brk his heart thn rather accepting his proposal nd leaving him in real hell.. yes.. he was hurt but one-sided love has no future.. he got dat nd moved on aftr some months nd thn he got Shikha, my frnd.. who alwaz loved him nd thus he found his share of love.." she finished nd looked at armaan who was staring at her amazed..

"dat's y I'm telling u, armaan dat forget ur past.. strt afresh.. itna bhi boora nhi hua tumharey sath.. it was one-sided love only.. open ur heart again.. welcm life again.. be thankful to god dat u r having a life, u can live it, enjoy it warna sabki kismat itni achchi nhi hoti, armaan.." she said last a few wrds lill emotionally but quickly collected herself..

"see me.. did I leave living?? I nvr did.. juz now i'm returning from my photoshoot.. kitney pal hain dat dusnt matter, but how well u r utilizing them, dat is wat matters.. hope u'll move on oneday.. nd dat too very soon.." she said wth an assuring smile nd he couldn't hlp admired this angel.. nd also felt immensely guilty for thinking all those bullshits about her.. she is a gem as human..

Soon both reach her destination.. nd it's time to bid goodbye..

"mm.. riddhimaa.. if u dnt mind can I hve ur contct no.??" he asked hesitantly nd she smiled..

"sure frnd!!" she smiled warmly nd both exchanged their contact no.s..

"byee armaan.. stay happy.. okk??" she said nd was about to leave wen he said.. "I wish u'll get a donor soon.." she turned nd smiled fully.. "hmm.. now u go.. der nhi ho rahi?? ya meri bakbak itni pasand aa gayee??" she laughed nd he couldn't help but smile widely.. goshh!! her laughter is so much infectious.. he thought but said "byee thn.." dnt knw why but he doesn't wanna leave her but he has to go.. so reluctantly he bid her a 'goodbye'..

She was now out of his vision but still he was gazing at her way.. when suddenly that very song from murder2 started once again but unlike last time he didn't become upset.. rather looked at his fm smilingly.. "I, too, love this song now.." he said nd looked at d way to her house once again.. truly this stranger did a magic.. juz a few minutes nd her wrds took away all his pain nd gave him new hope to live.. he smiled truly aftr long time nd thn he took his phone to check her no. .. nd after battling wth his urge for some tym, he send her a msg at last..

"reached home??" :)


He waited impatiently for her reply' juggling his phone from one hand to other' when suddenly his phone beeped..

"go home armaan.." :)


He smiled widely nd putting the phone beside, he started his car' "don't wrry riddhima.. u'll definitely get a donor soon.. abhi bhi 4months hain.. nd it's enuf to create a miracle.." he sighed hopefully nd started humming the lyrics in happiness'

"dil sambhal ja zara'

Fir muhabbat karne chala hain tu.."


sargam  LOL

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