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os : Just Friends ??

"Heyy Guysss''."
A beautiful young gal greeted all her friends chirpily after entering the canteen.

"Ohh ho.. kya baat hain.. koi bahot khush lag rahi hai.. hmm.."
One of her friend teased..

"Shut up muski !!"
& she looked away..

"Oh my gosh ridzy.. u're blushing.. iska matlab??"
Another frnd  asked her hopefully..

"Yes anji.. I've decided.. aaj main ussey aapni dil ki baat bata hi dungi.."
Riddhima  confessed.

"That's great news dear.. to kaha hain mera bhai..??"
Asked another friend from her group.

"Pata nahi atul.. abhi to ussey  yahan hona chahiye tha.. par shayad auditorium mein hoga rehearsal ke liye.. I'll better go there to catch him.."
Riddhima said nd atul nodded his head smilingly..

"Then  wat r u waiting for?? Go.. stupid.."
Ordered her best frnd, nikki..

"Yup.. I'm leaving guys.. wish me luck.. woh haan to kahega na??"
Ridzy asked nervously..

"Of course dumbo.. aab jaldi ja.. warna kya pata fir se maharani ne mind change kar li toh?? Itni mushkil se mani hain.."
Said muski..

"I agree with u muski.."
Said rahul..

"Arrey wah!! Aaj to sach mein bahot hi accha din hain guys.. warna muski aur rahul ek baat pe agree karey.. is it possible?? Ye sooraj kahan se nikla hain aaj??"
Said abhi, another frnd of them, teasing both of rahul nd muski..

"Oye guys.. focus.. wish me,na!!"
Ridzy said all pouting making her frnz smile at her cute expression.

"All the best ridzy.. tu dariyo maat.. just chak de phattey.."
Muski said over enthusiastically nd over melodramatically..

"Thnx yaar.. to main jyun??"
She asked feeling nervous..playing with the corner of her dupatta..

"Nahi.. abhi hum mahurat nikalenge.. fir jana tu.."
Said an irritated anji.. its been days dat ridy is doing this.. kabhi haan to kabhi na.. thak gayee bechari samjhate samjhate.. poor anji.. LOL

"Okk okk anji.. chill yaar.. I'm going.."
Ridzy said seeing her pissed off frnd bt b4 leaving she closed her eyes nd prayed.. "plz god..plz..juz be with me so that aaj main ussey aapni dill ki baat bata sakoon.." nd she rushed to meet her BEST FRIEND.


"So guys.. take a break.. nd we'lll continue our practice after that.."
Said a handsome guy.. he was completely wet with sweat beads due to long dance rehearsal.. he took off his shirt as he was feeling hot.. nd with this his well-built masculine body became exposed.. all gals stop their work to check him out.. but he din't pay any attention.. because he cares for only one gal.. she is  his angel.. his BEST FRIEND.. his riddhima..

"mmm.. ARMAAN??"
he heard a soft melodious voice nd smiled knowing its source.. he turned nd found his angel clad in a beautiful red nd white salwar - suit looking heavenly like always.. He admired her through his gaze as she was looking breathe taking in his favorite color combination.  Riddhima looked down feeling her cheeks getting hot with shyness.. whenever Armaan looks at her like this her cheeks start to get color.. She knew that armaan also had the same feeling for her nd she waited for him to confess.. but buddhu armaan.. buddhu ka buddhu hi rahega' sari ladkiya fida hain uspe aur ek wohh hain jissey kuch samajh hi nahi hain.. pehle din sey sari ladki ussey dosti karna chahti thi par ussey sirf main hi mili thi.. jo sab se zyada sehmi hui thi.. par dara hua to woh bhi tha shayad.. lekin fir bhi usney mujhsey baat ki aur merey dar ko door kiya nd from that very 1st day I got my best frnd.. par dheere dheere hum bahot kareeb aane lage.. har ek choti badi baat share karne lage.. mujhe pata hain woh bhi mujhey pasand karta hain par ' I know my stupid best friend.. woh kabhi ye mujhe nahi batayega ye soch ke ki main kahin rooth ke dosti na khatam kar doon!! Par koi iss buddhu ko samjhao ke main to uss ke proposal ka hi wait kar rahi hoon.. par meri footi kismat.. pyaar bhi hua to ekk handsome buddhu se nd she smiled at her own thoughts.. chalo koi baat nahi.. woh nahi toh main hi sahi.. par aaj to main aapni dil ki baat bata kar hi rahungi.. riddhima thought and bit her lower lip in nervousness.. then nodding her head sideways she smiled fully thinking wat she is actually gonna do.. truly, love makes everyone insane.. never in her wildest dream she thought of confessing her feelings 1st to her love.. sach mein armaan, main baawri ho gayee hoon tumhari pyaar mein.. she thought nd looked at him lovingly.

on the other hand,  armaan examined each nd every details of hers.. kya baat hain, angel aaj kuch badli badli si lag nahi rahi.. kuch to alag baat hain uski aankho mein.. kya woh?? Nowayss.. meri angel to bahot sehmi hui si masoom si ladki hain.. woh kabhi bhi.. par kya woh sach mein aaj mujhe aapni dil ki baat batana chahti hain?? Oh god.. plz plz plz.. jo main uski ankho mein humesha padhta hoon.. I hope angel woh hi kahegi.. plz god.. Armaan also prayed in his heart..

but before riddhima could say further, his cell beeped..
"cuse me.. angel.. main abhi aya.. badi maa ka call hain" nd he left to talk .


After some time...

"mm' riddhima.. I'll talk to u later.. guys resume the practice.."
Riddhima nodded being all confused.. ye armaan ko achanak kya ho gaya.. abhi toh thik tha.. thinking this she started to leave wen suddenly she heard..

"Guys.. I've an announcement.. (riddhima stopped in her track hearing armaan's voice nd turned) ' well, bahot dino se soch raha tha but I think it's the time.."

He extended his hand' "maya".. he called warmly with bright smile nd a stylish gal came near him nd held his hand tightly.. Armaan smiled nd freeing his hand from hers he moved his hand around her petite waist nd hold her tightly pulling her closer.. "guys.. u all know maya, ri8??.. but some thing that u don't know is.. she's my gal friend.. nd soon we r going to seal our relation officially.."
All clapped nd whistled seeing the hottest pair.. if armaan was the dream of all gals, maya was the desire of every guy..

Riddhima froze.. her whole world shook vigorously. She just kept on staring at them blankly.

"Hey ammy.. aisey sookha sookha news deney se kaam nahi banega.. we want treat.. wat say guys??"
One of the boys teased armaan.

"Sure buddy.. lets go to the canteen.."
All left cheering 4 them.. wen maya came near to armaan nd caressing his cheek seductively, she asked..
"Ammy baby.. u sure na?? I mean u nd dat riddhima?? u know na.. wat I mean??"

"Of course jaan.. but riddhima is a simple gal.. one typical indian shy n hesitant gal.. who is afraid of everything but nothing.. nd u knw dat i like hot gals like u.. smart, hot, independent, modern nd.. not to forget sexy.. (he winked n she smiled fully).. so dnt wrry, she is JUST a FRIEND to me.. uske saath.. issey zyada?? never'"

"Ohh my baby'"

Nd she kissed him on his cheeks while armaan pulled her closer.. their intimacy juz left riddhima spot rooted wth her broken heart.. 'simple gal'.. 'typical indian gal'.. 'juz fnnz'.. all these wrds strted to roam on her mind so fast that her head started paining badly, as if it would burst due to this sudden pressure.. soon the newly announced couple left the place nd went to canteen to join their frnz for a small party.. but wat they forgot was someone was left all alone in the empty auditorium.. nd that some was none other than Riddhima.. who lost her all hope.. this immense pain of heart break made her shiver so badly that unable to balance her body weight anymore, she knelt down with a loud thud.. bowing down her head in her hands, she ran her fingers in her hair in frustration.. why?? why me?? she cried her heart-out without giving any effort to check her loud hiccups..
she was very excited from last week.. god knows how many times she practiced in front of the mirror how she is gonna be propose to armaan.. Being a simple gal, it was very difficult for her to take the initiative but she was so deeply in love with armaan that she couldn't able to wait anymore.. that's d reason that finally she agreed with her friends last week to confess to armaan 1st nd gathering all courage today she finally came rushing to clg to meet him nd open up her raw emotions in front of her love..
but like always, life had something bitter in store.. when she was all happy n excited wth her decision, her cruel fate twisted her whole world upside down.. she thought she would hve gain her love forever today but wat she actually got?? she lost everything.. her love.. her life.. her armaan.. wait a minute!! her armaan?? but was armaan ever belonged to her?? wasn't it her sole imagination dat armaan also loves her but was feeling hesitant to confess due to the strong frndshp they share.. but wat was her fault in thinking so?? his each antic, each word, each gift showed intense care for her.. care!! yes it was care only.. how stupid she was to think herself this lucky.. truly she is not eligible for him.. he deserves way better than her.. rather he deserves the best nd she is juz an ordinary gal like many more in this country.. shy.. hesitant.. traditional.. back dated... yes.. dats wat he thinks as well.. she thought nd her cry became louder.. but  how will she survive now when she'll see her love with some one else..this close..this happy.. it will burn her heart giving her incurable pain.. why god.. why?? Why did u do this to me?? Why me?? She shouted being extremely frustrated n helpless...


Two months later..

sonee banno chan see chamake, mathe uthe jhumkar damake..
palka uth diya ne thum thum ke, mai varee varee java..
too vekh tai lai aj raj ke apne sariya nu, chetee apne nahee mil de..
ja banno pave khushiya te dil dariya too, pave arman sab dil de..
too vekh tai lai aj raj ke apne sariya nu, chetee apne nahee mil de..
ja banno pave khushiya te dil dariya too, pave arman sab dil de..

It's riddhima's roka.. she's gonna be engaged to AMAN mallik.. & what a coincidence.. her family fixed her marriage with the son of their old family friend nd the person she was going to get engaged was Armaan's cousin.. All the ladies were singing happily nd blessing riddhima.. but every one was happy except the bride.. her heart was bleeding.. destiny was playing with her emotions real bad.. she wanted to run away.. run away from all this frustrating noise.. she juz wanted to lock her up nd cry loudly.. exploring all her pain n confusion.. she wanted to run nd hug him tight.. all that she need now is to confess her feelings nd hear armaan's answer from his mouth directly.. but how could she go?? He didn't love her.. she was JUST a FRIEND to him.. just friends?? Really?? Fir jo usney mehsoos kiya tha woh kya tha?? Aur agar woh jhoot tha to aaj subah se jo woh feel kar rahi hain woh kya hain?? Kyun armaan khush nahi hain?? Kyun woh ussey naazrey nahi mila raha hain.. kyun uski aankhe kuch aur keh rahi hain ' aakhir sach kya hain??? Jo uss din ussne suna  tha ya jo har paal woh mehsoos kar rahi hain peechle do mahino se?? she looked in front nd her gaze met with armaan's.. as expected,he looked away as if he kept on staring at her, she will read his heart..

tum ho gham ko chupaye, mai hu sar ko jhukaye..
tum bhee chup ho, mai bho chup hu, kaun kise samjhaye..
abb duriya itanee hain toh, milna yaha kal ho naa ho..

Armaan turned his face nd closed his eyes.. it's being more n more difficult with each passing moment.. he thought that he could check his emotions but with his angel sitting in front of his eyes being dresses up like a perfect bride is really torturing.. nd wat tortured him more then was the thought of her being announced as a wife of someone else within a few days.. he is fighting with his heart n mind again n again.. plz god.. plz help me.. he whispered..

sach hai ke dil toh dukha hai, hamne magar socha hai..
dil ko hai gham kyon, aankh hai nam kyon..
hona hee tha jo huwa hai..
uss bat ko jane bhee do, jiska nishan kal ho naa ho..
har pal yaha je bhar jiyo, jo hai sama kal ho naa ho...

Riddhima closed her eyes as well.. No.. I can't do this.. main itni sari zindegi barbaad nahi kar sakti.. I have to sort this out..


In her room..

"Beta.. kya baat hain?? Aapne achanak mujhsey baat karney ke liye  bulaya??"
Ananya mallik, mother of aman malllik, nd riddhima's would be mother-in-law asked warmly.. she knew riddhima from her childhood nd loved her very much juz like her own daughter.. it was her wish to make riddhima her BAHU that mr. mallik proposed to dr. shashank, riddhima's father for his son's marriage with riddhima..

"Aunty' woh main.."

She sensed the tension.. came forward.. nd cupping her face asked..
"Kya baat hai beta?? Aap mujhe bata sakti ho.. Kya aap ?? (then pausing a little) aap iss shadi se khush'."

But b4 she could complete her statement, riddhima hugged her crying bitterly..


Armaan in the garden, alone, thinking about that fateful day'.

"cuse me.. angel.. main abhi aya.. badi maa ka call hain" nd i left to talk..

but my whole world changed after receiving that call.. badi maa told me about her wish to see riddhima as aman bhai's wife..  and as soon as I heard it, my heart skipped a breathe got increased.. head started to get hot due to sudden pressure n tension.. aisa kaisey ho sakta hain?? Meri riddhima ke sath bhai ki?? Nahi.. par.. par main badi maa se kaise kahoon?? Kitna pyaar karti hain woh mujh se.. mom-dad ke death ke baad unhone hi mujhe sambhala hain.. mujhe to mom-dad thik se yaad bhi nahi aur nahi kabhi unki kaami mehsoos hui.. bade papa, badi maa aur bhai ne itna pyaar diya ke kabhi laga hi nahi ke main unka saga beta nahi hoon.. aur aaj jab badi maa ne kuch khwaish ki hain .. koi kwyaab dekha hain toh main kaisey ussey tod doon.. I can't.. mujhe pata hain.. angel us din kya khena chahti thi.. trust me' I was dying to hear that from ages.. par main itna selfish nahi ho sakta tha.. mjhe pata hain maine riddhima ke sath bahot galat kiya.. par.. par main uss family ko dukh nahi paucha sakta jo mujhe itna pyaar karti ho.. I'm sorry angel.. I'm truly sorry.. par uss din woh natak karne ke alawa merey pass aur koi raashta nahi tha..

his eyes were flowing wen suddenly he felt two soft arms snaking up to his chest from behind.. he jerked back to the reality.. he turned nd became shocked seeing his angel so close to him..

"tumhe kya laga tha armaan?? Ke tum buddhu ho toh main bhi tumhari bewakufi mein samil ho jayungi??"

Armaan looked at her blankly.. he didn't get any meaning of her words..

"Bahot buddhu ho tum.. tumhe pata hain??"

Then she came near him.. cupping his face..

"Aisey koi karta hain kya.. tum aapney bhai ki khushi chahte the.. par tumne ye nahi socha ke woh uss ladki ke sath kaisey khush rahega jo kisi aur se pyar karti ho aur marte dam tak ussi se pyaar karti rahegi..??"

Armaan's eyes got moistened again..

"Mujhe pata hain.. nahi socha hoga tumne.. socho ge bhi kaisey?? Buddho jo thairey??"

Armaan held her hands too.. nd cried like an innocent child.. she came closer to him nd raised herself on her toes, thn bringing her lips near his ear she confessed..

"I LOVE U ARMAAN' I 'm truly, deeply, madly in love with u.."

Nd as soon as armaan heard her, he pulled her in a rib crashing hug..

"I'm sorry angel.. I'm truly sorry.."

"Sshh'.  Mujhey sorry nahi kuch aur sunna hain.."

He detangled her nd joing his forehead with hers he confessed finally..

"I love u too.. I love u a lot riddhima'  i.. i.."

He couldn't able to control his emotions nd hugged her again as tight as he can.. no matter what happens now, he won't leave her.. he realized wat a huge blunder he was going to do.. yes, his angel is right.. this stupid decision of his did nothing but ruined all lives.. he thanked god for giving riddhima this strength n maturity to handle the situation like this.. otherwise, they would hve to live a life of real hell'


Flash back' in her room just  a few minutes ago..

"Kya baat hai beta?? Aap mujhe bata sakti ho?? Kya aap ?? (then pausing a little) aap iss shadi se khush'."

But b4 she could complete her statement, riddhima hugged her crying bitterly..

She confessed her true feelings for armaan.. nd ananya smiled..

"Pagli' armaan to hain hi buddhu par aap to mujhe bata sakti thi na?? beta.. mujhe aapko aapni bahu banana tha.. fir woh aman ho ya armaan.. meri wish toh poori hoti hi na?? yeh rishta tutne se aman ko dukh nahi hoga par ye rishta hone se mera chota beta har roz ek nayee maut marega.. aap jao beta.. uss buddhu ko samjhayo.. aur haan aaj roka toh zarror hoga par meri badi bahu ka nahi choti bahu ka.."

Riddhima smiled nd touched her feet in gratitude' nd without wasting another minute, she ran as fast as possible to find her armaan. nd soon she found him all alone standing in the garden, fighting with his emotions with great difficulty.. he was staring at the moon as if wanted answers of his every question.. going near, she found his eyes flowing uncontrollably while his eyes were shut as tight as possible.. her heart wrenched nd dat very moment all her confusion got cleared.. yess!! he, too, loves her.. her heart was right.. he actually loves her nd with this her lips curved into a charming smile while her eyes got welled up with this most awaited revelation.. he wiped her tears nd looked at the moon, thanking god in her heart, she went closer to him.


Back to AR, in the garden, Present''.

Here Armaan was lost in his angel.. he didn't know wat to do exactly!! He was hugging his angel around her petite waist from behind, caressing her bare tummy under her saree pallu every now n then.. the imaginary patterns drawn by his cold fingers made riddhima shiver badly nd that added nothing but madness to his desire' he waited too long nd almost lost every hope to get the love of his life nd now wen she is actually in his arms, he couldn't able to believe it completely.. nd dat's y he is trying to touch her, feel her, caress her again n again until his heart n mind accept the reality..
His head was on her right shoulder nd he was nuzzling within her neck occasionally.. he was also rubbing his sharp nose on her bare shoulder or her flushed cheeks gently every now n then.. altogether the more he was trying to believe the reality, the more he felt tempted to stay like this.. her  fragnance, her warmth, her touch nd above all her maddening response on his every minute touch was adding fuel to his desire' nd unable to control further, he started placing wet kisses along her bare shoulder as she was wearing wide necked nd almost backless blouse which gave him better access to her soft, creamy, tempting skin. Riddhima gasped feeling his passion n longing' it's true dat they had waited too long nd gone through immense mental torture during last two months but still this was not the right time.. she had to stop him before she, herself, loses the lill control left within her.. fisting her pallu in her hands tightly, she controled herself with great difficulty nd then finally elbowed him pushing him back juz a little nd pretended to be angry.. Armaan stopped being pushed all of a sudden nd looked at his lady love in confusion.. But she didn't looked back at him, becoz she very well knows if now she looks back , his blue mesmerizing eyes will definitely drive her crazy to no extent. So, looking in opposite direction she said'

"Main tumse bahot gussa hoon.. pata hain tumhe??"

Armaan smiled hearing her pouting voice.. Her cute question successfully made senses in him nd now he knew why she backed off suddenly.. realizing the situation, he, too, joined her to lighten the intense situation..

"Kya kaha tha tumne uss chudail se, ke hum JUST FRIENDS hain?? Juz frnz..!! really armaan??"
She asked finally turning to him.. she crunched her eyebrows, pointed her index finger towards him nd blew the locks which were falling over her eyes disturbing her vision..

Armaan smiled at his angry angel. He was so happy to see his angel back in his life that he couldn't able to thank his stars properly.. he felt immensely blessed.. unknown to him, his legs took him near her but wen he tried to cup her face lovingly, she returned a glare stopping him in the mid way.. He brought his hands back nd raised them in air indicating his surrender.. but then he said slowly but intently..

"No.. angel.. we are (pausing a little) much (cuming lill close) much (lill closer) much (juz a few millimeters away from her) more than best friends.."

Nd he sealed her lips with his, kissing her tenderly.. riddhima closed her eyes feeling his warmth against her for the 1st time.. it was so blissful.. she felt his lips so perfect against her as if it was all she needed to erase all the pain of last two months from her life.. she sneaked her hands in his hair.. pulling him as close as possible.. nd this gesture of hers did nothing but raised the maddening desire within him all over again.. His  grip tightened around her waist dragging her closer to him harshly.. nd within seconds, riddhima, too, gave in.. they were kissing each other madly as well as harshly.. finally their longing has ended.. After whole two months of emotional torture, they got each other today nd dat too for ever.. obviously, their happiness had no barrier.. all they wanted at that moment was to feel each other.. hide each other in their arms nd get lost into some world where there will be only two of them.. no sorrow.. no pain.. no tear.. but love nd endless love only.. they kept on tasting each other until they became out of breathe. Finally they separated panting heavily but hugged each other warmly to calm them down.. after catching her breathe back, riddhima whispered in his ear..
"Is it wat you do with Just a Friend of urs, Mr. Armaan??"

He smiled at her naughty question nd whispered in her ear huskily..
"Only when  that Just Friend is u, sweet heart.."

Riddhima laughed heartily hitting his back lightly while armaan embraced her more cozily kissing her forehead sideways promising her to be wth her from now in every thick n thin.. both are satisfied now.. finally life seems blissful to them.. nd wth this one more pair of best friends ended up being a lovely nd heart-warming couple.


Thank u for reading...

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