Sunday, 15 March 2020

OS :I Love U, My Teacher Ji

"auch.. armaannn'" she glared at him after receiving a smack on her head.. "god' yaar!! Don't forget I'm ur gal frnd as well.." she complained while messaging her head with her  right hand.

He grinned but said cheekily.. "well , my dear.. u r my student now.. so focus on ur studies nt on me"

And as soon as she heard him , she started blushing like crazy.. gosh!! He alwaz catches her red handed whenever she checks him out in stead of focusing on this stupid mechanics..

"meri kya galti hain.. I find u more interesting than this stupid mechanics.."  she said to herself but wat she didn't know dat he can hear  her whisper as well nd he did..

Smiling broadly he started.. "I know baby.. dat u hate mechanics but u have to get grip in this as well, no?? next month AIPMT ki entrance hain, na?? and I know how gud u r in bio nd chemistry.. juz lill touch up in physics nd u will successfully cross the entrance.."

She smiled nd looked at him lovingly.. "sorry.. now I'll focus in this (indicating the opened physics buk in front of her) only.. pakka"

He smiled nodding his head nd squeezed her hand in assurance.. She put her other hand over his nd asked softly.. "main kar payungi na armaan??"

She was uncertain.. she knew her potential.. she knew if she could polish her physics lill more, she could do it nd she wanted to do it at any cost..

"tumhe to pata hain na.. I'm not good in physics like u nd bhai.. par' par I want to be a doctor.. (then raising her gaze nd fixing it on him).. I want to be with you always, armi' mujhe doctor banna hain.. (now back to her kiddish avatar).. all my frnd warned me not to fall for a doctor.. doctors ke pass time hi nahi hota.. alwaz hostipal, patient, surgeries, medicines' uff!!!!..'.. (she pouted)' par.. par main kya karti.. mainey soch samajh ke pyaar thode hi na kiya tha.. It juz happened, u know, na.. (her eyes were hopeful, he smiled at his sweet heart)'  aab kuch keh kyun nahi rahe?? Main yeh entrance mein selected toh ho jayungi na??"

Armaan smiled nd got up from his chair.. he came near her seat nd knelt down in front of her.. then holding both her hands in his, he started warmly..
"ridhimaaa.. baby' I told u earlier also.. tum kyun apni frnz ki bato ko itney dill se laga rahi ho.. tum doctor bano ya na bano par merey liye tum important thi, ho aur humesha rahogi'"

"tch!! Armaan.. I had seen this too.. dey aren't wrong either.. aab tum mumma-papa ko hi le lo.. papa kitney busy rehte hain.. main yeh nahi keh rahi keh wohh humhe pyaar nhi karte, par armaan.. humne kabhi papa ko har festival ya function pe nahi paya.. he alwaz remained busy with his patients nd conferences.. some times bhai nd I missed him  a lot.. I know mumma bhi bahot miss karti thi but u know wat' she is very mature..  she never complained but managed every thing properly.. par'''"

Armaan laughed nd agreed.. "par meri riddhu mature nahi hai.. I know dat.. (she frowned but then smiled as it was very true)'  trust me jaan.. u'll definitely go through this.. I'm 100% confident about my student.. (he winked nd she laughed a lill).. juz do one thing.. (he was serious nd she asked him through eyes instructing him to continue).. stop checking me out yaar.. after all I'm ur fianc as well.. yeh merey liye bhi problem hain fir bhi main khud ko kisi tarah samjhake tumhe padhane ki koshish karta hoon na?? aab tum agar support nahi karogi toh kaisey chalega.."

He pouted nd she bent quickly nd gave a soft, affectionate peck on his left dimple.. although he loved it but he decided to play along..

"tch!! Riddhima.. don't.. plzz.. aur waisey bhi itna pyaar aa raha tha tohh shadi ki date kyun postpone ki, haan?? Tab toh bada keh rahi thi.. (started mimicking her).. nahi papa.. main pehle mbbs join karungi fir shadi.. jab tak main doctor nahi banti, main shadi nahi karungi.."

Riddhima made a guilty face nd replied.. "tumahare sath rehne ke liye hi toh kaha tha.. agar tum har waqt merey itney kareeb rehte toh how will I able to concentrate in studies, batao?? Aur mujhe har pal tumhare sath rehna hain armaan.. mujhe mumma ki tarah akele har ekk special moment nahi bitani.. bhai ko dekho.. how lucky he is.. bhabzz is also a doctor nd dey go to hospital together, stay there together, also can help each other in their work.. they complement each other so well armaan.. mujhe bhi aisi life chahiye..  aur iss liye I have to be a doctor.. fir hum bhi ek hi hospital mein kaam karenge.. great, no??"

Suddenly she became excited saying the last line.. armaan smiled at his cute but crazy fianc.. he also very happy with this decision of hers.. it not only will give her a great carrier but also will keep her near him 24X7.. but he is the armaan mallik after all.. can't leave any chance of teasing his riddhima..

"so.. u want to spy on me basket.. so mean!!"

"arggg armaan!!! Main marungi abhi keh deti hoon"

"huh!! U r saying like tum mujhe kabhi nahi marti.. (nd received a smack then nd there..) .. auuchh!! Basket.. wats ds yaar?? Tum aapney GURUDEV (teacher) ko mar rahi ho?? Tch tch!! School mein kuch sikhaya nahi kya?? Teachers are next to god, u know.."
Nd he winked.. "I so hate u mallik" came her instant reply..

"wohh toh main dekh raha hoon.." he pointed to her physics books scattered on her study table nd she bit her lower lip in shyness..

"thank you" .. she looked at him hearing his voice being completely shocked.. she wasn't expected this.. he understood her confusion nd said.. "humarey liye itni takleef uthaney ke liye jaan.. I can't tell u how happy I'm with this decision of urs.. bass tum bhi select ho jao.. main bhi yahin chahta hoon ke har pal hum sath rahe.. chahe wohh ghar pe ho ya hospital mein'"

She smiled.. "bass don't doubt urself.. u r a brilliant student riddhima.. trust me, u'll do great.. u trust me, ri88??" he asked.

"apne aap se zyada.." she said..

He nodded smilingly but said.. "so.."

"so??" she asked questioningly.

"projectile motion is waiting for us, sweet heart.. (he winked).. lets resume then??"
Riddhima made an O-shape hearing him nd he again started revising her mechanics.. nd today's topic was "projectile motion" ;)


"armaannn??? Kya hua?? Tum kuch keh kyun nahi rahe??"

Riddhima who was hell scared, asked this question at least 10 times as today was her result nd armaan opened his laptop for checking her result nd she was so nervous nd impatient that she even didn't wait to complete the booting process of his laptop nd started asking again nd again.. he stopped replying now but now wen she found his gaze froze on the screen she panicked..

"wat?? Wat happened armaan.. rank kya aya hain??"

But he didn't stir.. Riddhima panicked more nd her mumma patted her arm in assurance.. nd her bhabi hold her another arm giving support..

"kya hua buddy?? Riddhi select nahi hui kya??" asked her brother..

Armaan nodded his head side ways nd seeing dat riddhima's eyes started flowing silently..
"its okkey bachcha.. koi baat nahi.." her father patted her head to console her'

Armaan got up from his seat nd came to her.. nd seeing him she burst into tears.. "I'm sorry armi.. I'm very sorry.. tumhe mujhey itni help ki.. itni takleef uthayee meri studies ke liye.. u had a few stressed months managing both my studies nd ur work  par mainey sab gadbad kar di..   u had full faith in me par' I let u down.. I broke ur faith also.. I'm juz good for nothing.. tumhari sari mehnaat waste ho gayee, armi... I'm so sor.."
But he shushed her putting his one finger one her lips ns then said softly..
"aab main bhi kuch bol loon??"

She nodded her head making a lill face.. he smiled nd cleared her tears..
"tumhe sorry kehne ki koi zarrorat nahi hain riddhu.. (she tried to speak but he shushed her again).. nd u didn't let me down as well.. (she was confused now).. aur buddhu kisney kaha ke tum select nahi hui?? (she became more confused)..  do u know wat , stupid?? (she asked through eyes like an innocent kid).. u managed a place in the top 10 students.. (her mouth opened in shock nd not only she, all were shocked).. yess.. merei student ne achcha nahi bahooot achcha kiya hain.. u r in the 8th position riddhu.. I'm so so sooo proud of you.."

He completed with utter happiness nd hugged her warmly.. here, her mumma went inside to bring sweets  nd her papa, bhai nd bhabi went to the laptop to see the result in their own eyes..

Riddhima hugged him tight in response nd said.. "sach .. armaan?? Humari wish poori ho gayye?? God!! I still can't believe this.."

He broke the hug nd cupping her face he said warmly.. "I told you na.. dat I've full faith in my student"

He pronounced the word 'student' with lill cheekiness nd she laughed heartily.. nd hugging him again, she announced happily..




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