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Part 1 : BasTera NaamHai OS

Riddhima Gupta working in Sanjeevani Hospital one of the best hospital in Mumbai as heart surgeon. She was one of the best surgeon in city, most often busy in working, she don’t have time for usual stuff in which her friends tried to drag her.

Dr. Shashank owner of Sanjeevani has only one wish that his daughter Riddhima also live like others, she has to do her work but not on the cost of isolating herself from every other thing.

“Good Morning Papa, aaj aap jaldi uth gaye” Riddhima came down holding her apron and stethoscope in one hand.

“Good Morning Princess, ha aaj neend jaldi khul gai, u r ready, any surgery planned in morning are what?” he asked.

“Yeah,,,, and what happen why u get up so early, apki tabiyat to theek hai na,,,, Maa, kya hua hai Papa ko?” Riddhima asked being worried.

“Arey beta kuch nhi hua hai,,,,, bas subah subah barish dekh k inki khul gai fir tab se bas window k paas baithe the” Padma murmured and she smiled on her way of complaining.

“Arey Bhai, itna achha mausam hai, barish hai, Riddhima beta ham kahi ghumne chale kya?” Shashank asked being hopeful.

“Papa, meri surgery k baad patients k saath meeting v hai, I won’t be free, aap log carry on karo” she replied politely and get up feeding herself hurriedly while Shashank sighs.

“Riddhima, nasta to theek se kar k jao” Padma said.

“Ho gaya Maa, mai late ho jaungi, shaam me milte hain” She left before anyone can stop her.

“Is ladki ko kaam k aage kuch nhi dikhai deta, pahle baap aise karta tha ab beti, meri to kismat me ye busy logo ko hi jhelna likha hai” Padma said wrapping up the dishes.

“Arey aise kyu bol rahi ho? Ham to free hi hain, infact hamne to barish me ghumne ka plan v bana liya” Shashank tried to lighten the environment.

“Anjali nhi uthi abhi?” he asked again.

“Kal raat me kafi late aayi thi isliye abhi so rahi hai” she replied.

“Theek hai, Atul se v baat hui thi, next week tak wo log v aa jayenge fir taiyariya shuru karte hain”Shashank said and Padma become happy.

“Chalo ji ghar me kuch to khushi ka mahaul aayega” Padma replied beaming with happiness.

“Hey Ridzi, fir se sugery?” Muskaan came and hugged her from behind.

“Hey,,, ha yar ek important surgery hai” she replied smiling slightly.

“I tell u Ridzi, tujhe kal hamare sath aana chahiye tha party me, tujhe pata hai” Muskaan starts explaining what happened in party and Riddhima was smiling looking at her expressions.

She love her friends but she don’t feel like going out with them and partying.

“Tujhe kya problem hoti hai aati kyu nhi tu” Muskaan pouted.

“Muskaan, dekho us time pe mai ghar jake is case k bare me study kar payi achhe se so that surgery theek ho, agar mai party karti to ye kaam kaise hota” Riddhima and Muskaan nodded understanding half of her words.

“Waise achha hi hua ki tum nhi aayi, warna apni friend ko yaha se waha drink kar k girte padte dekhna tumhe achha nhi lagta” Rahul came from behind pinching Muskaan on her cheek and she whined while Riddhima smile broadly.

“Chup rah tu, khota kahi ka, aisa kuch nhi tha” Muskaan said and she giggled as the famous Rahul Muskaan war was about to start.

“Muskaan ki bachhi mai,,,,,,,” Rahul started.

“Guys Guys Guys, peace ha,,,,, ye hospital hai aur abhi mujhe surgery k liye jana hai” Riddhima stopped them before they can start.

“Theek hai, aaj tere liye ham jhagda nhi karenge” Muskaan said as if she will control herself.

“Thanku so much” Riddhima replied and nodding them she left.

“Yaar, isko is phase se nikalna bahut jaruri hai” Nikki said entering inside.

“Ha warna ye to bas hospital me hi ghus k rah jayegi” Muskaan murmured.

“Lunch pe milte hain guys” Rahul waved them and left.

“Chal ham v chalte hain” both of them also leave.

“How’s ur surgery Dr. Riddhima?” Shashank asked as soon as she enter in his cabin.

“It went quite well Papa, patient ki metabolism normal hai abhi” Riddhima replied sitting on a chair and he forwarded a glass of water to her.
She smiled mumbling thak you.

“Di nhi aai?” Riddhima asked.

“Nhi actually Atul ki family shift hone wali hai next week to wo shayad arrangements k liye gai hai” Shashank replied.

“To apko mujhe batana chahiye tha na, I would have helped her” she said.

“Riddhima beta, apki surgery thi and moreover you need to rest also, aise kaam nhi karte” Shashank explained.

“Fir mai kya karu Papa, mujhe kaam k alawa aur kuch intrest hi nhi aata” Riddhima replied.

“Apne dosto k sath bahar jao kahi, ghumo” he said.

“Wo mai baad me kar lungi, abhi to di ki shadi ki preparation v karni hai” she said getting up.

“Abhi aap ghar ja rahi hai Riddhima, do u get it” Shashank said sternly.

“Ok” she replied and left his cabin.

“Ye Papa ko mere kaam karne se kya problem hai” she murmured moving towards cafeteria to get some coffee before heading towards home.

“Kaam karne se nhi, non stop kaam karne se problem hai” Nikki patted her shoulder and she jerked out of her thought.

“Nikki, you scared me girl” she kept her hands over her heart.

“C’mon lunch to karo hamare sath, ham yahi pe hain bahar nhi ja rahe hain” Nikki said and she nodded holding her coffee.

“So what’s going on” Riddhima asked taking a chair near them.

“Tujhe hospital se kaise bhagaye yahi soch rahe hain ham” Muskaan said and they start laughing.

“Very funny” Riddhima mocked her.

“Anyways guys, tum log continue karo, mai jara Di k paas ja rahi hu, she was busy with arrangements, Atul jiju aur unki family shift hone wali hai” Riddhima said.

“Wow,,, matlab shadi,,,, maja aayega” Muskaan become excited.

“Kyu, apni shadi se mann nhi bhara tumhara?” Nikki teased her.

“Yaar apni shadi me to shanty se baithna padta hai but friends ki shadi me to masti v kar sakte hain” Muskaan repled.

“Excuse me, will u please tell me a single moment jab tum shanty se baithi thi,,,,, madam mandap me v apko shant karana pada tha warna ap Rahul ki pitai shuru kar deti wahi pe” Riddhima said controlling her laugh.

“Ha to mai kya karu, iski harkatein hi aisi hain” Muskaan said and they start laughing.

“Chalo guys, I’m leaving” Riddhima said getting up.

“Mai chahti hu iski life me koi aisa ladka aaye jise bahut masti aur ghumna firna pasand ho taki ye is hospital aur case ki duniya k bahar nikle” Nikki said and muskaan too nedded.

Soon, Riddhima joined Anjali and they arranged everything in Atul’s new home where they will be shifting.

“Thanxx Ridzi, it was really helpful” Anjali smiled sitting down on couch.

“Anytime di, apko mujhe pahle batana chahiye tha. Anyways, apki shadi ki taiyari meri responsibility aap bas relax karo ab” Riddhima smiled.

“Ji ha, Atul jo mujhe fasi pe chadha dega uska kya,,,, tum meri saali ko pareshan nhi karogi bilkul v” Anjali mimicked Atul.

“Koi baat nhi, Jiju se mai baat kar lungi” Riddhima smiled.

After two days, during dinner time Shashank mentioned that his friend’s son was coming from USA for some work in hospital, he’ll be giving some training in Sanjeevani with new equipments and methods which we’ll use in our hospital.

Riddhima was happy as it will be helpful for patients and doctors also, rather she didn’t had any idea which storm was coming in her simple calm life named as Armaan Mallik.

Riddhima get up and feels a bit strange that day, as if something is gonna happen…. Shrugging that thought off she changed into her jogging suit and left the house. She daily goes for jog in playground beside her home. Although she was always the first one to open the gate but strangely the gate was left open today and she didn’t even noticed it.

She was jogging putting her earplugs in enjoying the calm composed environment when a ball hit her head lightly.

She turn around and hold the ball looking here and there searching from where it came.

Her eyes fall on a guy standing in center of basket ball court signing her to throw the ball, she was about to throw when she feels like he was showing some attitude. He did mistake and hit her still he was showing off his personality.

Yeah, he had quite good physic and might stand as model with all his muscular body and dimpled smile with oceanic eyes.

What the hell, did she noticed all these things. She was zoned out when he called her.

“C’mon basket pass the ball” he called out her.

“I’m not basket” she said and dribbling the ball she throw it in basket walking past him.

“Woooo,,,, nice, basket” he said.

“I told u I’m not basket mister” she pass him a deadly glare and left.

“Oyee hoyee,,,,,,, interesting Basket” Armaan murmured watching her blowing air on her face to remove fringes while lacing her shoes.

Riddhima reached home and went to take shower as she’ll have to leave after sometime.

“Maa, aaj muj,,,,,,,” Riddhima came down with her usual pace.

“Mujhe jaldi jana hai, meri surgery hai aur meetings v, I know Riddhima” Padma mimicked her and she giggled.

Armaan was sitting on chair beside Shashank look at her being lost when she giggles pouting her lips, she hugged Padma.

Suddenly, she saw him, the boy from basket ball court in her house sitting on dining table with her father. She was was about to say something when Shashank called her.

“Riddhima, meet Armaan, Armaan Mallik from USA, maine kal mention kiya tha na, he’ll come Sanjeevani soon, kal raat me hi aaye hain and he is son of Billy, my friend. Armaan, meet my daughter Riddhima, she is quite reserved ha, inki life me hospital aur patients k alawa aur kuch nhi hai” Shashank said and Riddhima pouted on this.

“Hey” Armaan forward his hand.

“Hi” she did a little shake infront of her father so that he won’t feel bad.

Armaan feels like new sensation in his body just by her touch, he smile looking at her and she looks away.

“Uncle, shall I join Sanjeevani today only” Armaan asked during breakfast and Riddhima look at him being surprised.

“Nhi, Armaan dekho yaha pe already do machine hain so please I don’t want you to follow the same routine. Tum aaj hi aaye ho, rest karo fir jana” Padma came holding the tray filled with aaloo paratha.

“Ok Boss, as you say, waise I’m feeling a lot more hungry due to these aaloo paratha, can I have one” Armaan said and she chuckled keeping paratha in his plate.

Armaan observe Riddhima from side, she was having her breakfast hurriedly as if she has to leave.

“Riddhima, you can have your breakfast slowly, it won’t ran away” Armaan said smiling.

“Sorry to bother you for this, but I’m having a surgery and I’ll have to leave” Riddhima didn’t replied properly and get up holding her apron.

“I’m leaving Maa, Bye Papa” saying so she left.

Armaan sigh and look at Shashank, he just shrugged his shoulder looking towards the newspaper. Armaan smile and start planning the things.

After lunch, Riddhima was moving towards her cabin when she saw a crowd near receptionist.

“Kya ho raha hai waha pe” she said and they turn around towards her who was standing keeping her hands on her waist.

“Hey Ridzi,,,, inse milo ye Dr. Armaan hain, USA se aaye hain,,,,,,,” Muskaan came towards her.

“USA se aaye hain, kuch training deni hai inhe equipments se realted which we’ll be using in our hospital, aur kuch?” she asked being bothered by his presence for God knows which reason.

“Tumhe to sab pata hai, to tumne bataya kyu nhi” Muskaan said.

“Kyunki PAPA ne mujhe kal raat me hi bataya hai aur subah me he was there” Riddhima said looking at him whos shining eyes make her shiver a bit.

“Oh!” Rahul said looking towards Armaan.

They both smiled at each other and Riddhima look at them being confused.

“Rahul, am I missing something?” Riddhima asked.

“No,,,,, nothing” Armaan replied instead of Rahul.

“And why are you here, You were resting at home na” Riddhima glared him.

“Ridzi, actually mai leke aayi Armaan ko, he wanted to see hospital. But you see I have to rush for other things so just show him hospital and his cabin for rest of the day, I know your surgery is over so please handle this” Anjali said and left before she could say anything.

Rahul and Abhimanyu dragged Muskaan and Nikki before she could notice.

Riddhima look around and no one was there, she sighs and look at Armaan who was enjoying her irritated look.

“Aaiye” Riddhima plaster a fake smile and he giggled deepening his dimples.

God! This guy.

Riddhima showed him different sections and introduced him to other doctors, he was impressed by her nature and work, it’s just that he irritated her in morning that was his first impression on her.

“Hey basket” Armaan called her when they were moving towards his cabin.

“Listen my name is Riddhima ok, Dr. Riddhima Gupta not basket” she pass him a deadly glare and he gulped down his saliva on her outburst.

“Okay, Dr. Riddhima Basket Gupta, I was just saying like that you know” he smiled lightly.

“God! Tum ye basket na bolne ka kya loge” she was feeling irritated now.

“You” Armaan replied.

“What??” she look at him being shocked.

“I mean you were showing me my cabin na” Armaan made the words and she nodded being confused.

“This is your cabin and usual stuffs, if you need anything 1 number on intercom will connect you to receptionist” Riddhima explained.

“Basket” she was about to leave when he called her back.

“What?” she turn around being furious and her hair fall over her face.

Armaan bend a little down and she narrowed her eyes to him, he slightly blow away the air on her face and she shifted back.

“A,,,,,a, actually I was thinking when u get free just show me your usual equipments which u guys use for treatment” Armaan said moving back.

“Okay, I’ll tell you once I get free” Riddhima said gaining some conscious back.


“Ab kya hai?” she asked.

“Number??” HE REPLIED.

“Unh??” she asked being confused.

“You’ll need my number to tell me na” Armaan smiled and she nodded looking away.

“Here” he typed his number and she copied it and call back.

“I’ll inform you, so now can I go?” she asked.

“Yeah” he smiled.

“And No basket from now on” Riddhima said and left.

Armaan resist himself by saying Basket somehow.

Riddhima was lost for whole day, as his voice was fumbling in her mind. What was happening to her, why he was affecting her so much, she wanted to get irritate and angry on him for what he did but still she was smiling remembering his ocean blue eyes and his dimple smile.

“Thinking about me Basket?” Armaan was standing on her door knocking there.

“In your dreams” Riddhima replied jerking out of thought.

“I’ll happily dream about it” He smiled with mischievous glint.

“Apko koi kaam tha Dr. Armaan?” she asked.

“Oh yeah! Actually I didn’t bought my car yet so could you please give me a lift to home” Armaan asked.

“Umm,, Dad will be there na, he,,,,,,” Riddhima said when he cut her in between.

“ He had to go for some urgent meeting and he left, so” Armaan said.

“Ok, please wait for few minutes, I’ll wrap it up” she replied.

Soon they left from hospital, Armaan was trying to ask about random stuff but her answers were précised.

Atul and his family came and Anjali was excited , she mingled with Armaan and he was happily helping her with everything.

“Armaan I must tell you, your choice is really good” Anjali said sitting down on sofa.

“I think so” Armaan said looking at Riddhima.

“Ridzi, kal ham Atul k ghar ja rahe hain, it’s kind of house warming party” Anjali said.

“But di, kal to mera,,,,,” Riddhima was about to say when Anjali get angry.

“Stop it Ridzi, it’s about Atul and his family not about me, mom dad and our friends whom you ignore completely” Anjali said feeling hurt and left.

Riddhima stood there being shocked by her words, she didn’t mend to hurt her, she was casually explaining her work.

Armaan get up looking at her dejected face as he don’t like her in this condition.

“Riddhima, she is also a doctor and she knows her responsibility towards patient and hospital yet if she asked for something then atleast you should try once. Afterall it’s about her would be husband and family whom she loves a lot even u also care about Atul that she told me. You should talk her” he smiled slightly giving her hope.

She nodded and move towards Anjali’s room, for the first time Armaan didn’t called her Basket even though when they were alone. She kind of noticed that thing.

Riddhima knocked Anjali’s room and went inside.

“Di, I’m sorry, maine aise hi kah diya, I didn’t mean that. Mai kaise mana kar sakti hu Jiju k ghar jane se afterall mujhe v to milna hai unse” Riddhima said holding her hands.

“I’m really sorry di, maine aise bola” Riddhima was having tears in her eyes because she really didn’t want to hurt her.

“Shushh,,, it’s okay, shayad mai bahut jyada thak gai thi isliye tujhe aise bol diya, I’m sorry” Anjali said and they hugged each other.

Soon she left for her room leaving smiling Anjali inside.

Armaan saw her going towards her room thus rushed towards her, Riddhima saw him and stopped and mumble a thanku smiling to him.

“Anytime madam” Armaan bow his head slightly and she smiled broadly.

This guy was something different.

Next day, they were getting ready for going at Atul’s place. Anjali make Armaan and Atul meet outside thus he was also impressed by Armaan. So, there was special calling for Armaan.

“Ready Basket?” Armaan asked casually as was passing her room.

“Yeah” she replied turning around holding her dupatta properly.

Armaan stood rooted on his spot looking at her beauty, no doubt he always left awestruck by her beauty but control himself somehow to get noticed.

Riddhima look at him and found him lost she waved her hand over his face.

“Kya hua?” she asked.

“Kuch nhi” he replied and took a deep breath.

“Chale Anjali Di k paas” Riddhima nodded.

“This girl will be death of me God, itna sundar kyu banaya ise aur ise kuch hosh hi nhi rahta ki kya asar padta hai iski har ek baat ka mere upar” Armaan murmured while she was knocking Anjali’s door.

Soon they reached Atul’s home and meet everybody, Armaan mingled with them pretty easily and Riddhima was observing these things.

Although she live away from gathering but with Atul she has different bonding and Anjali thanked him for bringing her sister towards family and life upto some extent.

“Kaisi hain saali sahiba?” Atul side hugged her.

“Bilkul fit and fine, see” she twirl around and Armaan smile.

“Hmm, I can see that, waise taiyari ho gai shadi ki” he asked.

“Kaha Jiju, di was waiting for you” Riddhima smiled and Anjali glared her.

“Koi baat nhi apki di k sath shopping ham kar lenge aur baki ka ap manage kar lena Armaan k sath” Atul said and Armaan chuckled.

“Kyu? Mai hospital k baad manage kar lungi waise v Armaan ko training sessions conduct karne honge” Riddhima said.

“I’ll be free, don’t worry and I also want to enjoy Indian wedding you know” Armaan smile and Anjali nodded.

“waise, Armaan agar apki surgeries me help kar de to aap jaldi free ho jayengi saali sahiba” Atul said.

“Yeah, actually that;s a great idea, fir tumhare paas time rahega shadi ki taiyari k liye” Shashank joined them.

“Papa, no I’ll,,,,,,,,,” Riddhima tried to cut off.

“Armaan beta, tumhe koi problem hai?” Shashank asked.

“Bilkul nhi Uncle” he replied.

“But that training and those stuffs” Riddhima said.

“I’ll ask Billy to let him stay for few more days” Shashank said and Armaan beamed with joy.

“Chalo bhai dinner ready hai” Atul’s mom called everybody.

They had their dinner and after some chit chat they get ready to leave.

“Arey Riddhima, wait tumhare liye kuch gifts laya tha” Atul took Riddhima towards his room.

“Armaan beta, tum Riddhima ko leke aa jana, uski car yahi hai, hamlog nikalte hain subah Anjali ka important operation hai” Shashank said and he nodded.

Riddhima came down and saw no one there.

“Arey sablog cahle gaye” Riddhima murmured.

“Mai hu na” Armaan from a side and she jumped on her spot being surprised.

“Armaan, why didn’t you left?” she asked.

“C’mon basket I was waiting for you” Armaan replied.

“Oh!” she said moving towards her car saying “Let’s go”

“Basket, may i?” he asked for car keys and Riddhima gave him.

Armaan signed her to sit and she was getting nervous around him, don’t know why. She just sit randomly and forget to put her seat belt being lost in herself.

“Basket” Armaan called her but she was zoned out.

Armaan tilt a bit to get hold of seat belt and Riddhima realized.

“Armaan ye tum,,,,,” she stopped when he show seat belt and buckle it up for her.

“Tumne kya socha basket, mai kyu,,,,,” Armaan tried to tease her.

“Nothing” she said being straight.

Armaan sighs and start the car.

Soon he turn the car towards the sea side and Riddhima look at him being confused.

“Armaan ye ghar ka route nhi hai, let me drive, shayad tum bhool gaye” Riddhima said.

“Mujhe pata hai mai kaha ja raha hu basket” Armaan replied.

“But I don’t have time to go anywhere else Armaan, mujhe subah hospital jana hai and stop calling me basket” Riddhima said.

“C’mon basket you are not the only doctor in Sanjeevani aur tum kyu bhool jati ho ki tumhare ghar me do aur doctors v hain” Armaan said looking at her and she kept mum knowing very well he won’t stop.

She knew very well that she can skip few things to get time for her ownself but she didn’t feel like doing that, neither she wanted. She was just scared.

He stopped the car near beach and came out. Opening the door of Riddhima’s side he signed her to come out. Riddhima look at the sea and then again look at him being confused.

“Why are we here?” she asked.

“To play catch me if u can” Armaan replied.

“What?” she looked at him being confused.

“Basket, no questions for few minutes, as far as Uncle is concerned maine unko bol diya hai ki hame thoda late hoga. So please just for next few minutes, will you listen to whatever I say?” Armaan look at her being hopefully and looking into his eyes she didn’t feel like turning him down.

Thus she nodded in yes and he smiled, this guys is something different, he made her do the things she never ever think about in her life. She was standing near the beach at night about 10-11 o’clock and giving access to him for few minutes. What was happening to her.

Armaan forward his hand and she look at him with question eyes, he pointed towards her hand and she rolled her eyes then placed her hand into his.

He slowly move towards the beach holding her hand, the cool breeze was blowing away her hairs and her dupatta, light of moon was directly falling on her making it more angelic. Armaan was smiling looking at their hands and Riddhima was lost in her internal debate about Armaan.

“Do you trust me?” Armaan whisper near her and she look at him being shocked.

He was standing just infront of her holding her both hands and looking into her eyes.

“Please say yes Riddhima please” he was pleading through eyes without uttering any words.

Riddhima nodded without blinking her eyes and he smiled broadly, her eyes slowly shifted on his dimple and she smile.

Armaan left her hand and closed her eyes with his hand “Just keep it close” he whisper and holding her one hand he move towards water.

Riddhima shiver when cold water touch her feet and her grip become tight on his hand.

“Trust me Riddhima, I won’t let u fall” he said and she become relax.

Water waves coming up and down touching her feet and sand also flowing away under her feet. Armaan hold her both hands from behind and let the waves do magic under their feet. He look at Riddhima who was standing with closed eyes, holding his both hands properly with a slight smile on her lips.

“Deep Breath” he utter so slowly that she can feel a whisper near her ear but did whatever he said.

Riddhima was actually feeling so calm and composed at that moment, no tension, no stress just air, water, waves silence and Armaan.

“Feeling relaxed?” Armaan asked after few minutes and Riddhima nodded opening her eyes.

“It was actually very different” she turn around holding his hand and he shifted it according to her comfortability and hold her properly “Thanku so much Armaan, I felt something like this for first time in my life”.

“Because you were isolating yourself from life” Armaan said slowly and she look at him.

Realizing their position she shifted a bit but stumble and Armaan hold her again “Ek minute” he guided her to come out of water and she looked at the ocean which was so silent at that time.

“Wanna sit for sometime?” he asked.

Riddhima nodded don’t know in which influence.

They sat down on sand looking at the sea without saying anything, just being lost in their own thoughts and enjoying each other company without words.

“Um,,,, Armaan how do you know that this will be relaxing?” Riddhima turn towards him.

“Actually, mai jab US me stressed hota tha ya thodi shanty chahiye hoti thi to usually I used to sit beside river or sea for some time” Armaan replied.

“Oh!” she said.

“Riddhima, tell me something about yourself” Armaan asked suddenly.

“What do you want to know about me?” she asked.

“Anything, which you want to share” Armaan smiled.

“I don’t have secrets Armaan, my life is quite open, just hospital, patients, family and few friends in hospital that’s it” Riddhima said looking away as she don't wanna say anything more than that.

“And boyfriend?” he asked.

“Nope,,,, I thought I might not justify any relationship as I won’t be able to spare time for it so” Riddhima said what she truly feels for now, she didn’t explained this thing to anyone else but she swiftly tell infront of Armaan.

“Think less girl and enjoy your life, it’s only once you get it” Armaan said and she smiled.

“Tum batao kuch apne bare me?” she look at him.

She was already getting affected by this guy and here he was compelling her to utter about herself.

“Mai, ummm I just studied there, completing my medical joined hospital, Mom Dad wanted to come back to India so that they can settle me down so I left before them and came here for that project to get some time so that I can think about it” Armaan smiled.

“And what did you decided?” she asked.

“Time hi nhi mila, ha tum jarur mil gai” he murmured the last sentence under his breath so that Riddhima won’t listen to it.

“Aur abhi Anjali di ki shadi tak aur time nhi milega” she giggled and he smile on her.

“Achhi baat hai” he replied back.

“You know what, mujhe sach me yaha bahut achha laga, Thanku so much Armaan” she said looking at him.

“Ab chalein, it’s half past 12 now” Armaan said looking at his phone.

“OMG! Itna time ho gaya, mai kabhi bahar nhi rahi hu itni der tak” Riddhima panicked.

“Don’t worry Riddhima, everything has it’s first time” Armaan smile and hold her hand getting up.

She was getting used to of his hold, it seems so familiar to her.

They reached home and move towards their room saying good night to each other.

At that night Riddhima was thinking about Armaan deeply smiling on how he tried to get her away for sometime and she really felt relaxed while Armaan was looking at her pictures and smiling like fool imagining her there with him and cuddle holding the pillow then slept.

Next day,

“Good morning everybody” Riddhima came down hurriedly in her usual self and grab her breakfast in motion.

“Riddhima araam se” Padma scolded her.

“Sorry Mom, getting late” she murmured still stuffed with food.

“Beta aaj Armaan hospital gaya hai, he wanted to see the arrangements we made for training, so please help him as I’ll be out today” Shashank said.

“He might have told me, anyways I’ll be there don’t worry” Riddhima said.

“Aur ha Anjali bol rahi thi ki Rahul Muskaan, Nikki log k sath tumlog shaam me jane wale ho bahar, take Armaan also” he added.

“Papa, you know na I’m not going anywhere, they also know that and Armaan might join them” Riddhima replied.

“Arey but,,,,,” he tried to say when she cut him off.

“Sorry Papa, please don’t force me” she urged.

“Theek hai lekin Atul k aane ki khushi me party rakhi thi Anjali ne” he again said.

“Jiju won’t mind” she replied and left.

Armaan was goint through the files allotting space for certain instruments in room when Riddhima enter. He was so engrossed into the work that didn’t noticed her coming towards him.

“Not bad Dr.Armaan, you can really work well” she said looking around and he turn towards her smiling on her.

“Thanku Dr.Riddhima” a playful smile was adoring his face.

“Don’t smile so much, anyways I just came to inform you that you can join Anjali di and others in party at night, Di told me when I was coming here and Dad also asked me in morning” she said.

“What about U?” he asked.

“Umm, I don’t do parties” she replied.

“Basket, I think your own sister was throwing party and she will be happy when you join her” Armaan said.

“Actually, may be yes but I don’t do parties so thanx but no thanx” Riddhima said.

“Why are you doing this?” he look straight into his eyes.

“I’m doing what? I’m just telling that I don’t like it” she replied looking away.

“Before yesterday night you didn’t even roam around at night but you did na, and felt good, then why this?” Armaan was confused.

“Hmm, I felt relax but that doesn’t mean that everything will be the same” Riddhima replied.

“Riddhima, just move forward and trust me, hold my hand and join the party” Armaan said.

“I’m sorry Armaan, please don’t force me” she said.

“Why are you doing this to yourself, can’t you just utter it why you are isolating yourself?” Armaan was becoming angry now.

“It’s nothing like that, I’m going I have a surgery” she tried to move when Armaan hold her hand and drag her to a side.

“What are you trying to do?” he asked angrily.

“I’m not trying anything I just ask you to join the party, so please leave me” Riddhima shrugged his hands off her and left.

Armaan hold his head in his palm and trying to get a solution for this.

Riddhima rushed into her cabin and closed it.
What am I doing, I’m not supposed to do anything like that, I would have stopped him first day only, God! Why are you complicating my life. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s life, I know I’m not capable enough to make anyone happy, I want to be in my shell, why Armaan was trying to break it. I won’t let anyone enter into this. I’ll have to be strong enough infront of him. I don’t want him to suffer because of me.

Armaan was worrying about her, he doubt her behaviors, she can hide it perfectly but he can sense strange things.

Riddhima came out of her cabin and found Armaan coming towards her cabin but stop in middle as Abhimanyu and Rahul came near him.
Riddhima skipped as soon as possible and left the hospital, Muskaan explained that Rahul and Armaan were friend there in USA when Rahul was studying medical along with him, he only advised Shashank to call Armaan there moreover Shashank had his own plans, it was like ek teer se do nishane.

Riddhima reached the orphanage where she feel relaxed and release her stress.

“Riddhima didi, is baar itna late kyu aayi?” one kid asked.

“Ham apka kitna wait kar rahe the” Another girl said.

Riddhima smile sitting down with them, she hugged them and hold her ears saying sorry she forwards the gifts she got for them.

Armaan was waiting for Riddhima when Anjali came to him.

“Hey Armaan, ghar chalna hai? I’m about to leave” Anjali asked.

“Yeah” he mumbled as he saw Riddhima signed off the duty it means she left.

“So, you are coming in party na” Anjali was excited.

“Anjali I think I’m,,” Armaan don’t know how to say no..

“C’mon Armaan my sister is enough to ditch me ok, not you too” Anjali said being angry and frustrated now.

“Ok relax, I’ll be there” Armaan smiled.

“Thanxxx” she smiled.

“By the way why Riddhima left early” Armaan asked.

“Oh! Papa ne use party k liye bola hoga and she get tensed when she was asked to attend any sort of things like that, like no outing no hanging out nothing, so to relax herself she goes to orphanage, she’ll come till 9 p.m.” Anjali replied.

Armaan sighed closing his eyes, he so wanted to remove her worries and stress from her life.

Armaan and Anjali went to the party and soon ATUL, Muskaan Rahul, Nikki and Abhimanyu joined them. They were enjoying, Anjali was so happy with Atul and same with other couples, he suddenly start missing Riddhima there.

He text Shashank to ask whether she came or not and he replied in yes which make Armaan relax a bit.

They came back at night, everyone was sleeping and Armaan move towards his room when he heard some sniffing in Riddhima’s room.

“What the hell, she was crying,,,, what happened to her” Armaan become worried.

He knocked slightly calling her, Riddhima stopped making sound and didn’t make any noise so that Armaan could think that she slept.
Armaan tried for one two times and left sighing in failure.

Riddhima left the home before Armaan could get up, now he was feeling irritated why she was ignoring him.

He reached hospital and look for her in cabin but found no one.

“Sister, Dr.Riddhima kaha hain?” he asked.

“Ji wo to general ward me gai hain check up k liye” she replied.

He move towards the ward and saw her checking out the patients, he smile after looking at her for so long, his heartbeat relaxed by the sighed, she become so important for him.

Riddhima noticed him and stiffen, he noticed her body language and doubts what happen to her.

“Riddhima, mai kal tumse baat,,,,,” Armaan tried to say when she look at him being clear enough to him.

“Dr.Armaan, apko kuch kaam to boliye, else I’m really busy today” she replied checking her watch.

“Oh! So now again this Dr. Riddhima Gupta attitude” Armaan said.

“I’m always Dr. Riddhima Gupta, so if you don’t have anything to ask then please excuse me” she left the place and Armaan look at her being shocked.

She was passing through fire scape when Armaan dragged her inside.

“What the hell” she asked looking at him.

“That’s my question Basket, what the hell you are trying to do ha?” Armaan chewed each word before saying.

“Dr. Armaan, I asked you not to call me that” Riddhima tried to look away.

“You know what Riddhima, I’m going to break this ice shell from you, try as much as you can but mind my words, IT WILL BREAK” Armaan was so clear to her and she shudder by intensity of his words.

Riddhima shrug him off and ran towards her cabin, closing it she cried bitterly, she just fell down the door and holding her dupatta tightly crying out her heart miserably. She don’t know when she fell unconscious. Last she heard was some one tapping her cheeks to open her eyes, she tried hard but failed to do so.

Armaan came towards her cabin to check her up, but the door was closed, he knocked once then twice but no response, getting worried he pushed the door and found Riddhima lying on floor.

He panicked at the sight and tapped her cheeks to get her up but failed, he scooped her in his arm and lay down on sofa kept in her cabin.

“Basket,,, Basket please open your eyes basket,,,,, what happened to u?? please mujhe batao kya hua hai?” Armaan asked tapping her cheek.

He sprinkles water over her face and Riddhima gain conscious, she open her eyes and saw Armaan close to her, she look into his eyes which was brimming, those moist oceanic eyes hold her heart and she looks away mumbling “I’m fine”

“Kya hua tha tumhe??” Armaan asked being concerned holding her hand.

“Dr. Armaan, I’m fine, bas thoda bp low ho gaya hoga” Riddhima replied looking away.

Looking at her condition Armaan didn’t pressed her so much and called a ward boy to get her some juice and something to eat.

“There is no need for this” she replied slowly.

“I think I’m also a Doctor, Dr. Riddhima Gupta, so better keep your views to yourself for now” Armaan look at her uttering in cold voice making her bend her eyes down.

She had some juice and eat up some fruits.

“Please don’t tell anything to Papa, wo faltu me pareshan ho jayenge” Riddhima murmured slowly.

“You know what Riddhima, tumhe aisa lagta hai ki tumhare alaawa sab faltu me hi pareshan hote hain aur ek tum ho jo sabke liye sochti ho, so please ha calm your nerves, if you are fine then I’m not going to say anything” Armaan started in anger but calm himself somehow till last.

“I’m fine, promise” Riddhima said instantly and he sighed.

“Anyways I’m going for now and if you don’t have any problem then either tell me but why would you tell me anything, right? So just inform your friends about that” Armaan said and left her cabin.

She look at his retreating figure and sigh, she so wanted to cry but knowing she was in hospital can’t take chance. After sometime she felt relax when got Shashank’s call.

“Ha Papa” she received.

“Beta, Anjali ke shadi ka lehanga decide ready ho gaya hai so aap use pick kar lijiyega aate hue, koi problem to nhi hai na?” Shashank said.

“Nhi Papa, mai le lungi don’t worry” she replied smiling.

“Aur ha, apka v lehanga lena hai apko, so come back with two lehanga ok. And Armaan will be bore in hospital alone so take him also with you. Rahul and Abhimanyu are out for location arrangement and Muskaan Nikki are busy in hospital so he’ll feel bore” Shashank said and Riddhima sighs and angreed at last as she can’t deny him.

“Theek hai Papa” she replied.

“Ok, mai inform kar deta hu Armaan ko” he said and call get disconnected.

Armaan was sitting in his cabin, too disappointed by Riddhima, he can’t figure out why she was doing so, her eyes were so shiny and totally happy whenever she let her consciousness fly out but she covered herself too much. Things were getting complicated now and he was not getting any point. He got Shashank’s call and smile as he ask him to take care of her.

Riddhima was coming out of her cabin when he crossed her path.

“Hey basket” he showed his teeth.

“I told u not to call me that Dr. Armaan” Riddhima glared him.

“Leave it, lehanga lene chal rahi ho shadi ka” Armaan said.

“Anjali didi ki shadi ka lehanga” she replied focusing on each word.

“Yeah, whatever basket” he said.

“Urgh!!” Riddhima strompted her foot and move out.

They reached at shopping mall from where she had to pick up the lehanga.

“Hello, I’m Riddhima Gupta, I want to take Anjali’s Gupat wedding lehanga, here is the receipt” Riddhima pass a smile to salesworker and forward the receipt.

“Yes M’am, please aap thoda wait kariye” She smiled and went to see the lehanga.

“Ahem Ahem” Armaan coughed from behind.

“Kya hai?” she asked passing a glare.

“Waise tumhe nhi lagta Basket tum kuch bhool rahi ho?” he asked.

“Bhool mai nhi rahi hu, Bhool tum rahe ho mera naam, it’s Riddhima Gupta ok” Riddhima explained him properly.

“Fine, big deal, I was just concerned about you only, if you won’t buy your lehanga then Uncle will not allow you to enter inside you know” Armaan explained with a mishcheveous glint in his eyes.

“God!! Why Papa has to tell everything to you” she whined and move to select a dress for herself.

“Mai kitni koshish kar rahi hu Armaan ki tum dur raho mujhse fir v tum kyu mere kareeb aana chahte ho, kuch v nhi milega tumhe aage kadam badha k, please don’t put yourself in this mess” Riddhima observe Armaan from behind when he was looking at a lehanga being mesmerized.

She smile as his eyes were showing a glint of happiness, he turn here and there to search her and she hide looking out some other things.

Armaan tried to call her to select that lehanga but stop thinking that she will not choose the one which he will suggest thus sighs and sit at a place with sulking face. Why she was doing this, not giving him chance to say anything, to make him share his feeling at least, she was becoming too stubborn.

Riddhima came towards the lehanga which Armaan was watching earlier, as soon as she reached at that one, salesgirl start praising that one and Riddhima smile getting achance to fulfill Armaan’s wish without making it obvious to him.

“Achha, itna achha hai ye lehanga, to theek hai yahi de do, pack it.” Riddhima said casually.

Armaan was happy in his heart, he so wanted to jump but controlled himself. Did she saw me looking at that lehanga, he thought for a while. Nah! She was bust with other stuffs, may be hamari choice ek hi hai.

Coming out of mall, he turn the car to other direction and Riddhima look at him being confused.

“Armaan ham,,,,,,”

“Mujhe ek kaam hai and ghar jake wapas aana padega, so if you don’t mind shall I finish it then move back to home. And if you have so much problem with and you can’t bear me for a moment also then I’ll drop you home and come back” Armaan said coldly without looking at her.

Riddhima feel bad the way he was saying but she only did those things which make him upset thus she nodded saying “It’s okay, I’ll wait”

Armaan didn’t said anything, they just came to park which was quite silent and he came out of the car while she look at him being confused.

“It’s not necessary ki har meeting hotel me ho, If you want you can come out side, just sit there for some time I’ll be back” Armaan said and she nodded coming out of car.

She just sit back on a grass near fountain, the water, calmness of park and soothing wind was making her relax, her mind feels so composed that she forgot whatever happened few time back. A peaceful smile plays on her lips and Armaan smile watching her from a distance.

“Tumhe mera sath to pasand hai Riddhima, tum mere samne apne dil ko sambhalne ki bahut koshish karti ho lekin kyu, mujhe ye nhi samajh me aa raha hai” Armaan murmured.

“Jab v mera mood kharab hota hai, ye kuch na kuch aisa karta hai jis se mai shant ho jati hu, aaj v unknowingly he made me relax, but mai use kuch nhi de paungi tabhi to,,,,,,” she don’t wanna think beyond that. The flashes which she buried deep down in her heart was not allowed for anyone, she don’t want anyone to be aware of it.

Armaan was watching her sitting far away on a bench in park. God! He can do that for whole life. She so wanted her in his life.

It was getting darker and Riddhima looks around to see Armaan, he smile at her eagerness and get up moving towards her.

“Chalein?” he asked.

“Hmm” she nodded getting up.

They were all silent in car, both thinking about each other but not expressing their feelings.


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